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First #Jihadi #mujahideen warriors in #Bosnia 🇧🇦 began arriving in 1992. Firstly as a humanitarian workers, and later to become the martyrs on Allah´s road in #Bosnia. Their first camp was in village of #Mehurici and their 1st leader was Abu Abdel Aziz aka #Barbaros. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
The main financier of these warriors was Mohammed al-Fatih Hassaneyn from #Sudan 🇸🇩 who with his brother Sukarno founded #TWRA an NGO in #Vienna #Austria 🇦🇹 from where he transferred money and #Jihadi warriors to #Bosnia 🇧🇦.
In 1970´s Hassaneyn was Sudanese student in #Belgrade dentistry college where he used his free time to travel
through #Yugoslavia to visit his fellow Muslims. That´s how he met another student Alija Izetbegovic in #Sarajevo and new friendship started.
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Listen to the voice of reason.
Remember the 90s, the media war won the battlefield indeed.
You are more numerous than your foes, you have many other Orthodox, Slavs, & even Westerners rdy to help.
But you need to help yourselves, & surf on the external waves when they come.
2. With our numbers & the numbers of those who follow all of us outside of #Serbia, we are millions & we are legions.
I can even speak about it in English (it's easier for me), because I don't fear to be seen.
We can speak out, & truth & justice is with us.
Why bother to hide it?
3. We don't need to go Kosovo ravno with guns & bullets, but just manipulate with the strength we have the tectonic plates of the media.
But we need to help ourselves to do that. Corner Serbian politicians, shake Serbian influencers & journalists, so they help the media effort.📢
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What's the connection between people uncomfortable for the state and the deaths of Covid 19? The inconvenient lists are made by the Secret Service in absolutely all so-called democratic countries. In China, for example, it is clear that a lot of dissidents were executed under the Image
guise of Covid 19.
In Serbia I have clear doubts once the situation emerged and spread all over & so fast. The measures taken by government were too fast & too harsh taking into account the numbers! And numbers lied almost every time I cross checked them! Also is strange to see Image
the rule of numbers made by 3 digits. Search any combination of 3 digits on Google and you will have a shock! Impossible you might say but they covered all variants while providing fake locations and affected by disease! Wake up this is the greatest cover in the world and the Image
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Fethiye Mosque in #Athens #Greece now an expo hall

Tzisdaraki Mosque in Athens now ceramics museum

Hamza Bey #Mosque in Thessaloniki now a Movie theater

Alaca Imaret Mosque in #Thessaloniki now a museum

Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki minarets destroyed & now expo hall Greece etc
No rights for Muslim's in #Greece
Muslim's aren't recognised, nor are allowed to pray in their #Masjid Mosques, which were built for centuries in #Greece #Yunanistan

Dear 1.9 Billion Muslim's & 50 Muslim countries. Boycott Greece Greeks

#BoycottGreece #Greek #Athens #BDSGreece #MuslimLivesMatter #Islamophobia
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During last night protests in Serbia, the police attacked men and women, beat them with sticks, pepper-sprayed them, put their feet on their heads, took their phones... And all of it was broadcast by only ONE TV channel.


More in thread 👇🏻
Thousands gathered in front of the parliament building to protest against the dictatorship of one man, president Aleksandar Vučić, after he reintroduced coronavirus lockdown measures he had previously suspended only so he could hold rigged elections.
The police brutality was the worst we've seen in decades. Here is the police beating unarmed men who are peacefuly protesting by SITTING ON A BENCH.
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1/ Currently there are huge #protests in #Belgrade #Serbia. It is important to note that protests are not against lockdown as most people say. Protests are sparked by a 4-day total lockdown/curfew but to get the whole picture there are few important bits of information.
2/ Serbian government has been abusing power for years in pretty much every conceivable way while blatantly lying and manipulating public media and destroying institutions!
3/ Government's response to COVID-19 has been chaotic and confusing from the start. In early days, official stance was "it is the most ridiculous virus, just like the flu" (said by the president himself)
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Ready for a travel-Thread from yesterday? On my #trainWeddingtrip another #nighttrain was needed: №1335 "Hellas" from #Belgrade🇷🇸 to #Gevgelija🇲🇰 (+ #Thessaloniki🇬🇷 by bus). It's a train w/ a long history but it's today's existence is only a poor copy of former glory!
1st difficulty: One has to get to #Belgrade🇷🇸 Topčider train station by tram. Sadly no trains leave the beautiful main train station anymore. Tram-infos are rather hard to find, but buying tickets is easy, just hold your 💳 to one of these ticket-cancellers 👍! #trainWeddingtrip
There is not much around #Belgrade🇷🇸 Topčider, mainly a big park. From there, 4 international trains are leaving & arriving the city (2x #Bar🇲🇪, 1x #Sofia🇧🇬 & 1x #Gevgelija🇲🇰). Next to this building there is a ticket-office AND a GREAT😍 railway station pub🍺🍔! #trainWeddingtrip
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