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I'd like to explain why #PainPatients & the #disability community is having a VERY difficult time w/this suite of articles about #ChronicPain.
I did find a more balanced view in some of the articles, & that's a good start for journos covering #ChronicPain. Sadly, it isn't enough.
For the past 7 years, #PainPatients have endured the draconian shift in #healthcare & attitudes toward pain & disability.

Countless patients lost their meds.
Many patients lost their doctors.
Some patients lost their jobs, their spouses, even their children.

Some of us died.🥺
In 2016, the #CDC unleashed their #Guidelines for prescribing #opioids for #ChronicPain.

The guidelines were adopted as a mandate in Rxing & the #StandardOfCare across the board.

Overnight, #PainPatients became a glaring liability for all doctors, & the consequences are harsh.
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Not only does denying terminal cancer patients adequate #OpioidRxs to control their severe or intractable pain cause them to suffer indescribably and agonizingly: it ends their lives even sooner.

As if that were not cruel and inhumane enough: taking much needed #OpioidRxs
Cruelly taking away much needed #OpioidRxs from people who are disabled by constant severe, intractable pain makes many of these human beings terminal: they will take their own lives or die in agony from complications of untreated severe pain. Yet the #CDC, #DEA, #PROP Cartel
The #CDC, #DEA, #PROP Cartel demands that millions of Americans live in severe, agonizing untreated pain which will kill tens of thousands, likely many more.

To make matters worse reducing pharmaceutical opioids increases the OD’s the failed strategy purports to stop.
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Yesterday I took my #OpioidRxs to allow myself to sit among a family at a member owned grocery store. To the others it was a nice, family gathering, but to me it was extraordinary.

I was actually there, sitting, talking without pain curling me up into a ball. The sad part
The sad part is that millions of other pain patients would be capable of something just as ordinary and rewarding if #PROPaganda, the #CDC, and the #DEA had not conspired to deny them of much needed, safe and very effective pain meds.

But my meds are gone, and now I will pay
Now for days I will pay with pain for every ordinary moment I enjoyed. The pain meds made me so normal that not one person could have detected that 7 days a week intractable pain robs me of an ordinary, rewarding life.

Don’t let #PROP, the #CDC, and #DEA rob millions….
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Some minimalist principles for using @RoamResearch effectively based on the live stream with @wshuyi.

They'll keep your Roam a delight to use by designing it so it works with you (not against you).

1. A meta-point to start: use the tool with a purpose.

For me, Roam was a way to write faster, so everything was focused on that goal. FOMO disappeared as I could easily separate the relevant from the irrelevant.

When getting started, that's a blessing, as it cuts complexity.
2. Metadata tagging is another form of complexity.

Simplify to Not Started, Doing, Done.

That's in contrast to using, Not Read, Reading, Read and Not Written, Writing, Written.

