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1. This is the composition of women in each Presidential Campaign Council, PCC, in Nigeria. I’ll illustrate with Data.

PDP 7.7% Women.
APC 8.8% Women.
LABOUR 23.3% Women.

Source: @DinidariAfrica…
2. The role of #WomenInPolitics, in business & in the homes, cannot be overemphasized. In Nigeria however, number of Women In Politics is abysmal, men dominate our Public life. However, Peter Obi & LP lead the way in the number of women in key decision-making roles.
3. As Governor, Peter Obi Administration guaranteed Affirmative Action for Women in governance. Obi will replicate that in Aso Rock. The APC as you know it, they have no respect for Women. Women have no place in their Campaign Council. Strongmen dominate everything in there.
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Women in Politics - What does Feminist representation look like?
#GirltalkUg @ChooseYourself2
"Looking at our history, women have always participated in politics and the fight for independence. Feminism and women in politics is not new to Africa." @MarionKirabo @akitengisabella @ChooseYourself2

#GirltalkUg #WomenInPolitics #FeministConversations
"Through Affirmative action, we see more women joining politics in Uganda as positions for women representatives are created at all levels from Parliament to Local council. @MarionKirabo @akitengisabella @ChooseYourself2
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Research shows that Kamala Harris may be the most targeted American politician on the internet, one who checks every box for the haters of the fever swamps: She's a woman, she's a person of color and she holds power.
Abuse directed at women is often personalized,attacking them based on their appearance &denigrating their intelligence. President Biden gets his share of smears but they tend to focus on his age; Those directed at Harris tend to reference sex, violence or misogynistic accusations
In the first week after Harris was named to the ticket, the sexualized hashtag #(heelsupharris) appeared 35,479 times in Twitter posts. Immediately following the running-mate announcement, false claims about Harris were being shared at least 3,000 times an hour on Twitter.
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"We need to keep talking about discrimination and not brush it under the carpet", says Tanzeela Qambrani, Pakistan’s 1st Sheedi lawmaker in Sindh assembly.

Read her story:

This is the story of a woman who challenged racial discrimination to proudly reclaim her Sheedi identity.


#Pakistan #Pakistanpolitics
Why does representation matter in politics?

Tanzeela, MPA in Pakistan’s Sindh Assembly, tells us what being a Sheedi lawmaker means for her and her community that has faced centuries of discrimination.

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Somi Devi, the 1st woman Sarpanch from Garasiya tribe in Basantgarh (Raj), brought electricity, solved the water problem and got jobs under MNREGA

Read how Dalit and Adivasi women leaders are securing the rights of the most marginalised.

“Man after man from the upper castes occupy important offices but are only interested in gloating”, says Somi Devi.…

Read stories of how Dalit and Adivasi women leaders are striving for social justice in their communities by @_surbhism of @THP_Ind…
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Last week Afghan MP, Fawzia Koofi survived an assassination attempt, one of the many since she came into politics.
She is one of the 2 women in the peace talks delegation with the #Taliban and a women's rights activist.

Read her interview with us here:…
Gender based violence against women in politics is rampant across the world. In India Panchayat leaders, esp from Dalit and Adivasi communities suffer disproportionate violence. Read about those stories from Tamil Nadu here…

Follow all the updates from women in politics across the world in this great newsletter curated by Akshi @WomenMPs_India here:

and @PoliticalShakti and @tarauk for advocacy for greater representation of women in politics.

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She survived several attempts to her life by the #Taliban.

Now @FawziaKoofi77 , is negotiating peace with the hardline group for the future of women of Afghanistan.

In part 1 of an interview, the Afghan MP tells us why these talks are important.…
This is part of our “Women, Power and Politics” series, where we will bring you stories and interviews with radical and progressive women political leaders from South Asia.

