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In a @TheProspect op-ed, "What Comes After Neoliberalism?" @rkuttnerwrites writes "we’ve just about won the battle of ideas. Reality has been a helpful ally…Neoliberalism has been a splendid success for the 1%, an abject failure for everyone else":… 1/ Air Force One in flight; dr...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Kuttner's op-ed is a report on the @Hewlett_Found's recent "#NewCommonSense" event, where Kuttner was relieved to learn that the idea that "the economy would thrive if government just got out of the way has been demolished by the events of the past three decades." 3/
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1. Western #antifascists & #RT watchers may want to note the differences in the #Russian leaders' justifications of #Russia's war against #Ukraine for, on the one side, #Western, and, on the other side, non-Western & domestic audiences. @meduzaproject…
2. Western audiences are fed stories about escalating human-rights violations by Kyiv. The internal war propaganda instead is informed by the idea of standing up against a Western and Ukrainian assault on Russian cultural traditionalism. @4freerussia_org @vneshpol @russia_matters
3. Here individual human rights are to be limited rather than defended. Whereas #Putin presents Ukraine with reference to Germany's Nazis who annihilated homosexuals, #PatriarchKirill sees #gayparades in #Ukraine as an issue demanding Moscow's military intervention in the Donbas.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2021…
Book checked out for 110 years returned to Boise Public Library…

#StrangerThanFiction #libraries
1431-1449: The Final Ecumenical Council - Two Churches, One Tradition…

#WesternTheology #pluralism #scholasticism #traditions
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Why the Single National Curriculum would be an abject failure & why it reeks of #Fascism |

Dr Mubarak Ali , Historian , Teacher & Author

Ref :

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
1 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
2 - How the #British #Historian & #BritishRaj used #Religion & Narrative of #Muslim #Hindu to divide people of #India

Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian , Teacher & Author

#SingleNationalCurriculum #SNC #Aik_Nisab #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب
#Diversity #Pluralism
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1/: The fate of the world as we know it is at stake. Pseudoscience is dominating the news. My appeal is based on the appendix of Michael Crichton's book ‘State of Fear’ that clarifies why politicised science is dangerous. It is more topical than ever. ⬇️a thread⬇️ Image
2/: Imagine a new ‘scientific theory’ that warns of an imminent crisis and points to a way out. This particular theory quickly draws support from mass media, leading scientists, politicians, and celebrities/influencers worldwide.…
3/: Research is funded by renowned philanthropists and carried out at prestigious universities and research institutes. The crisis is reported frequently in the media. This science is taught in college and high school classrooms. ImageImage
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Nations that fail economically gradually become Hyper-Nationalistic.
To name a few over the last century and in recent cases studied up to now included the 3rd Reich, Italy, possibly Imperial Japan due to USA Sanctions before WW2, USSR, and India and the USA(as seen under Trump).
Definitely, #China, as we study its example in a Political Science Masterclass, has become more and more nationalistic, since 79
The recent spade of CoronaVirus coupled with President Xi's style of governance will lead Chinese rhetoric to create more nationalistic hyperbole!
Also, Malaysia, which was largely a lame-duck nation with hardly any notable say on any sort of geostrategy or geopolitical matters, became extremely right-wing and Ultra-Nationalistic under @chedetofficial when the 1997 AFC- Asian Financial Crisis, swept away most of the region
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Thread: #HappyDiwali. This Diwali, join CoHNA's campaign promoting awareness about Swastika via #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz. Check out and download our booklet on Swastika and sign up for our campaign at 1/n
WHY THE CAMPAIGN? Swastika is one of the most sacred symbols for over 1.5 Billion Hindus, Buddhists and Jains around the world. Through #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz, we aim to foster a mutual understanding of Swastika and remove misconceptions about this sacred symbol. 2/n
Through #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz, individuals can learn to distinguish between the Swastika and the Hakenkreuz (Hitler's symbol of hatred) and rightly denounce the Hakenkreuz for what it stands for, rather than the Swastika, which is a symbol of peace and well-being. 3/n
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۱ - مولانا طاہر اشرفی مذہبی ہم آہنگی کیلئے وزیر اعظم کے نمائندہ خصوصی مقرر

حوالہ :


#FATF #Sectarianism #ZarbeAzb
#HateSpeech #Peace #Pluralism #Liberalism |
۲ - مولانا طاہر اشرفی مذہبی ہم آہنگی کیلئے وزیر اعظم کے نمائندہ خصوصی مقرر

حوالہ :

#FATF #Sectarianism #ZarbeAzb
#HateSpeech #Peace #Pluralism #Liberalism |
۳ - مولانا طاہر اشرفی مذہبی ہم آہنگی کیلئے وزیر اعظم کے نمائندہ خصوصی مقرر

