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Decades of neuroscience research on the ketogenic diet have shown that it:
- changes neurotransmitter systems
- decreases brain inflammation
- alters calcium channel regulation
- improves mitochondrial function
- increases mitochondrial biogenesis (1/13)
Obviously, this can have powerful healing effects for individuals with mental and neurological disorders. (2/13)
So if you start a ketogenic diet, how long until you see improvements? Well, just like medications, it doesn't generally work overnight. (3/13)
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Went for a routine test. Tech’s son had #POTS. Showed her my compression socks. But not everyone wants to chat about health, right? So I asked if she wanted to hear more… (1/)
Her: “We know NOTHING! My Kaiser insurance sent me to this MLM, timeshareish scam & told my son to “tell himself he’s safe” when his heart rate increases.”

“They asked lifestyle stuff but he eats healthy & exercises already. They said symptoms were ‘normal for him’.” (2/) #CBT
When she said ‘nothing’ she meant NOTHING, folks. Nothing about compression socks, nothing about recumbent exercise, nothing about avoiding high carb meals, nothing about increasing water intake, nothing about meds. Just patient-blaming CBT & eat more salt. (3/) #POTS
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1/9 Wenn Post Exertionelle Malaise #PEM nicht verstanden oder gar "anerkannt" ist, steht bei #MECFS rasch die übliche #GET #CBT #KVT Idee im Raum:
Ein (psycho-) therapeutisches Vorgehen, das"Schritt für Schritt", oder "stufenweise" die Möglichkeiten der Belastung steigern soll.
2/9 Warum dieses Vorgehen so gefährlich ist? Weil jede einzelne (!) Überschreitung der individuellen Belastungsgrenze zur womöglich BLEIBENDEN Verschlechterung führen KANN. Das Verständnis, dass die Rechnung für die Belastung zeitverzögert kommt, ist also von größter Bedeutung.
3/9 Gehe ich im "Hier und jetzt" bereits an spürbare Grenzen,ist die Gefahr von #PEM besonders hoch-zugleich ist ein Crash dennoch keine Gewissheit.Das ist die Unberechenbarkeit von PEM. Mit einem Kind entstand das Bild:
Du hast riesigen Hunger, vor dir steht dein Lieblingsessen:
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I'm Backsliding into Russia, Today...

Expanding the Universe while Shrinking the Distance between Nodes on the #IoT

Anyone specifically interested in the MAIL.RU Network (and more) Image

Slip Sliding Awayyyy... Image
I have no idea what this translates to, just yet...

...but I know it's '.edu' and 'Saint Petersburg' Image
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#RBT countries understand "saving clause" to protect the internal tax base. Bc of @citizenshiptax + #FATCA US uses "saving clause" to BOTH PROTECT internal tax base + EXPAND tax base by claiming people with @taxresidency in other countries as US taxpayers.…
Both OECD + UN Treaties include a "saving clause" which "saves" right of a country to tax its "residents". All countries (including the US) make "residency" a sufficient condition for @taxresidency. Only the US has @citizenshiptax. Hence, "saving clause" speaks only of residents.
The evolution of the "saving clause" found in US Tax Treaties is VERY (really) interesting. Watch how they become tighter over time. Here is paragraph 3 of Article 4 of the 1973 US Romania Tax Treaty. It applies to (1) "residents" (as defined by treaty) and (2) "citizens".
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Almost all victims of the US extraterritorial tax AKA @citizenshiptax regime (enforced by #FATCA) agree that the practice of the US defining @taxresidency based on the "status" of citizenship alone must end. The plea is: End @citizenshiptax (enforced by #FATCA) and adopt #RBT.
When an organization or individual says they support #RBT or a political party includes #RBT in their platform, you must ask EXACTLY what do they mean by #RBT (Residence-based taxation)? Does their proposal leave citizenship in any way relevant to @taxresidency, #FATCA or #FBAR?
Do advocates of #RBT mean simply supporting a kinder more gentle (Eritrea style) of @citizenshiptax or do they mean making citizenship irrelevant to @taxresidency? Would #Americansabroad still remain US tax residents or do they cease having US @taxresidency for all purposes?
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2022 FATCA Report: If US doesn't agree to amend #FATCA IGAs to include full reciprocity and respect GDPR (which it won't) options include: 1. Blocking law generally 2. Blocking law for @USAccidental 3. Deem #FATCA inapplicable to European residents period!… ImageImageImage
The very last paragraph explains that #FATCA is not in the spirit of multilateral cooperation. Basically it saying that the US is essentially a 100% taken and a 0% giver. But, we know that Image
A "blocking" statute is a law that "blocks" the application of certain laws ...….
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complimenten voor de uitgebreide #sectorplannen- hopelijk met veel #draagvlak binnen sectoren