Poster Credit: @VasudhaVaradar1

#SouthAsia #WomenLeaders #WomenInPolitics #PoliticalRevolution A poster with women figure ...
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We are proud of our members & recognise that not all women experience the same barriers to participation in politics & so want to take some time today (and every day) to celebrate the women of colour on our exec and in our network #WomenInPolitics #RepresentationMatters #Shero
Our exec member, the brilliant Cllr @JosieChanner has a book coming out next week - Diary of a Prison Officer. You can join us for the launch event here.…
Our exec member, the wonderful @TaiwoOwatemi was elected as Coventry North West’s first Black MP in Dec 2019. A former NHS pharmacist, she is now part of the Shadow Home Office team and is already making waves in parliament with her intellect, calm approach and wisdom.
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Women’s leadership in #Panchayats has transformed local governance and brought a new generation of local leaders who succeed despite limited finances, caste oppression and violence. Read about some local leaders from TN here:…
#WomeninPolitics #throwback
Sharmila Devi, a #Dalit Sarpanch solved a 50 year water crisis in her Panchayat in Sivagangai dt. which none of the upper caste male Sarpanches could do. How are women succeeding despite challenges? Read their stories.…
Rani Muniyakanu, ex- president of Vaduvanchery #Panchayat, Nagapattinam dt, dared to take on the illegal beach sand mafia. Despite threats she won a long legal legal battle ag. miners. Read how reservation has enabled bold #grassroots leaders. #ThrowbackThursday #womeninpolitics
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Women hold 33%-50% elected positions in Panchayats but only 14% of MPs in Lok Sabha.
We explored why it is hard for women with political ambitions to rise up in politics in Tamil Nadu- holds true for all of India. #WomeninPolitics #Throwback…
Salma,a poet & former Panchayat leader is among the few women to have made the transition from rural governance to mainstream politics while battling gender prejudices, financial constraints, family pressures.
"Most go back home once their term is over" she says #WomeninPolitics
“In this patriarchal system, where men hold power and are reluctant to share it, they have very cleverly convinced women that politics is not for them. We need to stop buying into this idea,” @jothims told us. #WomeninPolitics #Throwback…
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Sidhamallamma, ex-Panchayat leader in #TamilNadu is also an #ASHA worker passionate about health. As a child bride herself she knows the dangers of #earlymarriage + frequent pregnancies. Read how she makes a difference.…
An #Adivasi from the Irula tribe, she frequents #MNREGA sites to to talk to women about their health and control over their own bodies. 47.4% women in Krishnagiri dt, where her panchayat is located are anaemic and 2.2% are severely so. #WomeninPolitics #Panchayatleaders
Despite #patriarchy, caste prejudice and male dominated political networks, women leaders like Sidhamallamma have been making an enormous difference in their Panchayats ranging from water to health. #WomeninPolitics #Panchayatleaders
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“These are facts that are important for every LDS woman to know. It’s amazing that these aren’t currently part of the legacy of what it means to be an LDS woman. Very few people know these facts.” — Neylan McBaine, co-founder and CEO of @BetterDays2020

#MWEGconf #firsttovote Image
“We can be good stewards just by living gospel principles.” — Shannon Ellsworth with @LDSEarthSteward

#MWEGconf #environment #sustainability #gogreen #savetheplanet #environmentalism Image
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Andhra CM @ysjagan appointed M Sucharita, first Dalit woman Home Minister of the new state. Sabita Indra Reddy served as first woman Home minister of an Indian state in the YSR cabinet in undivided AP in 2009.
Thread on women ministers in states:
Women ministers in most states are in charge of the Woman and Child Development ministry- an important portfolio. In some states, they hold other positions too.
Sarveen Chaudhry (HP) and Kavita Jain (Haryana) hold the Urban Development portfolios.
#WomenMinisters #WomeninPolitics
Social and Minority Welfare ministries are held by women in a few states. They are:
Pramila Brahma- Assam
V Saroja- TN ( also Nutritious Meals Program)
Gulabo Devi -UP
S Valarmathi - (TN) (BC+ Minorities Welfare)
Sandhya Rani Tudu - West Bengal

#WomenMinisters #WomeninPolitics
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#Odisha’s new govt led by Naveen Patnaik for a 5th term appointed 2 women in his 20 member Council of Ministers (CoM)- Tukuni Sahu, cabinet minister for Women and child welfare and Mission Shakti and Padmini Dian as Minister of State for handlooms and textiles.

Women make up 10% of Odisha's new cabinet.

How are women represented in other state governments?
A look at the data:
States with highest number of women ministers:

Uttar Pradesh- 5
West Bengal- 4
Tamil NAdu- 4
Jharkhand, Kerala, MP, Punjab, Odisha, Maharashtra - 2
All other states, except where there are no women, have 1 woman minister each.

