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Thought of the day: How many don't understand they own #cyclical equities? And the cycle peaked out in 2022 for 90% and contagion is the order of the day in 2023? #natgas #lumber #coal #oil #uranium #ironore #tin #nickel
#cyclical means you exit as the cycle matures .....that was 2022 if not 2021 for 80% of #commodities. Then 60% will experience a 55-75% fall in spot prices. Then one revisits in 2H 2023 or 2024 for reentry. If one holds through the cycle they don't understand what they own.
In short stupidity holds

#Natgas stocks post the $10 peak.....bottom < $2

#Coal stocks post the $450 plus ton peaks.....bottom < $130
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⚡China mulls efforts to maintain supply and price of iron ore: NDRC
#China #IronOre
#China state planner says has carried out field research to conduct in-depth research on #IronOre supply and price stability.
China state planner NDRC: Visit Qingdao Port and Tangshan Port to conduct research, learn about iron ore inventories and stockpiling charges at ports, evaluate situation of iron ore market and price, and study work of ensuring supply and stable price of iron ore.
#China #IronOre
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Brazilian high-grade iron ore price increases

The price of Brazilian high-grade #ironore exports, 65 percent iron contents, is $149/mt today, against $144/mt on March 10, CFR China conditions.⏬
The price is the highest since mid-June 2022, reflecting the confirmation that the operation pace of blast furnaces in China, in relation to their nameplate capacities, has reached 88.03 percent last week, after having increased for nine consecutive weeks.⏬
Such recovery of operations is attributed to the possibility that #steel producers could achieve higher margins, due to higher #steelprices in the international markets.

Full story 🔗
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China state planner NDRC says experts suggest strengthening regulation and supervision of iron ore market to curb unreasonable price rises.
#China #IronOre
Experts suggest that iron ore trading enterprises and steel enterprises should comprehensively and rationally view current supply and demand situation in iron ore market and not follow trend of speculation: NDRC
#China #IronOre
Experts suggest that information agencies and financial institutions should release market information and research reports objectively and accurately, and not release misleading information or stimulate price rise expectations: NDRC
#China #IronOre
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⚡China's Jan-Nov surplus (in USD terms) $802.04 billion
#Imports +2.0% y/y
#Exports +9.1% y/y
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China's Jan-Nov surplus (in yuan terms) 5.34 trillion yuan
#Imports +4.6% y/y
#Exports +11.9% y/y
2/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
China November trade balance(in yuan term) 494.33 bln yuan; Est. 486.0bln, Prev. 586.8bln;
#Imports -1.1 y/y ; Est. +7.1%, Prev.+6.8%;
#Exports +0.9% y/y ; Est. +8.2%, Prev.+7.0%.
3/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
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JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. Maybe a perfect storm in a tea cup ☕️ ?… Image
JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. 15 Nov might be 5 April 2.0. DYOR 🚨⚠️〽️… Image
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Thought of the day: Fighting #commodity price tops will just result in 75% plus stockprice retracements, #cyclicality music always stops, grab a chair early to avoid serious regrets and portfolio destruction. Easy clue to follow, is 65-80% margins above cost curves are peakish.
Those #commodities that are currently near bottoming (0-20%) for the next up cycle 2H2023-2025....

#tin -65%
#ironore -66%
#nickel -60% (moving up)
#Lumber -72%
#zinc -40%
#HRCSteel -67%

