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THREAD: the filings by Mueller and SDNY on Cohen are BIGLY bad news for @realDonaldTrump and his spawn, Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric and *clearly* indicate that Trump is an UNINDICTED co-conspirator.

And then, there's the Manafort memo... 1/

First, SDNY makes it clear that Cohen does *not* have a formal cooperation agreement **with them** (but stay tuned on this front later...). As such, SDNY asks the Court to a "substantial term of imprisonment."🤔 2/
SDNY *nails* Cohen for 4 federal felonies to which he pleaded GUILTY: tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to Congress. 3/
Yet again, "Individual 1" makes a guest appearance in a CRIMINAL case. And SDNY makes it *very* clear that "Individual 1" is indeed @realdonaldtrump.😎 4/
SDNY lays out the case for Cohen's tax evasion via his taxi medallion company. His former partner, Evgeny "Gene" Freidman (NY's "Taxi King") cut a deal for his own tax fraud crimes. 5/…
SDNY also lays out its case for Cohen's false statements to banks and false statements to Congress, which you can read for yourself in SDNY's full sentencing memo.

But let's stick to the juicier stuff that involves Team🇷🇺Trump. 6/

Full SDNY memo:…

SDNY clearly implicates Trump as an UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR.

Cohen "acted in coordination with & at the direction of Individual-1," who "began an ultimately successful campaign for President."

If you direct someone to commit a #felony, that is a #conspiracy. 7/
SDNY is led by Trump appointee Geoffrey Berman, who had to recuse due to his prior campaign donation to Trump. And SDNY just directly implicated Donald Trump in committing *multiple federal FELONIES*‼️


SDNY's memo lays out the case for Cohen's campaign-finance FELONIES by conspiring *during the campaign* with David Pecker and others at AMI / Nat'l Enquirer to PAY to kill a story about Trump's affairs with "Woman-1" (Karen Mcdougall) and "Woman-2" (Stormy).🔥 9/

"After the election, Cohen sought reimbursement for election-related expenses," including the hush money payments.

"Executives at the Company (@Trump Org) agreed to reimburse Cohen."

Trump "executives" = Trump, Don Jr, Ivanka & Eric (and CFO Allen Weisselberg).😎 10/
Importantly, Trump Org CFO, Allen Weisselberg, got an #immunity deal and is reportedly cooperating with federal prosecutors.🤣 11/

The #conspiracy to commit campaign-finance FELONIES was *not* a one-time event. In fact, "at the instruction of an executive for (Trump Org), Cohen sent MONTHLY invoices...(Trump Org) then falsely accounted for these payments as “legal expenses.”🙄 12/

SDNY says that although Cohen's assistance to Mueller was "significant," he apparently was not fully cooperating with SDNY.🤨

It's possible that Cohen got a deal w/Mueller to avoid *future* prosecution for other crimes. If so, this deal may be kept SECRET. 13/
So basically, Cohen's deal might be that he takes the fall for the *current* SDNY charges to which he pleaded guilty, gets a CONCURRENT sentence for lying to Congress (via Mueller -- will detail shortly), and avoids prosecution for other crimes yet to be revealed publicly.🤔 14/
Now, onto Mueller's memo on Cohen, which is *very* juicy reading and *clearly* implicates Trump.😎 15/

Here is a link to the full memo:…

Mueller's memo focuses on his LYING to Congress (#felony) and starts with asking the Court to go light on Cohen, so that even *if* he gets any prison time, it will served at the same time of his (presumably) much longer sentence for the SDNY (still federal) crimes.🤨 16/
Mueller has ZERO reason to be lenient with the self-admitted felon, Michael Cohen (just ask Manafort about that!). The reason that Mueller asks the Court to go light on Cohen is that he is *fully* cooperating by meeting 7 times and providing info about OTHERS.😎 17/

Mueller nails Cohen for lying about Trump Tower🇷🇺Moscow that req'd the assistance of the #Russian🇷🇺gov't, so Trump Org could have made "hundreds of millions of dollars."

