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1/ Q: How might I make decisions about #homerepair and #maintenance in the age of #SocialDistanacing?

A: Even if that leaky faucet or chipped paint wasn’t bothering you before, they might bother you now as you're more exposed to them. Here are some home repair guidelines:
1) What happens if this waits? Some projects will cause damage to your home if not corrected. Projects addressing leaks or #safety issues should be handled promptly. Cosmetic things, especially in enclosed spaces, should probably wait.
2) Who is doing the work? Now may be a perfect time for #DIY home projects if you have the necessary skills. This probably isn’t a great time to “experiment” with high risk DIY projects involving things like plumbing or electronics...
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"-60,490 #COVID19 patients have so far recovered.

-Recovery rate has now gone up to 41.61%"

@MoHFW_INDIA "Our fatality rate is amongst the lowest in the world at 2.87% from 3.3%": Lav Agarwal, Union Health Ministry Joint Secretary

@MoHFW_INDIA "Till the time we do not have a valid vaccine, we use a social vaccine in the form of #SocialDistanacing": Lav Agarwal, Union Health Ministry Joint Secretary

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A covid age travel story. I’ll be sharing my experience of traveling in a repatriation flight from Dublin Bangalore. Flight date 26 May ‘20. Can’t wait to be home with mom and play board games n cards ❤️ #familytime #COVID #indiainireland #VandeBharat #home #Flythenewnormal Image
Landed in Delhi. Waited for ~3 hours in the flight afterwhich we were told there is another aircraft been arranged due to a tech fault. Waiting since ~6 hours now. It’s very tough to wear the shield and the mask all thru out. Very suffocating. No ventilation / AC in the airport
After ~9 hours of wait, we were asked to board another AI ✈️ at the delhi airport. Walking from one gate to another with shields and masks amidst high security felt abnormal. There was tension in the air. Image
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So here’s the #Conga

Well done for celebrating

While most ICUs in the country are working on a #NoVisitors policy

colleagues and I are having end of life discussions on the phone

My organisation are relying on medical students and retired consultants to talk to families
While 20% of my colleagues are off with #COVID

While most ICU beds in the country (including surge capacity) are full of COVID patients

Most cancer surgery is still cancelled

Do you fucking realise you’re placing all of us in jeopardy? Risks to staff, risks to patients
Including patients who don’t have #COVID

I’m not saying the lockdown needs to be in place for ever. There’s some evidence #SocialDistanacing was working.

But to go back to street parties and hoping pubs open again?

Posts on #SoMe and news saying it’s all a hoax?

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Interesting conv with a SENCO last week about some neurodiverse children prefg to be homeschooled and running 'virtual classes'.
1. Children with #ADHD were showing incredible enthusiasm in #learning at their own pace.
2. Children with #Autism were discovering that they 1/2
could spend time in looking at a subj matter in depth and 'specialising' in it (one pupil enthu about #Lyridsmeteorshower and prepd a presentation)
3. Anxious children were focussing on their #learning than their anxiety.
What does that mean for #education in a #COVID society?2/
It actually made me think:
1. We need to re-think education as #learning not simply aggregating facts
2. A #covidsafe society will need the diversity in skills that today's children will have if they #Learn and are not simply #taught
3. Children with ⬆️self-esteem learn more
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Q: What will happen on 30 April when the emergency decree ends?
A: It depends on how many new infections & deaths, but the PM will most likely extend the emergency decree by another 30 days. However, he might lift some restrictions like allowing the re-opening of some services.
Q: Will we be able to go back to our normal lives once the emergency decree ends?
A: It’s very unlikely that we will have normal lives again until there is a vaccine. This will mean #SocialDistanacing rules could remain in place for at least a year. So, no big events or concerts.
Q: When will Thailand re-open to foreigners?
A: At the moment, the earliest that foreigners might be allowed to fly to Thailand will be in May. But that will most likely only be for people who already live & work here, and they will have to do a compulsory 14-day state quarantine
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In a walkback of President’s claim of “absolute power” to reopen states new WH proposal for a phased approach to easing social distancing defers to states. Page 4 says plan “Implementable on statewide or county-by-county basis at Governors’s discretion.” @CBSNews
Reading through 18-page plan presented to state Governors today it appears White House is just encouraging states to do what they are already doing on #coronavirus. Not much new guidance, no clear enforcement mechanism. H/T @edokeefe
Even in Phase 3 - final phase of this plan WH presented to state governors today - life will still look a little different at church, movies, sports, gyms, and bars. #Covid_19 #SocialDistanacing (HT @edokeefe) @CBSNews Image
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Hampir semua negara dan Indonesia jg mengalami pandemi #COVID19

