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Vorpommern-Greifswald district (where rejections of #Gütersloh residents took place, yesterday)
has specific rules:
"Those who return from international risk areas (out of Germany) or whose Corona-Warning App has alerted them, need to report to authorites"
kreis-vg.de Image
In fact, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Corona-ordinance really prohibits entry of people from international risk areas AND german risk areas as well.
It's just not prominently featured on their websites.

(Overlooked that myself, hence deleted earlier tweet)
landesrecht-mv.de/jportal/portal… Image
People from #Gütersloh district may have to scrap all their holiday plans anyway...

An official #Lockdown is just being announced for the entire district.
(for one week, as of now)
What a confusing #Lockdown statement:
"People may still plan their holidays. But we request them not to leave #Gütersloh district. This will also be controlled. However this may be done..."
"The #Lockdown rules apply to all people who enter #Gütersloh district.
It does not apply to people who come from Gütersloh district and enter other areas"...

(well, unless other areas deny access. We'll see...
International reactions may be interesting, too)
#Lockdown rules for #Gütersloh will be a modified set of pre-deconfinement rules:

-Contact limitations
-Most indoor activities scrapped
-No picknicks
-Bars closed
-Restaurant visits only with family members
#Gütersloh #Lockdown measures
-Quarantine will be enforced
-Police will support (just in case)
-translators will be deployed (especially for #MeatPacking workers)
#Gütersloh #Lockdown measures
-Intensified testing
-All nursing homes tested
-Free testing for all district inhabitants
-representative test campaign to get an overview of district's infections
-All #MeatPacking workers in the entire state will be tested
#Gütersloh #Lockdown measures
All subcontractors of meat industry will be requested to have their personnel tested as well.
#Gütersloh #Lockdown measures
-Medical treatment capacity will be enhanced
-includes ramping up capacities of neighboring districts
(to prepare for a situation where hospitalization would surge)
#Lockdown measures will also apply to a few municipalities in #Gütersloh's neighboring districts.
Reason: many #MeatPacking workers residing there.
As second state of #Germany, #Bavaria now announced it will reject travellers from #Gütersloh (and all other areas with #COVID19 incidence >50)
Meanwhile in #Germany, already 3 states have updated their #quarantine & entry regulations.
They impede entry of visitors from ´high risk areas´, regardless where these areas are (international / national).

(meant to deter #Gütersloh visitors and others)
The #Lockdown area has been updated:

It had been thought the outbreak would be confined to #Gütersloh district and only a few towns of a neighboring district.
Apparently this wasn´t reasonable.
#Lockdown is now valid for entire #Warendorf district as well
The city of #Münster (near the #Lockdown area)
has now issued an order:

People from #Warendorf and #Gütersloh will be obliged to wear #facemasks
in all of Münster´s public places
or while working there!
#Osnabrück district (near #Gütersloh lockdown area) just made it clear:

People coming from #Lockdown areas will have to follow their lockdown rules from home,
even when entering Osnabrück district.

"Sorry, no bars, no indoor activities,... for you"
This will not make it into international news,
but it should be noted:

after more than 3 months of consistent strain,
the head of Gütersloh´s #Coronavirus emergency task force collapsed.
Yesterday, the day the new #Lockdown was announced.
#Austria is the first country to issue a #TravelWarning for Germany's state of North Rhine-Westphalia (where #Gütersloh #Lockdown area is placed)
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufentha… Image
#Austria issued a "LEVEL 5" travel warning for North Rhine-Westphalia. The highest regional alert level, they have.

Encouraging all Austrians to stay away / leave this area.
This warning does NOT ban anyone from this area from entering Austria...
Interesting point in #Gütersloh district´s press conference:
Air inside #MeatPacking plants is typically recirculated.
There´s no fresh air added.

(Germany´s first large outbreak in Heinsberg started in a room with air-#circulation as well.)
Further notes from #Gütersloh outbreak investigation:

"This isn´t to say that air-circulation is the only cause. But it´s one factor for spreading SARS-CoV-2 in enclosed spaces.
Using (HEPA) filters in ventilation -like hospitals do- would certainly help"
While multiple german states harshly reject people from #Germany´s #Lockdown districts or let them pay 150€ for a test,
Austria´s state of #Carinthia is more tourist-friendly:
- they ask those guests to maybe come another date
- they offer free tests
"#Church services are not mentioned in the #Lockdown ordinance.
Therefore they are allowed"😇
(argues the catholic church of #Gütersloh area)

#Church services are mentioned as one point of transmission, when SARS-CoV-2 wandered from one #MeatPacking plant to another.
It could also have happend at a #restaurant visit.
Or simply by shifting #contractors from one plant to another:
Finally, a useful act to keep (housing related) #COVID19 case numbers from surging:

Neighboring #Steinfurt district offers to take in infected people from Warendorf / Gütersloh #Lockdown area.
They´d be accomodated in the district´s quarantine housing.

#Steinfurt´s quarantine facility is a reused old hospital.
It had been established as a back-up, to provide spare capacity in case of surges in #COVID19 cases (which never happened in this district).
Now it´ll take in infected people from #Lockdown areas.
Huge demand for #COVID19 testing in Germany's #Lockdown areas.

Reason: Summer holidays are starting.
Many holiday destinations demand a fresh negative test. Else they'd reject visitors from "risk areas" like #Gütersloh.
Interesting find from those mass testings of the general #Gütersloh public.
Out of 2.000 results, only 1 has been found to be #COVID19 "positive", so far.

Seems like the outbreak would still mostly be among #MeatPacking workers...
City of #Berlin's bureaucracy at its best:

"Please make sure you'll return from your holidays 14 days before school starts, so that you have time to complete your quarantine, if needed.

Missing school due to quarantine (without a test) would be truancy."
The quarantine for the highrise building in #Göttingen will expire tonight.
That doesn´t mean, all its ~700 residents are healthy.
There have been "only 4 new cases" last week,
so the quarantine will now be for individual persons, not the entire building
One of Germany´s #Lockdown areas (#Warendorf district) has dropped below lockdown-levels
(47.9, where 50 would trigger measures again).

Will they now be welcome at their holiday destinations?
Will the scratching and tire-slashing of their cars end, now?
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
Outbreak dynamics🚀vs. decision making🐌:

Today, Lower Saxony´s ban on accomodating residents from #Gütersloh and #Warendorf comes into force.

10 days after the #outbreak became known.
Warendorf´s numbers fell below #Lockdown criteria again, today...
Multiple german states reject tourists from #Germany´s #Lockdown region or demand a 14 day quarantine.
Usually, this can be waived by
"a #COVID19 test, not older than 48h".

In normal times, test results take 2-3 days.
It may take longer, now.
University of #Barcelona (Spain / Catalona) tested samples of archived (frozen) sewage water.

They went far back in time. Beyond the current #pandemic.
They think SARS-CoV-2 was present in Barcelona on one peculiar day:
12 March 2019

via @FernandoHValls Image
There´s a (prehistoric) app for that.

A museum in Japan hands out 2m long spears, to enhance distancing among visitors.

(It is not intended to poke violators,
it´s a measuring stick.
I think the Japanese are mostly polite enough to use it appropriately)
What a mess.

During the Health Minister´s visit, he said
"there have been 4.100 tests of #Gütersloh´s greater public so far. Only 9 results were positive".

A few hours later, the district came up with their own numbers: "75 new cases had been found".
#Gütersloh district announced the 75 new cases in the greater public were only found due to current mass #testing, since they didn´t feel any symptoms.

Sobering sidenote:
They have lost count of who is doing how many tests.
Testing is going wild, it seems
kreis-guetersloh.de/aktuelles/pres… Image
Clusters of #COVID19 seem to be currently "invisible", in #Japan.
After the end of emergency measures (a month ago), distribution has changed:
Now ~70 % of cases are younger than 40 years!
No immediate surge of hospitalization, but potentially spreading it
The "invisible" clusters - are they showing up, now ?

#Tokyo has 60 new cases today.
75% of them under 40 years old.
And suddenly, many #COVID19 cases are being reported from all over #Japan. Many of them with "unclear origin of infection"...
Test results suggest, the #Gütersloh outbreak is/was not confined to #MeatPacking plant workers.

Numbers in the article below are outdated.
Today, 32 additional cases have been found in "members of the wider public" (not working at the plant)...
Statement from #Gütersloh district:

"The number of cases in those members of the public who are not affiliated to the #MeatPacking plant is rising considerably.
Apparently most of them are asymptomatic. It´s believed they where found due to mass testing."
#Austria has withdrawn its travel warning for #Germany´s entire state of Nort Rhine-Westphalia.
It is only in force for #Gütersloh district, now.
In addition, travellers from Gütersloh will have to provide negative #COVID19 tests, when entering Austria.
Something to look out for:
Usually, #Austria accepts #COVID19 test certificates up to 4 days old.
Many news articles mention that for visitors from #Gütersloh, the validity of tests will be just 48 hours.
(applying the same rules as other german states do)
sozialministerium.at/Informationen-… Image
After 3 weeks with absolutely no new #COVID19 case, #Germersheim district (south #Germany) has found 18 new cases this weekend.
They seem to be attributed to a church community.