Know where you are in the cycle....
1st Quartile candidates for the next cycle...
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China October trade balance(in USD term) $85.15bln; Est. $95.97bln, Prev. $84.75 bln;
#Imports -0.7% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports -0.3% y/y ; Est. +4.5%, Prev.+5.7%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China October Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +586.81 bln yuan; Prev.+573.57 bln yuan;
Imports +6.8% y/y, Est.+10.0%, Prev.+5.2%.
Exports +7.0% y/y, Est.+12.7%, Prev.+10.7%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/ #China's Jan-October #trade with
ASEAN +15.8% y/y to 5.26 trillion yuan
🇪🇺EU +8.1% y/y to 4.68 trillion yuan
🇺🇸US +6.8% y/y to 4.21 trillion yuan
🇰🇷Korea +6.5% y/y to 2.02 trillion yuan
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China September trade balance(in USD term) $84.75bln; Est. $80.3 bln, Prev. $79.39 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +0.0%, Prev.+0.3%;
#Exports +5.7% y/y ; Est. +4.0%, Prev.+7.1%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China September Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +573.57 bln yuan; Est.+564.30 bln yuan, Prev.+535.91 bln yuan;
Imports +5.2% y/y, Est.+8.4%, Prev.+4.6%.
Exports +10.7% y/y, Est.+11.3%, Prev.+11.8%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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Um dos meus indicadores preferidos para monitorar o mercado de #commodities, é o BDI (Baltic Dry Index), pois ele reflete a realidade sobre o fluxo do mercado físico, não há manipulação nos dados, já que para opera-lo, na Baltic Exchange, você tem que ser uma cia marítima ⤵️
Assim, todos os negócios que acontecem, são fixações de fretes reais! Pois bem, há uns 3 meses atrás, eu comentava que este mês de setembro, poderia nos dar uma visão melhor de como o mercado poderá se comportar para os próximos meses, já que entramos da peak season dos fretes⤵️
A #China retoma sua atividade industrial após o período, sazonalmente, chuvoso de agosto e começam a acontecer as compras para o Black Friday e Natal no país. O que estamos vendo? Nas três últimas sessões, o indicador geral, subiu 30%, o #capesize (minério de ferro) 45% e de ⤵️
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China August trade balance(in USD term) $79.39 bln; Est. $92.40 bln, Prev. $101.26 bln;
#Imports +0.3% y/y ; Est. +1.20%, Prev.+2.3%;
#Exports +7.1% y/y ; Est. +13.0%, Prev.+18.0%.
1/ thread #trade #import #export #economy 🇨🇳 🇺🇸
#China August Yuan-denominated trade data
Trade balance +535.91 bln yuan, Prev.+682.69 bln yuan.
Imports +4.6% y/y, Est. +6.3%, Prev.+7.4%.
Exports +11.8% y/y, Est. +18.5%, Prev.+23.9%.
2/ thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
3/Thread #trade #import #export #econtwitter 🇨🇳
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China's most-traded #IronOre futures plunge 5.9% at night open, coke down 4.8%, coking #coal down 2.8%, hot rolled coils down 2.7%, #SteelRebar down 1.8%. Image
Benchmark Dalian #IronOre futures extend losses to 6.8% at 669 yuan/ton amid property sector turmoil.
Shanghai non-ferrous #metals fall on demand outlook, #nickel down 4.2%, #tin down 2.6%, #zinc down 1.6%.
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⚡China's most-traded coking coal, coke, iron ore futures extend declines at night opening. Coking coal down 4.3%, coke down 3.8%, iron ore down 3.7%.
#coal #ironore #CoalTwitter #China
⚡Shanghai non-ferrous #metals fall at market open, #tin down 2.3%, #copper down 1%.
⚡Shanghai low sulfur fuel oil futures dop 1.7%, fuel futures down 1.6%, crude oil futures down 1.4%. #OOTT
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🚨Iron ore and coke are plummeting 9% in China, and coking coal is down 6.45%, HRC and steel rebar futures are dropping more than 5%.
Crude oil is down 4.23% in Shanghai.
#China #futures #Ironore
#Ironore futures slumped as much as 5% in Singapore to hit $114 a ton, the lowest in six months.
Iron ore in Dalian drops to 760 yuan per ton, the lowest in a month.
#Glass futures rise 2% in Zhengzhou, and many glass manufacturers have raised their prices this weekend amid surging costs.
#China #futures
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#stockstowatch #steel #ironore
Steel, iron ore & iron ore pellet prices are all likely to correct sharply given the imposition of export duties. Export taxes levied are
Steel- 30% from NIL
Iron Ore- 50% from 30%/0%
Iron Ore Pellets- 45% from NIL
Let's calculate the price impact
Global iron ore prices are currently around US$129/t. Based on the current duty of 50% export tax up from 30%, the iron ore prices should fall in India by Rs1500/t. See table below for calculations
Iron Ore Pellet prices in India ex Raipur stands at Rs10300/t. Accounting for increase in export tax to 50% from 0% and also factoring in the cost of making pellets post possible drop in iron ore price. Expect iron ore pellet prices to drop by Rs3500/4000/t to Rs6500-7000/t
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CJI NV Ramana: there needs to be a level playing field for coal mines in bellary etc. On halting the unchecked excavation in Karnataka's 3 mining areas , the situation has worked out well. But situation has now changed
SC: We are of the opinion that 2011 order deserves to be relaxed and the e-auction is receiving low response. Thus restriction on sale of iron ore needs to be lifted ! #coalmining
SC: Export of iron ore is also allowed subject to Govt of India terms and conditions. #ironoremining
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#SupremeCourt is hearing applications seeking to re-start iron ore export from Karnataka

