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The United States of #America/The United States is NOT A #COUNTRY, IT IS A FOREIGN CORPORATION to the several states. And it had been so since 1789!
FOOTNOTE: United States Code Title 28 § 3002 (15)(a) § 3002. Definitions (15) "United States" means-(A) a Federal corporation.

Look up this Federal statute at
When you say The United States/USA is your country, it is no different than you say Walmart is your country or any other corporation.

You will not find the United States/USA a country & a Union as a "one nation" in any of the founding documents.
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A lot of people spend a lot time & energy popping jokes on these usurpers, but did you know as a U.S. Citizen you are their subjects? The people of the several states are property of the foreign corporation The United States and are under a foreign law system....
...."De facto" (Not True Law) - Legislative statutes/codes Corporate policy. Learn why U.S. Citizens DO NOT have rights, but privileges and immunities that can be taken away at anytime via Section 1 of the 14th Amendment.

Click below. 👇
A lot of people use #Twitter or other social media platform form to complain about which master they're not happy with, but failed to understand this system operates by your CONSENT!
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#NorthCarolina is a Nation!

Title 8 United States Code 1101 (21)(a). The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

Look up this Federal statute at
North Carolina Flag History.

This state flag, adopted in 1861, is said to have been issued to North Carolina regiments of state troops during the summer of 1861 and borne by them throughout the war. It was the only flag, except the national and Confederate colors,...
....used by North Carolina troops during the International war of 1861.
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Nature has its own unique way of growth for each of us. Take the Chinese bamboo for example. When it sprouts, it doesn’t show much growth for the first four years. Then in the fifth year, the bamboo grows ninety feet in six weeks!

#nithyananda #ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts
It was not that the tree wasn't growing in the first 4 years. Though the growth was not visible, the roots were being strengthened to make it possible for the plant to grow fast and safely into a huge tree!

#nithyananda #Growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Like the bamboo’s growth, there is no scale to measure yourself with anyone other than your own self. If you spend all your energy looking in and competing with yourself,you will progress in leaps and bounds

#nithyananda #growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
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1) Over the last few days, I've had a point that I want to make but I've been struggling to find the words to make it brief & concise. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to ramble on for a few tweets. I will liken my point to, "If a tree falls in the...
2) ...forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
If every time @POTUS is accused of something and through an investigation we find out he is innocent, but the lamestream media never reports the truth, is he actually innocent? Not in the minds of those who...
3) ...don't make it a point to gather their information from many sources.
When the news conglomerates all band together to tell outright lies, getting the truth out is like walking through quicksand. These lies aren't just coming from TV news or newspapers or social media...
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Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1…
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.@For_Cripes_Sake and I recorded the second episode of our podcast over the course of 3 days and now I can't talk anymore BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I think.

Nazis, how to spot disinformation on social media, and dick jokes. Lots and lots of dick jokes. 🍆…
PS: you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Apple Podcasts or iTunes or whatever the fuck they call it now. #fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts…
And, you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Spotify:
#fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts… #NowPlaying
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Fascism exists in all parts and parties in the Totalitarian system. Of course, if you do not support/100% with the right fringe conservative communists then you are a left wing socialist communist. But…if you don’t 100% agree with the left wing socialist communist. Then you...
...must be a racist, fascist right wing conservative communists. The fact is they are all fascist communists. ~ Steve

The current system is Totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers 👉#Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37) via The Reconstruction Act of 1867 & The never ratified 14th Amendment.
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It is telling that @MattWalshBlog, @CBNNews, @foxandfriends and all the right-wing pearl clutchers denouncing #ExposeChristianSchools have not reached out to talk to me as the person who started it, or to anyone using the hashtag to tell their stories. I’m available, you cowards.
For your convenience, here’s my account of how #ExposeChristianSchools got started and what its purpose is:…
And this is what responsible reporting on #ExposeChristianSchools looks like, @FoxNews. Shout-out to you too, @tperkins.…
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In addition to being shockingly ignorant, this is pretty much the worst possible sentiment to be throwing out for the #FourthOfJuly in the time of Trump. Nice job!

#ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts #Resist #IndependenceDay #EmptyThePews
Patriotism is weaponized by authoritarian communities and regimes. Some of us who grew up in the Christian Right are literally triggered by the God and country routine. And you know how you don’t address real, substantive divides? By saying hey let’s all do nationalism together!
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