(And several infected children visited the local kindergarten...)
Personnel at the infected children´s (now closed) kindergarten in #Germersheim district has already been tested: all "negative".
Right now, all other children are being tested.
(It´s a voluntary test. And there´s no quarantine for contact children for now)
schwegenheim.de/?Corona-Infos Image
For #Gütersloh, it´s one more week of "#Lockdown".

That´s mostly because of the vast amount of infected #MeatPacking workers, lifting the relevant "7 day incidence" above the magical number "50".
#Warendorf district is "cleared of restrictions" now.
Recent publicated numbers for #Gütersloh indicate:
The #Outbreak occure(d/s) mostly among workers at the #MeatPacking plant.

If numbers for "common citizens" were seen separately, today´s incidence would be 22,5
Combined with #MeatPacking workers: 122,5
While #Gütersloh district goes through one more week of #Lockdown, the focus is on #MeatPacking workers.

Currently, 3 facilities are being prepared as temporary isolation housing for ~600 infected workers. They will be separated from non-infected workers.
#Greece´s new testing protocol sounds like fun:

Fill out a questionnaire at home, receive a QR code.
Present the QR upon arrival.
Be surprised wether your code said:
"You´re free to go, welcome !" or
"You´re a risky person. You´ll be tested and isolated"
travel.gov.gr/#/ Image
To be fair,
#Greece´s new test protocol seems to make more sense than before, when they had a list of "risky countries" and randomly picked some arriving travellers for tests...
(Now an algorithm picks testees, based on current outbreak data etc.)
Today´s tests in south Germany´s #Germersheim district revealed 28 infected by a church attributed #COVID19 outbreak.

So far.
About ~400 test results are still pending.
(This area isn´t densely populated, so 67 cases would already trigger a #Lockdown)
Meanwhile, not far away from Germersheim, in #Karlsruhe (south #Germany):
another church,
another #COVID19 outbreak

22 cases attributed to this church so far.
Tracking isn´t easy - church visitors came from all over Germany (and have returned home...)
Soon after some restrictions were lifted, #Melbourne (AUS) had noticed rising #COVID19 cases again.
They decided to roll out a massive test campaign, to see how big the problem really was.

They tested 93.000 citizens in 3 days
They didn´t like the result.
app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjo… Image
#Melbourne´s test campaign found 250 formerly unknown #COVID19 cases.
A shock.

Reaction is drastic, now:
300.000 (of the city´s ~5 million) citizens will be under #Lockdown
For one month.
International flights diverted...
The #outbreak situation in #Melbourne is seen as a "Public Health Bushfire".
800 federal workers and Defence Force are being sent to support local teams.

(the latest reported number of new #COVID19 cases was 81.
For the entire state of #Victoria...)
sbs.com.au/news/hundreds-… Image
So, #Leicester (/ Leicestershire County, UK) is in #Lockdown again, too.
-Shops have to close again.
-Bars, restaurants, hairdressers not allowed to reopen.
-Schools closed.
-Citizens are requested to stay home.
-For two weeks at least.

but why?
12 hours ago,
#Leicester city knew that #COVID19 cases were on the rise. And that there would be some sort of #Lockdown.

Not much more...
Here´s the dodgy thing:
if you´d look at official #COVID19 case numbers,
everything would look fine, for #Leicester...
It seems, UK´s offical #COVID19 website is only publishing part of their actual data.
"Pillar 1" (green) is only tests done in hospitals (for treatment decisions)
What is not reported are the other pillars, like Pillar 2 (red, results from mass testing)
Even #Leicester City´s Mayor´s address to the public stays remarkably vague:

"We, I think, hope
that now with these new measures
we can get on top of whatever is out there"

🙄(that´s not the "we know what´s going on and what we´ll do", I´d like to hear)
It turns out,
#Leicester City's Mayor was being vague, because all the #outbreak information he was given was, well, vague...
(3 days ago)
And as it seems,
the city of #Leicester has still not received the data it asked for, to be able to control the #Outbreak
(even 1 hour ago)
(I'd totally understand if citizens would like to know details):

'The health secretary told BBC Breakfast there had been

"an unusually high incidence" of coronavirus among #Children in #Leicester

since increased testing began in the city 10 days ago.'
And then, there seems to be an unusual high incidence in young people between 20 and 30, in #Leicester.

A connection to their workplaces is suspected...
That came as a surprise for everyone -
even to #Leicester police...

They will check on vehicles, leaving the #Lockdown area
(cars, coaches,...)
There´ll be many, as it is still allowed to leave for work.
Meanwhile, in #Tokyo.

Japan´s cluster-busting seems to lose its grip on #COVID19 outbreaks...
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
Holiday destinations have started to reject visitors from #Leicester #Lockdown area.
There´s no "negative test" waiver, like it was finally introduced for #Gütersloh citizens in other parts of Europe.

Even 2 weeks after the #Gütersloh outbreak was detected, the district finds ~25 new #COVID19 cases per day.

It´s unclear if those are from spread in the community
or continued infections inside the #MeatPacking workers´ housings.
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
#Gütersloh quarantine for #MeatPacking workers didn´t separate infected from non-infected workers, so far.
They all stayed in their housings together.

Civil Protection now modifyed army residences to enable a separate quarantine for infected workers.
Putting infected & non-infected persons into #quarantine together has a peculiar effect.
(#Gütersloh´s head of district tries to explain to the workers...)
"Some may leave quarantine in 2 days, now.
Some will need to stay longer"
(Note: Usual procedure would be:
When one infected person in a household is released as "healed", the 14 day quarantine for all other household members STARTS
as they were close contacts all the time)

That´ll be difficult to grasp,
even with a translator.
Oh, Switzerland!
(full of surprises)

Zürich´s COVID19 case numbers are surging.
After ~2 months of relatively ´nothing´...
gd.zh.ch/internet/gesun… Image
I was surprised to see Zurich´s clubs open again (little restrictions), since June 6.
#Zurich was surprised to find (June 27) that their first #Superspreader event took place in clubs (June 21)

One club-goer infected 5 others,
then they went club-hopping
To #Zurich authorities´ surprise,
many (one in three) of the club visitor´s had not registered their real names and contact data.
So contact tracing was difficult.

To my surprise, #Quarantine in (CH) lasts only for 10 days
and is not controlled...
To everyone´s surprise,
a Twitter user pointed out, an internal document (of #Switzerland´s federal health authority) had pointed out earlier, that venues such as clubs were posing a high #epidemic risk, since protective measures would not be applicable
Soon after it became public that clubs were seen at risk of becoming #COVID19 hotspots...
#Zurich Health Authority´s head complained, she wasn´t given this information before.

(replies to her tweet were surprisingly more up to date with global events...)
While #Zurich´s authorities still try to get hold of all contacts from their initial #Superspreader event,
another district (#Aargau) found a #Cluster of 20 infected guests at a bar

Surprise: it´s believed some guests had been infected at the Zurich event
Surprisingly, the #Aaargau cluster might have a second source of infection:
At least one of the guests at the bar had been visiting #Belgrade (Serbia). Authorities suggest he might have come back infected...

(20 of 100 bar guests tested "positive", now)
Surprisingly (to me), #Belgrade seems to be a popular party destination.
2 other groups from #Switzerland´s #Grisons district had been partying in Belgrade.
Soon after their return, 6 of 10 were found #COVID19 positive...
As a result of the surprising re-surge in #COVID19 cases,
#Switzerland´s federal government has now ordered:

- mandatory use of #Masks in all public transport
- mandatory 10 day #Quarantine upon return from "certain" countries

(btw: clubs stay open...)
admin.ch/gov/en/start/d… Image
Meanwhile #Tokyo sees its #COVID19 case number jump to exceptional 107 per day.

They say the whole rise since ~mid June is mostly due to spread in #Nightlife.

The reaction is: more testing.
(btw: clubs stay open...)
How to stir up a storm.
Just by leaving away some part of the information...

Here´s a nice example
(Hint: No, this is *NOT* a warning for all Scots to avoid England)
Here´s some context:
A border area of #Scotland sees an #Outbreak.
Everyone else in Scotland will soon be free to go wherever they like. But this area is asked to keep within a 5 mile radius.
And, yes: not to hop into the next village´s pub (in #England)
For those who´d like to know about the #Scotland - #England border situation, but struggle with scottish pronunciation in the videos
here´s a written text:
Today´s 107 new #COVID19 cases in #Tokyo are very alarming.
Only 29 are workers or guests of Tokyo´s nightlife.
For 45, there´s no known source of infection.