حوالہ :


#FATF #Sectarianism #ZarbeAzb
#HateSpeech #Peace #Pluralism #Liberalism |
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A summer reading recommendation for the #pluralism in #economics debate: George Akerlof, one of my favorite economists, has a brilliant article in the Journal of Ec Literature on methodological #pluralism. (It’s free to read – no paywall)…
Akerlof argues that current day economics has a bias for “hard” results which severely limits questions which are covered by economics because only questions are acceptable which can be answered by a limited set of methods. 2/
He writes that the “emphasis on hardness is likely at the expense of importance”, hence important economic real world problems will not sufficiently covered by the profession, severely limiting its social value. 3/
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My first encounter with the #Persian #Wittgenstein (1889-1951) in Iran was buying a copy of a translation of #PhilosophicalInvestigations at the Tehran book fair in 1999 - a thread on Wittgenstein in Iran 1/
This translation by Ferydoun Fatemi (d. 2008), a well-known translator of philosophical works with Nashr-e markaz seems to be based on the English 2/
Standard accounts of Wittgenstein do not tend to look at his reception beyond the English speaking context - but for that there are two two excellent introductions which partly problematise the 'early' vs 'late' and SEP entry… 3/
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Team Khadim ul Khalaq Foundation (KKF) with the support of the United States Institute of Peace (@USIP) conducted its seventh training under the project “Promoting Peace Through Critical thinking”. ImageImageImage
The 5-days training was held at Govt High School Kohi Sher Haider Bara, where middle & high-grade students were engaged in lectures, group activities & video documentaries on various themes such as Empathy, Peace/Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Leadership & Interfaith Harmony. ImageImageImage
The curriculum of our schools offers very little content on peace education. This project is an attempt to build the capacity of youth while empowering them with skills required to promote peace and prevent them from joining militant/radical organizations in this region. ImageImageImageImage
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5 cents on the mounting #pluralism debate. It’s reasonable for #EU institutions to reject the @BVerfG verdict. Deter copy-cats. However, both sides are missing the gist of legal pluralism in the EU. The primacy question is insoluble and needs to be treated as such. Long Thread 1/
Monist, unitary solutions are unwarranted for epistemic, democratic, politico-economic, and doctrinal reasons. From the observer’s point of view, both levels are deeply entangled with no clear precedence of either MS or EU level. 2/
EPISTEMIC: At which level is a well-ordered society possible? At the particular level of a homogeneous society, at the universal level of a world society, or somewhere in between? Almost all societies show both pluralistic and more homogeneous elements. 3/
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Some personal good news in hard times: Joined with wonderful coauthors @Chris_ptz @pvillenueve we just published our paper „The macroeconomic effects of social security contributions and benefits” in the Journal of Monetary Economics… #econtwitter Thread: Image
The gist of the paper is to estimate #macroeconomic #multiplier effects of spending on #socialsecurity vs. cutting contributions. The literature shows it is hard to estimate such effects, because spending and revenues are highly endogenous to the business cycle./2
We did a lot of nitpicking work conducting a time series of timing+size+circumstances of major legislations of social security in GER 1970q1-2018q4 (inspired by seminal work of Cristina+David Romer 2010 AER). This shall identify exogenous changes for causal analysis./3
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Today's Applied Complexity Symposium begins with a panel on Computation and Complex Economies, feat. Rob Axtell, Joshua Epstein, @C4COMPUTATION, Blake LeBaron, John Miller, & @MelMitchell1

(Follow this thread for live coverage all day...)

#complexsystems #economics
4 Principles of Collective #Computation:

1 Ground truth (objective reality)
2 Effective ground truth (what we agree on, whether or not it is accurate)
3 #Information can be collectively encoded in #networks
4 Outputs are a product of collective dynamics

@C4COMPUTATION right now
"I think #economics really needs to adopt a generative framework with agent-based models of cognitively plausible software people...[and] we don't choose to fear."

- SFI'S Joshua Epstein (@GeorgeMasonU) on modeling emotions at today's ACtioN symposium:
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Hungary's #mediacouncil withdrew funding to a #Documentary about the work of Márta Bolba, a pastor in Budapest, because it contains "declarations concerning actual politics that do not fit the purposes and functioning" of the funding programme.…
This is how a #regime stifles #culture because it promotes the work of a woman trying to stand up for the homeless and the abandoned & striving to openly discuss social issues touching many #Hungarians. #Pluralism, #culture & #FreedomofExpression are a threat to #Orbán's regime.
We see that the fear of falling out of gvt's favour results in officially recognised churches refraining from standing up against a gvt that violates the #humandignity of the most #vulnerable people using rhetoric twisting their very own #values...
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