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1) Kurdish Islamists plan a terrorist attack on #Yazidis in a TikTok conversation yesterday, mentioning grenades and other specific weaponry:…
2) The men, in Zakho, call for an attack on the nearby Chamishko IDP camp. They refer to other cells—in Erbil and Slemani—whom they encourage to join to help attack Yazidis in other places in Dohuk. An anonymous person made this clip adding translation of a few comments:
3) This situation follows tensions that developed a few days ago following the Iraqi army's decision to officially escort a number of Sunni Arab returnee families back to their homes in #Sinjar City, homes they have not inhabited since 2014.
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#Zoroastrian #Kurdistan
Hi all, so I realized I haven't been posting about Zoroastrianism in #KRG (South #Kurdistan) lately, so here are some latest videos, got them from Zoroastrian organizations in KRG.
Zoroastrianism is a recognized religion within Kurdistan & has grown (1/?)…
.. grown considerably in recent years. Zoroastrians have always existed in Kurdistan ever since Iranian peoples has settled. Not even islam was able to kill off the religion in the region (they tried), and as late as the 1200s there were Zoroastrian principalities fighting islam Image
From the Tayrãhids of the 1200s to now, Zoroastrians survived in hiding, in fear. However, in supreme irony it was islam and the evil it brought in the from of #ISIS that created a modern "revival" of the faith as many people were repulsed by the face of islam presented by isis Image
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1) Last week the #Yazidi community lost a true hero. Jameel Ghanem Chomer was a pivotal and constant figure of the humanitarian and advocacy response to the #YazidiGenocide.
2) This man’s life deserves a much greater tribute than I can offer, but I do want to share some comments and images about his story and his service.
3) Jameel was a schoolteacher from Borek on the north side of #Sinjar Mountain. His family fled from the Islamic State (IS) attack on the morning of the genocide (Aug. 3, 2014).
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strange piece about #kurdistan in #iraq. the 2017 referendum was a political calculation of the #barzani clan to distract from domestic problems and rally people around the flag, the clans in charge are extremely nepotist and corrupt, and not progressive.…
the #kurdistan region in #iraq is *not* a model of democracy, and also not of religious freedom: christians, yezidis or others who don't align with the ruling #clans and mainly the #barzani clan (posing as political party #kdp) have nothing to say.
whenever i think of #kurdistan in #iraq breaking away as just one piece of a much larger kurdistan, i can't stop but thinking of what repercussions it may have for #kurds elsewhere in authoritarian states. ultimate repercussion, i mean, as an echo from history.
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Today PM @masrour_barzani received Joey hood, the Principal Deputy Assistant of #US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.
It’s 2nd US delegation visiting #Kurdistan for mediation between #KRG and federal governor of #Iraq.
#US want to solve the disputes between #KRG and federal government of #Iraq to use Kurdistan gas as an alternative for #Russian gas in #Turkey and #Iranian gas in iraq.
This week, during a meeting with @masoud_barzani, Hassan Danaeifar has informed Kurds to not be a part of #US project in #Iraq and region.
Others they’ll be under Iranian fire.
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PM @masrour_barzani held a press conference today regarding the recent decision by Federal Supreme Court’s decision about #KRG’s oil and gas sector. Here is some highlights of the Prime Minister speech at the press conference.
PM @masrour_barzani: The Federal Supreme Court can take decisions and amend the articles in the constitution, when the court itself is established constitutionally.
PM @masrour_barzani: The Federal Government has sent the KRG’s shares in the federal budget for only 12 months out of the previous 26 months.
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1. Is Joey Hood trying to complete a #Daesh genocide of the Yazidi? What specific terrorist acts have #PKK committed in Sinjar? They are at most a separatist group engaged in a Turkish civil war for…‘Future-is-bright’-for-US-Kurdish-relations
2. over 40 years. The idea that the #KRG government will protect the Yazidi who they abandoned to #Daesh is absurd. This statement is going to give license to the Turks to attack more hospitals and refugee camps like yesterday's attack and they give license to the Turks
3. to kill our #SDF partners who, because they are Kurds, are all considered fair game by Ankara and apparently by the @SecBlinken @StateDept. IMO complicity in these political assassinations are EO 12,333 violations that can have people like Hood, @CENTCOM McKenzie and
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How does #humantrafficker #KavehSaqzi smuggle Iranians over the border, to #PKK/#PJAK's #Qandil? @IKHRW_members unraveled the mystery!

Thread + link 2 article 🔻🔻…
In 2020, IKHRW found out that a gang affiliated with #PJAK/#PKK terrorist group was running a complex network for the deception & transfer of Iranian youth to #Qandil. Kaveh Saqzi turned out the focul point, deceiving teenagers & children, transfers them to PJAK camps.
According to intel received, in December 2019, Kaveh Saqzi provided to 15 Kurdish teenagers, false & confusing information about traveling to Europe for study/work in #KRG, but in fact deceived & transferred them to the #PKK/#PJAK camps in the mountains. Some were able to return.
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Tomorrow, American and Iraqi delegations will sit down for Strategic Dialogue talks.

