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Ok so a while back I did a lot of research and explaining into the fact that the EU was building the much denied #EUArmy and with it taking control of all Armed Forces and security for all member states, let’s begin with #PESCO.....…
....PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation), this is the EU’s Defecne and Security Policy, they now have control of the Armed Forces of 25 out of 28 of the member states, it’s only 25 because it does not require integration from all 28 states.....
....This all begun back in 2009 when the EU originally tried to pass PESCO through European constitution but it failed so they very sneakily passed it through the #LisbonTreaty and even termed as the Lisburn Treaties ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Jean Claude Junker....
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Nigel Farage already admitted his #EUArmy scaremongering is deceitful.
He knows that it's entirely our choice because that's how the EU works. WATCH HIM ADMIT THAT.
Put it this way.

With us still IN the EU, the other 27 countries of the EU could choose to form a European Army without us.
We could leave the EU but still sign a defence pact to join an #EUArmy from the outside.

If you don't know the #EUArmy scaremongering is just manipulation, that doesn't make you stupid.
Two weeks ago I had to explain it to the Oxford-educated parents of a friend of mine.
But it does mean you need to do better at fact-checking what you hear.
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Lord James of Blackheath has been threatened with the police, told to retract the comments he made in the House of Lords on EU Defence Union, and is facing demands to resign and remain silent on the issue from now on.…
"European Union Defence plans are associated with the eventual formation of a European Federal State. Under the current system of unaccountable governance, an unelected oligarchy. A nation state that contracts out its defence has ceased to be."…
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.@ByDonkeys might this be of interest?

Remember this piece of Leave propaganda from 2016?

Three years on, I thought it was a good time to see how their *claims* panned out, so I've tracked down the photos they used and made memes.

TL;dr — Leave was the real #projectfear!
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain we'll have no Parliament, no democratic voice

2019 Parliament is fighting for its sovereignty vs a dictatorial unelected govt intent on smashing our constitution & installing an Orwellian regime to inflict a no-mandate-#NoDealBrexit on us.
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain, it'll lead to UK break-up.

2019: #Brexit threatens UK union. 60% of Tory Party members wld rather the UK split than cancel Brexit.

Any sensible govt wld now stop this destructive project & help citizens get a grip on reality. Not this govt!
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@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 Did Prof Tilley have full editorial control of this programme? The reason I ask is that there is an extraordinary lack of balance in the way he presents Leave & Remain voters, and so one could be forgiven for perceiving a bias against Remain voters.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 For example, prior to the #EURef, and persisting today, was the belief amongst #Leave voters (encouraged by Leave politicians) that the UK would be forced to join an #EUarmy.

In fact, it's constitutionally impossible for this to occur. UK has a double protection.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 This double protection against the formation of an EU Army (let alone being forced to join one) is that
(a) the decision must be unanimous per Art. 42(2) of the European Union Treaty and
(b) any move to downgrade "unanimous" to QMV must be approved unanimously!

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#Remain voted for:

A say in whether the EU enlarges or not.
A say in if the EU federalises or remains a union of independent states.
A say in if there is an EU army.
Being the financial capital through which the majority of € is traded while still keeping the £.


The UK has taken the lead in efforts for EU enlargement. It pushed for the inclusion of Eastern European states. It pushed for Turkey to get its shit together so that it could join (which it made very slow progress with, and has largely been undone by Erdogan)
After #Brexit, the UK will have no influence on EU enlargement. In fact, as setting the EU as a rival, every country that joins the EU will a) strengthen the EU, and b) unravels any trade deals that the UK will have made with that country, isolating it further.
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