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@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate:
Buried #corona mutated zombie minks rising from the graves, may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark scientists warn - some resurfaced from the mass graves as gasses from the decomposition process pushed the mink out of the ground
@teppaniaki Tanskan pääministeri #Frederiksen Korkeimpaan Oikeuteen.
- Totalitaarinen epidemialaki perustuslain ja ihmisoikeussopimuksen vastainen.
- Valehteli luvasta #lockdown :iin ja 17M minkin teurastamiseen.
- Levitti paniikkia valheellisilla sähköposteilla.
@teppaniaki #Denmark #Minkgate #covid19dk #VaccinePassport
Danes take to the streets at night to protest traffic ban and #Corona dictatorship
- credit: 'No Restrictions No #Masks #KBF @ NoGreatReset'
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@IPiikki @turnusband "PEG-nanokantajat pääsevät kulkemaan elimistön biologisten esteiden läpi. Ne menevät rasvaliukoisina nanokantajina myös [1]veri-aivoesteen läpi ja jos ne läpäisevät veri-aivoesteen, ne läpäisevät myös istukan."
@IPiikki @turnusband #PEGylated lipids; #ALC135
ALC-135 is functional Cationic lipid of the vaxx.
-introduction of an aquenos #RNA solution.. at a specific pH leads to an #electrostatic interaction between #negatively charged RNA backbone and #positively charged Cationic lipid
@IPiikki @turnusband #SINOPEG #China Pat. #CN112220919A
Nano #coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking #GrapheneOxide as carrier
- The invention; field of nano materials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, to devt of #2019nCoV #coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine
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Kamala Harris is here! 🇯🇵
No Biden 👀

- talks with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio later on Monday to discuss the situation over Taiwan and Indo-Pacific issues
- an address at the US Navy's Yokosuka base on Wednesday

#ShinzoAbe #StateFuneral #Japan
President Biden Announces Presidential Delegation to Japan to Attend the State Funeral of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan

#Biden #KamalaHarris
Our PM Kishida is probably having dinner with Kamala Harris right now😁
I’m genuinely interested in how that’s going…

Prime Minister Kishida engages in ‘funeral diplomacy’ ahead of state funeral for Abe

#ShinzoAbe #Biden
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"Lawmakers that have had ties with UC should NOT be condemned," says @patrick_harlan who managed to defend the notorious cult #UnificationChurch in an effort to justify the statistically unpopular #statefuneral of late PM #ShinzoAbe to be held this month.
Sorry, a typo...
Pakkun: "If we arent't gonna have a state funeral for Mr. Abe then for who else? He was the longest standing prime minister in the history of this nation's constitutional government, who has been assassinated! If not for him then for who and when?"
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August 15, 2022

Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:…
In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations.
They are especially attacking true #Goddess teachings and true intel about the #liberation of the planet. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side.
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If you think you are a real Japanese, please don’t fall for this Korean scam. Please just don’t. 😔
The #UnificationChurch is an #intelligence operation. More to come. Stay tuned. ImageImageImageImage
My first @DailyTocana article on the #Moonie cult is scheduled to be out today, July 16. It will be the first in the series of revelations about their operation. The truth must be revealed. Stay tuned. #UnificationChurch #moonies
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Last week we lost #ShinzoAbe who was the former Prime Minister of #Japan 🇯🇵 and also a close friend of #India.

A book written on #ABENOMICS which talks about the Abe's Economic Legacy in Japan.

So let's decode what were the policies and what were its implication on Japan.
Shinzo Ab was a Japanese Politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan from 2006 to 2007 and from 2012 to 2022. He was the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history.

Economic policies set out by him, and his parties in 2012 helped in shaping the Japanese economy.

Abenomics is the nickname for the economic policies set out for Japan in 2012, when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came into power for a second time.
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Shinzo Abe -- Japan's longest-serving prime minister


📹 People in Tokyo queue with flowers to pay their final respects to Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe at Zojoji Temple, where a private funeral is to be held
Family and friends of assassinated former prime minister Shinzo Abe gather at a Tokyo temple for a private funeral.

