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#Belarus Despite increased brutality,people show resilience. Look at the crowd chanting,”Leave” for the 78th day. #Lukashenko doesn’t know how to behave: at first the rally is quiet, then brutal. He jails his rivals,then goes and talks to them. He blames #Russia,then loves Russia
Speaking of the ultimatum,the rally was the largest in a week. As to the nationwide strike,private companies,language schools,shops and more are taking a day off tomorrow. It’s hard to predict,but I heard from many workers across #Belarus that they are ready to join,though scared
Issuing the ultimatum two weeks ago brought the momentum: people began self-organising,connecting striking committees,spreading leaflets. Today’s bigger rally is a success. Even several plants and large companies partly striking will be a success. The real ultimatum only begins
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Lithuania blocks millions of euros of EU funding to Belarus: official | Oct 7
- Neighbouring Lithuania has been one of the strongest backers of a strong EU stance against President Alexander Lukashenko…
The Hysterics of Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė
- The outbursts of anti-Russian rhetoric of Dalia is certainly very bizarre in view of her curriculum vitae. Dalia is a very educated woman. Because of the free education system of the former USSR,…
Operation Midnight Climax
- sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.
- The program was soon expanded, and CIA operatives began dosing people in restaurants, bars and beaches.…
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Europe's last dictator #Lukashenko. A skiing trip to Austria for him and his entourage, with a total bill of over 200.000 EUR. Fully funded through a secret bank account by the Austrian Olympic Committee. Quite a story indeed... /1 #belarus
As EU member states at the time were not allowed to contact Lukashenko, the Austrian side found a creative solution:

Let's not invite Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, but Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus /2
The invitation came from Leo Wallner, Chairman of the Austrian Olympic Committee and also CEO of Casinos Austria, one of largest casino operators in the world. Also involved was Martin Schlaff, an Austrian entrepreneur /3
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Il 17 settembre scorso il Parlamento Europeo ha adottato una risoluzione che avvia il procedimento di infrazione contro la Polonia per violazione dello stato di diritto.
(1) Image
La risoluzione mette sotto accusa la Polonia anche per la violazione dei diritti fondamentali come il pluralismo nell’informazione e l’indipendeza dei media, la libertà di riunione e di associazione, la salute sessuale e riproduttiva, l’incitamento all’odio...
(2) pubblica discriminazione, la violenza contro le donne, la violenza domestica e il comportamento intollerante contro minoranze e altri gruppi vulnerabili con particolare rilievo alle persone LGBT+
Ovviamente la Lega ha votato contro schierandosi con la Polonia di Duda.
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Locally in Waterloo Region our elections saw delays. They were still counting the votes for Kitchener - Conestoga the day after the election and there was a special ballots issue.…
@AllanMRock, a commissioner of @AoDemocracies' Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, explains threats to elections in Canada.
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🚨🚨Breaking: Video of a massive amount of armored vehicles and tanks on the move to the border between #Poland/#Belarus. Im note aware of any planned military drill. 👀🤯🤯
This is wild, another video of a huge column of military vehicles on the move towards the border of #Belarus/#Poland and no planned military drills were previously announced.
More video of the Belarusian army on the move towards the border with Poland. 👀👀
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Oggi a Bruxelles la Lega si è astenuta sulla condanna a un dittatore #Lukashenko ed il M5s si è astenuto nel voto che censurava l'avvelenamento di #Navalny.

Perfetta simmetria.
Un disegno geopolitico assimilabile, anzi congruente, sia pur da fronti opposti della politica interna.

A Cina e Russia non interessa di governo ed opposizione, anzi più è debole e conflittuale l'Italia meglio è. Vanno benissimo sia M5s di Manlio Di Stefano che Lega di Savoini.
Anzi che siano su fronti opposti è una garanzia: si chiama schema win-win. Comunque vadano gli schieramenti e la danza delle elezioni la collocazione geopolitica dell'Italia resterà ambigua.
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#Bielorussia: i teatri sul piede di guerra
Normalizzazione in #MedioOriente: le reazioni dei palestinesi
#VonDerLeyen: un discorso economico eppure molto politico