CJI NV Ramana: issue is whether e auction should be started or not and whether ore export be allowed.
Adv Prashant Bhushan: Steel Ministry says that more and more iron ore is needed. it says India produces 120 million tons every years and it needs 192 million tons every year.
Bhushan: ministry is saying we need to increase production of steel and thus we need more iron ore. it is not saying that there is surplus of iron ore and thus we dont need to export.
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Dalian iron ore futures gain 4.7% in night session, coking coal futures up 2.9%, coke futures up 2.3%.
#coal #CoalTwitter #ironore #iron
SHFE nickel, steel rebar, hot rolled coils futures rise more than 2%. #nickel #steel
Shanghai INE crude oil futures rise 1.9%, low sulfur fuel oil futures rise 2.1%. #OOTT
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China's most active nickel futures rise 3.5% in night session to 214,050 yuan/ton, thermal coal futures up 2.4%. #nickel #coal #CoalTwitter
Dalian coking coal futures fall 4.3% at night open, coke futures down 3.7%, iron ore futures down 3.6%, LPG futures down 3.2%, palm oil futures down 3.1%.
#coal #CoalTwitter #LPG #ironore #iron
Zhengzhou thermal coal futures trim intraday gains to 0.2% vs rise of 2.4% at open. #coal #CoalTwitter
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Crude oil futures in #China INE open up 9%, low sulfur fuel oil also rises 6.34%.
#Ironore futures up 2.7%, thermal coal advances 3%, #zinc and #aluminum rise 1.8%.
Rapeseed meal and soybean meal are running off the reason peak. ImageImageImage
Crude oil futures in INE surges 11%, hitting the limit-up, low sulfur fuel oil jumps 9.4%.
#China #Futures #OOTT #inflation Image
DCE iron ore futures extended gains to 5.7%, to 788 yuan per tonne.
SGX iron ore rises 6%, back to above $150 per tonne.
#Ironore #China Image
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#China's most-traded #IronOre futures, thermal #coal futures fall about 3% in night session.
Thermal #coal futures traded on ZCE trim losses rapidly, last down 0.9%. #China
SHFE #SteelRebar futures fall about 2.4% as #IronOre futures extend decline to more than 4%. #China
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The most-traded #ironore contract fell below 600 yuan per ton, down 5.65%, for the first time since May 2020.
SGX #ironore index futures due December fells more than 3%.
#China #future Image
The most-traded #ironore contract extended its decline to 8.04% at 577.5 yuan/ton. Image
The most-traded #ironore contract in #China dives to the limit down.
SGX #ironore future plunges 7%.
Iron ore stockpiles in 7 major ports from Australia and Brazil recorded 12.92 mln tons from Oct.25-31, rosed by 0.33 mln tons w/w, slightly above 2021 average, data shows. Image
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#Copper thread

1/ Everywhere on Twitter 'I Told You So' copper bulls are running

I get it- a technical setup where the 200d is defended & old highs are retested

And yes, I'm short duration & know the correlation w/ copper/gold

(ed note: do copper bulls short gold or bonds? :)
2/ Unfortunately, the only tangible news behind this copper squeeze are a #CCP PBOC official talking about 'Rule of Law' principles resolving Evergrande.

Are you kidding me?…
3/ Chinese home sales are contracting faster than at any time in recorded, post-Deng history
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