#WomensReperesentation #WomenInPolitics
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4 States elected new #MLAs for their Legislative Assembly- along with #LokSabhaelections2019 Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh. How did women contestants perform in these states?
A Thread:
#WomenRepresentation #WomenInPolitics
#AndhraPradesh elected 14 women who make up 8% in the 174 seat Assembly in #elections2019. This is lower than 2014, when women MLAs made up 10% (18) of its first legislative Assembly since bifurcation.
#WomenRepresentation #WomenInPolitics #AndhraPradeshElection2019
#Odisha elected 13 women MLAs who constitute 9% of the State Legislative Assembly- higher than 2014, where women MLAs were 7.5%.
This is the second time highest proportion of women MLAs are elected in Odisha’s history. First being 9% in 2000
#WomenRepresentation #WomenInPolitics
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78 women MPs were elected to 17th #LokSabha in 2019 elections- the highest in its history.
14.4% of MPs will be women- an increase from 12.2% (66) MPs in the 16th Lok Sabha. Some #data insights on Women MPs from #LokSabhaelections2019.
Large states with the highest proportion of elected women MPs in the 17th Lok Sabha:
Odisha - 33.3%
West Bengal- 26.2%
Gujarat- 23 %
Maharashtra- 16%
Andhra Pradesh- 16%
Small states with highest proportion of elected women MPs in the 17th Lok Sabha
Chattisgarh- 27.3%
Uttarakhand- 20.3%
Jharkhand- 14.3%

#WomenInLokSabha #WomenRepresentation #LokSabhaElections2019 #WomenInPolitics
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This Lok Sabha has 78 women parliamentarians from across the country and across the political parties. People of these constituencies deserve applause. So, come with me to some of these places that I have visited. #Travel #WomenInPolitics
Araku Valley in the eastern ghats of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh elected G Madhavi of YSRCP.… Do you know it is a coffee growing part of India? #travel #WomenInPolitics
Guwahati in Assam chose @OjaQueen of BJP as their representative. True to its name Guwahati is the hub of trade in North East India… blessed by Kamakhya herself #Travel #WomenInPolitics
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Over the course of the #LokSabhaElections2019 we profiled some interesting women, transgender and intersex candidates contesting the polls. Now that the results are in we look at how they fared in the elections.
Jothimani MS of INC has won the Karur Parliamentary seat in TN defeating former Union Minister and AIADMK candidate M Thambidurai by 4 lakh 20 thousand votes.
#Panchayat2Parliament #WomeninPolitics #Loksabha
Jothimani @jothims got 63% of the votes in her constituency.
Read here about her career in politics from Panchayat to Parliament

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1) The sexist and misogynistic content of the pamphlet on Atishi Marlena is a clear example of the barriers faced by women in asserting equal political participation. @AtishiAAP

2) While both men and women are affected by violence in politics, violence against women in politics is disproportionately gender-based.

3) Authorities must put in place mechanisms to ensure politicians and their supporters do no infringe on human rights of women politicians.

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India votes in the 6th phase of #LokSabhaElections2019 on 12th May.
With 6 constituencies in the fray, Bihar has a very interesting history of women’s representation. We look at the data behind the history.

#Thread #WomensRepresentation
Tarakeswari Sinha and Sushama Sen were the first women MPs to be elected from Bihar to the 1st Lok Sabha in 1952. black and white picture of ...Black and White picture of ...
In the early years, percentage of women contestants who won elections was fairly high.
71% in 1957
75% in 1962 of women contestants went on to become MPs in Bihar.
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4 states are voting to elect a new government today. Where do women feature in these #elections?
Arunachal Pradesh, has 11 women contesting, 5 more than 2014.

#WomenInPolitics #Elections2019 Image is a graph showing pe...
Sikkim is voting to elect a new government today. 14 women are in the fray, 3 more than 2014. 16 women, the highest ever, contested in Sikkim in 2009.

#WomenInPolitics #Election2019 Image is a graph showing pe...
Odisha goes to polls for 28 seats in the first phase today. 8% of the total 189 contestants are women.

#WomenInPolitics #Election2019 Image is a graph showing pe...
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#MadisonWI elects it’s first lesbian mayor and it’s first all-woman school board tonight. Proud to have each of these elected officials. Excited for Madison’s queer feminist future, perhaps it will be one that actually begins to address the massive racial issues in the city.
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@THP_Ind is thrilled to be at the #CSW63 this time around as well.

Day 2: Attending one of the side events focused on sexism, harassment and violence against women parliamentarians.

#womeninpolitics #righttosafety #SayNotoViolence #CSW2019
Charles Ramsden from the Gender Equality Commission, Council of Europe spoke about how women in positions of authority were more vulnerable to sexist and sexualised abuse

#womeninpolitics #righttosafety #SayNotoViolence #CSW2019 #notmyparliament
Dubravka Šimonović, the UN Special Rapporteur on #VAW: it knows know borders; no region is immune to it.

In 2018, she presented a thematic report on #VAW in politics at the 73 session of GA :…

#womeninpolitics #righttosafety #SayNotoViolence #CSW2019
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