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The population of #SikhEmpire during the time of Ranjit Singh’s rule was estimated to be around 12 million people.
There were
8.4 million Muslims,
2.88 million Hindus and 722,000 Sikhs.
#Islam (70%)
#Hinduism (24%)
#Sikhism (6%)
Total Area in 1839 was
520,000 km2 (200,000 sq mi) Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji
Capital was
#Gujranwala (1799–1802)
#Lahore LahoreFort(1802–1849)

Court language
Spoken #languages in #SikhKingdom #SikhEmpire

Punjabi (dynastic)Punjabi dialects (Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari),Kangri,Dogri,
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1) When in 1857, #MughalEmpire breathed its last, power transitioned from the Muslims to the #BritishRaj, they were humiliated by the Raj, #Hindus were quick in adapting to the methods of their new masters, where as demoralized and humiliated Muslim nation without power
2) for the first time in centuries, were not so quick in adapting to the changing circumstances, instead of introspecting their own failure's, they were quick to blame everything on religion, on Islam. Argument was put forward that ALLAH has inflicted his anger
3) and displeasure over the Muslims because they didn't followed the teachings of Islam, they left the path of Almighty (I am not going in the exact details, that would require a whole thread), 8 years after the rebellion against the British, in 1866 Dar-ul-Uloom #Deoband
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سعد خٹک صاحب نے عام آدمی پارٹی کا اعلان کردیا ! اب دودھ اور شہد کی نہریں بہنا شروع ہو جائینگی ۔ کسی کو یاد ہے کہ مرزا اسلم بیگ نے بھی ریٹائر ہونے کے بعد ایک جماعت Friends کا اعلان کیا تھا وہ کیا ہوئی ؟…
پاکستان بنانے والے سارے کے سارے حضرات جاگیردار و بالادست اشرافیہ کے نمائندے تھے سردار ، ملک خوانین چوہدری وڈیرے ، مزاروں اور قبروں کے متولی تھے سجادہ نشین تھے اور یہی لوگ انگریزوں کے حلف یافتہ بھی تھے اور اسی طبقے نے روس کیخلاف امریکی جہاد بھی لڑا ۔ سعد بیٹے آنکھیں کھول لو
سعد خٹک صاحب سمجھ رہے ہیں کہ سیاست میں لیڈرشپ کرانا ایسا ہی ہے جیسے کاکول اور اسٹاف کالج کوئٹہ کے میس میں تالی بجا کر ناشتہ یا کھانا منگانا ہے جبکہ سیاست ایک ارتقائی عمل ہے کالج ، یونیورسٹی سے لیڈرشپ کا ارتقاء ہوتا ہے ورنہ جس زبردستی کے نتیجے میں پی ٹی آئی جیسی شے سرزد ہوتی ہے
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پاکستانی اکثر یہ کہتے پائے جاتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے انگریزوں کیخلاف جنگ آزادی لڑی اور قربانیاں دیں جبکہ دوقومی نظریے اور نظریۂ پاکستان کے بانی سرسید احمد خان نے انگریزوں سے مسلمانوں کی وفاداری پر ۳ جلدوں میں یہ کتاب لکھی

• An Account Of The Loyal

Muhammedans Of India ImageImageImage
اہلحدیثوں کے شیخ الکل میاں نذیر حسین محدث دہلوی تو ملکہ وکٹوریہ سے وفاداری کا حلف اٹھائے ہوئے تھے (بحوالہ : الحیات بعد الممات) اور ۱۹۱۱ میں تمام فرقوں کے مولوی بمع دیوبند ، شبلی نعمانی اور اہلحدیث مولوی محمد حسین بٹالوی نے تاج برطانیہ کے لیئے اللہ میاں سے دعا مانگی اور سرسید 😂👇 ImageImageImageImage
اگر اوپر دیئے حوالے سے تسلی و تشفی نہیں ہورہی ہو تو ضیاء الدین لاہوری صاحب کی تحقیقی تصنیف “ ۱۸۵۷ کے چند اہم کردار “ کا مطالعہ فرمائیں تاکہ طبیعت بالکل صاف ہوجائے