Although the funeral rites were for family members and close associates only, crowds of people came to the Zojoji temple to pay respects
VIDEO: The hearse carrying the body of Shinzo Abe stops outside the prime minister's office in Tokyo as Japan mourns the former Japanese PM who was shot at close range in the city of Nara
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“The suspect in the shooting of former Japanese Prime Minister #ShinzoAbe reportedly told police that he initially intended to kill Abe by using explosives before deciding to use a gun.”…
Investigative sources quote Yamagami as saying he built several different types of guns by separately strapping together between two and six steel pipes using adhesive tape.
The sources say Yamagami told investigators that he built a number of guns and that he had completed making them several months ago.
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1/10: Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe 安倍 晋三Assassination: Short/Simple Analysis using open-source intelligence (OSINT) #ShinzoAbe #Japan #安倍晋三 #日本 #OSINT #Assassination Image
2/10: Location and GPS Coordinates:
In front of Yamato-Saidaiji Train Station (North Exit)
大和西大寺駅 (Across from Sanwa City Saidaiji サンワシテ)
GPS Coordinates of the Red podium Shinzo Abe was standing on when he was shot: 34°41'38.6"N 135°47'02.0"E #OSINT #ShinzoAbe Image
3/10: Got date,GPS Coordinates,but no exact time, metadata in various images searched was not conclusive, press articles state 11:30am local time. Spotted one of Abe's bodyguards with a watch, we can see from the photo turned upside that it seems to be 11:31am. #OSINT #ShinzoAbe Image
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🔴 #JAPON 🇯🇵 #ShinzoAbe

倍 晋 三 ou SHINZO ABE a été assassiné. Par un crétin. Ou un Oswald japonais ?!

Des grands hommes d'État ont été assassinés par des crétins : Abraham Lincoln par l'acteur Booth, le président James Garfield par le messianique fou Guiteau 🔽
le roi Umberto I par
l’anarchiste Bresci, le président William McKinley par l'ouvrier anarchiste Czolgosz, l'archiduc Franz Ferdinand par l'anarchiste Princip, Mahatma Gand le fanatique hindou Godse, John F. Kennedy par le communiste Oswald, Robert Kennedy par 🔽
l'islamiste Sirhan, Indira Gandhi par deux de ses propres gardes du corps sikhs, Olof Palme par un cinglé qu’ils n’ont pas réussi a attraper, Aldo Moro par le terroriste communiste des « Brigades Rouges » Moretti, le saint pape Jean-Paul II a échappé de justesse à la tentative 🔽
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#AbeShinzo 元総理が亡くなる前日の18時07 分
「濊墨 」というユーザーから




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Japan, a dangerous place to be a politician

Now #ShinzoAbe is Number 8 on a list

A look at seven notorious assassinations and assassination plots that shocked Japan…
60 years ago

The Assassination of Japan Socialist Party’s Inejiro Asanuma………


20 years ago

Koki Ishii, an outspoken member of the house of representatives for the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, was slashed in the head and chest with a 12-inch sashimi knife as he was about to get into his car.…
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Thread proving #ShinzoAbe’s death was a MASONIC RITUAL!
(Gematria) In Jewish gematria Shinzo Abe translates to “Cyber Attack.”
(Numerology) Shinzo Abe was assassinated on 7/8/22.

Exactly two years prior on 7/8/20, Klaus Schwab warned of a “cyber pandemic:”
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#AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called "重装小兔19C” said "Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I'll complete the task given by the organization[ meaning: the party, the #CCP]."
Another user called "泼墨” said "I am counting on you to get another 100,000" at 20:19 on the previous day.
Then "重装小兔19C_” said: "I will not let down the organization[the party, the CCP]'s training on me at 20:24 on July 7.
This is very disturbing. I hope the government of #Japan
can investigate into these two users. Who are they? What tasks were they given? Were the tasks related to
#ShinzoAbe's murder?
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Ahimsa:Need of the Hour! #ShinzoAbe

Do u know?
5000+ families in #Japan hv embraced #Jainism

They live like astute #Jains - chant Namokar mantra,wear white loin cloth,follow Jain diet,wake up with the sun,consume only boiled water, meditate in Derasar,dine before sunset etc
(1) Image
The newly transformed Japanese Jains even follow the Annual #Jain festival Pajjusan, during which they fast for 8 days (atthai) by merely consuming warm water.

