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On April 28th (yesterday) I met with the Deputy Prosecutor General-the Military Prosecutor Shuhrat Uzakov at the Sergeli District (Khokimiyat).
Despite all the mess was happening around with the queue and so on, I somehow managed to say the points regarding my father's case:
-explained fabrication on every article in the trumped-up criminal case of 2006
-told all instances where we applied but didn't get the result throughout the years till nowadays
-urged and demanded to protest unlawful decisions of the courts (2007, 2013, 2020)
-also spoke on amnesties that were not applied unlawfully.
Indicated several times the articles, that the case was fabricated and based on trumped-up charges.
-gave the evidence (the handwritten statement on torture happened to subordinate during the investigation to obtain
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie, @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend & @DeptofDefense Acting UnderSec Amanda Dory testify at the House Armed Services Committee
"In #Afghanistan, our mission has been preventing terrorist groups from using the country to threaten the interests & security of the UnitedStates, our allies & partners" acting Deputy UnderSec Dory tells lawmakers "After 2 decades...we have accomplished that mission"
"We are focused on working closely w/the Afghan gvt & our @NATO allies to responsibly conclude Operation resolute Support in #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM Commander Gen McKenzie "This is my main effort, at present"
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The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of #Pakistan 🇵🇰 and the President of the Republic of #Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 held a virtual summit. During the wide-ranging talks, views were exchanged on bilateral, regional and international issues.
The two leaders reviewed the entire spectrum of bilateral relations -- with particular focus on political, #trade, #security and #defence, educational and cultural domains. Prime Minister Imran Khan underlined the importance of enhancing political and diplomatic linkages,
fast tracking trade and economic cooperation, ensuring early finalization of the Preferential Trade Agreement (#PTA) and Transit Trade Agreement (#TTA), increasing security and #defence cooperation, and taking steps to deepen mutual collaboration in the fields of education,
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#Ombudsman #HumanRights #Uzbekistan

By the end of Jan, we received a template response to the appeal written by my father on Dec 7th, 2020, that was sent on Dec 14th, 2020.

Our lawyer filed the appeal to #FeruzaEshmatova on March 29th, 2021, through postal and electronic.
Both of them clearly state gross HR violations regarding my father's case for the 15th year.

On Apr 2nd, 2021, we got an electronic reply that the appeal was sent to Gen Pros Office for further consideration and follow-up notif to both parties signed by @AzimovSaidbek
We've been seeing the same scheme of handling the appeals we submitted, though.

Anyways, we'll keep our eyes on the process again and again with the hope that the case will come into consideration and the #RuleOfLaw and #Justice will prevail, and my father will be free!
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On #WorldHealthDay, let's build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏

#COVID19 highlighted how some 👱🙎🏽‍♀️ live healthier lives & have better access to health services than others, due to their living conditions.

It's time for #HealthEquity to reach #HealthForAll!

It's #WorldHealthDay

To achieve #HealthForAll, everyone needs access, without discrimination, to the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

We can and must build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏 for everyone, everywhere.

#COVID19 shows that #HealthEquity is more urgent than ever. It’s laid bare inequities in access and coverage of health services, mortality and socio-economic impacts.

On #WorldHealthDay, let's make the 🌎🌍🌏 fairer and #HealthForAll a reality!

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1/. QUESTION: What’s the worst day of the year for dictators, despots & populist autocrats?