This is a big moment for the #US-#Iraq relationship with a new Biden administration and accumulating security concerns in Iraq.
The talks are intended to cover shared #US and #Iraq mutual interests across a range of topics, such as improvements in trade, development, aid, Iraq’s education, industrial, and health sectors, climate issues, and of course, the elephant in the room: security.
The #Biden administration has not been very clear on their #Iraq strategy, despite campaign trail commitments to defeat #Daesh and the US missile strike on a Kataib Hezbollah (KH) and Kaitaib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS) compound near the #Syria-Iraq border over a month ago.
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Thread: Some initial comments, concerns, hopes on the new agreement between #Iraq and #KRG on #Shingal . Some aspects are positive, but some can prove problematic. #Yezidi #Yazidi Image
A primary source of concern is that the agreement and discussions were done without participation of #Yezidi #Yazidi community. We would like the intl community to call for local engagement in such negotiations.

Below is comment from @UNIraq . Image
We should empower and raise up the decision-making power exercised by the actual residents of Shingal. One positive development is attention from both governments to the reconstruction and better future for a neglected and destroyed part of the country.
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1) Reports today of #KDP secret police preventing displaced #Yazidi families from returning to their homes in #Sinjar.…
#Iraq #Kurdistan #KRG
2) This is a sick game the KDP has played since Jan. 2016—a deliberate political strategy that prevents genocide survivors from recovering until KDP powers can unilaterally reassert control and regain hegemony in Sinjar.
3) There have been moments of temporary softening of this policy—during instances when Western pressure on the KDP to end this flagrant abuse of Yazidi human rights has occurred—but KRG allies are habitually quick to forget about the problem and the KDP always resumes the policy.
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#Iraq: Abu Mahdi al-Mihandis, 2nd man in the Popular Mobilization Forces & Gen. Qasim Soleimani, Commabder of Iran’s Quds Force, were killed in a US military operation.

This took the recent US-Iran conflict to another level, putting Iraq in the heart of the fight. (1)
#Iraq’s national leaders hoped to avoid having their country being theater of US-Iran conflict.

Three reactions to watch for in the next few hours:
Iraqi PM Adil Abd al-Mahdi, Muqtada al-Sadr, Sistani’s Friday message in the coming few hours, & of course Iran’s statement. (2)
The Iraqi Govt. will try to contain the consequences of this event, which is perhaps the most consequential event in Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq.
But the main challenge will be the armed groups that aren’t controlled by #Iraq’s Commander-in-Chief. (3)
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President Trump confirms "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead"
Trump says he watched most of the special forces raid. Describes an operation where #IS's leader fled into a tunnel with several of his children and detonated his vest. Trump says nonetheless that positive ID was possible.
Trump says that the #US has a long reach against all terrorists, #ISIS and others, reminds viewers that Al-Qaeda's Hamza bin Ladin, who was "saying very bad things" about America and its allies, was recently killed.
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.@MSNBC @POTUS @realdonaldtrump just admitted he betrayed Kurdish #KRG at Tuz Kuramtsu & Kirkuk confirming my earlier reporting. @SecPompeo's dirty @CIA deal.

@masoud_barzani @DefenseIntel @StateDept @USConGenErbil @USEmbassyTurkey @USEmbassySyria @ckubeNBC @rabrowne75
@MSNBC @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @CIA @masoud_barzani @DefenseIntel @StateDept @USConGenErbil @USEmbassyTurkey @USEmbassySyria @ckubeNBC @rabrowne75 Trump makes it sound like he didn't want to fight Iraq. He gave the Kirkuk oil region to Iran's #IRGC, not Iraq. Trump surrendered to Iran. And now he admitted it. Surrendered to #Iran and #ISIS. Real #MAGA moments. @JoeBiden
Plus that deal was Paul Manafort's last paying job. And it feathered Trump's Rosneft portfolio because it moved in and took over the Kirkuk gas and oil fields. @maddow
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Some important facts when reporting on #TurkishArmy operations in #Syria:
•The #YPG has ethnically cleansed several cities of their Arab inhabitants as documented by @amnesty & others
•ISIS has carried out many terroris attacks inside #Turkey including 2016 Airport, 2017 NYE
•As with every war, each side pushes its own propaganda. The #PYD/#YPG have previously used images that were proven to be either doctored or from other countries
#Turkey says main aim is to create safe zone &go after “terrorists” but #OperationPeaceSpring has other motives too
•These include economic benefits from construction projects + others in post-conflict #Syria
•The issue of refugees has become a toxic electioneering one domestically in #Turkey. There’s a belief that by reducing their number Gov popularity will increase.
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in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, Russia and G-Britain were competing for influence over the Ottoman Empire.After the latter's defeat in1918, the best solution was to allow the establishment of the Turkish Republic and not to be subordinated to either Russia or Britain.
The two countries simply and brutally resolved this problem, and the cost was a complete abandonment of minorities. What is happening these days between #Russia and #NATO regarding the "backward" rivalry to win Turkey threatens the rest of the peoples of the historic Mesopotamia.
The world is watching what is going on in NE Syria. Turkey invades not to achieve political goals, but to complete the destruction of the culture of Mesopotamia. This is not a lecture in history, but since 1923, this country had been founded on panic from two things:
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1/#SDF chief Gen. Mazloum: (1)Sent a letter to #Trump asking for mediation with #Turkey; (2) Requested a No Fly Zone to stop #Turkish airstrikes over #Syrian airspace. The U.S. not stopping Turkish airstrikes over the SDF Zone in N/E #Syria is the major source of tension now.
2/#SDF chief Gen Mazloum: "When our soldiers see how their mothers and fathers are being attacked and killed, and #Turkey is using our airspace to do it, that makes them angry with the United States." #Syria
3/#SDF chief Gen Mazloum: Still time for mediation with #Turkey to end the fighting in N/E #Syria. The SDF demands that #Turkish airstrikes stop (after US closes airspace), Turkish artillery strikes also. Also an end to cross-border raids with TSK and #Syrian rebel proxies.
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النسخة العربية من "حوار الطرشان" او" جدل بشأن حصة إقليم كردستان من الموازنة الاتحادية "

