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Ok #AcademicTwitter. This month, I'm entering my 3rd year of PhD! yayy🎉

I was looking through my 1st research journal and found these "tips" I had written for myself. I thought I'll share them here.

So, here's a 🧵of #PhDtips for those starting their PhD!

#PhDlife #PhDchat Image
1. Maintain a #PhDjournal📒
Experiments, results, failures, meetings w/ guide, seminars, weekly plans, proposal brainstorming, talk prep - everything related to your PhD in one notebook.

(coursework & journal notes can be separate, but I used the same note. 1 note/year for me)
2. Read a lot of journal articles. A lot.
It is the best way to take your research forward!

(I wanted to try the #365papersChallenge, but couldn't keep up. I read way fewer papers than I want myself to. This could be my sign from the universe to step up!)
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Have you ever searched for "How to do a #LiteratureReview quickly/in 1 day/3 hours"?
And then spend the entire time getting lost in searching/ wallowing in tangential directions?

Here is a🧵on Quick #LitRev technique...

#AcWri #AcademicTwitter #PhDtips #phdlife #ScienceTwitter Image
From my fair share of struggle with literature reviews, I devised a technique that helped me do *quick* literature surveys, especially when I needed to
- write a #grant #proposal
- improve a half-written #manuscript
- learn a new method/theory

So, here you go...
1️⃣Collecting literature: Research Rabbit App

My go-to tool for literature discovery+visualize connection b/w them. (very essential for writing your LitRev, as you will need to draw connections between different works.) Image
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13 months since I reported an obvious case of plagiarism. The paper is still online. Journal gone silent and no longer replying to emails.

Ready to name and shame both authors and the journal.

@OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter #academictwitter #sciencetwitter
@OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter First author on the paper that plagarised ours:… as you can see he has a v large number of papers across multiple research topics.
@OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter I picked a paper of his at random, copy and pasted the first few lines of the abstract and oh look, its copied from another article as well.
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New episode out today! Join us for a conversation with @LesinskiLab where we chat about his professional journey and his career as a translational researcher. Listen in and hear some #sciencebehindthescenes. #behindthemicroscope
@LesinskiLab @WinshipAtEmory @EmoryMedicine @EmoryUniversity @A_P_S_A @sitcancer @CancerBioEmory @laneygradschool @LaneyEDGE @emoryhealthcare Dr. Lesinski (@LesinskiLab) completed his undergraduate studies at @bgsu before continuing on to Medical College of Ohio (now @UToledoMed) to complete his PhD in biomedical sciences.
He then continued on to @OhioState to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and an MPH in clinical investigation, eventually joining the faculty at @OhioStateMed.
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As always, context matters! This only applies to Australian Humpback whales. Other populations are still listed as #endangered by the USA & all are in @CITES Appendix I. The @IUCNRedList assessed Humpback whales as a Least Concern species for #conservation…
I also find this interesting because I often see people who study #conservation & #WildlifeTrade argue that CITES and US Endangered Species Act listings should all mirror the IUCN Red List assessments. But I doubt the same people would agree when it means removing protections...
Necessary Reminder: Each of these 3 systems are independent processes because each serves a unique purpose. They can overlap & feed into one another, but to assume they should always agree is to misunderstand the policies & processes they represent #WildlifeTrade #ScienceTwitter
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Today I gave my first peer-review rejection. For a lot of reasons, it didn't feel good. It's exhausting to prevent science misinformation from spreading, especially when a paper can be resubmitted elsewhere & slip by different peer-reviewers #AcademicChatter #ScienceTwitter
And just to add context, I've rejected a lot of papers during peer-review before, but with the option of resubmission if minor or major revisions were made. But this time, it couldn't be fixed.
Is it weird I feel bad? I empathize with how much time & effort the authors must have invested, which made it hard for me to not to keep giving more chances to re-submit, especially after I volunteered so much of my own time into the review process as well. But this is science.
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Many times when susceptibility testing is done for P. aeroginosa, a scenario similar to shown in the picture is encountered.
We see that TZP has produced a D shape on the IPM side. This might look very similar to the phenomenon seen in gram positive ICR strains. So what is it?
Published data says that this result is most likely due to
inducible expression of the P. aeruginosa AmpC beta-lactamase.
Certain enteric
(Serratia, Providencia, Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Morganella) and non-enteric organisms (P. aeruginosa, Aeromonas) can up-regulate expression of
their chromosomally-encoded ampC genes in response to sub-inhbitory concentrations of certain
b-lactam antibiotics
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Episode 1 of the @HCTriage special series on the relationship between science culture and reproducibility: What IS the reproducibility crisis?…
In episode 1, we talk to @jamesheathers about his metascience work and related perspectives. We dig into his work on the Brian Wansink case, and we speak to @stephaniemlee about her extensive work breaking the stories on this major example of scientific misconduct.
We talk to @MicrobiomDigest about her incredible work in science integrity and image forensics, and what happens when she tries to report her findings to journals. Tidbit: 2/3 of the issues she's identified in papers have not been corrected over the course of FIVE years
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Thanks to funding from @NIH, a group of incredible experts, & the @HCTriage crew @crashcoursestan @olsenvideo @DrTiff_PhD, I’m excited to announce that the first 3 episodes of our podcast on science culture & reproducibility are live!…
@NIH @HCTriage @crashcoursestan @olsenvideo @DrTiff_PhD In this 8-episode series, we dig into questions about academic incentives, publishing and funding practices, training and mentorship, how the media plays into the problem, and finally, what we can do to fix things.
@NIH @HCTriage @crashcoursestan @olsenvideo @DrTiff_PhD The remaining episodes will release once per week for the next five weeks, and we will tag our experts as we roll this out! We want this to be a resource and conversation starter for the science community. Come listen!! #academictwitter#academicchatter #sciencetwitter #science
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Are There Hidden Genes in DNA/RNA Vaccines? (2022)🔔🆕…