"Cohen continued to work on the project and discuss it with (TRUMP) well into the campaign."🔥18/
"Cohen continued to work on the project and **discuss it with (TRUMP) well into the campaign** a time of **sustained efforts by the #Russian🇷🇺government to interfere with the...election."🔥

Mueller cuts right to the heart of #TrumpRussia.😎 19/

Mueller says that as early as September 2015, Cohen was trying to arrange a Trump-Putin meeting, and Trump **knew** about his efforts to arrange this meeting.

So much for "no #collusion."🤣 20/

Another #Russian🇷🇺offered the campaign “political synergy” & “synergy on a govt level," & proposed a Trump-Putin meeting👉🏼a “phenomenal” impact “not only in political but in a business dimension” b/c there is “no bigger warranty in any project than consent of Putin.”🔥 21/
🔥Mueller closes by saying that Cohen provided "useful information concerning certain discrete #Russia🇷🇺related matters core to (Mueller's) investigation that he obtained by virtue of his **regular contact with Company executives** during the campaign. 23/

These "executives" at Trump Org are Donald Trump and his spawn – Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, Eric – and CFO Allen Weisselberg (who FLIPPED).

Mueller says that these "executives" were involved with **#Russia🇷🇺related matters** core to the #TrumpRussia investigation.🔥 24/

This is a BOMBSHELL. Cohen provided useful information about #Russia🇷🇺related matters that involved Trump Org executives **during the campaign**.

The #SteeleDossier alleged "an extensive #conspiracy between Trump's campaign team and the Kremlin.🤔 25/
🔥Cohen also provided Mueller with info about his contacts with "persons connected to the White House during 2017–2018."

Exactly WHO are these individuals? Kush? Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie? Others??

ANYONE at the WH who had contact w/Cohen should be *very* worried.😎 26/

Cohen also described the circumstances of preparing and circulating his response (FALSE statement = #felony) to the congressional inquiries.🤔

WHO received Cohen's response? Trump?

Looks like Mueller is laying the foundation for a #conspiracy to #ObstructJustice case.😎 27/
Onward the last of the 3 bombshell memos from today: Mueller's memo on "Paulie Walnuts" Manafort.😎 28/

Here's a link to the FULL filing:…

Basically, Mueller opens by telling the Court that he can *prove* that Manafort remains a lying scumbag, even after cutting a deal.

Most interesting: Mueller talks about LIES that Manafort told about "pending investigations or uncharged individuals."😎 29/

Who could these "uncharged" individuals be that Manafort LIED about?

Giuliani says Mueller told Manafort they don't believe that Trump did not know about the #Russian🇷🇺"lawyer" meeting.

Meaning: Trump *knew* and likely LIED in his answers to Mueller. 30/…
Mueller doesn't mention the #Russian🇷🇺lawyer meeting, but says that Manafort LIED about "former" GRU Konstantin Kilimnik (conduit to Kremlin via Oleg Deripaska), wire transfers, **another** DOJ probe, and contacts w/Administration officials.🔥 31/
Much of the Kilimnik info is redacted (for obvious reasons), but Mueller does reveal that Kilimnik ("former" GRU) conspired with Manafort to tamper with witnesses in an attempt to cover up Manafort's crimes.🙄 32/
Sorry, friends. I'm starting to fade a here's what Mueller said about Manafort's LIES about a wire transfer. I haven't had time to connect the dots on what the ID's of these entities are. 33/
🤣Mueller says that Manafort LIED about "another DOJ investigation," changed his story AFTER he cut a deal, and then changed it again, when he realized that he contradicted his first statement.

Meaning: this LIAR couldn't keep his lies straight!🤣 34/
Mueller also says Manafort LIED about his "contacts with Administration officials." Note the plural of BOTH "contacts" and "officials."

Was Manafort angling for a #pardon⁉️

If so, ANYONE involved in these negotiations likely committed a #felony.😎 35/
Based upon these 3 BOMBSHELL filings, it is *very* clear that Mueller and other DOJ officials are focusing on Trump, his spawn (Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, Eric) and Kushner.

And Mueller does NOT need Manafort to *prove* that crimes were committed.😎 36/

I will add more soon....but I need a break now.😴

Time to celebrate this horrifically bad day for Team🇷🇺Trump...and glorious day for us patriots.🇺🇸

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