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Por qué el aumento de la desigualdad económica conduce a una sociedad cada día más HORTERA como uno de los principales rasgos del #idioceno.
La desigualdad no es tanto un problema moral como un problema ESTÉTICO.…
"Economic #inequality favors consumption preferences for products that provide desirable symbolic values associated with #status.
The current findings support the role of STATUS SEEKING to explain the link between economic inequality and status or CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION".
👉 GEOMETRÍA de la búsqueda de ESTATUS: Asumiendo un mismo radio de acción en las relaciones sociales (ancho entre líneas verdes), a mayor Gini (>desigualdad), mayor diferencia de estatus respecto a los situados por encima en las rentas altas y más afán de EMULACIÓN en ellas. Image
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Who has something against the 🇷🇺's as a people?
Certainly not the 🇬🇷's,
who are the defenders of humanity with the timeless values of Hellenism.
Putin, what exactly did he achieve?
1300 km new 🇫🇮NATO borders,while he told us that's
what the invasion was for/ Image
2/ Do you know that the 🇨🇭's are discussing to join NATO?
#unheard of
Kremlin polarized the things, as would be the #continuation of the 2nt
#coldwar. Νot a #proxywar The theory that since we got the 1 piece, we will continue, is like #kindergarten #strategy Image
3) We also saw a super power, appearing as a #fake #Superpower.
a) We learned things that would have taken us 20 years to learn
b) 🇪🇺was united with current & future #geostrategic #status. With 🇬🇧.
c) lifting the🇺🇲 🪖embargo of 🇨🇾(🇪🇺).
d) 🇩🇪changed Image
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After being de-peg to $0.98, the Tron DAO reserve has immediately deployed more funds to back up their stablecoin. Check the infographic to have an overview about their $USDD reserve.
#ratio #collateral #status
The reserve is contributed by two components: The burning $TRX contract and the reserve address.
The TRX Burning contract is the contract that contains the burnt TRX in the process of issuing USDD.
#ratio #collateral #status
The reserve address is the address that contains assets to back up the stability of USDD in case of a volatile market. The reserve is divided into 3 addresses and 2 kinds of assets.
#ratio #collateral #status
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The most important factor in how much dietary iron you absorb is not whether it is heme or non-heme, plant🌱or animal🐮 - it is your current #iron #status.
If you are iron #deficient you may absorb 25% from plants, if you are iron #replete you may absorb less than 1%. Image
#IronStatus (is your body low in stores?) is the main factor determining how much iron you will absorb from your diet🌱🥩. The body doesn't want too much so high absorption ONLY occurs if your #storage is #low. The body is smart🩸🧠🫀🫁💡! Image
The body is very good at recycling #iron from dead red blood cells.
Only 5-10% of our iron needs come from our #diet🍽️
🥬🍠🍳🍔🍗🥜🍞🥩 Image
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Wieder einmal unter Menschen neuer Fall von #LongCovid: Habe FA besucht, MFA ohne Vorerkrankungen, jung (etwa so alt wie ich). #Geimpft& #Geboostert und dann #Delta #Impddurchbruch Dez 21, seit dieser Wo wieder stundenweise in Praxis. Dieser FA versteht LC recht gut, so dass
die #MFA #achtsam & mit #Pacing den Kampf gegen #LongCovid aufnehmen kann. Alle mit Arbeitsplatz wo LC #nicht verstanden ist, stehen vor #Dilemma: Rückkehr zu altem #Leistungspensum idR nicht mgl (#PEM, Chronifizietung #MECFS) wird aber verlangt & man geht trotzdem #arbeiten
Hier zeigt der #Spätkapitalismus in seiner #neoliberalen_Spielart noch mal seine #brutalste_Form von $rücksichtslosen_verheizen von #Arbeitskraft. Jemand der #LongCovid hat, muss in der Regel für einen Zeitraum von 6 bis 24 Monaten langsamer machen, füt #chance auf #Besserung
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The promise debate about #NATO enlargement is politically futile. This crisis is about #Russia’s position in Europe, its long-term #status and #power. 30 years of strategic failure, disappointments, and unintended consequences. A long🧵 1/x
2/ Gorbachev ended the Cold War and agreed to asymmetric disarmament to enable domestic reforms but also because he imagined a different international order: A US-Soviet co-dominium in a common European home. Soviet economic collapse and disintegration stopped this from happening
3/ Yeltsin’s government initially set out to integrate with the West. It accepted US leadership. Foreign Minister Kozyrev famously believed that Russia had no national interests different from the West. This “romantic” phase ended quickly. Domestic opposition was growing.