Gouvernours of Tokyo and Saitama prefecture are now politely asking to not visit Tokyo at night.
#Zurich´s #Covid19 cases seem to start getting out of hand.
It was now+57 cases in one day.

2 more #clubs affected by outbreaks.
gd.zh.ch/internet/gesun… Image
contacts of #Zurich´s club #Outbreaks were told to "avoid unnecessary contacts like crowds, discos and bars", but "quarantine would not be necessary, for now".

They should ask for a test if they had symptoms...
(some do)

20min.ch/story/corona-f… Image
The surge in (mostly club related) #COVID19 cases is already overwhelming #Zurich´s contact tracer team.

According to this report, they *sometimes* resort to just contacting the initial "spreader" and then leaving it up to him, to inform his contacts...
#Tokyo´s #COVID19 numbers of the day are annouced.

Preliminary reports were saying
"more than 100"
"more than 120"

The official number now is
124 new cases
~70% are 20-30 years old
#Japan´s government statement on the surging numbers in #Tokyo:

"While hospital admissions are on the rise, the number of severe cases is decreasing.
As 70% of the infected are younger citizens, we don´t see the case for another state of emergency."
Meanwhile, a professor in a TV special is arguing that the major threat of a #2ndWave would come from immigrants / foreigners bringing imported cases to #Japan.

(that feature was certainly produced before the current wave of infections became public...)
The virus goes #club-hopping in #Switzerland:
One clubgoer from Aargau infected another one who visited multiple clubs in #Olten, Solothurn district.
360 quarantined there, now.
If others were infected: unclear, yet.
It was suggested that some of #Switzerland's infections had been imported from visitors to #Belgrade.
Now swiss news checked the situation in Serbia and found:

"80% of Belgrade's citizens are believed to be infected"...

#Belgrade has just declared a state of #Emergency.

"Most infections were at nightclub parties".
So parties now have to stop at 11pm.

Oh, and it's: "~80% of (Serbia's) infections are said to be in Belgrade" (swiss reporter got that wrong, maybe)
Yes, swiss news #SRF have also corrected their mistake (first, then deleted the article).

After all: if 80% of #Belgrade´s citizens had already been infected - what sense would it make to declare a "state of emergency" today?
srf.ch/news/internati… Image
As things turned "back to normal" for a while, a jolly time was had in #Serbia...
even in football stadiums (June 10).
~one week after that match, first reports of new infections amongst fans popped up.
#Switzerland´s National #COVID19 Science Task Force has issued an #Alert:

-Case numbers are increasing exponentially, at a high rate
-Avoid settings with high risk of transmission (such as clubs, discos, bars)
-"we feel urged to ask for immediate action"
ncs-tf.ch/de/policy-brie… Image
#Melbourne´s #COVID19 outbreak seems to be no longer contained.

´A “significant number” of Victoria’s coronavirus cases are spilling into suburbs adjacent to the restricted postcodes.´

Due to increased community spread in #Victoria, Australia´s state of New South Wales has decided to close its border to Victoria.

Last time that happend was during the Spanish Flu #pandemic.
They´re quite serious about closing the state borders...
The #Gütersloh #Lockdown is over (ruled by court).
You may have a lockdown,
to gain time, to organize, for testing, for evaluating the situation.
But once that is achieved (especially if you see parts of the lockdown area have few cases) it needs to end.
Parts of #Austria are having the full palette of outbreaks:

Church (151 cases)
MeatPacking (360 cases)
Schools & Kindergartens

"as we have relatively small, localized structures, there´s no need for #Lockdown
Order to wear masks in public buildings now.
To provide a safe and #COVID19-free holiday, is #Greece´s key message in their new tourism campaign.

"Because behind your every ideal experience, there is a complete protocol for your safety in action."
To guarantee a #COVID19-free holiday, #Greece is trying to impose strict border controls.
Some nationals are not allowed to enter Greece (such as visitors from #Serbia, which had declared a "State of Emergency", due to a surge in cases)...
Tourists bring the virus...

Out of #Greece´s 43 declared new #COVID19 cases (this weekend), 36 were found at one border crossing.

(Yes, there are serbian visitors found to be "positive", as well as other nationals. German tourists are in quarantine too.)
As #COVID19 cases are found to spread, #Melbourne (city of ~5 million) tries to contain them by going into #Lockdown.
(The interview features the idea of a dedicated #Quarantine building - that would actually help, I guess)...
"People acting as if the pandemic was over was 'not the answer, it is part of the problem' ".

"The virus had leaked from postcodes already under the stay-at-home orders to other parts of #Melbourne."
(and beyond, it is feared).
Due to #Melbourne's outbreak, neighbouring South Australia is about to completely close it's borders to #Victoria.

(Nearly) no exceptions. And those essential few who are allowed in, will have to wear facemasks the entire time...
3 #university students in #Koblenz (Germany) were tested for #COVID19: positive.
At least 10 contacts then came forward with symptoms, too.
A mass testing of 188 students took place today.
3 dorms are quarantined, now.
#Austria´s Carinthia region worries about ´unruly #Tourists´.
As appeals for responsible behaviour didn´t seem to work,
"#mask-wearing will be mandatory in tourist-hotspots" (sic !).
Even outdoors,
but only from 9pm to 2 am.
Sounds like "widespread community transmission"...
A 250 km long ring of controls around #Melbourne is established.
220 new #COVID19 infections in a day, the highest number ever.
#Tokyo has not explained details, yet.

(Whereas the phrase "citizens are being urged to chose wisely which establishments they visit for nightlife" might be an indication...)
No details from #Tokyo´s city officials, yet.
Meanwhile #Japan´s Health Minister is not worried too much.
"Tokyo is organizing 3.000 dedicated hospital beds for #COVID19 patients, so 200 cases a day may be manageable"
While #Tokyo is having a record high of 224 new #COVID19 cases,
#Japan´s government spokesman announces that "restricitions for events will be lifted tomorrow".

It will be allowed to have 5.000 visitors at events (instead of 1.000 before...)
The President of Japan´s Infectious Disease Society is a bit alarmed:

The numbers of cases are not just growing - It is spreading geographically!
And while the new outbreaks mostly were among younger people, older people are being infected now, as well!
#Tokyo´s city government wants to act,
but as they have no legal power to close #nightlife establishments
and asking people to "decide wisely, if they really should go there" didn´t work,
they try another way:

They´ll pay money
for shutting a club down!
It´s not that I wouldn´t support #WHO´s studies.

But I don´t want to be an examined case in one of them,
so I:

🔳avoid crowded indoor spaces
🌬️ventilate rooms well, to reduce possibility of aerosol transmission
😷maybe wear a mask

(since February, btw)
#Tokyo's current new #COVID19 case numbers are higher than during the last peak in April.

Still, the government sees no need for big worries, as they still believe that "it's only young people and severe cases are at a low number"...
Actually, the number of hospitalized #COVID19 patients is on a rise in #Tokyo.
(yes, not all of them are "severe" cases)...
#Tokyo's Governor says an increase to 3.000 tests per day was behind the record new #COVID19 case numbers.

I'd say:
243 cases found in 3.000 tests makes for a #PositiveRate of 8.1%!!!

That's a sign things are not as "relaxed" as they used to be before...
Another thing about Tokyo's surging numbers:

Meanwhile, over 50% of the cases cannot be traced to any source of infection.

Looks like it's hard to keep track of developments, again...
stopcovid19.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/cards/untra… Image
One player of #Zurich's soccer club immediately canceled training, when he felt light #COVID19 -like Symptoms.

6 other players and 3 staff members were found to be infected, now...
According to Germany´s #RKI Index,
#Sweden isn´t that bad anymore.
But #Luxembourg is not the place to be... (more than 50 new #COVID19 cases per 100.000 citizens last week)
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
A week ago, #Luxembourg´s Health Minister already worried about a sudden re-surge in #COVID19 cases.
"It´s the barbecues, family parties,... people misunderstood the relaxation of confinement rules and are taking it to the max..."
"50 cases per day."
This weekend, the situation in #Luxembourg seems to have worsened:
it´s 83 new #COVID cases per day, now....

