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#S386 my understanding 1. @SenatorDurbin want no harm clause, but do not want transition period extended to 9 from 3 years, which is the practical way of ensuring #noharmclause, it will ensure #row with #ApprovedGreencardPetition will get #greencard without impact for 9 years
2. 50/50 rule for companies employing #h1b :- @SenatorDurbin wants it effective immediately, @SenMikeLee wants to provide 3 years to make this transition, immediately applying 50/50 rule will cause to job loss & deportation of #indiaborn #skilledimmigrants
Cause they r one who r forced to stay on #H1B for decades despite of having #ApprovedGreencardPetition for decade. 3 years will help most of them to get out of #h1b & rest will get AOS in meantime.
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With reports that the Trump administration is barring certain foreign workers in the H1B, H2B, J1 & L1 categories from US entry, we estimate this would keep 219,000 temporary workers out
Included in these totals are the spouses and minor children who enter the U.S. as derivatives of the worker's visa
Beyond barring temporary workers applying from abroad in certain categories, the White House is extending the legal immigration ban it first unveiled in April, citing the COVID19-related job loss
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10 tips for caring for #immigrant & limited Eng prof pts during #COVID19. Created w physician experts in #languagebarriers. Full recs:…. 1- No shortcuts with interpreters. This is not time to “get by” w limited lang skills. Reinforce confidentiality. 1/7
2- Interpreted conversations often less #patientcentered. Ask about pt concerns & feasibility of recs. Dispel rumors. Inquire abt medicines/herbs or high-risk contacts (e.g. elderly parents at home, etc). If #COVID19 #isolation advised, explore open-ended❓about concerns 2/7
3- Highlight #publiccharge suspended for #COVID19 testing & treatment. Spread the word. #Greencard eligibility not jeopardized by seeking #COVID19 testing & treatment… 3/7
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Such a good panel on legal #immigration from @1a @toddzwillich @AveryJCK, w/ @Puneetkaurc (immigrant stuck in the green card backlog), @EleanorPelta (attorney) & @ahauslohner (reporter).

Includes a helpful interview with @RepZoeLofgren about #S386. 1/…
@1a @toddzwillich @AveryJCK @Puneetkaurc @EleanorPelta @ahauslohner @RepZoeLofgren @toddzwillich asks about the political economy of the #immigration system: Doesn't Big Tech get whatever it wants?

Answer from panelists: Nope!

Companies are always jonesing for more #H1B visas, but haven't gotten their way since 2000, I believe?
@1a @toddzwillich @AveryJCK @Puneetkaurc @EleanorPelta @ahauslohner @RepZoeLofgren Quick political guide:

* Temporary work visas (#H1B etc): Loved by employers; loathed by workers lashed to said employers

* Permanent residency (#GreenCard): Liked by (most) employers; loved by workers empowered to switch jobs & bargain for wages; better for US-born workers

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I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
Went to a great school in #medellin & at 17 started #medicine not because I wanted to be a clinician but because I liked the #science & my family and #mentors told me #medicine was broader and could open more doors for me #VoicesIWS #Thread☝️@IWS_Network
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Winter is coming...preceded by the Fall 2018 Unified Regulatory Agenda from @DHSgov. Once again, semi-annually, it's time to see what new #immigration actions we might find buried in this list of rulemaking plans that's hiding in plain sight? 1/…
Let's start with @DHSgov proposals that didn't appear in the prior regulatory agenda this past spring. (These are all draft rules that haven't been published yet, and won't take effect for months or years, after a full public notice-and-comment process.) 2/
Two new actions affecting #asylum-seekers, tightening "credible fear" determinations and eligibility for work permits, both in the name of deterrence... 3/……
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What is this long-anticipated #PublicCharge rule affecting #immigrants that @DHSgov announced over the weekend? I've updated this detailed explainer from @chooseboundless, and here comes a TL;DR... 1/…
Bottom line: Although the Republican-controlled Congress isn't interested in slashing legal #immigration, the Trump Administration is pursuing a workaround through a unilateral @DHSgov regulation. 2/
The #PublicCharge rule is designed to significantly reduce the number of people who are eligible for green cards and other visas, by redefining what makes them dependent on government benefits -- *or likely to be in the future.* 3/
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Selected list of #indictments for June 21 and June 22, 2018
1. Federal Grand Jury Indicts West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice.
Charged with Obstruction of Justice and other federal Crimes

#mailfraud #wirefraud #witnesstampering…
2. Newly Unsealed Federal Indictment Charges Iranian Businessman with Illegally Exporting Nuclear Nonproliferation-Controlled Materials from Illinois

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