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>Katharina, Sachbearbeiterin im Jobcenter: „Ich habe Kolleg*innen, die parallel zu ihrer Arbeit... Bürgergeld beantragen müssen<

Warum #Menschen im #SGBII sich durch ver.di nicht vertreten sehen, zeigt dieser Artikel

JC: Krisenhafte Arbeitsbedingungen…
Wenn ein solcher Artikel verbreitet wird, was wichtig ist, wenn formal verstanden werden soll, was das Problem der Struktur Jobcenter ist - Stichwort Arbeitsbedingungen - haette zugleich e. Mensch mit Expertise zu dem #SGBII auf der Ebene von Kunden - Status befragt werden müssen
Dieser Artikel ist wirklich wichtig, denn wenn die Sachbearbeiterin davon spricht, daß es Zeiten gab, wo Abends andere Regeluarien als Morgens galten, dann erahnt man, wie sehr die Überforderung der Menschen in dieser #Gesetzgebung systemisch institutionalisiert ist.

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A thread on the hegemony of science and its impact on humanistic philosophy:
Psychology and psychiatry have appropriated concepts that used to belong to the purview of philosophy. 1/13
Love, alienation, anxiety, despair - all these and more have been transformed into psychological constructs, susceptible to pathologization and depoliticization. Here is an example from bell hooks' 'All About Love':...2/13
"When I talked of love with my generation, I found it made everyone nervous or scared, especially when I spoke about not feeling loved enough. On several occasions as I talked about love with friends, I was told I should consider seeing a therapist... 3/13
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Cult recruitment: In order for ‘cults’ to be successful they rely on ‘recruiting’ others. They target ‘vulnerable’ isolated, alone, neglected children or adults. For vulnerable people, #cults are very tempting because the cult provides love-Bombing #stage1
A sense of safety, promises of rewards friends & actual rewards. Who could possibly refuse? They typically use becoming more joyful, happy, obtaining bliss as a #promise Who wouldn’t want that? A new family? #Acceptance? Love? It’s a nice loving supportive environment initially
#stage2 Cults are now online. Recruitees may be constantly bombarded by cult jargon new #language new wording The group expects recruitees to divulge everything about Themselves. Those recruited usually have #epiphany of some sort which drives them further into the cult #stage3
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Que la vida te cambia de un día a otro nos lo mostró de la forma más cruda la pandemia. Ahora con la séptima ola aún espumeando, hemos de mirar a quienes ya vivian con sus patologias antes del virus con corona. La #cronicidad siempre avanza y los cambios que comporta tambien.
Lo #cotidiano es sutil y discreto, hasta q pasa a ser un reto. Se añora entonces ir a la compra,poner la mesa,comer un bocadillo de jamón. La #Vida es ir superando #duelos, en la Cronicidad el duelo de las #rutinasperdidas hiere muy dentro, hasta tocar al #alma.
Perder la #ImagenPersonal, la que define y ha acompañado a lo largo de una vida, es doloroso para quien va dejando de ser y para quien le rodea. Mantener la #capacidad de realizar lo mas sencillo es un logro, perderla #atemoriza por si ya no vuelve.
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#AnnalenaBaerbock in der ARD: „Jeder Mensch macht Fehler im Leben“

Vor der Wahl gab es noch die Idee eines Energiegeldes.

Seit der #Ampelkoalition gibt es eine faktische Senkung des Existenzminimums dank der "#3Euro" - Erhöhung trotz hoher Inflation…
Sehr geehrte Frau Baerbock,

Ihr Buch war nie ein Problem, denn egal was "aufgehuebscht" wurde, es hat gesellschaftlich niemanden geschadet!

Ganz anders verhält es sich mit dem gar nicht sozialen #Buergergeld

Die #SPD zieht im Windschatten der #FDP e. zweite #Agenda2010 durch
Es hilft manchmal immer wieder ein paar Schritte zurück zu treten, um eine erweiterte Perspektive wahrnehmen zu können und die zeigt das so genannte #Buergergeld als einen faulen Marketinggag.

Das wird diesmal jedoch Euch; @Die_Gruenen mehr schaden, wenn Ihr dies mittraegt!
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Do #qualitative interviews cause #distress when used for sensitive topics and/or in sensitive populations?
A thread (& case study with #cancer #survivors).
2/5 #Qualitative research is ideally suited to gain rich insights into human experience, including those with medical conditions and at-risk groups.

But, one #barrier to conducting #qualitative interviews is concern (often from physicians or IRB/ethics) of causing #distress
3/5 Yet, data on distress around #qualitative #interviews with medical pops is lacking.

In our new #PsychoOncologypaper, #AYA #cancersurvivors completed a validated distress screening tool before, after & 1 week after an interview on #fearofrecurrence…
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Starting a series of #tweets where sharp price falls have happened. Could be due to #fundselling #margins etc. Not a buy/sell recommendation but to check for is the #price fall due to distress seller or the company is in #distress.
#NRBBearings stock price has dropped 50% in less than a month. Down 15-20% today. Promoters 52-53% , Institutions 38-40% including #Nalanda holds 10% #HDFC owns 9% of equity. Hardly 6-7% holding of Retail Investors. Is it fund selling or sensing disruption?
So here comes the reason. Pledge shares being sold it seems.
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Still today, some #media outlets & others imply we had wrongly spread the news about a girl’s death in the #Med. In our tweet we said ‘according to the #migrants’, thus not confirming this information but simply relaying a first-hand testimony of ppl in life-threatening distress.
These media outlets then turned this information into a ‘fact’ and used the possible death of a small child to promote their #news stories - as if the #distress of approximately 90-100 people and the refusal of authorities to rescue was not sufficiently newsworthy.
The real story remains this: For about 36 hours, 90-100 people were at risk of dying, including many children. Their engine was broken, the rubber dinghy ruptured. For nearly 24 hours, #European authorities knew about this but did not engage, severely endangering all their lives.
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