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Collectors: It's not just about status or money, it's about supporting artists who have invested years into developing their craft. Artists have been overlooked for far too long, yet continue to pour into what they are passionate about. Artists make our world a much better place.
Being an art #collector, whether in #cryptoart, #nft's, traditional #art, or many other art forms - it must primarily stem from a love for beauty, skill, creativity, nature, meaning, and thinking. Great art makes us appreciate, connect, aspire, reflect, and adjust perspectives.
As collectors, we help to recognize these talents in original artwork. Collecting from underrated, undervalued, underappreciated, unknown #artists who display stunning aptitudes for creating is a joy and a privilege, as it communicates to artists that they are valued and seen.
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD alright part 3 here we go. Now were we left off in part two was discussing about TSLA and how we need their sales to match their forecasts. Why is this important from an accounting perspective and internally the company is looking at having strong
quarters as we emerge from the pandemic. I know a big part of that is the micro chips and supply chains when it comes to materials both importing and exporting them and it doesn't help that a lot of it has been hampered due to the pandemic. So tomorrow I'll listen in on the call
and hopefully I can give you some insight as to what to expect from the company going forward. #OCGN you are up...Wow can I just say you guys have held and held you all saw some massive gains last week so kudos to each and every one of you who are continuing to hold onto this
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#AMC #GME #NAKD #OCGN #TSLA alright good evening everyone and Happy Sunday to you all. While I'm buried up under the rule recap for both the YouTube channel and here, I wanted to answer a couple questions for you guys as I've seen a lot of comments come my way. So tonight's recap
we will go over your comments and questions going into the week. Before I get started can I just say you guys have truly outdone yourself. I have been in awe all week at the massive amounts of love here on my feed. I sit just at 4,787 followers and counting. I want to first
thank each of you as I wouldn't be here without you.
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#twittercollege naar aanleiding van het recente verknipte #fvd filmpje #Omtzigt en andere communicatie strategieën van #Baudet en #fvd /1
Veronderstel dat er binnen #FvD sprake is van een N-person prisoner’s dilemma: een sociaal dilemma waarbij niet-samenwerking tussen individuele mensen leidt tot de achteruitgang en mogelijk instorting van een hulpbron [fvd-kiezers]. Dan is dit het speelveld van #Baudet en #fvd /2
Er zijn verschillende strategieën om uit een N-persons prisoner's dilemma te ontsnappen. Hoewel het niveau van samenwerking bij dilemma's van de N-gevangenen veel lager is, vergeleken met dilemma's van twee gevangenen. De titel van het boek van @ChrisAalberts spreekt boekdelen /3
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Meine wichtigsten Punkte plus Fazit (thread ⤵️):
1)🇪🇺 ✅ Ganz großer Fortschritt nicht zu leugnen: Die EU übernimmt gemeinsame (!) Verantwortung für den Wiederaufbau der Wirtschaft in der Union. Das ist historisch und war noch vor kurzem unvorstellbar
2) (🇳🇱 🇦🇹 🇸🇪 🇫🇮 🇩🇰) ❌ Problematisch ist, wohin das Geld fliesst: Innovation, grüne Transformation, internationale Zusammenarbeit - allesamt strategisch wichtig ➡️rigoros gekürzt ⤵️. Zu wenig #Zukunft, zu viel #Status-quo (Agrar!)
3) (🇭🇺 🇵🇱)⛔️ Faktische Aushebelung des Rechtsstaatskoniditionalität im kommenden mehrjährigen Haushalt! Das Versprechen der Kanzlerin, Art. 7-Verfahren noch in diesem Jahr abzuschließen, heißt de facto Abwicklung zugunsten von 🇭🇺 und 🇵🇱
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/01/2020-2…

Daring Fireball: A Spectacularly Bad Washington Post Story on Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification Project…

#apple #notification #exposure #google #tracking
Girl, 12, survives heart failure tied to Kawasaki-like syndrome believed caused by coronavirus - The Washington Post…

#failure #coronavirus #syndrome #heart
Investigating neural mechanisms underlying individual differences in perception…

#neural #perception
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Una de las cosas más maravillosas que te pueden pasar es enamorarte, ¿no?. ¿Quién no se quiere enamorar? HILO👇
Todo empezó cuando yo estaba pasando una etapa durilla. Me acababan de echar del trabajo.
Me había costado lo suyo tener algo de estabilidad laboral cuando... Pum! No sé qué de ajustes presupuestarios y que yo no era indispensable.
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