ANSWER: April 7

Tomorrow, @amnesty release our annual 2020/21 report covering the state of #HumanRights in 149 countries

JOURNALISTS: For a copy or to an interview👉
“How's life in your country?"
"We can't complain"

This cartoon was about #Turkey but it also applies to:
#Somalia etc.
“I don’t care if they respect me, so long as they fear me.” (Caligula)

At @amnesty we don’t respect dictators, autocrats & human rights abusers

We don’t fear them either

As we publish Annual Report, here’s a guide for dictators human on ‘how to respond’…
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In the draft of a new CC of #Uzbekistan, concerned articles remained the same only the numbers changed. Thread. 1/15
Including: Image
In the new draft these articles became 85 and 86 respectively 2/15 Image
#Article157 unlawfully imposed to my father is in the list of a very serious crime, and accorng to the old art. 73 he couldn’t be released because of the exemption in Paragraph 4 even though he spent two third 20/3*2=13.3 (actually my father spent more, it's 14 yrs.7 months) 3/15
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Which countries are the worst liars when it comes to #Covid19 deaths (and which are the most honest)?

There's no definitive way of stating, but analysis of excess deaths is a guide to the real extent of #Coronavirus

I've worked out official deaths as a % of excess deaths..
This is the best way to expose clear cheating.
But it's not perfect

Many nations suspected of underplaying #Covid19 deaths don't declare mortality data, notably India, Indonesia and Turkey, though for the latter two stats are available for the biggest cities Jakarta/Istanbul
Data are the latest available for each country but e.g. while Peru, Spain, UK are right up to date, others are >6 months old.

Some nations have negative excess deaths, e.g. Taiwan, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Iceland, Norway.
Having lockdowns, mask wearing etc
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#CFWIJ brings you some powerful messages on #InternationalWomensDay from our network. Learn more about how these women journalists are overcoming obstacles in the industry and share their inspiration. Here’s a shoutout to all women journalists who inspire us every day.
@Aga_Pik from #Uzbekistan wishes that "more women in journalism speak out about the problems they face. We're now connected more than ever and there is huge solidarity within the women journalists’ crowd." Image
From #Turkey, we have the voice of @baysal_nurcan remind us that, "We can only fight this stigma by standing in solidarity and providing a safer environment to exist as women journalists." Image
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The Human Rights Council opens its 46th regular session with:
🔹 statements from governments and inter-governmental organizations
🔹a discussion on racism and #COVID19

🕘09:00 CET

President of the Human Rights Council Nazhat Shameem Khan opens the 46th regular session - the first to take place almost entirely virtually - running until 23 March.

President of the United Nations General Assembly @volkan_bozkir addresses the Human Rights Council.

"Sustainable development and human rights are symbiotic," he says.

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The Indo-Greeks were on decline & the grounds were fertile for yet another invasion of #India. This time it was the Yuezhi tribe of Gansu from #China. They established the #KushanEmpire.

This #thread is about Kushans & how they became Indianised, unlike later Islam!c invaders.
The Kushans started to establish themselves as a major power around 30 CE with Kujula Kadphises forming a confederacy of various tribes from China.

They adopted Greek as their court language, which was soon replaced by Bactrian, the popular local language.
They also adopted #Buddhism & #Hinduism as their religion. They issued coins with Hindu Gods like Shiva with a trishul & Buddha in Abhaya mudra.

This was unlike the later Islam!c invasions where the invaders would try to obliterate local languages and religions.
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#Uzbekistan #Tashkent #Coronavirus

Uzbekistans goverment says that, as of October 1, it will lift a ban on foreign flights to and from the Central Asian country.
On 17 September, the Government Commission declared that the country will be open to foreign visitors on condition that they comply with the regulations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.
Because of the outbreak, Uzbekistan shut its borders and suspended transport ties with other countries in mid-March. Only charter flights and special trains were in use and were used to repatriate foreigners who had been stranded in Uzbekistan.
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Never 👏 forget 👏 to put 👏 the lions 👏 out 👏 before 👏 bed 👏 Image
This negligent #lion owner, the #Samanid amir Aḥmad Exotic (or Aḥmad ibn Ismāʿīl, as he is also known), features prominently in fragments from an as-yet unknown historical work we are currently working on.
The #Samanid dynasty ruled a large swath of the Islamicate East, including parts of what are now #Iran, #Uzbekistan, #Tajikistan, and #Afghanistan, for much of the 10th century CE.
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Meeting in Doha begun #Qatar
Mullah Baradar, Stanikzai, Abdullah, Pompeo, Khalilzad, Gen. Miller are present at opening session ImageImageImage
Man this is like someone spelled a curse Image
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Meet Bobomurod Abdullaev.

