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Live from #WHS2019 with @DrTedros ⬇️

@DrTedros @WorldHealthSmt @BMG_Bund “Today, I’d like to talk about one of the scarcest commodities in global health - political will. We often say that we know what to do, and how to do it. If only there was political will. It’s the biggest deficit we face”-@DrTedros at the #WHS2019
@DrTedros @WorldHealthSmt @BMG_Bund “Each country has a different path towards #HealthForAll, & each is at a different point on that journey. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. But they all have the same destination, & they all have the same starting point – a political choice”-@DrTedros #WHS2019
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WHO’s first global expert meeting discussed critical topics including data governance, ethical and equitable use of digital technologies, helping communities benefit from proven and cost-effective #DigitalHealth solutions

Digital technologies can play a powerful role in improving the health of people worldwide.
WHO’s goal is to ensure digital technologies for health are safe and that proven tools reach everyone, everywhere
#DigitalHealth can help expand #PrimaryHealthCare, allow health workers to fight resurgent or new diseases and ensure people can benefit from the transformation in digital health
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"Keeping the world safe has been part of WHO’s mandate since our birth, and is part of our mission statement.
As part of our 5-year strategic plan, we have set a target to see 1 billion people better protected from health emergencies by 2023"
-@DrTedros at @WorldBank session
"A global pandemic could kill up to 80 million people and erase 5 percent of the global economy"

"Last year, @WHO and the @WorldBank co-founded the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, an independent body to assess the world’s readiness for pandemics and other health emergencies"

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Universal Health Coverage Passes Key Global Milestone:
WHO welcomes @IPUparliament's Resolution on #HealthForAll 👉
Universal Health Coverage is increasingly regarded as a cornerstone for sustainable global development as leaders and communities acknowledge that health is both a human right and essential to economic growth. #IPU141 #HealthForAll
“Universal health coverage is a political choice. Last month at #UNGA, the world’s leaders signalled their readiness to make that choice. Now it’s time to turn those commitments into health results”-@DrTedros #IPU141
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@DrTedros "Thank you @IPUparliament for your support so far for this historic resolution on universal health coverage. We very much appreciate the hard work you have done, and the consensus you have reached"-@DrTedros at #IPU141 🇷🇸#HealthForAll
@DrTedros @IPUparliament @WHO_Europe @IPUPresident @MartinChungong "Both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the World Health Organization affirm that health is a human right to be enjoyed by all people, not a privilege for the few"-@DrTedros at #IPU141 🇷🇸#HealthForAll
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"There are many successes to celebrate @WHO_Europe.

Life expectancy in the region is increasing, and the gaps in life expectancy between countries and between men and women are narrowing.

Infant and maternal mortality have both fallen"-@DrTedros at #RC69CPH
@WHO_Europe @DrTedros "Premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases is declining and @WHO_Europe is on-track to reach the SDG target. This is very impressive. You are setting an example for the world and should be proud"-@DrTedros at #RC69CPH
@WHO_Europe @DrTedros "Most countries now have a policy or strategy to address the determinants of health & inequalities in health.

@WHO_Europe has also been at the forefront of efforts to address the health of refugees & migrants, & to deal with the threat of #AntimicrobialResistance"-@DrTedros
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#VaccinationSummit19 : @EU_Commission and WHO join forces to promote the benefits of vaccines and advocate against the spread of vaccine misinformation worldwide
👉 #VaccinesWork
@EU_Commission @DrTedros @JunckerEU @EU_Health @UN_News_Centre “It is inexcusable that in a world as developed as ours, there are still children dying of diseases that should have been eradicated long ago. Worse, we have the solution in our hands but it is not being put to full use"- President @JunckerEU 🇪🇺
@EU_Commission @DrTedros @JunckerEU @EU_Health @UN_News_Centre “After many years of progress, we are at a critical turning point. #Measles is resurging, and 1 in 10 children continues to miss out on essential childhood #vaccines”-@DrTedros #VaccinesWork
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"In our world of fake news, we need to make sure everyone understands the harms caused by tobacco, the excessive consumption of alcohol, fats, sugars and salt; and the benefits of healthy diets, physical activity, mental health and well-being"
@DrTedros @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @FCTCofficial "We must promote #PrimaryHealthCare as the most powerful vehicle for delivering essential noncommunicable diseases and mental health services.
Our fight against NCDs can only succeed if it is part of our wider effort to achieve #HealthForAll"
@DrTedros @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @FCTCofficial "WHO and other interested @UN organizations should establish a multi-donor voluntary contribution fund for the prevention and control of NCDs, based on public health needs in low- and lower-middle income countries, with governance under the WHO Secretariat"
-@DrTedros #BeatNCDs
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Today @DrTedros & Secretary-General @antonioguterres met Kavira Mwanamamba & a few other #Ebola patients who have conquered the disease and were leaving the Ebola Treatment Centre today. They will join the other 1,000 who have also conquered this disease.
UNSG @antonioguterres’s commitment to building a strong #PrimaryHealthCare system is so important to stopping diseases like #Ebola and managing others. A better health system means better #HealthForAll.
”Without the strong commitment and leadership of #DRC government and engagement of the community - we cannot end this #Ebola outbreak.
It’s important that we all work together to beat Ebola in DRC”-@DrTedros
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"We depend on our planet for everything we are and everything we have.
The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.
#ClimateChange strikes at the heart of what it means to be human"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019 🇹🇻
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO "We must work to mitigate the root causes of #ClimateChange. By 2030, we want to see a world in which all countries will be reducing their carbon emissions. This will protect the most vulnerable from climate risks, & deliver large health benefits"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019 🇹🇻
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO "WHO #ClimateChange & health in SIDS initiative has four goals:
-Amplify the voices of SIDS health & political leaders
-Gather the evidence for investment in climate change & health
-Prepare for climate risks
-Facilitate access to climate & health financing"-@DrTedros at #PIF2019
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Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

