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De huidige uitbraak van #vogelgriep is zorgelijk.

Er is gelukkig nog geen bewijs voor mogelijke mens-op-mens verspreiding en zeer beperkt bewijs voor verspreiding tussen zoogdieren.

Maar dit is wel hét moment om de #preparedness riemen aan te trekken
hoe groot de kans is op een uitbraak onder mensen, wat de route van het virus zal zijn, hoeveel slachtoffers er kunnen vallen: geen idee ⁉️
Maar volgens Ron Fouchier heeft het virus maar een handvol genetische aanpassingen nodig om #pandemic te worden
Het is daarom slim om nu na te gaan: welke lessen uit de #coronapandemie willen we dan meenemen?
We weten dat
- snel handelen in beginfase essentieel is
- er dan nog veel onzekerheid zal zijn
Welke bruikbare #communicatie lessen komen dan van pas?
@JuliavanWeert @DeMarijndebruin
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Revisiting “Puzzle,” SF9 (2023). The plot (concerning the pronunciation of “scenario” in SF9’s “Puzzle”) thickens: I just discovered the SF9 song “Scenario” and learned that they pronounce it just fine there.


#KpopEnglishProject #SF9 #Puzzle #Scenario #kpop #kpep #lyrics

By my count, they pronounce it right 11 out of 13 times in the song. (A respectable score of 85%.) They pronounce it like “see-NARE-ee-oh,” which is close enough to the American English “suh-NARE-ee-oh.” So, what does this tell us?

Does this mean that the weird pronunciation in “Puzzle” (“see-nuh-ree-OH”) was intentional? If there was no problem pronouncing it correctly in “Scenario,” was the pronunciation in “Puzzle” a choice? No, I don’t think so. I think all it really tells us is that…
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Sur le mois de décembre, j'ai tenu un Calendrier de l'Avent des Ordres de grandeur 🗓🎅🏼

Alors pour bien commencer 2023, voici une compilation de mes 25 visuels (avec liens vers les posts LinkedIn)👇

En espérant que ça vous sera utile, je vous souhaite une très bonne année !
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I've made some gems too. 100% #AI-generated 🤯

Sorry, I don't have much time for a detailed thread this time... too much work atm. I just wanted to put this out there and show it's really working for SO many game assets!

#StableDiffusion #Dreambooth #Scenario #AI
This is actually a fun one, I'll try sharing the model when I get a chance.
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for your information: #pkk attacks military targets in the rural southeast of #turkey. and kurdistan freedom hawks (tak)? tak hits military/police targets in cities. yesterday's bombing was aimed at innocent civilians, which fully rules out pkk and tak.
and ypg and ypj in #syria? that's, if possible, even bigger nonsense. they defend the autonomously administered regions in #syria, they don't do cross-border ops, only extremely occasionally retaliation at turkish military targets outside civilian areas in border provinces.
ask yourself: who profits from this #bombing in #istanbul? it's fully against the interest of the #kurds in #syria, they will actually be targeted now. this bombing is exactly what erdoğan needs: a reason to invade syria again.
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Riporto #Worstcasescenario sul #conflict #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineWar
Un #scenario interessante è attualmente in discussione all'interno dei canali di informazione russi: anche se attraverso gli approcci analitici potrebbe sembrare realistico, come al solito -1
metto in guardia contro la prospettiva di un #influenceoperation che condivide "mangime per polli" nell'interesse delle operazioni di #Russianpropaganda e informazione.
Fonti russe riferiscono che #Ukraine ha raggruppato 120.000 persone al confine con il #Donbass. -2
197 unità di attrezzature pesanti ucraine sono al di fuori delle aree consentite. In caso di conflitto armato, non ci sarà alcuna operazione di terra. Dopo aver lanciato #attacchi missilistici preventivi su obiettivi critici #ucraini, -3
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A thread on imagining impacts of the #Metaverse on “my” world. How will the job of a #geopolitics analyst be different? How will this new platform change international relations in general and the #Gulf in particular? Feel free to add your take, it’s simply thinking out loud.
First, meetings & events. #Zoom events are here to stay, alongside in-person ones. But a digital event on #Metaverse could be so much better and closer to a real-life experience, enhanced by instant access to resources 2/
Then, outputs. Will it make sense to write papers when you can produce an interactive output combining texts, recordings, images/videos in the form of a meta-research on #geopolitics on #Metaverse? 3/
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If the connotation of risk is an intertwined concept and is difficult to quantify, how does a Risk Officer look at it?
Is there any way other than using copula models to determine systemic risk with long tails or a black swan event?
@CQFInstitute @GARP_Risk @SOActuaries
I guess we are worried about Market and Credit Risks or other interrelated financial risks which can create conjoint loss given events.
Any #Gaussian distribution model will enable you to model and predict potential Operational, Liquidity and Balance sheet AL - (Asset - liability) Mismatch, Market and Credit drove losses under normal market conditions.
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Hmm. When is a "#scenario" NOT a "#forecast" - literally a "#prediction" or estimate of future events?

You may have multiple forecasts and, as with the weather, some may not come to pass. But you don't model scenarios that can't ever happen. What would be the point? Image
Again, and as with scientific papers, if people are reporting on something it's a good idea to publish (a link to) *the whole thing*. News reports may pick up on bits that are interesting, but #EvidenceMatters!
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La rigidità dei Paesi nordici è miope e va in qualche modo scalfita.
Lo #scenario infatti è di medio periodo ⤵️…
Secondo un piano di risposta ipotizzato dall'Imperial College of London, la #pandemia potrebbe durare fino a 18 mesi, con #quarantena periodica per una #mitigazione del #contagio, considerata la difficoltà di una soppressione definitiva in tempi brevi.⤵️…
Si aggiunga la stretta interconnessione della #supplychain, che rende fragile qualsiasi produzione, legata a #commercio e #trasporti internazionali.…

Nessuna #economia o Stato da solo può sostenere questi tempi senza interventi coordinati e massicci. ⤵️
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A me piace trarre dagli eventi spunti di riflessione. E uso Twitter per condividerli.
Prima considerazione, o meglio quesito, è quanto e per quanto tempo saremo disposti a barattare la ns. #salute con le ns. #libertà?…
Il secondo è in che misura, per lo stesso motivo, accetteremo l'intrusione delle #tecnologie nella nostra privacy?…
Il terzo, che racchiude entrambi i precedenti, è: stiamo assistendo a un fenomeno temporaneo, destinato a rientrare con la fine dell'#emergenza, o ci stiamo abituando a farci erodere spazi di #democrazia?

Pensiamo alle recenti dichiarazioni di #Fico.…
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#Thread : pourquoi vous devez regarder #Evangelion (maintenant qu'il est disponible sur @NetflixFR) en 11 points.
L'histoire en quelques mots : un jour un "Ange" débarque dans un Tokyo post-apo pour tout casser. Shinji, tout juste adolescent, va devoir l'affronter, lui, ainsi que ses peurs et ses doutes, dans un robot géant. D'autres Anges suivront, mais qui sont-ils ?? Suspens.
1. L'#openning. Commençons par le commencement. L'intro laisse percevoir toute la profondeur et l'intrigue de la série. Les personnages sont présentés avec l'image qu'ils veulent montrer d'eux, seuls. Et il est super bien avec la musique et tout.
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