Untuk penanganan hal ini pasti membutuhkan kebijakan “extraordinary” dr Pemerintah, dan tentu berdampak pd besaran APBN 2020

(Sebuah thread)
#BersatuLawanCovid19 #BersamaLawanCorona
2. Pandemi corona masih menginfeksi, negara terus memerangi #COVID19 ini, kita jangan sampai lengah, kita sebagai warga negara bangsa yang tangguh, kita pasti bisa melawannya , jg bersama orang2 terdekat kita.

3.Menurut Data terakhir yang dirilis oleh Gugus Tugas Percepatan Penanganan Covid-19, jumlah total kasus positif Covid-19 di Indonesia per Senin sore, 13 April 2020 telah mencapai 4.557 pasien. Hal ini sudah tidak bisa dianggap sepele
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I was going to tweet this later in the week but the photos of traffic around the country made me worried.....a thread on #COVID19ireland so far 1/n
About two weeks ago, I started writing to my son. He's one, despite being #soadvanced, he can't read yet, but I wanted him to have some record of what it was like to live through a global pandemic & an event that was likely to mold the world he lived in. That was one reason 2/n
The second reason I started writing to him was that I was worried and afraid. I had spoken to colleagues in Italy and Spain, and they spoke of terrible events. I saw the death toll of healthcare workers & despite a vanishingly small risk to me, I wanted to make sure that if 3/n
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#Thread On #COVID2019 Containment Plan in Chennai.

1) Mass Active Surveillance- Around 2500 houses around 'case positive houses' are already being surveilled on a daily basis for #Covid19 related symptoms .

Done by Corp DBC workers, UHN's, Anganwadi workers etc.
Now GCC has announced that it will proactively survey all the households in city for Covid symptoms or other ARI symptoms. It will be done on a daily basis in most places . Around 10 k Self Help Group workers are recruited and work has started in most places in the city.
When such symptoms are reported by the health staff , a medical team is rushed to the spot to verify them.

Based on clinical history the patients are treated and followed up. Based on type of symptoms they may be asked to be in home isolation or shifted to hospital isolation.
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Today, @PetrieFlom published a piece by @paulcmclean & I on their Bill of Health blog that explores sports, entitlement, #ethics, equity, and the doctor-patient relationship in the time of #COVID19:… (1/18)
It's been interesting to see the role of sports in #COVID. Sports pale in comparison to what we're seeing in EDs & ICUs around the country, but it's notable that COVID really entered US public consciousness when @NBA player @rudygobert27 got it… (2/18)
Notably, Gobert just two days before had mocked people's concerns about the pandemic in this viral video (he's since apologized and been a strong public advocate for #SocialDistanacing)

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Light a diya, a candle at your doorstep or balcony at 9 pm on Sunday. Switch off lights for 9 minutes
Combat Corona in candle light. 130 crore Indians but maintain #SocialDistanacing says @PMOIndia (PM has given enough fodder to both who like & dislike his approach to stay busy.)
The attempt is to keep morale high. A very positive step. Remain isolated, maintain #SocialDistanacing but yet be together with 130 crore Indians. #IndiaFightsCorona
#together. Dr Harish Shetty, psychologist on @IndiaToday. Dr Sanjay Vohra: @PMOIndia trying to unite all together.
Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya: lead us from darkness unto light (learnt it at school: @KVS_HQ sector 8 RK Puram) From Darkness (agyan/lack of knowledge) to Light (Gyan/knowledge) Light a lamp: learn that #SocialDistanacing is the #RamBaan (solution to the problem of #CoronavirusPandemic)
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Sequence of Events-Failure of Administration:
1- Entry of Foreigners: "When asked whether the foriegn preachers were not screened at the airport for any COVID symptoms, the official said, “they entered India before the red alert was sounded.”
Failure 1- Delay in Announcing Red Alert for screening of foreigners for COVID-19. And if passengers entered before start of thermal screening in Jan 18, then these foreigners who entered before 18th Jan shouldn't be blamed as symptoms of COVID19 starts appearing within 14 days.
So they might had got infected in India. Based on above reports.