🧬Some ORFs on SARS-CoV-2 DNA/RNA vaccines, could lead to the translation of undesired proteins during vaccination

🧬Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were analyzed

(1/3) Image

Translation of overlapping ORFs within larger ORFs can result in harmful effects on host tissues, such as interfering with organelle membrane protein activity or perturbing signaling pathways

The protein-coding potential of DNA/RNA vaccines should be investigated further Image

Notably, the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine sequence is predicted to contain no frameshifted ORFs on the positive sense strand, which highlights the utility of codon optimization in DNA/RNA vaccine design to remove undesired overlapping ORFs 👍
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On behalf of @USCViterbi Dean's Office, I'm organizing a free (virtual) 2-day workshop + "grad program fair" for UGs interested in pursuing grad degrees in STEM this summer. W/ 2days, we can cover many topics. What should we discuss? Who should I invite as speakers/panelists?
I did this previously and discussed the below in a series of panels (w/ lots of time for Q&A). I was thinking a similar format this time, along with a pair of a "plenaries" (but short talks w/ Q&A).

(Also, the below are on my group's YouTube channel.)
Also, I want to have a "grad fair" - like a career fair, but a place where grad schools from across the country can have "rooms" to answer Q's about their programs, applications, ..

@USC did a virtual career fair in the fall that worked, so I'm building on that framework. 3/N
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New research shows that only 10% #Omicron cases are in ppl who have gotten #COVID19 #Booster.

This may be MISINTERPRETED as:

"Only 10% of people w/ #BoosterDose get #OmicronVariant"


#BoosterShots are 90% effective"

Not that simple! READ ON!…

First, this is NOT a critique of the study (currently a pre-print).

Researchers at @MethodistHosp who did this provided a VERY valuable piece of info and are not making any inappropriate claims. Great work!

It's just that it's easy for public/media to misinterpret results!

Paper reports on a total of 1313 #OmicronVariant cases in the Houston, TX area.

See table below:
~49% of cases in those not vaccinated (0 or 1 does)

Of those #Breakthrough cases,

535 cases w/ 2 #vaccine doses
140 cases w/ 3 doses (i.e., booster) Image
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Nasal-swab rapid tests failed to identify omicron infections for 2 to 3 days after saliva-based PCR tests identified high concentrations of viral RNA.

A new paper from @DrBlytheAdamson @robbysikka @awyllie13 and Prem Premsrirut has the details. 👇👏 1/4…
This means that rapid tests aren't catching people during their first few days of infection. But sensitive PCR tests are slowed by day++ turnarounds.

Suggests we're unlikely to test our way out of the current surge, even if we each had a week's supply of rapid tests at home. 2/4
One point which will not escape folks like @CaseyEMiddleton and @SBtotheDub is the "infectious" and "not infectious" annotations on the plot, based on N-gene RNA Ct.

While link between Ct and infectiousness is imperfect, the authors *also* directly document transmissions! ✅ 3/4
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1/🧵 Letter to Young Scientists

Are there professional trends in academia that are robbing scientists of joy & vocational success?

When #scientists burnout, it robs pts of answers to their problems & increasing their suffering.

Let’s discuss…
2/ The goal of science is to determine the truth about question no one knows the answer to…so that we can make things better for others.

I thought I'd share a few thoughts about discernment and the scientific process that I learned while graying 💫
3/ Discovery in medicine, for example, is not a job. It is not work.

It is creating art. It's painting.