(and many countries have issued travel warnings for Luxembourg)
wort.lu/fr/luxembourg/… Image
Interesting detail on #Luxembourg´s surging COVID19 cases:
according to #ECDC´s data, this for once seems to be really a case of
"Increase the tests - find more cases"

(While Luxembourg tests like crazy, their #PositiveRate stays at the same (low) level!)
…id19-country-overviews.ecdc.europa.eu/#national-noti… Image
These days,
#Luxembourg's tracing unit is processing 300 new #COVID19 contacts per day.
Each contact tracing call takes ~2-3 hours!!!
"every time we succed in convincing a case to isolate at home, we prevent 3-4 new cases from happening"
In Australia,
the current #COVID19 case numbers in #Victoria are still worrying
- a lot of local transmission
- much higher than their first wave

Easy to see, why other states like #NSW want to fence off #VIC, in a bid to stop the virus from returning.
theguardian.com/australia-news… Image
After having 277+ cases per day,
having 177 new cases is causing ´relief´ in #Victoria.

But the infections now have reached into aged care facilities.
As #Victoria seems to be facing a long battle against #COVID19, reinforcement from Australia´s military is about to arrive.

While ~350 military crew are already supporting local authorities, an additional 1.000 troops are being sent now.
Meanwhile, Victoria´s neighbor state #NSW is fearing an #outbreak at one popular junction hotel could have already been spreading across the state.

(actually, the "moronic behaviour" citation is minced at people having dance parties)
(1) Normally, this would be a no-brainer,
but there´s more to it...

#Switzerland´s authorities are now warning:
"Faceshields do NOT protect you from #COVID19!"
gr.ch/DE/Medien/Mitt… Image
(2) We all knew faceshields and facecovers were only helpful in preventing spreading #COVID19 to *others*

But a recent case in a hotel in Switzerland showed:
Those employees who were infected wore faceshields only.
No infection in those who wore ´masks´😷
#Tokyo´s expert panel has advised to step up to the highest #Corona warning level.
Level 4 means: "community spread is likely".

This comes after the weekly-average of case numbers
and especially the rate of unknown infection sources has risen sharply.
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… ImageImage
Local news from south #Germany:
3 kids were infected by their mother.
They went to 3 different schools / kindergarten.

Tests for the close contacts so far found:
infections already spread to one classmate
Patchy, sketchy, biased, late:
#Germany's states now (after 3 days) decided on measures with regards to #Luxembourg's surging case numbers.

Luxembourg citizens will have to #quarantine.
Germans (mostly) are exempt.
Daily commuters are not affected at all.
Luxembourg has some arguments, why it deems travel restrictions unfair:

- surging case numbers are a result of the recent Large Scale Test campaign (regular free tests, even to commuters from abroad)
- commuters from abroad make up ~20% of new cases!
#Luxembourg reported 163 new #COVID19 cases today.
A steep rise.

Interesting background:
- The number of tests was 12.144 (record)
- #PositiveRate was 1.34%
- 18% of new cases were actually not residents of Luxembourg (most likely: commuters)
msan.gouvernement.lu/en/graphiques-… ImageImage
While Luxembourg´s neighbors are irritated by the large numbers of new #COVID19 cases they find,
#Luxembourg is convinced they are doing the right thing:

The Large Scale Test programme (multiple free tests for all) will be extended for 30 (!!!) more weeks
Oh, oh,
#Tokyo reported a new record number for #COVID19 cases:
(286 cases in one day, #PositiveRate is now at ~6%)

They explain:
Earlier numbers came from ~3.200-ish tests.
But now they increased tests to over 4.600 per day.

(Still: a lot of cases)
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
Japan´s second largest city #Osaka sees worrying 66 new #COVID19 cases today.

7 are infected teens
29 are twens

There´s no known source of infection for 34 of those cases !

There was the idea to promote domestic tourism by giving travel discounts to #Japan's citizens.
As #COVID19 cases surge citizens of & voyages to #Tokyo may now be left out of that plan.
(And #Osaka asks to maybe not apply it to them as well)
Although Australia's #Victoria is already under "Stage 3 #Lockdown", things seem like not being under control:
289 (of a record 317 daily new cases) are not linked to any known outbreak...
Next day, next record:
#Victoria´s preliminary new case number is
428 (up from yesterday´s record of 317).

Only 57 are connected to already known outbreaks.
As #Catalonia detected 1.111 new cases on friday, they issued a "voluntary #confinement" for the greater #Barcelona area (4 million inhabitants).

Seems people aren´t fond of that idea.
Today, ~420.000 cars have left the area (like on ordinary weekends).
#France seems to be quite "irritated" by #Spain´s decision to just request staying at home, but not enforcing it.

France´s Prime Minister already contemplated closing the border to #Catalonia, today.
Due to continuing outbreaks,
#Melbourne will now have a mandatory facecover (mask) rule.
"It doesn't come at an enormous cost to the Victorian economy,
It still allows us to go about our business, and for going shopping for the basics when you need them."
It is said 80% of #Victoria´s new cases are from workplace transmissions.
Like abattoirs or even a law firm, refusing their employees to work from home.
And, apparently, "discouraging staff from wearing masks" is a thing as well...:
In #Victoria:
275 new cases in a day
247 have no known source
Japan's 2nd largest city #Osaka is reporting high case numbers for some days now.
A mobile test station in their most popular entertainment district now found:
1 in 5 tests came out #COVID19 "positive"!
"Young people lose their fear and spread the virus"
As #Tokyo´s nightlife is producing an important part of new infections, there´s a special intervention, now:

The neighborhood watch is visiting all ~300 nightclubs in one night.

To promote antivirus protective measures, of course.
That ain´t no fun.
Japan´s neighborhood watches are a quite "effective" form of social control.
Nothing goes unseen.
This sticker was issued in Hakodate City (Hokkaido):
"函館在住" (Hakodate resident) would spare you some trouble when having the sticker on your car, there.
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
The "Hakodate resident" car-sticker is one of many exhibits in Hokkaido´s new "World of Corona" museum.

The idea is to preserve typical "artefacts" (masks, posters,...) of our pandemic period, so that we can look back and wonder about this crazy time...
Luxembourg´s #COVID19-Task-Force did a little simulation...
and found out they´d need to apply *the full set* of available measures *immediately (yesterday)*,
or else #Luxembourg´s ICU´s would be overcrowded by the end of August.
researchluxembourg.lu/publications/ Image
The mayor of Fukuoka City (south-west Japan) says
"We see, the second wave has arrived"

Young people are urged to stay away from the elderly.
By the end of this week, all ambulances and rescue helicopters will be equipped with "isolation" stretchers.
The "isolation stretcher" in Japan´s ambulances is a simple add-on cover to standard stretchers.
Its main focus is to prevent potential contamination of the ambulance´s interior (therefore avoiding the need to sanitize the whole car after every transport)
3 months ago, it was quite common that a city had only one dedicated ambulance for #COVID19 transports.
This example from Ikoma City (Nara Prefecture, Japan) shows how they tried to create some level of "protection" with vinyl sheets...

#Victoria has a record of 484 new cases over night.

3.810 were tested "positive" in the last 2 weeks.
3.400 of them had felt sick,
but continued daily life without isolation.
2.056 of them continued as before, even while waiting for test results!
A family of 4 returned home from summer holidays.🏝️
None of them felt symptoms.

It was the routine #COVID19 test for returnees, initiated by the family dad´s employer, that reveiled:
all 4 had brought the virus to their hometown.
(#Cottbus, east Germany)
"It's an extremely big number"

(366 new #COVID19 cases in #Tokyo, from ~5.000 tests. And 15% of those have no symptoms.)

"I want people to observe basics like
-washing their hands
-avoiding close contacts
-not spreading droplets with loud voices"(❗)
"5 days prior to an attempt to #kiss someone,
you should reduce contact to everyone else, wear a N95 mask, fill out a daily questionaire and have 2 tests."
Says #Germany´s Occupational Health & Safety standard...

At least this applies to #actors !
medien.bgetem.de/medienportal/a… Image
Germany´s #RKI was very quiet, last month.
But now, they have just issued a very unusual wake-up call:
"These days´ rise in new cases is very worrying."

have lead to rising (nearly doubled) #COVID19 numbers!
A study on Germany´s large #MeatPackingPlant outbreak in #Gütersloh now found:

"Transmission via #aerosols occurred over
more than 8 meters at work.
Housing conditions of workers did not play a significant role"

❗️Transmission via aerosols over 8 meters
Once a person's test results come in as "positive", they need to be interviewed to find out and warn all their close contacts.
But in #Victoria, ~25% of interviews couldn't be done, because no one answered the phone.
So, they'll have personal visits, now.
A private test provider has been offering (voluntary) #VOVID19 tests at Germany´s Frankfurt airport.
In one month, they took 25.000 tests.
70 of them were "positive".

"What´s worrying: almost all of the positive cases came back from ´non-risk´ countries"
swr3.de/aktuell/nachri… Image
Yoron Island (#Japan)
was some sort of paradise.