بشکریہ : ریختہ :… ImageImageImage
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LIVE now!
Join us for this wonderful #TimesLitFest session with @VaibhavP21 and @kishwardesai1 here:

@VinitaNangia @WestlandBooks
@VaibhavP21 @kishwardesai1 @VinitaNangia @WestlandBooks "In India, we have always had this notion that Hitler was a friend of the Indian people, and that he had extended whole-hearted support for India's struggle for political liberty."
@VaibhavP21 at #TimesLitFest
"Hitler fought against Britain in the second world war. So because he was fighting the British who at that time were ruling over India, we have come to the conclusion that he was pro-India."
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Why the Single National Curriculum would be an abject failure & why it reeks of #Fascism |

Dr Mubarak Ali , Historian , Teacher & Author

Ref :

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
1 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
2 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
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Let's discuss point by point. How many of u learned of the detailed account of how much was looted during #BritishRaj ? Look how #Hindus were made to suffer. From a surplus country with all the riches in the world to the daily average per capita income of 5pices/2 1/2 cents...1/n Image
#ConversionMafia propagates, "if British didn't rule India, then there's no India at all." #SleepingHindus fall for such false information and become an easy prey, as they don't know what actually happened.

If the levied tax on land is 65% more than the produce, how Image
will farmers survive?
Our #Hindu rulers used to provide almost free education to all the people in their Kingdoms. Look at how much #Britishers spent on Indians education. They never cared about our sanitation, but all they cared was our army, spent whooping 330 millions Image
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Freedom Fighters of #India.

India celebrates its 74th #IndependenceDay on Aug 15. #Independence was a dream for those who fought, for them it was greater than life, including family, relations & emotions. This day we remember our heroes
@RareHistorical @TIinExile Image
Mangal Pandey.

Born in 1827, the first #soldier to inspire young #Indian soldiers for the great struggle of 1857. Serving as a soldier for the British, Pandey launched the first attack by firing at English officials, which was the beginning of the Indian rebellion of 1857
(2/14) Image
Rani Lakshmibai.

She was a symbol of resistance to the #BritishRaj. She stunned the #British by showing extraordinary fighting spirit & valour when british annexed territories of Jhansi. She inspired many generations of #freedom fighters & became immortal in history.
(3/14) Image
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Engineering a City #thread
Having spent my entire childhood in #Kochi (#Cochin ), it feels criminal to not know the story of how the city came to be the #metropolis it is today. Putting together a thread to trace the journey of the city which has been so endearingly mine (1)
Part 1: The #Malabar Mud-Banks
The story of Cochin is not just about how an engineering marvel can change social fabric, but also of many tenets of #British #Colonialism in India which is often taken for granted, passed off lazily as exploitation, missing nuance (2)
As with any coastal town, the cultural and economic history of Kochi is intertwined with maritime trade routes since the time of the Early Romans and Arabs. Thanks to the #biennale , most of us would now be familiar with the term #Muzuris (3)
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The Modi Govt seems to have lost its #Plot.

Their #Vision & #Direction, both,have gone #astray.

They look hell-bound to push #India & its #Economy in the #Darkness.

#People of India continue to #suffer because of #Brainless #Aimless #DecisionMaking by the #Govt.

They do not know what they r doing, but they think whatever they r doing is Correct.

They r hallucinated.

They r suffering from a #SelfRighteous #Syndrome.

That's sounds too #Dangerous for the #Country & its #People !

The Country cannot be left on the Whims of a #Psychopath !
@BJP4India & @INCIndia have become only a #Liability on the #Nation.

#Leaders like @RahulGandhi @narendramodi & @AmitShah r #Misleading the #Nation & taking #India & its #people in the #Wrong #Direction.

India & its People r much more than #BJP #Congress & some #Media Groups.
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