It will cut your cognitive load and make your database more of a delight to use.
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Update: My doctor lowered my pain meds AGAIN last month KNOWING how poorly I am tolerating this forced wean. Despite being forced off my meds they made me see the "#addiction doctor" to assess my "risk" of addiction & that appt was yesterday.
During that visit he actually said "I need to just get used to the #pain & I'll be fine", he said " everyone's going this #opioid free route & you have to deal with it" & a few other absurd things. I was literally in tears the entire appointment...
He asked if I wanted to "see someone & possibly get meds" because I was in tears from pain, feeling afraid, unheard & ignored, to which I explained that this is NOT an emotional or mental issue that it's purely a horrific pain & suffering issue... I politely declined the help.
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Det Danske #COVID19 vaccinationsprogram udfrodres af Vaccine-induceret Immun
Trombose og Trombocytopeni (VITT). Først AZ- og nu J&J vaccine sparket til hjørne. Grundig gennemgang fra @SSTSundhed @SSTbrostrom for interesserede:…
Men hvad er VITT ? 👇👇👇 1/9
#VITT er sjældent forekommende bivirkning til #COVID19 vaccine (AZ/J&J) m forekomst 1/40.000 vacciner (US data for J&J ventes at lande på ca samme forekomst når data videre opgøres!). Vores udfordring : Vi kan ikke finde patienterne på forhånd, enhver kan være i risiko 2/9
Alle aldersgrupper rammes af #VITT, estimeret lidt hyppigere hos unge voksne (< 50 år), begge køn rammes ligeligt (50:50%) og der er ikke kendte risikofaktorer. Forudgående sygdom m risiko for blodprop, livsstilssygdomme eller blødninger øger ikke risiko. 3/9
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Have a look at Anna Lembke’s official statements about opioids for her expert witness testimony. #opioids #PainProfiteers #PROP #COIs #Pain…
A podcast from a few years ago that showcases her blatant and unapologetic ableism. *Trigger warning.* It’s worse than her Ted talk.
Pay special attn at both the 30 min mark and at 39:40.
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This is the Dec, 2015 IPRCC meeting that talks about HHS’ plan and the CDC guidelines. Starting at 4hrs, 18 min, we have Wanda Jones, principal deputy to asst. sec of HHS speak about how HHS planned the guidelines. This is really interesting info.
At 4 hrs 41 min, the CDC rep presents the overview of the guidelines. At 4:52 sec., the Q and A’s. This really shows how there were a lot of concerns from the research panel (NPS) about the consequences and methods/bias involved in the formation of the CDC GLs.
#ipp #cpp #PROP
At 5 hrs 24 min we have the evidence that shows the IPRCC (NPS) was not happy about the CDC guidelines and had a discussion about how to handle that. Listen carefully.
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I find it wildly inappropriate that #AndrewKolodny is promoting opioid free breast surgery by elevating a #pacira pharma-paid MD! Talk about a sexist hypocrite. See for yourselves! #ipp #cpp #PROP #PainProfiteers…
Just an FYI- Pacira - maker of #Exparel, a patented post op buvicane injectable that’s being advertised as the answer to the opioid crisis. The corruption, smh.
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I am angry tweeting and usually that is never good but I am angry. My heart is breaking for another mother who lost their child to pain. She had her entire life in front of her. Her entire life! For many years she struggled with #pancreatitis. She was 1/
not in an area where there were many #physicians aware of #pancreatitis. I provided the mother names of experts in the field but sadly they never followed up or called. I have often seen this. As a parent I would carry around my husband & kids genetic 🧬 results 2/
in order to ensue that physicians would listen to me. I’d provide them with the names or our specialists. A few times physicians listened many times they did not. So often my husband was questioned about his alcohol use relentlessly EVEN with the test results. It was a 3/
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If anyone in the #PROPaganda community believes that pain patients such as those with my brand of severe pain should be able to just use their minds to ignore pain and go about normal work activities w/o pain meds then I volunteer to help them with a scientific study..
Maybe Mr K or any other equally committed #PROP member could volunteer to be the test subject. Using nothing but the power of their minds much as they did when they composed the #2016Guidelines with zero help from pain patients or their doctors ..
They could attempt to do their normal daily activities or work while I reconstruct my pudendal nerve pain by coming in every 15 minutes and alternately either kick them in the groin as hard as I can or drive ice picks into both sides of their groin - my choice
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This makes me so furious. I don’t know what has to be said to make individuals aware that #opioid #pain meds benefit many. I don’t ever condone violence, ever, yet try to put yourself in inds shoes who have benefitted from #opioids & their QoL has improved. Many of these 1/
Individuals have had medications ripped away due to #CDC, #PROP, the misapplication of #CDC guidelines, anti opioid advocates (that advocate for OTHER opioids). Let’s have a balanced approach. Peoples lives have been harmed. Not just theirs but their families 2/
This is #PainAwarenessMonth & it’s been a struggle seeing so many who do not and will not understand the experience of many with #chronicpain. For those throwing around ‘there are many non opioid options’ no, there are not & most of the time those on opioids have already tried 3/
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Our governor just addressed prescription #opioid abuse with over 3,000 people watching. I am furious. He perpetuated the narrative that opioid pain meds bad and changed brain 🧠 chemistry and highly addictive. We are struggling in our state and our Governors wife 1/
huge advocate for those with #SUD which is great but she is hurting those that have #chronicpain perpetuating the narrative of #PROP and bc of that so is our governor. Most #physicians will not prescribe. The stigma of those inds in ND that have benefitted from 2/
opioid pain meds is huge. So many have reached out to her for discussion but we have not been included. I am furious right now. We have been excluded from this conversation. We are continually being harmed. So mad #RecoveryReinvented in my opinion while assisting those 3/
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Citizens Petition? Anyone game? It is what #Kolodnykills and #PROP members did to get these insidious guidelines implemented. Why don’t we give it a go? By law they have to acknowledge and respond. I can’t do it alone, anyone else?
Citizen petitions are part of the basic law governing everything the FDA does - at any time, any “interested person” can request that the FDA “issue, amend, or revoke a regulation or order,” or “take or refrain from taking any other form of administrative action.”[5] Originally
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The medical use of #opioids did NOT cause the OD epidemic. But so many people believe it did, that in 2019 even @nytimes agreed with #Kolodny that #racism "protected" black Americans because doctors failed to treat their pain effectively. @afrakt /thread…
NYT 2019: "African-Americans received fewer #opioid prescriptions, some researchers think, because doctors believed, contrary to fact, that black people were more likely to become addicted to the drugs & would be more likely to sell the drugs."
Black Americans are less likely to receive adequate #pain relief, according to researchers, because there's a lingering (#racist) assumption that black people have a "higher pain threshold" than whites.