- #onderwijs & zorg?
- Hoe kijkt MIT naar #thuisisolatie icm. “samenleving open houden”?
- Wat komt er in de #thermometer?
- #CBT?

een paar gedachten:…
de #thermometer nog niet af, gaat o.a. over:
- viruscirculatie: #rioolwatersurveillance, #infectieradar, testen, virusvarianten
- ernstig zieken: @Nivel_research eerste lijn, thuis-zuurstof, ZH-opnames en bezetting, oversterfte
- ziekteverzuim…
vragen over de #thermometer 🟩🟨🟧🟥
verspringt de #thermometer op de volgende kleur 🚦 als de #signaalwaarden:
- in zicht zijn (anticiperen)
- bereikt zijn (reageren)
- of gepasseerd zijn (repareren)?

@rivm @MinVWS
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I'm so proud of this gorgeous, inspiring, short film. In honor of #PainAwarenessMonth do yourself a BIG favor and take a few min this morning to watch. @BostonChildrens @takecareus @TheComfAbility #PainCounts…
@TheComfAbility made this in collaboration with the @takecareus, a non-profit healthcare initiative that pairs award-winning filmmakers with healthcare leaders to flip the script on how we talk about health. @maydayfund @US_ASP @US_Pain #ChronicPain #chronicillness #Pediatrics
Why did I do it? Most people don't realize that pain is both a physical and emotional experience. That's why #CBT is such an important part of treatment. We need to spread the word because #MentalHealthMatters
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@AccidentallyUSC @ConnecterIO @SEATNow_org "Uniting and organizing" assumes commitment to a principle that will allow all Americans to live ordinary lives. The ONLY thing that solves the problems of all people, all the time under all circumstances is ending @citizenshiptax -severing US citizenship from US @taxresidency.
@AccidentallyUSC @ConnecterIO @SEATNow_org @CitizenshipTax @TaxResidency As long as #Americansabroad think in terms of solving "their problem" rather the "the problem" change is not possible. Everybody supports some specific change that helps them but leaves other problems intact. H.R 6057 - which helps some people - is a most insidious example.
@AccidentallyUSC @ConnecterIO @SEATNow_org @CitizenshipTax @TaxResidency .@SEATNow_org was formed to educate and encourage people to unite under principle of ending @citizenshiptax - severing citizenship from @taxresidency. Truth is that most people/groups are NOT committed to this principle. They want their problem solved and don't care about others.
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🧵 It’s #DisabilityPrideMonth and we’re seeing another wave of COVID globally, so here’s a list of reasons why you should watch the Netflix documentary ‘Unrest’ and educate yourself on #MECFS and #LongCovid
ME/CFS, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a multisystem, physical disease that can be identified by its cardinal symptom, PEM (Post Exertional Malaise), in which after activity, the individual experiences a delayed worsening of symptoms. 1/
These symptoms are debilitating and leaves sufferers after activity, even on the mild end of the spectrum, with migraines, light/noise sensitivity, vertigo, nausea, vision changes, widespread muscle/joint pain, weakness, orthostatic intolerance and at its worst, paralysis. 2/
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A recent archeological/twitterological dig uncovered a historical artifact from the Carter years (1977 - 1981) titled "Equitable Treatment by United States of Its Citizens Living Abroad" - a curious thing from a curious time.…
The first law was Public Law 95 - 426 which became law on October 7, 1978. Sec. 611(a) and 611(b) of the "Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1979" created a law which acknowledged the existence and value of #Americansabroad. Specifically the mandated ...
The second law was Public Law 96-60 which became law on August 15, 1979. SEC. 407 of that law amended "Subsection (a)(2) of section 611 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1979" as follows ...…
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It's 3rd anniversary of our paper
"Monitoring treatment harm in #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis / #CFS: A freedom-of-information study of NHS specialist centres in England"…
Hopefully it will influence, among other things, #LongCovid clinics