Benvenuti a una nuova puntata

#Bielorussia #Palestina #AccordiDiAbramo #EU #VonDerLeyen #esteri #wetellstories
"Abbiamo fondato la compagnia @BFreeTheatre perché non c'erano altri mezzi per poterci esprimere e abbiamo subito compreso la necessità di entrare in una realtà clandestina" spiega Natalia Kaliada @BelFreeTheatre co-fondatrice e direttrice artistica del @BFreeTheatre
"1.5 miliardi di $ che #Lukashenko ha ottenuto dal #Cremlino non è affatto sufficiente a salvare #Minsk, specialmente di fronte ad un comportamento molto distaccato di #Putin che spinge per una riforma costituzionale" spiega @zafesova, giornalista per @LaStampa e @ilfoglio_it
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Russian Diplomacy, September 14:
Lavrov held an in-depth discussion with #Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on #Libya, #Syria, and prospects for Arab-Israeli settlement that factored in a solution to the #Palestinian issue. Image
Simultaneously, Putin's MENA envoy Bogdanov met with #Egypt's ambassador to discuss #Libya, #Syria, and Arab-Israeli rapprochement. Image
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"We said we are not going away while he's in power."

-->today i spoke with my friend Natalia Kaliada of @BelFreeTheatre @BFreeTheatre about #BelarusProtest & #Lukashenko. i'll post conversation tomorrow. please listen. an excerpt here:
natalia makes reference to this 1999 set of disappearances…
i know a lot of people find natalia's artistic voice & activism & bravery inspiring. @McFaul @juliaioffe @mashagessen @danbbaer @carolecadwalla @yaffaesque @MarietjeSchaake
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Given that Putin is no longer the popular strongman he once was, what he does with regard to Belarus will have consequences at home and abroad | Stephen Davis

#Belarus #Russia #Lukashenko #Putin 1/3…
"If he annexes Belarus, he will alienate its people and alarm and provoke the international community. He will also be incorporating a rebellious province whose inhabitants might inflame nascent rebellion in other parts of the Russian Federation." 2/3
"If he does nothing, however, it will only be a matter of time before Lukashenko falls, as the genie of freedom is well and truly out of the bottle, and this too could give succour to Putin’s own challengers in Russia." 3/3
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A year after his death, Lord Tim Bell and his former company Bell Pottinger’s involvement in global geopolitics, not incidentally in some of the most oppressive regimes in the world, is still being uncovered. #BellPottinger /1
This important piece from @meduza_en lays out how Belarusian president Alexander #Lukashenko’s oppressive regime was bolstered over the years — not always successfully. /2…
“The Belarusian government was among Bell Pottinger’s illustrious clients. Roughly a decade ago, when a conflict over tariffs on Russian energy products strained the relationship between Alexander #Lukashenko and Vladimir #Putin to the breaking point... /3
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#Belarus. Happening right now in #Minsk. The video shows the current scale of the march. The interior ministry reported that at least 250 people have already been detained. Despite all arrests and repressions, people are on the streets again and again - also, all over the country
Regional cities have become important of the protests as well. Thousands of people came out to the streets in #Brest today. All major cities but also smaller ones are protesting today
*important centres of the protests. And here's today's march in Mahilou, where thousands of people came out to the streets. This is to show that people are expressing their discontent all across #Belarus. Dozens of people were brutally detained in the regions as well
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There are oil issues underlying the issues of #Belarus and #Lukashenko
The US has shipped oil to #Belarus in May 2020…
And today they report a tanker with Azerbaijan oil for Belarus arrives at Odessa port in #Belarus…
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In my 12 interviews today to CBC radio stations in all major provinces of Canada & Yukon concerning conflict in #Belarus, I said:
1) Canadian, US & EU #sanctions for falsified elections & human rights violations are unlikely to change situation because sanctions are ineffective.
2) Canadian government is involved because #Belarus is located between #Russia & EU & next to #Ukraine & because of background of deputy prime minister & finance minister Chrystia Freeland. #Canada issued similar sanctions against government officials in #Venezuela & Russia.
3) Mass protests in #Belarus continue. #Lukashenko regime committed human rights abuses by arresting opposition presidential candidates & opposition activists & beating protesters. Some protesters disappeared. Protester was killed by police forces, likely by non-lethal weapon.
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#BREAKING #Germany to summon #Belarus envoy over measures taken against press: govt source Image
#UPDATE Mass protests in #Belarus have entered a third week since the disputed presidential election on August 9 in which strongman Alexander #Lukashenko claimed victory Image
VIDEO: Drone footage of anti-government rally in Belarus.