We used to be journalist colleagues, reporting on Central Asia nearly 20 years ago.

He has had to flee Uzbekistan after being charged with nonsense.

If Kyrgyzstan sends him back to Uzbekistan, he will be tortured.

Again.… Image
Torture in detention is systemic in Uzbekistan.

Abdullaev already endured torture at the hands of Uzbek officials once.

Kyrgyz authorities should ensure that it doesn’t happen again and protect him from forced return to Uzbekistan, as is his right under international law.
Abdullaev is one of the brave independent journalists who inspired me to take a greater interest in the region. Working under constant threat, facing bogus charges & torture, they persevere, keeping the idea of freedom & human dignity alive, even amid horrific brutality.
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#Białoruś Wczorajszy dzień mijał zarówno pod kątem protestów, jak i reakcji innych państw na „wynik” (w dużym cudzysłowie) wyborów na Białorusi. W przypadku państw #Kaukaz i #AzjaCentralna równie ważne od tego „jak zareagowały?”, jest pytanie: „dlaczego?”. #Thread 1/11 Image
#Białoruś Przypomnijmy: wczoraj z gratulacjami dla Aleksandra Łukaszenki drogą dyplomatyczną pośpieszyli przywódcy #Armenia #Azerbejdżan #Kazachstan #Kirgistan #Tadżykistan #Uzbekistan; Nie zrobili tego dotąd liderzy #Gruzja i #Turkmenistan 2/11
#Białoruś, #Armenia, #Kazachstan i #Kirgistan są wspólnie członkami rozwijanej przez #Rosja Eurazjatyckiej Unii Gospodarczej #EUG (+Uzbekistan jest obserwatorem) oraz Organizacji Układu o Bezpieczeństwie Zbiorowym #OUBZ, do której należy również #Tadżykistan 3/11
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LIVE UPDATES: Man threatens to blow up bank in #Kiev, deputy interior minister says
UPDATE: Man threatening to detonate a bomb in #Kiev is a citizen of #Uzbekistan, deputy interior minister says

UPDATE: Man threatening to detonate a bomb demands an online broadcast, reports say