Summary article for laypeople:
"Trial By Error: NHS ME/CFS Clinics Lax on Treatment Harms, Study Finds" (June 2019)…

#GradedExerciseTherapy #GET #cognitivebehaviouraltherapy #CBT #MEcfs #CFS #MyalgicE #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome

I searched but couldn't find a legal copy online of "Monitoring treatment harm in #MyalgicE/#ChronicFatigueSyndrome ..." that others can access so I uploaded here… what we submitted to the journal which is something we own the copyright on.

#MEcfs #CFS
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In 21st century the most interesting thing about a person is his/her @TaxResidency. For UK residents "non-dom status means #territorialtax! For UK doms there is #worldwidetax and #RBT. For US citizens there is #worldwidetax, @CitizenshipTax and #FATCA.…
.@TaxResidency is often confusing and often has a huge impact on ones life. In simple terms, you are a #taxresident of a country which has the right to impose the full force of its tax rules on you. This is different from HOW and on WHAT sources of income tax residents are taxed.
What income is subject to taxation: Terms like "worldwide taxation" (wherever the income is earned) and "territorial taxation" (income earned only in the country) describe HOW and ON WHAT income #taxresidents are taxed. These terms do NOT describe @TaxResidency (who is taxed).
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"In Australia, the #RACGP continues to recommend that GPs prescribe #GET and #CBT for ME. Fatigue clinics continue to operate, risking continued harm to ME patients and people with other post-viral illnesses, including #LongCovid" #mecfs
"What I didn’t know at the time, was that ME patients were fighting to interrogate the notion that #GET and #CBT – were effective.
"It turns out, a group of psychiatrists in the UK had altered the evidence in the major scientific study advocating the use of GET and CBT for ME, changing the thresholds for what counted as recovery."
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“He didn’t respond to my message, he must be ignoring me!”

Isn't it irrational to make definitive assumptions, when it is impossible to know with certainty, what other person thinks?

Thoughts like these are "Cognitive Distortions"
THREAD 🧵 ahead

#TherapistsConnect #CBT
(1/17) Image
What are Cognitive distortions ❓
-Automatic and self-reinforcing irrational thought patterns
-Self-statements that are either mildly misinterpreted or entirely inaccurate
If left unchecked, they can become stuck in negative feedback loops of unhealthy thinking.
#CBT (2/17)
Types of #CognitiveDistortions include:
1️⃣ 𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 💪

- 𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 on trial to prove that your opinions and actions are 𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙩

-Being wrong is 𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚

#CognitivePsychology #Anxiety #Depression #CBT (3/17)
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Trigger warning- Will try keep this short. Uncovering the scale of medical gaslighting and corporate corruption. Who teaches our doctors to dismiss medically unexplained symptoms as hysteria?