Even children follow the #Paryushan Parva with full enthusiasm & keep fasts for a day or two.
(2) ImageImage
From #Zen to #Jain:

A traveller named Churushi Miyazawa came to #India in 2005 & in her first meeting with #Jain Acharya Jayantsen Surishwarji, was inspired by the tenets of #Jainism. She wanted to take Diksha but Guruji gave her a bigger task to spread Jainism in #Japan
(3) Image
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Mr. Shinzo Abe, unfortunately has been killed. Here 2 videos of the scene released thus far. The shooter, a punk who reportedly served in the Navy seemed to be using a homemade gun. The security ring & response leave much to be desired. Though we do see one guard start running
towards the attacker shortly after the failed first shot. Unfortunately he was in an opposite corner and too far to get there before the lethal second shot. Not sure how fast or correct the medical response was either. Condolences to the Japanese nation on the loss of your
honorable leader and a friend. Hope that if any others were involved in addition to this punk, they are quickly discovered. We see him here on the extreme left. Far closer than he should have been while wielding his lethal contraption. Apparently built from two pipes. ImageImage
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#ShinzoAbe was among the first global leaders to recognize that the post World War-II order had outlived its utility and 21st century needed new allies and new architecture.

India was pivotal in his thinking about building this new architecture. And Modi the fulcrum. 1/10
#ShinzoAbe first visited India as PM in 2007. Remember, this was a time that then UPA government, with its assets in India and supported by elements abroad, had put its full might to frame Modi.

Yet, in 2007 visit, Abe made it a point to visit Gujarat and meet Modi. 2/10
The relationship that #ShinzoAbe & Modi built in 2007 was for a reason.

Both Modi & Abe were (are) fierce nationalists who were (are) determined to chart a new course for their respective countries,unencumbered by the past. Unapologetic about the ambitions for their nations.3/10
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(1) L'assassinat de #ShinzoAbe invite à revenir sur le personnage et ses origines.
Abe fut premier ministre 12 ans d'affilés.
Conservateur, nationaliste, mais avec des idées originales pour sortir le #Japon de la crise dans laquelle il s'engluait.
(2) #ShinzoAbe était le petit fils d'un homme politique très controversé au Japon Nobusoke Kishi.
Ce dernier fut un des fondateurs du PLD qui a dominé la politique japonaise depuis les années 1950
(3) Nobusoke Kishi, le grand-père de #ShinzoAbe s'était fait connaître comme un des bureaucrates "réformateurs" avant 1941 qui avaient soutenu l'expansion japonaise et les militaires
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So what exactly is going on in Japan? 🇯🇵 According to the latest news, former Prime Minister Abe Shinzō is in critical condition after being shot during a political speech in Nara. #ShinzoAbe…
According to Kyodo News Abe is showing no vital signs after being shot by a gunman while campaigning for the weekend's House of Councillors election. Abe was shot from behind at around 11:30 a.m. while he was speaking in front of a railway station. (Kyodo News)
Abe Shinzō, who resigned as PM in 2020 is Japan's longest-serving prime minister was probably most known for his economic policies called "Abenomics" designed to lift the economy out of deflation. #ShinzoAbe #Abenomics
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It's a shocking news!

#Abe is very popular & prominent politician in #Japan.

Indeed, gun violence is extremely rare incident in a country that has the world's strictest gun laws.

A couple of minutes after #Japan’s former PM #AbeShinzo was shot

People are screaming & crying.

Shocking & saddened by the #terror attack on former Prime Minister of #Japan #Shinzo #Abe at Nara .

Pray 🙏 #ShinzoAbe
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Il #Giappone, ma non solo, è sotto shock per l'attentato ai danni di #ShinzoAbe, ex primo ministro nipponico, raggiunto da colpi di fucile durante un comizio elettorale nella regione di Nara. Le sue condizioni sarebbero disperate.…
#Japan #AbeShinzo
Un nuovo filmato diffuso dai media nipponici: l'arresto dell'attentatore di Shinzo Abe.…

#ShinzoAbe #Japan #AbeShinzo.
Un ufficiale dei vigili del fuoco ha affermato che Shinzo Abe non respirava e il suo cuore si è fermato mentre veniva trasportato in aereo in ospedale.
Il primo ministro Fumio Kishida e i ministri del gabinetto stanno tornando a Tokyo.

#ShinzoAbe #Japan
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