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💡One of the most important parts of visual app design is choosing the right color palette.
Here are 4 amazing color ideas for your UI&UX projects!
Check them out in the thread!🧵
#UI #uiux #uxdesign #uidesign Image
🚩Walletz - Money Wallet Landing Page UI Element >>> Image
🚩CryptoBuy Ui Template For Designer >>> Image
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Hi @jared_w_smith I really enjoyed your talk on typographic accessibility however there are a couple of things I’d like to pick up that I think would are worth a discussion at least.
The main one was about dyslexia. There is so much misinformation about this condition.
Despite the cultural definitions which seem to include unrelated syndromes and traits, Developmental Dyslexia to give its proper name is a developmental disorder to do with phonological pricessing, see…
The definition becomes muddied by psychologists who diagnose the symptoms, which could be caused by other things and attribution of unrelated traits and syndromes such as Irlen and mirroring, where there are as many dyslexic and non-dyslexic cases.
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Few UIUX design resources that I got to know about this last week which has been of help to my learning and improve my design

I found a treasure

please retweet, it might be of help to someone

#uidesign #uxdesign #uiuxdesign #ux #uiux #appdesign

If you are like me who always forget to add one or two elements in your design, this is for you
Sass landing page

I struggle with designing amazing landing page before I know about this website, which have amazing sass landing page design that converts
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#webdev #uidesign #uxdesign #books
¿Qué libros me han ayudado a crecer profesionalmente?

Se viene hilo con mis favoritos 🧵
Designing interface animation
Laws of UX
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What do you do if you have software developers who want to learn something new? ❤️‍🔥

You invent something simple, and include the newest tech. #web3

We are making an e-learning platform with web3 aspects. More soon.

For now: let me show you what specs we gave to the #uxdesign
First we started with the mission.

I framed it in a way like @simonsinek did in his evergreen talk:…

- Why: code a useful project with web3 aspects
- How: Code it simple, show progress
- What: Gamified LMS with web3

That's what I sent to the #uxdesign freelancer.

It's really bare bones. Basically I just used @figma like this:

- take a browser shape (screenshot safari)
- buttons? use rectangles
- hyperlinks: use underlines
- comments? Just use odd shades and put text on it

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Over the years the most common designer complaint has always been "No one listens" and "UX isn't a priority/understood", so I want to throw something controversial out there:

Some of this is our doing.

A quick(ish) thread on why and how to fix it 🧵
#uxdesign #design #ux
I haven't met one designer that had it easy - even orgs that invest heavily in UCD still have their issues. It's always the elusive seat at the table that designers chase, and it's common to feel like you are stepped on or under appreciated. This is common - it's not you.
However! As humans we all have a certain amount of agency and freedom to try and change things like the amount of time design and research is given in an organisation. Some people might call this being an "agitator" - and to an extent I agree this is a good thing. But...
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Storytime: How I switched my QA job to Product Design

more info in the thread 🧵

#careerchange #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign #userexperience #digitaldesign #uidesign #Webdesign
1 year ago, I started gaining a lot of interest in Product Design (I was a QA back then). So, I began learning as much as I could about this domain because I wanted to shift my career within the same company.
I did courses, daily UI challenges, read articles on Medium, followed designers on Twitter, watched tons of YouTube videos, and worked on side projects so I can create a portfolio worth showing to Sortlist's Head of Product. I could not ask for a switch in Design empty-handed.
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Someone has asked me to compile a list of accessibility presentations for a non-technical #a11y beginner so I'll be doing a bit of posting on this thread over the next couple of days of some presentations that have stuck with me... if I can find them online.
Here's one of my all time favourites from the completely awesome @JamieKnight
Cognitive Accessibility 107 (beta)
Thanks @A11yLondon :)