And when we are being artistic, most of us enjoy diving all the way in & immersing ourselves without undo distraction.
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As a #vaccine & #publichealth advocate I *always* respond to any question with sincerity. Since I got put on lists of pro-#DEI/#equity/#BLM docs to target is anonymous accounts will “@“ me then when I respond in good faith it is tallied as my “harassing” = manufacture fake #data.
This is a deliberate anti-#publichealth #SciComm strategy to bully, harass (but then claim opposite), intimidate, & drive out

Sadly, it is successful

Hundreds of public health officials have left jobs, mislabeled by #disinformation smears

If do not leave on own
manufactured/fake outrage or drama or
internal lobbying relationships/political pressure
to get dedicated #publichealth officials fired

@KHNews #MedTwitter #NurseTwitter #ScienceTwitter #pandemic #COVID19 #QAnon #disinformation…
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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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This 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 This is why #BLM exists & why “implicit bias” is not only real but it kills

Why, when you see it, say something, do something
The system changes not by sharing tweets & hashtags but actions & consequences & removal of toxicity from the system

Follow #BlackTwitter
Above #MedEd #TikTok improvement: #citeblackwomen who lead this work (not only utilized the savior mindset of Black & brown as victims) #Blackexcellence @citeblackwomen center Black women
Send #SoMe traffic to Black creators & activists. #healthcare…
Take #sharethemic initiative. It allowed #Blackexcellence to speak thru #influencer accounts to large followings for a day. I looked at before/after numbers, it did NOT drive any additional traffic to the actual accounts of those voices. Resurfacing this:
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About a year ago I received tenure. It was an unusual time, and I didn’t properly thank the people who put me on this path and made my success possible. This is a long, personal thread to express my gratitude.
There are so many people I want to acknowledge. The thread is way too long. It mixes worlds. I’m not sure how to order things. I am sure I’ve missed people. A tweet seems trite compared to the acts of selflessness that benefitted me. But I wanted to say something anyhow.
I exist because of my wonderful parents, John and Lynn Collins. My childhood was shaped by their uncountable acts of selflessness. I was a difficult child. I have three brothers. Each year I marvel further at their effort in raising us, especially since having my own children.
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"defendants…willfully destructed the evidence by deleting the webpages and social media accounts," Hanna wrote. "Plaintiffs cannot continue to be blindsided by the defendants by having to search for what evidence is being destroyed or altered”

LinkedIn is personal, not school’s
This is a really fascinating case as a lot of what I see happening in #MedTwitter (Twitter presence of the legal minefield that is #healthcare #MedEd, etc):

faculty, consultants, #hcw deleting content & accounts

My prior 🧵 on this & potential legal implications.
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(1/4) Funny story. We got pulled into the world of #vaccine misinformation today.

We've been selling some of the compounds found in the #COVID19 vaccines for a few months now. Since we don't manufacture them under the same GMP conditions as...
(2/4)...the companies that make the #vaccines, we only sell them as 'research use only'. Someone proof-texted that to mean they weren't safe for humans and edited a #Wikipedia page citing our website as a source 😠
(3/4) To clarify and educate, 'research use only' (RUO) doesn't mean that a compound or reagent isn't safe for use in humans. It is simply a limit on how it can be used based on the source and manufacturing processes...
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Attending the school of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences research retreat #PAMRR2021 @Griffith_Uni

Thankfully it's made accessible via Teams for those of us unable to physically attend.

Might share some little insights from the presentations
Welcomed by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and humble @JennyAKEkberg and reminded to connect our research and funding with community and industry and engage in research cross-pollination. /1
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7 #SciComm Frequently Asked Questions answered in this thread 👇
1. What is SciComm? Why do I need to know about it?
Sci in #Scicomm stands for #science and Comm for #communication. #Scicomm is the easy-to-understand delivery of #scientific results to the layman. It equips people & lawmakers with #ScienceLiteracy to make conscious decisions.
2. What are the types of #SciComm?

"Outward-facing” & “inward-facing." Outward-facing SciComm educates people on underappreciated aspects of science. Inward-facing SciComm is used by scientists to communicate with each other. Explore these types:
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This tiny crab trapped in 100-million-year-old amber is the most complete fossil crab ever discovered! But how did a crab get trapped in amber in the first place? Here we tell you the story… #Science #Evolution #SciComm 1/n Image
Transitions from marine to non-marine environments (e.g., land, brackish & freshwater) are an infrequent even in most animal groups. And yet, true crabs, or #Brachyura, have done it independently over a dozen times! #ocean #freshwater #evolution 2/n Mangrove tree crab, Aratus ...
Amber is like a time capsule that preserves organisms like frozen in time. While most fossils in amber are land-dwelling animals—principally insects—, aquatic organisms such as crabs are extremely rare! #amber #jurassicpark #Cretaceous #Crabs Photo by @LidaXing1982 3/n Image
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1/ Can intramuscular vaccination induce an immune response that protects against not only disease (#COVID19), but viral infection and transmission of #SARSCoV2 in the local mucosa? In a new preprint by @GeorgieNahass et al we found that saliva may be KEY🧵…
2/ Secreted *mucosal* antibodies 💦 protect from infection or spread of infection in the mucosa of the nose 👃 and mouth 👄. *Circulating* antibodies 🩸prevent systemic infection and disease. Which antibodies do we make after vaccination? @SalivaStudy💉
3/ We measured antibodies against the #SARSCoV2 receptor binding domain (RBD) in *plasma* & *saliva* from convalescent or vaccinated individuals and tested their neutralizing potential using a replication competent rVSV-eGFP-SARS-CoV-2.

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