It was, on July 20
when this video was uploaded

(note: the background music
is ´epidemic sound´)
On July 21,
#Yoron Island had its first #COVID19 case ever.

A young lady of 20 years was tested "positive" after showing typical symptoms...

Today, 4 days after #Yoron Island detected its very first #COVID19 case,

the town´s public announcement system informs the 5.000 islanders:

There have been 6 new infections today.
The number of cases is now 29.
Stay indoors.

One of the first infected persons on #Yoron Island was working at the island´s (only) hospital.
There have been hospital transmissions.

New #COVID19 cases are now either staying at home,
or are transported by army helicopters to Amami-Ōshima, ~250 km away
As it is peak tourist season in #Austria,
many hotels are employing loads of young interns.

In idyllic St Wolfgang,
masks are mandatory nearly everywhere.
Except during drinking & eating. Seems that´s how some interns´ "afterwork party" spread the virus.
At first (tuesday), one intern of a hotel in St Wolfgang tested "positive" after mild symptoms.
Then (wednesday) 7 colleagues.
Then (sat morning) 22.
Then (sat night) 44, including a tourist...

The municipality was now asking everyone to stay indoors...
st-wolfgang.ooe.gv.at/DRINGENDE_Info… Image
To avoid the earlier mess of Ischgl´s evacuation, #Austria has a plan for the St. Wolfgang #cluster:
If a tourist tests "positive", he will be transported home by police (not allowed to travel alone).
~tests for tourists are VOLUNTARY
~results take 48 h
Meanwhile, german press reports
"first tourists abort their visit to St Wolfgang (#Austria´s current #cluster) and leave"...

(I wonder if they´d wait in line for a test, before fleeing the area...)
Interesting point of view by delegates of tourism and a doctor in #Austria´s #cluster area St Wolfgang:
"(regular) Testing of personnel without symptoms makes no sense - it´s like trying to avoid pregnancy by taking a test..."
#Austria´s St Wolfgang #Cluster was only detected when one hotel employee started to show typical #COVID19 symptoms (tuesday).
Probably, by that time at least 22 of her colleagues had already been infected (allegedly without obvious/serious symptoms)...
According to a regional spokesman, test results from saturday's tests found 9 more cases in #Austria's St Wolfgang #cluster.
Making it 53 cases. No indication whether the new cases are employees, residents or guests...
(sunday's results not in, yet)
Press Conference on #Austria´s St Wolfgang #Cluster:

Q: How many contacts are there, and where are they now? In Quarantine?

A: We don´t know yet.
But we don´t think there´ll be a need for emergency measures, since they have dispersed all over Austria...
facebook.com/ooe.gv.at/vide… Image
Yes, during today's press conference they stated they had no knowledge of contacts or cases in St Wolfgang's neighboring towns.
And then came this doctor, suggesting that the neighbors would maybe not test accurately and there'd be clusters everywhere...
It's not directed against Austria (but it comes with a peculiar timing):

#Germany is preparing mandatory #COVID19 tests for returnees from #riskareas.
Those tests will be free.
They will be done upon arrival (~at the airport).
And they'll start next week
New results for #Austria's St Wolfgang #cluster came in tonight:

Out of total 1.145 tests,
62 are "positive", so far.

personnel of hotels and a shop in neighboring towns were found affected, too.
("The infected are mostly employees")
Some tourists now come forward with "positive" results,
urging authorities to
*be more open
*communicate the actual risk
*not just blame it on "the interns"

=> acknowledge the risk of spreading infections on a more than local scale
#Austria's St Wolfgang #cluster is now affecting 2 districts. The cases in St Wolfgang's neighboring towns belong to #Salzburg district.
And they have a different approach:
-testing is exclusively focused on trainees in tourism (starts today)
It´s getting weird around #Austria´s St Wolfgang #cluster.
Official results say:
62 infected
56 of them are personnel (~40 of them young trainees)
5 are youth from neighboring towns

And only 1 guest.

(but twitter reports about 3-4 guests already...)
Latest addition to the "infected St Wolfgang #cluster guest" list would be:

a soldier, stationed in Salzburg.

He was quarantined as a "close contact" this weekend.
His test results came today:
(14 of his comrades now in quarantine)
companies are getting serious.

"Employees who have been absent for 5 days or longer
will be denied access to the site."

Access cards will be reactivated after a negative #COVID19 test
(or proof of not visiting risk areas)
#Austria´s St Wolfgang touristic #cluster neighbor, #Salzburg district´s tests were exclusively meant for young tourism trainees. 36 trainees took part.

But somehow 3 non-trainees got tested, too.
1 trainee "positive"
3 of the unknown testees too
service.salzburg.gv.at/lkorrj/detail?… Image
Yesterday was the first time all prefectures of #Japan had #COVID19 cases.
Some prefectures (like Osaka, Fukuoka,..) were shocked by new record case numbers.
The positive test rate is now up to 6.6%

And today doesn´t seem to be less alarming.
#Tokyo´s Governour:
"We are facing a critical situation and are on the verge of an explosive increase of infections.
We need to take measures to curb it."
#Tokyo´s new countermeasures:
Calling it "SPECIAL warning" now.
Asking citizens to please not go drinking too much.
Bars who reduce their serving time will receive a fancy rainbow sticker to demonstrate their cooperation (and get 200.000 JPY compensation).
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… ImageImage
After yesterday´s record of 367 new #COVID19 cases,
#Tokyo counts 463 new cases today.
The next level of "stark warnings" is now:

"We are almost at the point where declaring a State of Emergency just for Tokyo has to be considered"

Meanwhile, #Japan is fearing #Tokyo´s outbreaks have already spilled all over the country.
Experts suggest it is driven by "uncooperative establishments" (like bars and nightclubs).
Offices, public transport and shops were not an issue...
After 3 weeks of #Lockdown, case numbers are still getting worse.
People calling for stronger measures, while others just don´t care at all.
(#Victoria´s Premier has the job to get everyone on board - and he looks pretty annoyed in this article´s video)
"If the sacrifice (of #Victoria going into ´stage 4´ #Lockdown) has to be made, they must do that on the condition that this will be the last one - that we aim for elimination of community transition".
#Austria is keeping its "#COVID19 & tourism" information quite intransparent.

"The #cluster in St Wolfgang has now been updated to 75 cases."

(Reading the text carefully, it seems that´s the cases who are still *in* St Wolfgang!
Local inhabitants maybe.)
land-oberoesterreich.gv.at/239389.htm Image
A news report mentions
neighboring district "Niederösterreich" has found 2 more "positive" trainees who were infected in St Wolfgang.

*These cases had already caused a local secondary infection*

All cases will not be counted in St Wolfgang, it seems.
kurier.at/chronik/nieder… Image
Austria has a quite restrictive testing regime:

usually, those who have no symptoms will NOT be tested.
(there were even reports that people who didn´t display all "key" symptoms were not tested...)

It´s about confirmation.
Not about stopping the spread.
sozialministerium.at/Informationen-… Image
Meanwhile #Germany´s southwest state Baden-Württemberg is planning to offer free tests to (de facto) all travellers at designated airports, train stations, highway service areas...

(exciting times ahead - remember Luxembourg´s mass testing=>"#HotSpot")
More details on #Germany´s traveller testing:
-free tests start today
-1 test is free for all travellers within 72 hours of coming from abroad
-travellers from dedicated #RiskAreas will be allowed to have 1 initial test and another free control test later
bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus.ht… Image
Couldn´t we just spare some of #Germany´s free tests for people in this crowd?
Say: 1 test before the rally today.
Then another test at the next rally (if there is one).

That would be really interesting. It would bring up data in place of agitation.
After several requests to maintain hygiene rules showed no sufficient result,
#Berlin's police filed a charge against the rally's organizer.

They say the organizer then aborted the rally.
The rally's motto was "#Corona is over".
The #Netherlands seem to have a problem.
New #COVID19 cases per day have doubled within a week.
(~430, today)

And they made out a culprit:
the young folks.
"1 in 3 doesn´t care about #Corona rules"
Rotterdam has ~a quarter of Netherlands´ new #COVID19 cases (125)

The city says
"students hesitate to get testet,
see quarantine as annoyance and
have problems with health authorities doing contact tracing"

So the mayor sent them a "motivating letter":
rotterdam.nl/nieuws/brief-a… Image
It´s not all about students.
(~50% of the #Netherlands´ new cases are in age group 20-40, another ~50% in age group 40-60)

So some cities like Amsterdam, #Rotterdam, are introducing a rule that makes #facemasks mandatory at certain places / certain times
An infectiologist in Paris came up with an idea:
"Why don't we just let young people infect themselves among each other? They just have to stay away from their parents & grandparents!"