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We hope our followers are safe and enjoying their summer! We've prepared a thread showcasing the many contributions that our staff + students made to the international debate on #EastEurope|an #Russia|n + #Eurasia|n Studies in the last few months. 1/
Huseyn Aliyev's latest article appeared on #Eurasia|n Geography + Economics. When neighbourhood goes to war. Exploring the effect of belonging on violent mobilization in #Ukraine.…
With a open access chapter on NTA & the Promotion of Cultural Identities, @Taaveti contributed to the first annual publication of @ENTAN_org, an EU Horizon 2020-funded COST Action:…
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Individuals should never be imprisoned for peaceful activism. I urge Central Asian leaders to release prisoners held for these legitimate acts, including cases across #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, #Tajikistan, #Turkmenistan & #Uzbekistan. The #COVID19 prison risk raises the stakes.
Aset Abishev was arrested in Kazakhstan for posts in support of Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan movement. @freedomhouse cited his case as an example of Kazakhstan persecuting opposition parties. He has been punished for expressing concerns about prison conditions & #COVID19.
Maks Bokayev was arrested in Kazakhstan for his work fighting for the environment, expression & against torture. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said his detention was based on his exercise of “freedom of expression & freedom of assembly.” He’s at high #COVID19 risk.
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#COVID-19 nie ustępuje #AzjaCentralna. Kraje regionu #Kazachstan #Kirgistan #Uzbekistan #Tadżykistan #Turkmenistan nie zdążyły w pełni odnotować pierwszego szczytu zakażeń, a już muszą borykać się z ich drugą falą. Nie pomogło w tym znoszenie restrykcji w maju br. THREAD 1/15
#COVID-19 #Kazachstan #Uzbekistan i #Kirgistan, po oficjalnym stwierdzeniu pierwszych zakażeń w marcu br., w ramach walki z pandemią wprowadziły restrykcje w życiu publicznym. Konieczność ratowania sytuacji gospodarczej zmusiła je jednak do znoszenia ograniczeń w maju br. 2/15
#COVID-19 #Kazachstan #Uzbekistan i #Kirgistan Liczba zakażeń stale rosła, a poluzowanie obostrzeń tylko zwiększyło ich dynamikę. Zakażenia dotknęły osoby ze szczytów władzy (ministrowie, w tym zdrowia), członkowie administracji prezydenckich, samego Nursułtana Nazarbajewa. 3/15
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#Kazachstan U Nursułtana Nazarbajewa zdiagnozowano #COVID-19 – poinformował rzecznik byłego prezydenta. Nazarbajew to nie pierwsza osoba z władz Kazachstanu zakażona COVID-19, który zdiagnozowano już u przewodniczącego Madżlisu czy ministra zdrowia 1/13 Image
Rzecznik byłego prezydenta – Aidos Ukibaj - przekazał, że Nazarbajew, który w tym roku skończy 80 lat, poddał się samoizolacji i pracuje zdalnie. Zapewnił, że były prezydent nie odczuwa objawów, mogących wskazywać na ciężki przebieg choroby. 2/13
Nazarbajew ustąpił w ubiegłym roku ze stanowiska Prezydenta Kazachstanu, które pełnił od 1991 r. Faktycznie wciąż pełni najważniejszą rolę w systemie politycznym państwa, ze względu na znaczenie dla tożsamości narodowej Kazachów, jak i stanowiska, które zajmuje do dziś. 3/13
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#Tadżykistan Wczoraj 15-osobowy Medyczny Zespół Ratunkowy @RatownicyPCPM @FundacjaPCPM rozpoczął misję w #Tadżykistan w celu pomocy lokalnej służbie zdrowia w walce z #COVID-19. W #Tadżykistan epidemia jest na etapie wzrostowym, w skali być może największej w regionie #THEAD 1/13 Image
Zespół PCPM to jeden z 29 certyfikowanych przez WHO zespołów medycznych błyskawicznego reagowania na świecie Typu 1. Wcześniej PCPM prowadził podobne działania w #Lombardia #Włochy i w sąsiednim #Kirgistan. 2/13
Wylot @RatownicyPCPM do #Tadżykistan był możliwy dzięki wsparciu polskiego @MSZ @polskapomoc i @mon. Świetny przykład polskiego soft power, poprzez wspieranie państw potrzebujących pomocy w czasie pandemii, przy wykorzystaniu polskiego know-how zarządzania kryzysowego. 3/13
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#EUG Podczas wirtualnego szczytu Eurazjatyckiej Unii Gospodarczej prezydent Rosji odmówił #Armenia i #Białoruś możliwości obniżek stawek, po jakich kupują rosyjski gaz. Wiąże się to z celowym opóźnianiem przez Rosję objęcia sektora surowców zasadami wspólnego rynku #Thread
#EUG stanowi dla #Rosja przede wszystkim instrument wpływu politycznego na państwa będące jej członkami (#Białoruś #Kazachstan #Armenia #Kirgistan). Zniechęca to je do pogłębiania integracji politycznej (na czym najbardziej zależy Rosji). Pisałem o tym:…
#EUG Selektywne wprowadzanie wspólnego rynku, intensyfikacja wymiany handlowej wyłącznie w relacjach z Rosją (nie między innymi członkami EUG) czy brak działań pomocowych dla państw regionu w walce z #COVID19 obnażają dodatkowo dysfunkcjonalność EUG.
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