Lynn Turner- MUS management PowerPoint, Kings College London ImageImageImage
She also developed the GAS-light model as way of determining which treatments were worth trialling ie cost effectiveness - gauging effectiveness based on patient set goals for graded assessment. If we set the goals, its not on them if the treatments aren't effective, it's on us. ImageImage
Michael Sharpe is a psychiatrist&an author of the fraudulent #PACETrial. He does consulting work for insurance companies & advises them that #ME is a mental health disorder. Here he consulting for Swiss Re, classifying #LC as 'health anxiety'-
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@RcgpFaculties @MartinRCGP @AoMRC @HelenStokesLam @RCSnews
This statement supposedly from RCs does not represent my views as a Clinical Advisor to the @rcgp. I find it utterly inappropriate for it to have been released after the conclusion of the @NICEComms process.
In fact, I'm embarrassed on behalf of my whole profession, who are allowing a small but vocal minority with vested interests (protecting their own careers) to speak on our behalf. In the context of #LongCovid, many more of us now know the truth about #MECFS.
#MECFS and #LongCovid are not going to be cured by some exercise & CBT, no matter how loudly those who offer them to unsuspecting patients scream and throw their toys around. If you think you've cured someone with these treatments MAYBE YOUR PATIENT LIED TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!
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1. I've pulled together a list of what I've found are the most helpful questions my service users have found to challenge their unhelpful thinking patterns. A thread. #CBT #CBTworks #Therapy #CognitiveBehaviouralTherapy
2. • Am I being realistic?
• Am I being fair to myself?
• What would I say to someone else?
• How many times has the worst-case scenario actually happened?
• Am I being my own harshest critic?
• Is it all my responsibility?
3. •Am I filtering out the positives and dwelling on the negatives?
• Do I have any evidence/proof of this?
• Is it helpful to think about everything that could go wrong?
• Is it helpful to think like this?
• How might somebody else see the situation?
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#longcovid recovery
A thread.
Whilst I write this I'm painfully aware of so many people with #longcovid who are far from recovery but at the same time I want to give hope.
Last September I lost my job as I was too ill to work due to #LongCovid
I was breathless, tachycardic, full of brain fog, and had tinnitus and myalgia. I had pyrexia daily and awful post exertional malaise that would hit every time I tried to do anything.
I went onto discover many of my symptoms were related to the #PoTS I had developed as a consequence of my #covid19 infection.
I started medication and luckily it had a good effect on me, allowing me to slowly build myself up to go back to work as a locum GP.
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I was harmed by #CBT/GET not bc I was forced into the torture (aka #MEcfs) Clinics but bc lack of education meant #NHS Dx me w/ Depression as cause of #PEM, #BrainFog & debilitating #Fatigue and was then traumatised by #Psychiatrists who told me I was to blame 1/
I was a happy, successful, yoga pant wearing, posh gym attending, green juice drinking, extroverted Californian forced to undergo #CBT w/ stern British #Psychiatrists. I wasn’t Depressed until I met them, temporarily saved by acceptance into @BerkeleyHaas MBS program 2/
MBA life is hectic, exhilarating & inspiring. In remittance, I love people & Academics so got involved in everything. For 2nd year, I got a position teaching undergrad Business. An income meant I moved into nicer apartment, flew business clothes to NYC for Reuters internship 3/
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@NICEComms have ‘paused’ publication of #MECFS guidelines due tomorrow (already delay since April)
There must be real concern that’s due to expected withdrawal of #GET & #CBT, shown in evidence reanalysis to be ineffective & harmful by patient report 1/…
@NICEComms is held as the arbiter of evidence based medicine & consensus.
I fear that in this case, Eminence based medicine has instead prevailed.
Can it really be the case that @NICEComms can be influenced by reputation, power & connections, to go against science, evidence? 2/
#ForwardME a group of #ME #MECFS charities, professional bodies & services have released the following statement expressing their concern 3/
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We are very happy to announce the new issue of Clinical Psychology in Europe @ClinPsychEurope @eaclipt.…

Thanks to all contributing authors and our wonderful publisher @PsychOpen!

Enjoy this issue - perfect reading for a sunny weekend.
RT welcome.
In this issue, the president of @EACLIPT, @claudibockting presents the 'Diamond Distinguished Contributor to Psychological Interventions Award’ to Dr. Aaron T. Beck @BeckInstitute. We are happy that @drjudithbeck complimented the award with a brief history of Dr. Beck and #CBT.
Laudatio by @ClaudibBockting…

History by @drjudithbeck and #SarahFleming…

Of course, there is much more to read in this new @ClinPsychEurope issue...

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1/x🧵- 96% of med schools in the US & Canada have ZERO dedicated, compulsory pain education.
No wonder we continue to throw pills at pain!!
To attempt to remedy this, my @UCSF @UCSFBenioffOAK colleagues & I piloted a pain training for #peds residents, & collected data.
2/x- It was an amazing experience.
Turns out pain education changes the way physicians treat pain. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Our results confirm & the paper was just published🌟

Please share if useful:…
3/x- Physicians reported having a better understanding of the biopsychosocial nature of pain, + increased likelihood of using nonpharm treatments like #CBT, mindfulness & biofeedback.

What will it take to implement *mandatory* pain education in ALL med schools⁉️⁉️
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