#a11y #accessibility #uxdesign
Here's Richard Kurzik and @scarynige on the history of access services at the BBC from the BBC's GAAD...
...and a URL from hell...
#CC #accessibility…
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Depresión. Gran problema psicosocial y #SaludMental por Pandemia #Covid19.
Sugiero a Ministerios de #Sanidad y de #TransformaciónDigital (@sanidadgob @_minecogob) crear una plataforma digital para muchísimos españoles.
Con ideas que expreso en este hilo de #SaludDigital
🥰 RT
1 plataforma (tanto web como app) con acceso identificable de número de Seguridad Social, voluntario. Porque puedes medir interacciones y detectar riesgos.
Si el usuario sabe que 'algo' detrás de la tecnología va a producir una llamada directa de su Sanitario referente, mejor.
2 si es un servicio del Estado (Ministerios) tendrá más aceptación de 'autoridad' que si es de empresas o parte privada.
La Depresión empieza a ser un problema de #SaludPublica (@SaludPublicaEs).
Afecta a familia, trabajo... los efectos empiezan a ser importantes
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#ThreadAlert: Oftentimes, designers grapple with the question, how does the customer actually use this product? To do so, first designers need to learn “How to Use Journey Mapping for the Project?”

Let's quickly get through the entire journey mapping process!
#koruux #uxdesign
The user journey map is an overview of the key touchpoints and interactions. It describes the user’s motivation, feelings, emotions, and goals stage-by-stage.

Here are the key components for Journey Mapping 👇
#ux #uxdesign #userexperience
1. Persona

User personas are created to ensure that the final design fulfills the needs of actual users, solves their problems, and becomes a delight for them to use.
#ux #uxdesign #persona
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What are the pitfalls of checkout UX? A thread. ⤵️

#ux #uxresearch #uxr #uxdesign #ecommerce
Did you know? According to our #UX studies, 68% of users — after having added items to their cart 🛒 — then choose to abandon their purchase.
During our 9 years of large-scale checkout usability testing, we have also consistently found the checkout #design and flow to frequently be the sole cause for users abandoning their cart 🛒 during the checkout flow.
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Thread Alert🧵- How to Manage Remote UX Design Reviews👇👇

#koruux #uxdesign #ux #uxtips #reviews #mondaythoughts
1) Remote work is now thriving, as rightly said, a far cry from what it used to be a year ago. Having worked with several teams, product owners, and managers, we have managed to glean numerous ways to navigate the choppy waters that can be a remote UX design review.
#ux #uxtips
2) Tip 1 - Pick the right tools!

Seek out tools that allow real-time commenting, can record sessions for later references, and are accessible through a web browser. While Figma & Slack work well in terms of gathering feedback right in the tool itself.
#ux #uxtips
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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is customer engagement. It takes focused efforts to build a lasting relationship with consumers. Spending on enhancing your user experience isn’t an expense, it’s an investment.

#koruux #ux #userexperience #UXdesign
@uxdesign_com @UXTweets Image
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Here are 7 #uidesign/#uxdesign #apps to supercharge your #productivity 🤓

Don't forget to bookmark 👇🧵
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Julie Willems (Luxembourg Learning Center) conclue cette journée par une keynote #adbu #uxdesign
Le coeur des échanges étaient moins sur les méthodes en elles-mêmes que sur tout ce qu'il y a autour de la démarche UX et tout ce qui vient soutenir cette démarche dans les institutions #adbu #uxdesign
Retour sur la journée en check-list de ce qu'il faut savoir en se lançant dans une démarche UX. Tout d'abord, le délicat passage de la théorie à la réalité du terrain : la formation est importante mais n'est pas toujours applicable sur le terrain #adbu #uxdesign
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Session 2 : Inscrire l'UXD dans une dynamique de service #adbu #uxdesign
Jude Talbot (SCD Caen) et Hélène Huszti (SCD Paris 8) nous parlent de l'audit de convivialité et de la campagne d'observation à Caen, une démarche qui s'inscrit dans l'amélioration de l'accueil dans les BU de Caen #adbu #uxdesign
Objectif de l'audit de convivialité : démarche d'interrogation pour faire un bilan du chemin à parcourir dans la démarche qualité et l'hybridation des bibliothèques #adbu #ux design
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Première session de la journée : construire et adapter des espaces et services sur place et à distance avec une démarche UXD #adbu #uxdesign Capture d'écran de la sessi...
Natacha Leclercq (SCD Lille) : exemple de l'espace Culture de la BU Droit-gestion, espace avec des collections de culture générale, des romans, de la presse et espace qui accueille des programmations culturelles #adbu #uxdesign
A l'origine du réaménagement, rénovation de l'accueil de la BU, projet sur un calendrier resserré et dès le départ, volonté d'utiliser les méthodes UX avec plusieurs objectifs : sensibiliser à ces méthodes, définir les espaces (coworking/détente + espace café)...
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Andy Priestner : "alors que le monde revient peu à peu à la normale [après la crise Covid], nous devons continuer à prendre soin de nous, mentalement comme physiquement" (traduction approximative issue de mon cerveau nul en anglais xD)
#adbu #uxdesign
L'UX n'est pas une affaire de hasard : il ne s'agit pas de deviner quels sont les besoins des usagers mais de rassembler des preuves et de faire des tests #adbu #uxdesign
Aller plus loin que les enquêtes et les statistiques car ces méthodes ont des biais
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I have a short story about Apple's Quicktime, and it starts with Disney's documentary “Frank & Ollie”. #uxdesign #AppleHistory #FrankAndOllie #Animationbooks #DesignHistory
"Frank & Ollie" is the documentary you need to watch. It is an important love story of an era––a rare friendship and partnership between 2 of the 9 "Old Men" of Disney Animation Studios. (You can find it on Disney+)…
Both Frank and Ollie were amazing men as well as creative pioneers and great teachers. I am lucky to have spent time learning from Frank. He taught me the importance of observing life and how audio can lead in creating compelling stories.
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The Design Sprint 🚀
Special mention @jakek @Jicecream @AJSmartDesign 🙌