Another one replied:
"That's what Sweden had in mind. It did not work"
Australia's state of #Victoria is expected to go into a drastic #Lockdown mode very soon.
It's not just because of the high number of new cases.
It's because of the high number of cases where a source of infection is still unknown...
"Under current stage 3 measures behaviour it would take 6 months to stem the spread of the virus in #Melbourne."

Victoria´s Premier has just announced
Stage 4 #Lockdown for Melbourne

And it´s a real lockdown, combined with a curfew at night.
One of the reasons for #Melbourne´s drastic lockdown is:
"people simply couldn´t remember all the places they have been to, where they might have contracted the virus"

"we think if we limit visits to places to just the nearest supermarket, it would help".
Due to #COVID19, Victoria now has declared a State of #Disaster.
"This will give our police additional powers to make sure people are complying with public health directions".

(that´s the second time in history,
after the bushfires earlier this year)
It comes fast.
It started 3 days ago, with people returning from holidays.

Germany´s city of #Offenbach (near Frankfurt) has now reached a level of new #COVID19 cases where they have to involve the state ministry´s task force ("Level 3 incidence").
According to city of #Offenbach, most new cases came from:
*returning travellers from the Balkans, etc.
*a bus excursion to visit a cheese factory in the Netherlands

*cases with unknown source of infection.

"It´s the highest case number we ever had"
offenbach.de/rathaus/rathau… Image
#Offenbach's mayor posted the city's current #COVID19 case curve.
Showing the sudden impact.

But contact tracing seems to work:
"Many of those who are getting sick are those who we managed to already quarantine (before showing symptoms)"

In #Melbourne,

"There´ll be enough for people to get what they need.
Not necessarily what they want, but get what they need..."

Some industry is shut down alltogether,
during the #Lockdown.
Supermarkets in #Melbourne have implemented restrictions to avoid shelves getting stripped empty by #Lockdown-anxious customers.

Another measure: converting stores to (online) click and (drive in) collect hubs.
More details on Germany´s #Offenbach outbreaks:

"8 citizens had participated in a bus excursion to visit a cheesefactory in the Netherlands and got infected. After their return, they infected 7 family members".
offenbach.de/leben-in-of/ge… Image
Another detail from the #Offenbach outbreaks:
"Many (non-infected family members) are living together in quarantine with infected persons, being at high risk to become infected as well..."
"But that would pose no threat to the public"

(🤔Is this "acceptable collateral damage" ?) Image
Just like they said:
"in quarantine, non-infected family members are at high risk of becoming infected as well"
#Offenbach reports an infected family,
including an 8 month infant
and the 4 year old, who was attending #kindergarten...
(contacts quarantined)
#Japan´s argument so far was
"No need to worry much, it´s the young ones and they don´t even need hospital visits"

Recent data shows
hospital admittance surges:
Tokyo has a ´decent´ 5-fold increase.
Aichi pref. sees 60-fold increase (from 3 to 195) !
A month after stage 3 restrictions came into force,
2 weeks after masks became mandatory
to try and stop the outbreaks in Melbourne,
Victoria sees new record #COVID19 numbers
(cases and deaths).

(Is it because too many didn´t take rules seriously enough?)
Oh ...
#Germany has just declared Belgium´s province of #Antwerpen to be a #COVID19 "Risk Area".

Meaning: if you´ve been there, you´ll need to show a "negative" test or quarantine for 14 days upon entry to Germany.
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
Actually, Germany´s updates are late...
Antwerp / #Antwerpen had already reacted to rising case numbers with a mandatory rule for masks anywhere (even outdoors) and a curfew from midnight to 6 a.m.

Today, they started to relax these measures a bit
Oh, no.

Some students booked a graduation trip to #Croatia.
On their way back, the first ones started to show #COVID19 symptoms.
9 students from one town have already tested "positive".

But participants came from all over #Germany.
There´s more to come.
4 days ago, 2 other students from #Bavaria had tested "positive" as well, after returning from a graduation trip to #Croatia.
(Not known if this is related to today´s report of 9 cases)
rosenheim24.de/bayern/corona-… Image
#Croatia had just recently launched a regional #COVID19 map.

They claimed:
"the situation in the coastal tourist destinations is particularly good / better than in the safest EU member states"...
udrugaturizma.hr/covid-19-info/… Image
6 (out of a group of 11) tourists from #Austria have been found to be #COVID19 infected, after returning from #Croatia´s island of Pag (usually a popular party destination).

(🤔Were they infected during their stay or while travelling?)
The 9 #students who came back "positive" from #Croatia,
already caused 53 contacts to be quarantined in their hometown in #Germany.

Now it turns out they didn´t wear masks during most of the bus-trip and during their stay
(german health authority says).
A wave of anger is raging now, in #Germany:
towards the students, who supposedly didn´t care.
and towards the german travel agency who apparently claims it´s none of their business how their guests behave (they don´t see any need to take consequences...)
👍#Luxembourg does quarantine controls.
👎They found out, many are breaking #quarantine.
👍They found out where they have been.
👊💥"An increasing number is breaking quarantine to take holiday travel abroad, despite a positive test"...
gouvernement.lu/de/actualites/… Image
A #COVID19 outbreak at a nursing home in the #Netherlands left 6 dead, 17 of 21 inhabitants (and 18 personnel infected).

Despite strict visitor regulations
and surgical masks for personnel.

An internal #RIVM report suggests "it was the #aircon"...
6 dead.
35 infected.

~"We found RNA. It´s like solving a crime.
We now think: the killer was the #aircon"

the deadly "aircon" was a new, sophisticated, energy efficient ventilation system.
It only added fresh air to the room when CO2 concentrations exceeded 1.000 ppm.

(at other times recirculating air, to prevent heat/cool loss)
eenvandaag.avrotros.nl/item/vertrouwe… Image
Meanwhile, dutch #RIVM have renewed their #COVID19 prevention #ventilation guidelines:
At home:
"Keep windows open 24 hours a day"
"Even in Winter, keep ventilating as much as possible"

(scarfs & sweaters will be THE thing to have!
👉Start knitting now!)
lci.rivm.nl/ventilatie-en-… Image
An update on #Croatia´s party island of #Pag:
meanwhile, 10 german students have tested "positive" after returning home.

And #Italy´s students like to go there as well:
Two 18 year old girls of an organized party trip to Pag came back "positive".
📢"Due to extreme demand,
our local drinking water supply is collapsing.
Get your emergency water ration at the fire station!"🚨

(A side effect of #Coronavirus:
as many spend their holidays at home, water usage is much higher than in "normal" years)
The mayor of #Lauenau (Germany´s first town declaring a collapsed drinking water supply) explains:
"our feed from the #water wells is still normal,
(despite recent drought)
its really the high demand that´s overwhelming our supply"
Out of the blue.
After 102 #COVID-free days
4 connected cases appear in #Auckland, NZ.
There's no known source.

Level 3 #Lockdown will come into force immediately.
The #Netherlands are reporting a rising trend in cases (56%, compared to last week!)

It´s mostly the young ones (20-39 years).
They´re getting infected "at home" or, a nother rising trend: at parties.
Dutch Disease Center #RIVM wants to put something straight:

"Some had the impression we were telling people to avoid #Rotterdam - that was not correct.
We want you to avoid crowded places!
Which goes for Rotterdam and other crowded cities and places..."

This morning #NewZealand learned that 2 #COVID19 infected persons had stayed for multiple days in a holiday resort, while having symptoms.

(They are two (very) young family members of NZ's latest Auckland #Cluster)
The #Auckland family #Cluster is already (probably) spreading.
4 more "probable cases" have been found. 2 from the same family and 2 family members' co-workers.
("probable" means: they do have typical symptoms and they were close contacts)...
A new Health & Safety rule by #Germany´s Labor Ministry states:

"Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 happens PRIMARILY and with great effectivity via #Airborne droplets (#AEROSOLS)..."

(it´s going to have some serious effect on existing measures, I guess)
bmas.de/DE/Presse/Meld… Image
From #Germany´s new "#Corona Health & Safety Rule":

Effectiveness of room #Ventilation can be evaluated by checking #CO2 levels.
Normally, a CO2 level of 1.000 ppm would be acceptable.
During the epidemic phase, this level should be lower / kept as low as possible... Image
Here's a little test I did:

I hate aircon, so I left windows tilted-open today (yes, it was 35 C)
at noon, I closed windows & door of the standard office room (only me in the room, today). Aircon on, cosy 26 C...

Within 1.5 hours
CO2 concentration rose from 500 to 800 ppm !😕 Image
New Zealand´s #Auckland cluster is spreading.

