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Many liberals are amazed that people believe the obvious lies that the Modi government puts out about China. There's a clear inconsistency between Modi saying that China didn't take any territory and army commanders regularly meeting their Chinese counterparts to negotiate.

They're practically begging the Chinese to leave, and the Chinese are refusing. If that were not the case, there would be no need to talk.

Also, the #Indian #Military position MUST BE WEAK, otherwise we would have kicked out the #Chinese. We simply cannot.

So why isn't the Indian public angry with #Modi?

For the same reason they were not angry with #Nehru in 1962.


Indians have a tendency to place their heroes on a pedestal and worship them. As long as they are on that pedestal, they can do no wrong.

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During the reign of #Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a famous company called #Enron planned to set up a factory in Dabol, #Maharashtra!... However, this did not happen due to the opposition of the local people. As a result, Enron was angered by the changing circumstances.
38,000 crore compensation case filed against the Indian govt in the #ICJ.
Vajpayee appointed #HarishSalve and #KulbhushanJadhav as advocates for the #GovtofIndia. But, Do you know who was the lawyer for #Eron? None other than #Chidambaram of congress.
The #Vajpayee government #won the case!...
That is, the verdict came in favor of India. Time has passed!
Later, the Vajpayee government ended and the Congress government was formed!#ManmohanSingh is the Prime Minister. Cabinet Minister #Chidambaram. #Enron #appealed the case.
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#History, #India #China #Nehru Aksai Chin, a part of India in 1947 created a kind of Kangaroo's lap for Tibet in which it kept safe from prying eyes of the Chinese. Xinjiang- Tibet Highway passed through this land. It was inaugurated on 6th October, 1957.
On 3rd of February, 1958, only a few months later, Foreign Secretary Subimal Dutta wrote letter to #Nehru that there was no doubt that this road to Tibet cut through Indian territory of Aksai Chin. Nehru kept quiet. He had already lost territory in PoK to Pakistan. He knew.
On 4th of February, 1958, five months after illegal construction of road through Indian territory by #China, #Nehru resists formally raising the issue with China, suggests a quiet survey and informally raising the issue with the Chinese.
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"Wherever #Muslims live, they don’t like to live in co-existence with others" - #AtalBihariVajpayee as PM said this in 2002 in which the Gujarat 'riots' were followed by attacks on Muslims across the state for a year. Full text of his speech👇(Contd)…
As this profile says, "#Vajpayee reached a new low with the Gujarat pogrom that took place under Modi’s CMship. ..Not only did he not remove #Modi from his post; he emulated him by presenting the carnage as an understandable reaction by #Hindus." (Contd)…
Vajpayee's mask of genteelness was carefully constructed to fool most of the liberal media, public & politicians, who either fell for it or used it to mask their own opportunism when aligning with him, despite knowing his commitment to #RSS' hate politics. #AtalTunnel (Contd)
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Amidst hype&hoopla,big news is,#Reliance,48 hours back,with market capitalization of $189 billion,overtook #Exxon,with market cap of $185.58bn

Reliance added $29bn in just last 14 trading sessions

With market cap of $1.7 trillion, #SaudiAramco is world's most valuable company
Clearly,#Oil will be biggest catalyst in the global economy this year&the next

India is slated to have Current Account Surplus(CAS)of 0.4% of GDP in 2020-21

This will be 1st time in 16 yrs that India will have a surplus-last time we had CAS,was under #Vajpayee

Under inept @INCIndia,our Current Account Deficit(CAD)hit a precarious 4.9% in 2013

In FY18 #CAD was 1.8%

BIG achievement of @narendramodi has been,a strong India in terms of #External finances

Today,we have #ImportCover of 15 months,Vs 6-8 months under UPA
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Report of the SIT headed by S N Dhingra, Justice (Retired) of Delhi High Court, has removed even the last, thin fig-leaf from the @INCIndia guilt and conclusively proved that the 1984 #massacre of the innocent Sikhs was as preplanned and premeditated genocide. /1
#sikhmassacre Image
Killers of the Sikhs were not only sponsored & mobilized by the senior leaders of the #Congress party but were actually led from the front by none other than then PM #RajivGandhi and other senior members of the @INCIndia including Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath./2
While justifying the brutal killing of thousands of innocent #Sikhs saying that “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes", #RajivGandhi actually forgot that no tree in this world is big enough to make it shake & what happened was in '84 was an outrage against mankind & nature. /3
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A detailed thread on the life and facts of #BharathRatna Sri #AtalBihariVajpayee Ji: A visionary, statesman, politician, leader of people, and loved by all. In his political career which spanned several decades, he created a legacy which will ensure that he'll never be forgotten.
A respectable figure & one of the greatest politicians of India. Also known as the “#BhishmaPitamah” of Indian politics,#AtalJi's personality was able to win over not only all the countrymen but also his oppositions. He was a gem of a politician who always put his #country first.
He was born on 25 December 1924 in Gwalior.

His father was Pandit Krishan Bihari Vajpayee.

He was a teacher. His mother's name was Krishna.

He studied at Victoria College, Gwalior, which is now Laxmibai College. He joined the RSS as a student & became a national level debater.
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Last day of filing request for a resolution on #Kashmir at the #UNHRC has ended.
Pakistan failed to garner minimum support of 16 nations for admission of the request. Adoption of resolution would've required min of 24 votes.
#Article370 #HRC42
Pak FM @SMQureshiPTI before leaving for Geneva had promised a resolution on Kashmir
#UNHRC rules say, “Proposers of a country resolution to have the responsibility to secure the broadest possible support for their initiatives (preferably 15 members), before action is taken;”
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