(For date of thermal screening, refer ET report below & for official Statement regarding entry of preachers before start of screening, refer The Hindu news above)…
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Focus on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being. Importance of prayers and mantras. While maintaining #SocialDistance during #Lockdown21 trying to understand, imbibe and share the meaning of different mantras. Here with my parents Brig Chitranjan Sawant & Sudha Sawant
And my mother explains the meaning of the mantra. Over the next 21 days as we follow the latest developments across the world will also try and learn & share as we all look within.Will attempt to focus on some Ved Mantras & some thoughts from the Srimad Bhagwat Gita with parents.
#SwastiPantha: Mantra from #Rigveda. Follow the path of Righteousness like the Sun & moon and be of a giving nature. (Very important in these times. Be kind, be helpful, be giving and be happy) #StayHomeStaySafe #Lockdown21 #LockDownDay2 one mantra a day for happiness 😊 21 days.
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#Thread on #FightCOVID19

Handwashing facilities in public places has been started in various places across Chennai and it's happy to see that people are using them.
These images are from Besant Nagar and Sholinganallur.

#coronavirusindia #WashYourHands
Awareness on #WashYourHands also being done at public places, traffic signals, bus stands and railway stations.

Major public gathering places are being disinfected through tractor mounted cleaning machines and jet rodding machines.
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via @NYTimes 1/ We acted too late as a nation to mitigate this. We needed #SocialDistanacing a week or two earlier. I don’t know if that would’ve been enough. The true surge is yet to come and it’s only going to exponentially get worse #COVID19…
2/ I think exercise is still important during #SocialDistanacing we all need to do that. And I believe running is a safe and healthy way to do that as it can be done solitary and far enough away from anyone else. But what I saw tonight was disturbing
3/ I’ve been running after sunset to avoid peak crowds. Yet with the good weather, the spring arriving, and a gradual slow down, but not yet a shutdown, the streets and parks are incredibly crowded.
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Asked in my group; “When you speak with your loved ones, are they concerned about the Corona Virus? Is their facility taking steps to reduce risk? “ eye opening replies in thread...
“Limestone Prison in Alabama is giving free soap and beds are still only a few feet apart and packed in like sardines”
“USP Victorville only 1 bar of soap to be purchased at store.
Not providing anything.”
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ప్రస్తుతమున్న విపత్కర పరిస్థితుల్లో భాద్యతయుత పౌరులుగా నడుచుకుని, ప్రభుత్వాల, అధికారుల ఆదేశాలను పాటించడం మన విధి.

సామాజిక దూరం, స్వీయ గృహ నిర్బంధం వంటివి పాటించడం వల్ల కొంతైనా పరిస్థితి మెరుగవుతుంది.

సామాజికదూరం పాటిస్తూ,ఇంటికి పరిమితమైన వారికి సమయ సద్వినియోగనికి కొన్ని సూచనలు
కనుమరుగవుతున్న మన ప్రాచీన గ్రామీణ క్రీడలు (బేరి, పులిజూదం వంటివి) మీ పిల్లలకు నేర్పించండి.

చదరంగం లాగే ఇవికూడా ఆలోచనా శక్తిని పెంపొందిస్తాయి. ImageImageImage
ప్రస్తుత ఆన్లైన్లో కథలు, రైమ్స్ కు కొదవలేకపోయినామనం చిన్నప్పుడు విన్న గ్రామీణ, జానపద కథలు దొరకవు.

కర్నూల్ కు చెందిన సాహితీకారుడు డా.ఎం.హరికిషన్ గారు వారి ఛానెల్ ద్వారా మన జానపద కథలను (ముఖ్యంగా సీమవి)అందిస్తున్నారు.

ఈ కథలు విని బాల్యం గుర్తు తెచ్చుకోండి…
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India’s response has been comprehensive and robust. Right from the onset, the govet has taken things very seriously, as reflected in the high-level of political commitment, including by the Prime Minister himself, says Dr Henk Bekedam.
While India is yet to adopt the WHO’s prescription of “test test test” against #COVID19, Dr Henk Bekedam, @WHO’s representative in India, says that the response has been “comprehensive and robust”.

"Right from the onset, the government has taken things very seriously, as reflected in the high-level of political commitment, including by the Prime Minister himself."

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