1 Infected person (worked in cold storage warehouse)
-> infected 3 colleagues, there
-> they then infected 7 of their family members at home

(all cases linked to the initial #Cluster,
meanwhile 13 new cases)
#Auckland cluster:
"A #COVID19 positive person visited an aged care facility"

Why would someone do this?
Because they had no clue they were infected.

It happened one day before symptoms showed...
That kind of detailed #ContactTracing data,
made public, is impressive...

(#Auckland #Cluster)
(hands up, who remembers what he did 5 days ago?!)

nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/articl… Image
A group of 8 young germans spent #party holidays on Croatia's #Pag island.
They came back to Germany, unknowingly infected.

They then continued partying in Germany:
Out of ~40 party guests,
24 are infected now.

(Note: it happened all within legal limits)
New Zealand's #Auckland cluster now:
-more cases among colleagues in a finance office
-more cases in the cold storage warehouse
-spread into another region (a stage 3 #Lockdown for entire North Island now suggested)
-a church might be involved, too...
A mystery:
It seems the first known case of New Zealand´s new outbreak was the family dad, who works in a cold storage warehouse.

He had no history of travelling abroad.
But somehow he got the virus.
And it´s a strain that was never detected in NZ before
Another group of students from Germany is back from their party trip to Croatia´s Pag island.

3 of 23 became infected during their trip.
At least - there´s currently no way to enforce testing for all 23, since (for Germany) Croatia is still no "risk area"
Croatia is seeing "all green" for #Pag party island as well

(maybe because typical #party goers don´t stay long enough - they show first #COVID19 symptoms / receive positive tests when arriving back home, so their case is counted in their home country...)
croatiacovid19.info Image
Croatia´s tourism dept. seems quite "creative" in advertising the country as "#COVID19 safe"

They said "Croatia is on a list of recommended destinations" in Germany.
Actually, there´s no such list,
it´s just that they weren´t on the travel warning list.
udrugaturizma.hr/covid-19-info/… Image
Now it seems,
#Croatia´s tourism tactics might be facing a grim reality:

as even Croatia´s local #COVID19 cases have surged to record numbers for 3 days in a row,
neighboring countries are introducing measures to protect themselves.
nytimes.com/reuters/2020/0… Image
It seems developments in a small group will now affect all of Croatia´s tourism.

The surge in cases seems to come from young people and
"two thirds can be linked to bigger gatherings on the Adriatic coast"
(that´s where the typical party locations are.)
seenews.com/news/croatia-c… Image
In search for the source of the new #Outbreak, New Zealand has now ordered tests of all people who had been to the North Island´s major #ports within the last 4 weeks(!)

For Tauranga port, this accounts for ~6.000 people...
port-tauranga.co.nz/covid-19-testi… Image
New Zealand´s new #COVID19 testing order actually gives port workers a deadline of 3 days to get tested.

(That´s for all people who have been to the ports of Tauranga and Auckland,
within the last 4 weeks)...
legislation.govt.nz/regulation/pub… Image
As the current #Outbreak´s virus strain was never detected before in New Zealand
and the first person known to have caught it there was a worker in a #ColdStorage warehouse,

one investigated path is:
was it brought in via goods from #Melbourne (AUS)?
12 new #COVID19 cases found in New Zealand over night.
They all are connected to the #Cluster in #Auckland.

One of them is a university student...
Meanwhile, New Zealand´s idea of mass #testing port workers turns into a mess.

-no one understands why they should be tested
-Auckland #port testing site is overwhelmed
-there´s not even a testing site ready in #Tauranga port

No way to meet the deadline.
Tauranga Port has an update on the tense testing situation:
"Resources are limited so testing will be by appointment only"

"You can continue to work while waiting for test / test results"
"No penalties if you don´t meet the government´s deadline"
port-tauranga.co.nz/update-on-covi… Image
The amount of chaos the "port worker mass #testing" is causing becomes tangible by this press release of #Tauranga region´s health authority:

~#Port workers, please do not overcrowd general practices, they are for people with real symptoms !
Oh! They really found an infected worker at #Tauranga Port (NZ)!

No, not via the ordered mass testing (it only started today, there and results may take a while to come in...)
No - he had #COVID19 symptoms and already got tested a couple of days ago.
Oh! The infected worker at #Tauranga Port is connected to the #Auckland cluster !

Ah, no - he´s not the source of all infections.
He somehow became infected by one person of the #Cluster...
Call that an inter-generational conflict:

After finding that most of #Slovenia's new #COVID19 cases are young people who had been partying in neighboring #Croatia,
Slovenia is now discussing the idea to

*selectively #Quarantine the age group 15 - 35*

Melbourne's current outbreak started with a family of 4 who returned from overseas on:
May 9.

Hygiene protocols in their quarantine hotel were botched.

By mid-June, 17 staff & contacts were "positive".

The virus then made its way out into the community.
#Germany´s Disease Centre #RKI has issued a new #Aerosol risk assessment:
🟩In case of loud speaking, singing, laughing, there´s a significant transmission risk...
🟨indoor: even with 1.5m distancing⚠️
🟦outdoor: under 1.5m, when wearing no face cover
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
Today, #Germany´s new #COVID19 HSE ruleset might come into force, giving employers the choice between:
distancing of 1.5m
or installing PVC screens
or let employees wear face masks.
#France has announced they want wearing #masks to become mandatory in ALL workplaces
(😷shared among 2 persons or more😷).

No matter the distance
No matter if there are PVC screens

(reason: ~it´s about aerosols, they drift everywhere)
Forensic style testing has been performed in a cold storage warehouse in #Auckland.
Results now suggest, that New Zealand´s recent #Outbreak was NOT caused by deep freeze goods...

(hey, y´all can stock up on frozen pizzas again!)
Just as you thought you could have a lazy lockdown, with frozen pizza and as little physical activity as possible...

New Zealand comes up with the next scary news to screw your plans:
"~Using the lift might give you #COVID19."

If you think,
someone in New Zealand is having a go at destroying all your privileges and restrict your freedom to do whatever you like...

You´ll be happy to hear, that THIS one isn´t a big deal:
Just don´t flush the urinal (haha, like you ever did...)
South Korea sees itself in a whirl of outbreaks: churches, a large rally, coffee chain, sports facility, denial of contact data
"if the country fails to trace contacts, it may face serious virus situations similar to those in the United States and Europe."
Currently, #Croatia sees a drastic surge in #COVID19 case numbers.

in Dalmatia region alone:
153 new cases over night,
incidence of 82.52 active cases per 100.000 (croatian) inhabitants.
a second index, counting all tourists as "population" is 56.62
croatiacovid19.info Image
"A record number of newly infected, and most are young."
“The worst mistake was granting nightclubs permission to work and be a source of infection. We should have removed that permission not just because of outside pressure, but to protect our citizens,”
"#Masks alone will not be enough"...
One week ago, belgian (& EU) Capital #Brussels realized they have surging #COVID19 cases.

The only response then was:
masks became mandatory in public.

Experts warned, "this doesn't stop infections in private life"...
tijd.be/politiek-econo… Image
while #Antwerp had managed to bring its #COVID19 incidence down (with masks, curfew and some #lockdown measures),
one week of "wearing masks in public" didn't help much in #Brussels - they stick out as "red zone", with still growing incidence.
Seeing that #Brussels' 7-day incidence has now surpassed the "magic" number of 50 new cases per 100.000 inhabitants,

#Germany has now declared Brussels to be a #COVID19-"Risk Area".

-> travel warning
-> mandatory quarantine / test for returnees.
(there were speculations, #Germany would hesitate to declare EU Capital #Brussels a #COVID19 Risk Area,
-Germany has EU presidency at the moment
-a meeting with a multitude of EU representatives was scheduled in Berlin, next week.)

Today, 6 months after the Virus came to #Bergamo (Italy),
5 months after the worst day saw 715 new cases and 251 who passed away,

today is the first day,
with zero recorded new #COVID19 cases in the province.
South Korea seems to be caught in a spiral of:
🔃surging case numbers,
leading to drastic measures (especially on churches),
which provoke large protests against measures,
that are in turn "causing more infections"...🔃
South Korea resorts to harsh #COVID19 measures.

In #Seoul, masks have to be worn in public.
Any form of in person church meeting is banned.
For restaurants and venues, a single violation will result in immediate two-week suspension of operations.
News from #Lufthansa:

you´ll be accepted with NO #mask on a flight...

- you present a fresh negative #COVID19 CPR test
- and a medical certificate that you´re unable to wear a mask, but still fit enough for the flight...
lufthansa.com/de/en/faq-mout… Image
Spain's Capital #Madrid seems to run into deep problems:
19.382 new cases in 4 days, since friday...

