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🚨 Attention! 🚨 #Bitcoin, the US government and #ETFs

Here's a thread 👇

US goverment owns 207,189 bitcoin, worth $5 billion, more #bitcoin than any other country……
On March 14th the U.S. sold 9,861.1707894 of the 50,000 of bitcoin, it seized in the case of a hack of the Silk Road marketplace.
The government raked in $215.5 million after transaction fees. The per-coin sale price of about $21,877 was $2,000 less than the going rate on that particular day. The sale didn’t appear to impact bitcoin’s price, which gained 2.43% the day of the transaction.
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@BlackRock the world leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions based in New York City, filed for #BitcoinETF in push into #crypto

A thread 🧵 Image
This thread comprises 👇

1. What is #EFT
2. What is #BitcoinEFT
3. #BitcoinEFT Regulation
4. Advantages & Demerit of #BitcoinEFT
5. #BitcoinEFT or Owning #Bitcoin which is better.
What Is an #ETF?

An Exchange-Traded Fund (#ETF) is a type of security that can be traded on a stock exchange. #ETFs typically track multiple underlying assets, such as an index fund, stock, commodity, bond, or other asset, but can be structured to track anything from a Image
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New iOS in #Markets

Indian #Options Speculators.

There has been a huge surge in #Retail and #Proprietary trading in #Options and more specifically in #Index Options.

The Data & Charts below are just #Crazy and getting crazier.
1) #Retail Participation went through the roof in 2021

Some Moderation now in 2022-2023

#Retail in Cash Market From 3 cr in Jan 20 to 11.7 cr in 2021.
#Retail at 3.2 cr participants March 23.

3x jump in all participation from Jan 20 !! Image
2) Everyone is an #Option Trader

#FIIs are just 9.5% of #IndexOptions Premium Turnover !!! From 21% in Fy20.

45% is #Domestic Prop ( #Broker trading on its own behalf )

35% is #Retail.
Retail + pro = 80%
#Retail is almost 4x of #FIIs.

Btw #FIIs own 20% of India. Image
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Una de las opciones de inversión más utilizadas en la actualidad, pero qué son los #ETFs y cómo se puede invertir en ellos de forma sencilla 🧐

Te lo explico! 🧵👇 1/ Image
2/ Por si no sabes de lo que hablo, un ETF es un fondo de inversión que invierte en diferentes activos, y que se compra y vende en mercados secundarios como si fueran acciones 👀

Pero, ¿Por qué son tan importantes?🤔 Image
3/ Pues su principal ventaja, es que sirven para invertir de manera diversificada en activos que pocos inversores pueden acceder fácilmente, como por ejemplo índices, commodities, materias primas o mercados emergentes 🙌
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#Zeitenwende auch an der Börse: Seit März ist @RheinmetallAG im #DAX, @hensoldt
seit gestern im #MDAX vertreten. Wie bei d echten Zeitenwende verläuft die "Aufrüstung" an der Börse in Trippelschritten. Rheinmetall hat ein Gewicht von nur 0,95% im DAX, Hensoldt 1,2% im MDAX 1/2
Das spiegelt sich auch bei #Fonds #ETFs wider: Es gibt mit dem VanEck Defense ETF nur 1 #ETF in Europa, der in Rüstungs-Aktien investiert. Er wurde am 31.3.3023 aufgelegt. Werde zu dem ETF nächste Woche auf schreiben, das nur als Teaser, also. 2/2
Addendum: In den USA gibt es 7 Defense/Aerospace #Fonds #ETFs, in Israel 5, in China 16 (sic!). Spiegelt die Priorität wider, die diese Staaten dem Thema Verteidigung beimessen. Aber das dürfte sich künftig ändern, gell @DWS_Deutschland @AllianzGI_DE @DekaBank @unioninvestment 😉
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Disappointing to see Cowen stopping coverage of MSOs. In a lonely landscape, more coverage is better. We’re reaching out to these operators to see if we can help with our services at @WTR_Research. 1/3 Image
Most #cannabis #ETFs use Cowen as at least one of their counterparties and sounds like they will be transitioning to new relationships. I’ll let them share their plans, but interruptions are not expected. $MSOS $PSDN $MJUS $WEED 2/3
My understanding is that $MSOS already has a backup with Nomura and may add another counterparty. Interestingly, $MSOX can stay with Cowen as it is a swap providing exposure to $MSOS, which is on the NYSE. As always, please correct me if any of my early reads are inaccurate. 3/3
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🇨🇱¿Cuándo me van a dejar comprar acciones o poder elegir el #ETF que más me gusta? “Quiero Nike. Me gustaría invertir en el Nasdaq. Hay un ETF del S&P 500 que encuentro es mejor. Un ETF de clean energy me hace sentido”. Ahora con Fintual Acciones* te la hacemos fácil. Abro hilo🧵
Lo pensamos, le dimos una vuelta y ahora lo tenemos. Hoy Fintual Acciones ofrece construirte un portafolio con + de 1000 activos, sin comisiones y con un spread de dólar de máximo un peso respecto del precio al que acceden las mesas de dinero de los propios bancos y corredoras.
El dólar te lo entregamos a lo que realmente cuesta. No como cuando pagas tu tarjeta de crédito y te cobran un tipo de cambio de fantasía, de 15, 20 o 30 pesos más caro que lo que está mostrando google.…
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#2022ETFScorecard – a thread of 10 key insights from the performance of @JSE_Group-listed #ETFs in 2022
NOTE: Past performance is no indication of future performance. This is not advice for 2023.
#2022ETFScorecard 1/10 Top 3 themes: Platinum (#NGPLT 17.3% #ETFPLT 16.9%); SA Value (#GIVISA 15.2% #DIVTRX 14.2% #STXDIV 12.8% #NFEVAL 10.9% #SMART 9.1% #STXRAF 8.6%); Gold (#KCCGLD 6.6% #GLD 6.6% ETFGLD 6.5%)
#2022ETFScorecard 2/10 Good performance special mention to interest-sensitive investments: Preference shares (#PREFTX 11.6%); SA Financials (#STXFIN 9.7%); Namibian government bonds (#NFNAMB 7.9%); SA cash (#NFTRCI 5.1%)
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1/ Daily Report:
Bitcoin #Mining Difficulty Drops Most Since July 2021 as Crypto Winter Cuts Profitability.
UK Finalizing Plans for Crypto Regulation After #FTX Implosion.
2. Daily Report:
Binance sees growth​​ As per crypto data provider #Kaiko's newsletter, the monthly traded volume spiked by 23% to $705 billion.
Goldman Sachs on hunt for bargain #crypto firms after FTX fiasco.
Hong Kong funds seek approval for crypto-linked retail #ETFs.
3/ Daily Report:
Nexus Mutual expects $3M loss from Orthogonal Trading’s M11 loan default.
The #ApeCoin stakers will start accruing their staking rewards from Dec. 12.
#Metaverse Fashion Week Returns in Spring 2023 To Highlight.
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I created my IRA a while back during the earlier days of the internet.