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters calling for an end to strongman Alexander Lukashenko's rule march through Minsk despite a heavy security presence and dozens of arrests
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#BREAKING Putin urges all sides to 'find way out' of Belarus crisis Image
#UPDATE Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed military support for the embattled leader of #Belarus Alexander #Lukashenko on Thursday, while urging a peaceful resolution to unrest and demonstrations that erupted after a disputed election
#BREAKING NATO chief Stoltenberg urges Russia not to meddle in Belarus crisis Image
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🇧🇾Las protestas en #Bielorrusia y el #Fútbol.

Desde hace unas semanas Bielorrusia esta sumergida en masivas marchas contra su presidente Alexander #Lukashenko, acusado de fraude electoral en las recientes elecciones presidenciales que ganó con un 80% de los votos. ImageImageImageImage
En el país donde nunca se suspendió el fútbol por el #coronavirus, muchos jugadores se manifestaron al respecto, como Iliá Shkurin, jugador del #CSKA de #Moscu, que dijo:

“Me niego a representar al equipo nacional mientras exista el régimen de Lukashenko” Image
El mismo DT del CSKA, Victor Goncharenko, que es bielorruso, dijo: “estoy categóricamente en contra de como golpearon a nuestro maravilloso y pacifico pueblo bielorruso. La policía y los efectivos antidisturbios deben proteger al pueblo no pegarle" Image
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President #Lukashenko of #Belarus arrived in the Independence Palace wearing a gun and accompanied by his militarily-equipped son
Meanwhile #Lukashenko leaves the Independence Palace, thanks the security forces, tells them "You guys are all great!" They shout back "We're with you til the end" he responds "we'll deal with them [apparently, protesters]"
When the power meets drama: #Lukashenko flying over Minsk checking up the situation on the streets. His son Kolya struggles with ammunition straps. The footage fast-becoming a meme titled "When your dad gone crazy".
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How dictatorships die... Part III.
Walking next to #Lukashenko, in full battle gear, is his 15-year-old son/heir Nikolay.
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#Belarus. Published by Lukashenko's presidential pool channel. Apparently, he actually arrived by a helicopter instead of being evacuated - at least his pool wants to send such a message. Watch him in a bulletproof vest carrying a gun. The city centre is being blocked
Apparently, #Lukashenko did not come to talk to protesters, since he is asking: "Nobody is left there, right?" Another video published by the channel that is believed to be managed by his press service
The new episode of the most exciting TV series just arrived. #Lukashenko came to thank his security forces and promised to “deal with them” [people]. Protesters already left the spot, so it was safe to appear. In one of the videos, he also said that people “left like rats”
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#Minsk #Belarus While people were brought to pro-#Lukashenko rallies by buses and coercion, protesters are gathering despite arrests, threats and more facts about police brutality that were revealed. The effect of this rally will be more important and stronger than previous ones
Protesters marched to the #Minsk Hero City Obelisk, which is currently surrounded by armed police,soliders and barbed wire. Maryia #Kalesnikava came to support protesters. She asked to not provoke. Not far from the crowd someone intentionally turned on some Soviet music.
#Minsk right now. Protesters want to move to State Flag Square passing through Palace of Independence, yet another “state” palace that #Lukashenko built for himself. People there are saying that entrances to the palace are being currently blocked.
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#Belarus was bracing on Sunday for more mass protests against strongman Alexander #Lukashenko, who has ordered the army to defend the country's territorial integrity after demonstrations broke out over his claim to election victory ImageImageImage
VIDEO: 🇧🇾 Belarusian women gathered in central #Minsk call for an end to police violence on the 15th day of demonstrations against strongman Alexander Lukashenko's claim to a sixth term after August 9 elections that sparked mass protests and were rejected by Western leaders
#BREAKING Tens of thousands of Belarusians join anti-government demonstration in Minsk to protest President Lukashenko's claim to sixth term, AFP journalist says Image
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A massive rally of solidarity takes place later today in #Minsk. Workers from various plants announced that they are joining. But let me explain the atmosphere that prevails in #Belarus and what many citizens feel. Military trucks, paddy wagons have been brought to the capital.
#Lukashenko gave protesters time “to think”. Starting Monday,he'd respond. His officials and state propaganda with the help of a Russian media crew are blaming “foreign forces and instigators” for the protests. Hence security forces are only making the situation "stable"
Defense minister Viktar Khrenin made bizarre assumption that Belarus security forces’ attempts to stabilise the situation will be presented as genocide, and justify intervention of F-16 #US jet fighters from the base in #Poland. Is he trying to justify the use of extensive force?
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