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@shiftkeylabs @DigiHealthCA @dalfcs @DalWiTS You do understand that healthcare wait lists are not standard queuing processes like supermarket checkouts, or call centres, right? #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter
@shiftkeylabs @DigiHealthCA @dalfcs @DalWiTS 1. There are strong screening and threshold effects, where clinical gatekeepers roughly objectively assess patients for access to the wait list. #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter
@shiftkeylabs @DigiHealthCA @dalfcs @DalWiTS 2. There are anticipatory effects where clinical gatekeepers will aggressively enrol patients to wait list if they know new resources are being added, and conversely will limit access when they know resources are going to be constrained. #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter
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Good luck @dryiu_verna and @jkenney with the AHS review when @EYnews doesn't even understand the principle of the Nash Equilibrium. Hint: it's why we have problems like resistant strains of infections. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
@dryiu_verna @jkenney @EYnews In healthcare the Nash Equilibrium occurs because clinicians try to do what's best for the immediate problem right in front of them, without view to the future clinicians or broader society. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
@dryiu_verna @jkenney @EYnews The result is that we end up trying to cure ageing through the primary, ambulatory, or inpatient care. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
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Friday #Medthread! I’ve been chatting lately that I should write a #tweetorial about how I’ve put my social media related/based activities on my academic/professional CV. So, without further ado... 1/x
these are excited times, & hopefully this won't be uncharted territory for too much longer as standards are set and more institutions embrace social media related activities...BUT for do you show your uniqueness and innovations via #medtwitter #SoMe?? 2/x
1⃣these are my opinions (grounded in experience & many discussions)
2⃣I use the OHSU CV template (Scholarship/Service/Teaching)
3⃣employers may not be ready to embrace

PS--bonus points--name the TV show the GIF is from!! (probably not known/respected enough...)
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An anniversary #Medthread!
One year ago today, I gave my OHSU #GrandRounds about #medtwitter for academic clinicians and immediately posted its accompanying #tweetorial.
My goodness, what a year!!
Some reflections and musings 1/x
an incredible year indeed, professionally AND personally--and definitely in no small part thanks to #medtwitter and the opportunity to prepare and give this talk about #SoMe
pardon my if the argument is getting a little circular...the coffee is still kicking in... 2/x
I truly truly had no idea. In probably a poor exam of my "beginning of the academic year commitment to say 'no' more often", I told my boss that I could fill the August 7th #GrandRounds slot on only a few weeks notice.

"Don't you have a talk about twitter prepared?"... 3/x
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#AcademicTwitter #MedTwitter and #SciTwitter: What makes a good leader?

My thoughts ⬇️
Simply put, a good leader is a good communicator. One cannot lead if they do not effectively communicate with a team.
A good leader is consistent and avoids micromanaging a team and implementing a seagull management style (flying in, squawking, and leaving a mess).
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@KemiDoll @AdanZBecerra1 @WhitneyEpi That is not just a critque of racial disparity analysis, that is a significant vote of non-confidence in the current regression industry in contemporary epidemiology and public health in general. #Epitwitter #statstwitter #scitwitter
@KemiDoll @AdanZBecerra1 @WhitneyEpi "In this article, we highlight empirical examples from the literature demonstrating limitations of overreliance on interaction terms in health disparities research; we further suggest approaches for moving beyond interaction terms when assessing these disparities" #Epitwitter.
@KemiDoll @AdanZBecerra1 @WhitneyEpi This quote from the abstract applies in general, as regression against interactions is provably mathematically incapable of resolving the strongly geometric feed-backs that dominate population health. #epitwitter
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Ok. There are a ton of great articles on WHY scholars should join Twitter, but most don’t offer an in-depth HOW-to.

This leads to hesitation and timidness.

So, I present a thread “You’ve joined Twitter. Now what?” #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #SoMe
First, choose a handle you’ll be happy with 5 years from now. I’d regret creating @SarahNEU2013 now that I’ve long since graduated.

#academictwitter #scitwitter #medtwitter
Next, pick a good bio photo. A professional headshot you’ve used in other places (e.g., university directory) is smart.

Because Twitter has paused verification, I see consistent photos across multiple channels as an unofficial way to confirm you are who you say you are.
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The reductionist view of economists like @kevinmilligan, @GK_Fellows, & @trevortombe that healthcare and public health can be summarized or even reasoned about in terms of costs and returns on investments is the bane of my existence. #EpiTwitter #SciTwitter #StatsTwitter
The opinions of economists like @kevinmilligan, @GK_Fellows, & @trevortombe buoy up the worst instincts and shallowest decisions of healthcare administrators around the world. It is a constant battle of my career. #EpiTwitter #SciTwitter #StatsTwitter
Public health outcomes exist within a multi-dimension, perhaps even infinite dimensional, space of hazard functions, none of which is susceptible to the techniques of economic analysis. @kevinmilligan @GK_Fellows @trevortombe #EpiTwitter #SciTwitter #StatsTwitter
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I'm often asked by academics how to use Twitter. Rather than repeat the same stuff on different occasions, I decided to create a thread.
This is just my own personal experience so PLEASE join in, add your own thoughts/suggestions & ask questions!
1. Decide your purpose
Why are you using Twitter? What do you want out of it? If it's purely to read up on other people's work, find new research & catch the latest news, that's totally fine.
A good way to curate your feed is to create Twitter Lists…
2. Audience
If you want to go beyond reading to post your own content, decide on who you want to target. Who is interested in reading your tweets? Who do you want to get the attention of and why?
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OK #medtwitter #scitwitter #doubledocs #radonc and #newpi tweeps: I have been charged with discussing "Recruitment and Retention of Physician Scientists" in #radonc at a panel for @ASTRO_org #ASTRO20. What are we doing right? What could we improve?
DMs or public tweets welcomed! Would love to get a diverse cache of perspectives! Please spread the word! Apologies in advance if I missed some folks. I'm still getting the hang of this twitter thing.
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Hi you can get paid $35,000+ to do research on the brain for 5 or 6 whole years of your life.

If you're low income you can apply to grad school for free, if the schools dont require GRE 😊
Stipends vary at different institutions and in different fields but almost every biomedical research PhD program in the US will pay YOU to get your PhD.

You dont need a master's beforehand either.
People get mad at me every time I tweet this, but you can totally apply to PhD programs as a backup plan.

If you've done research and love it but don't know if you wanna do it for the rest of your life, you can still apply and see if it's something you're into.
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Now up is @BrytheFlyGuy on how to translate the hard science behind systematics and taxonomy to the public through #scicomm #SpnhcTdwgNZ
(You might remember him from the time he named a golden-butted fly af Beyonce.)
He compares radio interviews to kale: you probably don’t like it/them the first time, but then you know it’s good for you and eventually come to like it/them.
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