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The party unexpectedly wins 44% of the vote. It isn’t a majority but a plurality—a larger share than other parties.

W/in 2 yrs the party gave him their “undivided support” for 4 more years.

Those who question the election’s legitimacy are ridiculed &deemed factitious alarmists
He immediately begins discrediting the media & filled it with his propaganda. His media only employs his lackeys. He calls the press the enemy of the people. Any opposing media & press who criticize him are banned, even killed.


He consolidated power by combining or eliminating positions. He only appoints those closest to him or who took an Oath of Loyalty to him. He gutted any opposition & govt agencies.

With his party’s full support, he installed judges who will swiftly pass his policies & worldview.
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🔴🔵 Antero #Henrique a accéléré ces dernières heures sur un joueur offensif argentin appartenant à Pablo Sabbag (agent de Paredes et Di Maria). Marcelo Simonian est également impliqué dans le dossier. Le nom du joueur n'a pas encore filtré.
🔴🔵 Comme le rapporte le Washington Post, il s'agit de Luciano Acosta. Le joueur arrive sur Paris dans la journée. Première offre @PSG_inside autour de 9M€. Discussions en cours entre les clubs. Joueur déjà OK avec le #PSG.
🔴🔵 Visite médicale pour #Acosta, #Gueye à Paris, Joâo Mario proposé.…
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Democrats Soros control Media brainwash to hate Trump and wall. They only care for Votes POWER #AnaNavarro #Acosta #buildthewall #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation
Democrats turn America into 3rd World
Democrats always LIE about Charlottesville to attack Trump. Here is truth
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💥 It's 1/11 💥
Q returned this morning! It's also been a busy news day. Buckle up, we have a lot to get to. 😎

This will be my QThread and Geopolitical News Update for January 11th.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #WorldNews
2. Not only is 111 a very meaningful number in numerology and a spiritual sense; but today's date is an exact mirror of the date of the #Benghazi attack. We will not forget! 🙏🏻
3. Early this morning / Late last night, Q returned with BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! 💥This woke up the night shift Anons fairly quick! 😎
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A month before US voted him in. Don't tell us we never told you. #opDeathEaters #Epstein #Trump #Acosta
2012 on how the blackmailing of US officials for paedosadism was always in plain sight. #opDeathEaters #Epstein #Acosta #Trump
2013 on UK intelligence agencies using child rape and murder to blackmail politicians. #opDeathEaters #Epstein
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Trump in 2yrs has done more GOOD for USA than Obama 8yrs. But hateful Democrats Soros control Media #fakenews #CNN #Acosta #MSNBC
Trump get results MAGA
Trump has done more for Blacks than most others including Obama
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We are truly watching a master at work. The Sun Tzu style mechanizations from feigning the weaknesses that cause people to walk into traps, to his ability to play people into a scenario and predicting their actions and the final outcome. They really think he isn't a chess player.
About a month ago, the way that the NDAs became a major issue and went largely unnoticed, as intended. It was really some backstage counting room expertise. The examples of a marked leak we have seen. An obvious leak to the press with a bad detail so he knows exactly who leaked.
And thirdly, the genesis of the ideas in this tweet. I'm seeing another strategic tactic happening here. #Acosta is the Anti-Assange. Assange is a journalist, WikiLeaks is a publication. That is how British courts viewed the cases. First Amendment. #1A
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Mark today #Acosta Day. Donald Trump took two steps today which signal how skiddish he is about the Mueller investigation and the media grilling that awaits him on the heels of @TheDemocrats House win.
If he didn’t fear Robert Mueller, Trump wouldn’t have fired the Attorney General today, only to replace him with sycophant whose only task seems to be to keep Mueller off his back. 2/6…
Trump’s real insecurity showed earlier today when he couldn’t handle the simplest of questions from @cnn’s Jim @Acosta. Trump bristled while petulanly yelling “that’s enough” like a child upset about a gift at a birthday party. 3/6…
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How Dominionism Was Spread. Part 1.
A Covert Religious Political Theocracy, Under Many Names, is Hidden in Plain Sight.
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