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#AMuS Alpine fought back in a big way in the duel with McLaren for fourth place in the World Championship. Although Esteban Ocon finished fourth in Suzuka ahead of the two Mercedes, there was a lot of tension in the team. Fernando Alonso complained about the tactics.
Suzuka was a real liberation for Alpine after two clear rounds. McLaren's attack has been repulsed for the time being. Alpine left Japan with 18 points, McLaren with just one. The pendulum has recently swung from one extreme to the other.

Before the Italian GP, ​​Alpine was 24 points ahead of McLaren. After Singapore, the British opponent suddenly led with four points in the lead. And just one race later, it's the other way around. Alpine is ahead with 143:130 points.

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#AMuS Red Bull has the fastest car on the straights. According to their rivals, this is not only due to an efficient car. Rumor has it that Red Bull can lower its car on the straights. An old trick, but much harder to pull off under the new regulations.
The numbers speak for themselves. On nine of the 17 racetracks, Red Bull was ahead in terms of top speed. Only Williams can reasonably keep up with four best times. But the FW44 also generates the lowest downforce in the field.

The Red Bull RB18, on the other hand, is also fast in the corners. The measurements refer to the qualification when the cars are normally on the road without a slipstream. In the race, the top speed values ​​are often falsified by who can activate DRS and who cannot.

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¡Inicia el segundo tiempo en el 🏟 Banco Guayaquil!

#IDVvsMUS 0-0

49’ | ¡Se salva #IDV! Córner de Delgado y por poco marca un gol olímpico al impactar el balón en el horizontal.

#IDVvsMUS 0-0

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¡Inicia el partido en el 🏟 Banco Guayaquil!

#IDVvsMUS 0-0

15’ | #IDV trata de marcar la primera del encuentro.

#IDVvsMUS 0-0

19’ | ¡Llega #IDV! Ordóñez levanta un centro y el remate de cabeza de Angulo es controlado por Pabón.

#IDVvsMUS 0-0

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“ME/CFS: What Psychiatrists & Psychologists need to know” by @DoctorsWithME (March 2022)…

#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #NeuroME #MEcfs #CFS #PwME #CFSME

#ME/#CFS is a chronic, complex, multi-system biological illness with often devastating consequences. It affects all age groups including children, and all social classes. About 75% of sufferers are female”

#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #MEcfs #PwME #CFSME #ChronicFatigueSyndrome
ME/CFS “has a worse quality of life score than many other serious illnesses including cancer, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and MS. 25% of patients are housebound or bedbound.”

#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MEcfs #CFS #PwME #MyalgicE #SevereME
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Trigger warning- Will try keep this short. Uncovering the scale of medical gaslighting and corporate corruption. Who teaches our doctors to dismiss medically unexplained symptoms as hysteria?

Lynn Turner- MUS management PowerPoint, Kings College London ImageImageImage
She also developed the GAS-light model as way of determining which treatments were worth trialling ie cost effectiveness - gauging effectiveness based on patient set goals for graded assessment. If we set the goals, its not on them if the treatments aren't effective, it's on us. ImageImage
Michael Sharpe is a psychiatrist&an author of the fraudulent #PACETrial. He does consulting work for insurance companies & advises them that #ME is a mental health disorder. Here he consulting for Swiss Re, classifying #LC as 'health anxiety'-
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The chronic collaboration has been created in response to the recent refusal of NICE to publish the much awaited ME/CFS guideline. Many #pwME would like to protest this decision along with the years of medical neglect & mistreatment they have faced 1/5…
Due to the psychologisation of #MECFS after the scientifically flawed #PACEtrial, part funded by the #DWP btw. Not only has this caused medical abuse in patients with #ME (#MAIMES) its having a huge impact on the treatment & further investment of many other patient groups 2/5
From people living with #ChronicPain & #MUS to #Fibromyalgia & #LongCovid. There are literally #MillionsMissing globally & thousands of #Disabled #pwME & #SevereME in the UK who are desperate for their voices to be heard, represented, just taken seriously in many cases 3/5
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