Back when Charles Schwab was running ads with Shannon Sharpe about #ETFs and mutual funds.
It was so long ago that I actually thought it was an e-trade ad while talking about it on my #podcast.

Times have changed since then, and I have updated my #IRA investment strategy, have you?
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¿Por qué no tiene sentido buscar niveles en bolsa? ABRO HILO.
Es lo más común entre inversores pensar en precios de acciones o niveles de índices en los que invertir es atractivo. O ahora, que estamos en un mercado bajista, pensar hasta dónde puede llegar la corrección.
Históricamente, los analistas fundamentales han estudiado empresas para valorarlas de tal manera que cuando el precio estuviera por debajo de su valor estimado lo inteligente es comprar y esperar a que el mercado se dé cuenta de ese valor y lo ponga en el precio.
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There’s a person who has a respectable corporate job, decent earnings, nice family & some good savings kitty parked in FD which he wants to invest in equities now. But he's lacking in financial knowledge & has no time for market research.
Then there’s a full-time trader. All his working hours are dedicated to equity market research, trading & investing. He daily monitors the market, news flow & has good technical & fundamental know how.
Are these two same kinds of investor?

Should they have the same investing behaviour?

Will the style of investment be same for them?

NO, obviously!
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Approval of an ETF that provides inverse exposure to #Bitcoin futures could be a positive sign for #crypto. Here’s a 🧵 on why...
I am not providing investment advice on $BITI or any other ETF, I’m not “calling the bottom,” and Grayscale does not currently have plans to offer products that short crypto. Instead, here’s an article for context:…
I firmly believe that the approval of each and every #Bitcoin-linked investment product demonstrates the SEC’s increased comfort with $BTC and crypto, more broadly.

The same is true of $BITI, despite offering INVERSE Bitcoin exposure.
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It's weekend and it's the end of the month. The #markets are closed.

So there is the perfect time to analyze the #momentum & relative #strength of the markets.

This information is relevant for all #investors, but especially for #trend #followers 📈📈📈


The #momentum of the markets are one of the most powerful forces in the evolution of the #asset #prices.

The #reversion to the mean is the opposite force, which is equally powerful. Momentum works on a short and medium term (up to 3 to 5 years).
There is a ton of academic research related to the momentum and the benefits of using it and relative strength. But presenting it this is not the purpose of this #thread.