#BlackLivesMatter in medicine.
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2012 column by leading pain expert B Eliot Cole, MD, MPA, warned that "radical changes" proposed by a group calling itself #PROP would deny #opioids "to the majority of patients now receiving them for noncancer pain." / thread…
In the early 2000s, "buoyed by the success of treating cancer-related pain with #opioids, many physicians rose to the challenge of doing more for their patients suffering with #ChronicPain," Cole wrote.
"This led to an increase in the number of prescriptions for #opioids, which had the unintended consequence of more opioids ending up in medicine cabinets in more homes, ultimately giving more people (🚩not patients) access to these valuable medications for nonmedical purposes."
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With no indication yet of whether #CABudget deadline day ends with a deal or a pro forma vote and ongoing talks between Newsom and legislative Dems, there's this thorny issue: the budget bill to be voted on today assumes a gubernatorial action that hasn't happened. (Thread)
The main #CABudget bill, #SB74, relies on the use of cash reserves from the state's "rainy day" fund. But under the provisions of Proposition 2 (2014), those funds can't be used without a gubernatorial declaration of a budget emergency. But... wait for it...
There's been no such emergency declared by Newsom.

An agreement on a budget plan could easily include such a proclamation. But suppose there's no deal today?

While #Prop25 only required a budget bill to be passed by midnight, this is the first time #Prop 2 cash is being used.
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What the #CDC, #PROP, and politicians conspired to do to pain patients in 2016 is far more devastating to pain patients than any “over prescribing” ever was yet only a courageous few have bothered to publicly challenge them for it. Have they successfully denigrated ..
Have they successfully denigrated pain patients to the point that the general public will just turn their heads and ignore the suffering and death which occurs until it hits one of their family members? Shamefully I can recall several times before when these tactics were used ...
I can recall several times before when these tactics were used to eliminate several groups of people who a self proclaimed elite few thought were undesirable. In today’s situation with pain patients I am hopeful that we have learned from past mistakes and such ..
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1/ @blockstack is not the only #RegA+ to have been qualified. The @YouNow Reg A+ offering also has been qualified but it is much different. The offering is to distribute #Prop tokens as rewards in its video app and for developing the network / apps on the network.
2/ Like Blockstack, YouNow has taken the position that the distribution of the tokens does not require a BitLicense in New York. The offering is available to NY residents. Reisdents of Arizona, Nebraska, North Dakota and Texas are exluded.
3/ Like Blockstack, YouNow believes that the network may become so decentralized that the Props tokens will no longer be securities.
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THIS… is BAT$H&T crazy! As a #PainPatient you should know PEOPLE WILL NOT LIVE IN PAIN! if they cant get relief from "Dr Real" they'll get it from "Dr Feelgood" and old Doc Feelgood has NO quality control! THINK THIS THROUGH! Bear with me...
FIRST "Opioid" is FAR 2 BIG A BRUSH! It's HEROIN cut with NON RX foreign fentanyl killing people!
Its AMAZING what $60 can cause 2 arrive at your door as long as you call it research chemicals!
Take a look!……
Then there's #Kolodny!
You're saying Kolodny what's Kolodny, right? Well bear with me and I'll tell you all about the man who ginned up the most recent version of "Opioids Bad" Crusade! There once was a man who Chief Medical Officer at one of the largest Rehab Businesses and one day out of the blue
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