A Thread 🧵

Who has not gone from the phase where we searched for the solutions to big problems that arrived in our designs and surpassed them to get the desired outcomes?

#DesignSprint #uxdesign #Remote
Obviously, All of us!! Right? You are like, “what do you think of us? 🙌 talking again about some polemic talks.”
But! But! But! Nothing is our fault; we were surfing here & there and got this very nervy but at the same time exceptionally convincible notion which hits directly to our thoughts & steers to words of today’s thread.

It’ll either be an Efficient Failure or a Flawed Success.
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Government & Public websites are part of Essential Design & Universal Design. The private websites & apps have decade long visionary goals to achieve the next billion users, the next 200 million users. On the other hand, accessing the government websites is a necessity by
1.3 billion people in India, available at disposal. Jacob's Law of internet user experience, have a prime significance shaping the usability of Essential Universal Design System. Accessibility of technology (hardware & software), collective intelligence of people in a
demography, Average IQ of individuals living in village, town, city & metropolitan demands Jury Usability Evaluation of Essential Universal Designs at regular intervals. The human society have turned technology centric so does the
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Over the last week I have 2 collaborative workshops between design, tech and product - which went well!

Here's what I did! ✏️ [A thread]

The feature is how we identify duplicated objects, which is complicated for tech and users.

I did explorative research before the workshop, so we had general insights into user expectations and the impact of the feature etc.
The goals of the workshop were:
- reduce the number of meetings
- discuss technical algorithm decisions
- create feasible designs ready for testing

Most people were remote, 1 dev + me were in office!
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Hello @trainline_fr. Comme votre nouvelle beta plante quand on veut faire des retours, je vais les faire ici.
En une phrase : j’ai envie de pleurer. Vous avez repris le seul défaut d’#UI actuel (la non-sélection de destination à l’autocomplétion)… et tous ceux du site OUISNCF 😢
Le sélecteur de date et heure était le meilleur que j’aie rencontré pour ce type d’action. Des plages de 2h, c’est amplement suffisant pour la fréquence des trains.
Remettre une pop-up avec des menus déroulants… Je passe de 3 clics à 7 pour choisir date et heure 😭
#UXdesign AvantAprès
Dans les résultats de recherche : qu’est-ce qui est mis en avant ? Les conditions d'échange et remboursement. L’horaire, le déroulé global du trajet, le type de train, le temps de correspondance ? Allons, qui regarde ça pour choisir un trajet de train !
#InformationArchitecture AvantAprès
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Unhelpful error message of the day comes from the service that @WAStatePks uses for reservations. #UX #uxdesign

"Not available for all of the requested dates".
Which dates ARE available? For four-day reservation - it might only be available one day. Who knows? Image
That commercial service? which has no about page > Guelph, Ontario, Canada · Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA © 2020 > Camis

Company is and there is STILL no About page. WHY would government agencies do business with this firm?
Not that many states do >
Washington (because of Tacoma Power Parks, maybe?)
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