Relative strength is actually a comparison between the #momentum of two or more #markets.
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The plot thickens on the path to $GBTC’s spot #Bitcoin #ETF conversion…
Today, the SEC approved another US-based #Bitcoin futures #ETF. Great, right? We agree. But it's important to realize that not all Bitcoin futures ETFs are created equal.…
Prior to today, the US had 3 #Bitcoin futures #ETFs: $BITO $XBTF and $BTF. Each of these hold CME Bitcoin futures and are registered under the '40 Act. An 80+ year old set of regulations that govern many investment products on the market today.
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Thank you to @BloorStreetCap for yesterday's insightful #uranium discussion with some of the pioneers of the industry. A fantastic line up with in depth insight into all aspects of the #uranium sector.

Some of our highlights can be found the the thread below:
1/ “The world is recognising the science of nuclear power, not the false ideology.” – #NexGen CEO

“Price of #equities is screaming buy relative to the #spot price” – @uraniuminsider

“We’re on the cusp of a really really big move here [spot price]” – @UraniumEnergy
2/ #Sprott are seeing growing #institutional and #FO interest in the #uranium space. Very early stages of broad adoption by generalist #investors. Ciampaglia believes we are ‘just starting the second inning of this uranium cycle’.
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If you have some surplus cash that you want to allocate to debt or fixed income funds,
☆ you can consider simple, low cost, debt index funds with a target maturity, giving potential of relatively stable & predictable returns 🎯


#TMF #IndexFunds #ETFs

DSP Nifty SDL Plus G - Sec Jun 2028 30:70 Index Fund is one such option you can evaluate

What exactly is this fund?
It will be Open-ended target maturity index fund (you can redeem without any lockin)
~ which will mature after about 6 years in June 2028

☆ portfolio will be invested in line with Nifty SDL Plus G-Sec Jun 2028 30:70 Index
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TOP 6 Must Read Books on Stockmarkets.

A Thread 🧵 :
1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

This is a classic book on investing, originally published in 1949. It's about value investing. A Warren Buffett favorite.

#investing #StockMarket
2. One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch

This book teaches you how to use what you already know to make money in Stock Market.

#investing #StockMarket
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Let's do a little $LUNA near-term roadmap...shall we?
1. @orion_money dropping in next few days
2. #ozone insurance burning 90M $LUNA to $UST that will then be used to purchase collateral (such as $BTC) to ensure future stability of @terra_money ecosystem
3. #IBC only recently enabled, @cosmos chains are all heating up
4. @SecretNetwork #supernova happening on Nov09; increasing
5. @osmosiszone just started, liquidity & use increasing by the day
6. @SECGov unfortunately thinks it is their mission to kill #defi, going after #stablecoins like @Tether_to (if #terra grabbed half of $USDT mkt cap, ALL $LUNA would be burned twice over at current price)
7. @OKEx just launched $UST / $USDT trading pairs, ppl opting for $UST now
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Sale hilo 🧵 con sitios web que tenes que tener agregados a tus favoritos, si es que estás en el mundo de las #Criptomonedas

Coingecko es una página donde vas a poder encontrar todos los proyectos #cripto del mercado, con datos oficiales como página web, redes sociales, smart contracts, etc.
También vas a tener datos de exchanges, y mucha información más.

Un sitio donde vas a poder encontrar un calendario con fechas importantes de miles de proyectos.
Lo bueno es que tiene varios filtros para el caso de que quieras ver algún proyecto en particular.
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I looked up Equity #ETFs with #ESG in their description using the Bloomberg function, "ETF"

$334bn in total AUM

Wow, investors are hungry for this

so took a “deep dive” into the largest - $22bn iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA
“composed of U.S. companies that have positive environmental, social & governance characteristics as identified by the index provider”

“.. that applies the following business involvement screens:

civilian firearms, controversial weapons, tobacco, thermal coal and oil sands”
Seems clear

First up, Tobacco

WHO says it kills 8m / yr

And I detest smoking – this is easy

I also hate guns, will never own one

But how many people do firearms kill?

Amnesty Intl, - 1.4m firearm-related deaths globally between 2012 & 2016
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The anatomy of my holdings


Find out what % of my capital I allocate to each one and why.

• Introduction

The TFSA was introduced in SA in 2015. The aim is to encourage savings, in which all growth and income are tax free.

For example:

• No Capital gains tax
• No Dividends withholding tax
• No Tax on interest

Let’s quickly learn👇🏽
• Dividends

It’s important to capitalize on the structure of a TFSA.

What do I mean by this?

The point is to pay no tax, right? However, offshore dividends are taxed accordingly to the laws of that specific sovereign state.

So your dividends from abroad aren’t exempt.
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Why is the Russell 2000 getting boot kicked this week?

Well an index is a composition of stocks. Sounds like a dumb answer but let's dig in..
2/ The composition of stocks inside are now eating the index. The #momostock trade has fueled it for months now. However, if you look at our Live Charts flow measurements (volume and money), you can see that price has been rising since December as volume and flow ...
3/ have been collapsing. This is because of the components in the index overwhelming the entire order flow. $IWM has benefited from names like $FCEL and $PENN and $PLUG and $GME.
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