Recap: In the “Dialogue of the deaf” or “The debate over #Iraq-i #Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget”, I argue that the budget sharing ...

... agreement, like all prior ones, is flawed, unsustainable, & bound to fail.

Looking at the #KRG’s finances, with the help of the Deloitte audits, I argue that the KRG cannot, even if it wanted, to comply with its obligations under the #Iraqi federal budget terms.

The GoI & the #KRG need to embark on comprehensive re-write of the relationship in a such way that both parties believe that the benefits of the new relationship far outweigh the benefits of not having it.

3/6 #Iraq
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In the “Dialogue of the deaf: The debate over #Iraq-i #Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget”, I argue that the budget sharing agreement, like all prior ones, is flawed, unsustainable, & bound to fail.…

Looking at the #KRG’s finances, with the help of the Deloitte audits, I argue that the KRG cannot, even if it wanted, to comply with its obligations under the #Iraqi federal budget terms.

The GoI & the #KRG need to embark on comprehensive re-write of the relationship in a such way that both parties believe that the benefits of the new relationship far outweigh the benefits of not having it.

3/6 #Iraq
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1) Important: The #KDP has rejected sensible recommendations from the International Crisis Group @CrisisGroup on returning stability to #Sinjar so that the #Yazidi people can return home, rebuilding, and have a future. This affair deserves comment.
#KRG #Kurdistan #Iraq
2) The @CrisisGroup is one of the few analyst entities to produce reasonable suggestions that, in fact, reflect what the Yazidis have been demanding for the past 4 ½ years. They recently recommended that the #Yazidi people choose their own administrative leaders for #Sinjar.
3) Dindar Zebari (pictured in 1st tweet), whose lovely job it is to craft responses to the many reports from around the world that criticize KDP policy and HR record, responded, stating that Sinjar already has a mayor (qaymaqam)—Mahama Khalil—who has been elected by the people.
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La #Turchia bombarda #Sinjar ed uccide Mam Zaki, uno degli eroi che salvò decine di migliaia di #ezidi dal genocidio dell'#ISIS.

1) Una notizia terribile, l'ennesimo crimine atroce e disumano della #Turchia contro il popolo curdo.
Ieri intorno alle 16 un raid turco ha colpito alcuni veicoli (pare 3) delle forze di autodifesa ezide #YBS che stavano tornando dalla commemorazione del massacro di #Kocho.
2) Tra il 3 ed il 15 Agosto 2014 il villaggio di #Kocho nei pressi di #Sinjar rimane sotto assedio da parte dell'ISIS.
Tra il 15 Agosto e le prime ore del 16 Agosto i miliziani dell'#ISIS entrarono nel villaggio. Radunarono tutta la popolazione, circa 1700 persone, nella scuola.
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1. I urge young #Kurds across the US to be more politically active. No excuses. Know your elected representatives, get in touch with their offices & educate them on the Kurdish plight. Kurds with access to Capital Hill in DC have more responsibility, we can influence policy.
2. We don’t need fancy offices. We know what brings Kurdistan down, we know who those are that work with Turkey, Iran. We can provide lawmakers with a different voice, one that is for the sole interest of Kurdistan. For how long will you complain but do nothing to change it?
3. Take advantage of the institutions that exist, they’re for us to utilize. Don’t allow corrupt individuals & offices to push party agendas. You have access to members of Congress, as Kurdish officials do. It’s very simple. Call👉make an appointment👉educate.
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1) Today afternoon #Iraq, 10/21/2017, all #Yazidis in #Sinjar that are receiving a salary from #KRG were informed to leave Sinjar & go to =>
2)#Kurdistan or their salary will be cut off.
3) This move will cause a further humanitarian devastation on the already suffering #Yazidis who have hardly anything to begain with post =>
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