Care provided in the community, by the community is the best way to achieve #HealthForAll.

This is how Budyari 🏥 is working with one of #Australia’s indigenous communities to make sure people get the care they need when they need it.
DYK: Too often Indigenous peoples do not have the same access to health care as other populations.

#PrimaryHealthCare is all about equity & making services available to everyone at all ages, right in their community.

Indigenous peoples have their own cultures, languages – and health needs. In #Australia, indigenous populations have a significantly lower life expectancy than non-indigenous populations. Prevention and health promotion in the community can help change this. #HealthForAll
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"WHO is committed to the people of the Pacific. We have 194 Member States. Every single one is important, because every single person is important. In the @GlobalGoalsUN, we have committed to leave no one behind. That is a promise that I take very seriously"-@DrTedros #PHMM2019
@GlobalGoalsUN @DrTedros @WHOWPRO "I heard a recurring set of themes about the challenges you are facing:
-Noncommunicable diseases
-Health security
-Weak #PrimaryHealthCare
Each of these challenges is addressed in the Triple Billion targets in WHO’s five-year strategic plan"-@DrTedros #PHMM2019
@GlobalGoalsUN @DrTedros @WHOWPRO "Although you are the least responsible for #ClimateChange, you are among the most at risk. The world is facing a climate crisis and the Pacific is on the front line"-@DrTedros at #PHMM2019
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NEW #NoTobacco report: 5 billion people today live in countries that have introduced measures incl.:
🚭complete smoking bans,
🚭large graphic warnings on packaging and
🚭other effective tobacco control measures
#NoTobacco interventions save lives & 💸 from averted 🏥 expenditure:
•Monitor 🚬 use & prevention policies
•Protect people from 🚬
•Offer help to quit 🚬
•Warn people about the dangers of 🚬
•Enforce bans on 🚬 advertising, promotion & sponsorship
•Raise 🚬 taxes
NEW #NoTobacco report:
Over 1/2 of the 🌏🌍🌎’s population benefit from large graphic health warnings featuring all @FCTCofficial recommended characteristics

#NoTobacco 🚭
#NoTobacco 🚭
#NoTobacco 🚭
#NoTobacco 🚭
#NoTobacco 🚭
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"At a time when the rest of the world is grappling with the challenges of ageing populations, #Africa has the world’s youngest population.
The 10 countries with the youngest populations are all in Africa."

-@DrTedros in @TonyElumeluFDN #TEFForum2019 in 🇳🇬
"It’s an outrage that any family has to choose between buying medicine and buying food; between poverty and illness.
That’s why WHO’s top priority is #HealthForAll. Ultimately, it is not just a moral imperative; it’s an economic imperative."-@DrTedros at #TEFForum2019 in 🇳🇬
"My asks for African leaders:
1⃣ Harness the power of health for economic growth. Countries that invest in building resilient health systems, based on strong #PrimaryHealthCare, make an investment that will pay a rich dividend for decades to come"-@DrTedros at #TEFForum2019 in 🇳🇬
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#Tuberculosis kills 1.6 MILLION people each year.

Tuberculosis is:
-The world’s biggest infectious killer
-One of the world’s top ten causes of death
-The top cause of death among people living with HIV

It's time to #EndTB

It's time to #EndTB

It's time to #EndTB

The #UNGA High-Level meeting on the fight to #EndTB just started!
You can watch live here via @UNWebTV
"Our response to TB can expand access to medicines and drive progress towards Universal Health Coverage (HealthForAll) "- Deputy @UN Secretary-General @AminaJMohammed at the #UNGA High-level meeting to #EndTB
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