(I imagine it must be shocking and frustrating,
FH Valls even needs to repeat it in his tweet...):

The director of #Madrid's Emergency Center warns:
"if the infections don't suddenly stop rising, Madrid is going straight into #lockdown, in the coming days"

9 experts replied to the question "Why is #Spain being hit again by #COVID19?"

They all essentially say “We wanted to get back to normality too quickly”.
But there´s more to it. Every specialist adds his personal view on: schools, family life, economy...
Bavaria´s entire culture is rooted in #Beer.

So one can hardly imagine, this threat is real:
"#Munich citizens - if you don´t get your act together and keep #COVID19 infections below 35 (new cases/100.000 inhabitants per week), BEER SALES WILL STOP!"
It´s not clear, how #Munich´s #BeerBan will work.

But it´s said to be a dynamic response:
each they, the local #COVID19 incidence surpasses 35,
beer sales will stop at 9 p.m.,
consumption will be banned outdoors.

(I see panic buying and smugglers ahead.)
Sounds like a unique development in #Auckland:

test more,
find less cases

4434 tests -> 7 positive
8559 tests -> 5 positive
New Zealand thought they might best go ahead and stamp out the #Auckland outbreak now.

A mass #testing campaign started today.
They have multiple locations ready, able to process 10.000 tests per day.

Problem is:
No one likes to come.
(~100 tests done)
Just stumbled upon #Norway´s peculiar view on

#masks vs. #distancing

"Distances of 1 m or more reduce the risk of infection by an estimated 80 %.

Face masks used in the population only reduce the risk by approximately 40 %"
fhi.no/en/news/2020/r… Image
How bad is the idea to reuse (potentially contaminated) masks ? Maybe not as bad as it sounds....:

"Bottom line:
Under the room-temperature conditions in this study, the COVID-19 virus lost
50% of infectiousness after 78 minutes and
99.9% after 13 hours."
Some companies in #France are now collecting used #masks to #recycle them !
First they come into a 7-day "quarantine", to let their potential contamination "die off".
Then they will be shredded and moulded into new parts for faceshields.
Since this morning, 8 a.m.,
everyone, anywhere in #Paris is obliged to wear a #mask in public.


Everyone? No.

The only place you don't need to wear masks is:
inside a car 🚗
(even if it's crowded with passengers).
the #mask obligation for #Paris has just been clarified.

Those who practise "physical activities" on a bicycle or by running will not be obliged to wear a mask.

what if they stop at traffic lights, next to non-physical-actives??)😄
Next region of #France to announce a (rather strange) #Mask obligation is "Bas-Rhin (67)", at the german border.

Masks will be mandatory from tomorrow, for one month.
Only for pedestrians (NOT car passengers!) in cities with more than 10.000 inhabitants.
The Bas-Rhin departement of #France sees reason to act on #COVID19:
They say their regional #Incidence is currently
⚠️doubling every week⚠️
2 weeks ago:6
1 week ago:16
this week: 31

"It´s mostly young folks - asymptomatic, unknowingly spreading the virus"
bas-rhin.gouv.fr/Actualites/Cov… Image
Ohhhhhh hohohooooo noooooo
(feeling for all #Munich citizens):

It was just announced that
despite all efforts,
the "critical incidence barrier" of 35
was broken. It´s 35.27 today.
This means:
(at least at night)
Fernando de Noronha, an island off #Brazil´s coast has special restrictions (environment rules, tourist limits) to keep their paradise safe.
Tomorrow, they´re going to let #Tourists back.
One condition:
You need to prove, you already had #COVID19 !
noronha.pe.gov.br/index.php Image
Actually, Fernando de Noronha´s plan is more sophisticated:

to prevent people with reinfections coming to the island,
tourists will need to provide a recent ELISA test (max. 90 days old), or CPR test (min. 20 days old).

The mayor of #Sutri (in #Italy, just north of Rome)
wants to issue penalty fines to everyone who "wears a #mask without necessity".

"People eat (for long periods) without masks - so it´s ridiculous to put them on when leaving the table"
If you think about blasting through a red traffic light in #Sutri, claiming that you "have been driving for hours on the highway, so it´s ridiculous to stop when a traffic light turns red"...

Forget it.
Sutri is a tiny town.
They have no traffic light.
And no highway.
In #France, a group of #COVID19-victims is seeking legal action against mandatory #masks outdoors (only in certain towns, many exemptions).

They argue that "with all the random outdoor mask wearing/exemptions people just get confused.
Indoor is important"
Turns out that the "Association of COVID Victims" in #France is not (just) about people being sick with #COVID19, but people being sickened by french COVID rules...
So it's a wild mix of interests.
COVID rules (and their discussion) can become quite absurd.
With mask: the lawyer who is fighting against the rule to wear masks outdoors (in parts of #France).
No mask: a doctor, justifying he doesn't need to wear a mask indoors, but people outdoors do
Mayors in #France's "Bas-Rhin" departement have also opposed the prefectural rule to impose outdoor mask wearing in their cities.
(they weren't consulted and "other measures would be more helpful"). Controls will mostly be by federal, not local police.
The campaign against "outdoor masks" has a first "success":
A court ruled, prefecture AND city of #Strasbourg need to better specify (confusing) rules for outdoor #masks.

They now think of "maybe making masks mandatory only at certain times of the day"...
the mayor of Sutri (#Italy), who is said he wants to fine everyone who is 'unnecessarily' wearing #masks (even indoors) seems to favour the court decision in #Strasbourg.

"#Japanese may be the safest #language when it comes to preventing the spread of #COVID19."

(at least that´s what a canadian magazine is making of a russian study of SARS among tourists in the year 2000)
The claim that Japanese was a "more #COVID19 safe language" had already been made back in May.
It even was on national news...

(but that claim didn´t hold long)
A study claims, Japanese is a relatively #COVID19-safe language, since it doesn´t make much use of a strongly pronounced "P".

Here´s bad news:
#Japan´s (in)famous
performer Pikotaro is back!
And he´s doing a song with Pikachu !
There's news that #France wants to reduce duration of self-isolation down to 7 days
"for those infected by #COVID19 AND their close contacts"...
#Germany is talking about reducing #isolation down to 5 days.
But mind the details:
-it's 5 days after a person *started to show #COVID19 symptoms*
-it might also apply to asymptomatic persons in clusters, but with a final clearing test after 5 days.
#France is seeing a massive resurge of #COVID19 cases.

Many said: "Yes, but look at the hospitals - the beds are empty. It´s just the young ones, they don´t get sick"...

It took a while,
but now places in intensive care units start to fill up.
(example from one hotspot): Image
In Bouches-du-Rhône (one of #France´s hotspots),
they had 70 ICU places reserved for #COVID19 patients.

Those places are filling up now.
Still 20 left. But they say they´ll have to make place for more (i.e. stop with other treatments)
The hospitals of Bouches-du-Rhône are calling for
"help from the public".

"in the last 24 hours, our ICU capacities are coming under stress - help to keep those places free, follow hygiene rules!"
There´s definitely something starting in southern #France.

Suddenly, more and more #COVID19 patients are being rushed into hospitals´ ICUs.
It´s not the young ones. It´s those above the age of 50.

(#Dejavu: Young ones come later, when ICUs are full)
geodes.santepubliquefrance.fr/#bbox=-1430540… Image
The European Parliament doesn´t want to make their usual move to Strasbourg (#France, Bas-Rhin).

I guess it´s not only that Bas-Rhin has been declared "#COVID19 Risk Zone"
(their incidence is ~40-60,
#Brussels´ incidence is ~70)
It´s about quarantine.
And then there´s that mask-wearing dispute in #France´s Bas-Rhin departement.

Some activists felt the rules were "too complicated" and sued the prefecture. A court ordered the rules needed to be clear.
new rules (57 pages)
Different in every town.
It seems,
the current surge in hospital / ICU admissions in southern #France was initiated ~6-8 weeks ago.

That's when the age group 20-29 started to get increasingly infected.
After 3 weeks it percolated into every other age group.
After his warning (3 days ago) that free dedicated #COVID19 places in hospitals / ICU are becoming scarce,
the President of #Marseille´s hospitals notes, that they are practically full, now.

"It´s an exponential increase"
Will wearing masks bring a great relief for Marseille´s constrained #COVID19 hospital situation?

#Marseille had ordered to wear masks 4 weeks ago, in some areas.
As that didn´t help much, #masks became mandatory everywhere in the city, a week ago.
Today, #Germany´s railway #DeutscheBahn published a study report (tests were done in July):

Their train attendants seem to have a much lower risk of contracting #COVID19 (despite loads of contacts),
than their colleagues in maintenance jobs!
🚆#DeutscheBahn study found,
that ´only´ ~1.3% of train attendants were/had been infected with #COVID19.

Among🛠️maintenance workers, infections had been much higher (~3%).

Explanation: attendants wear their masks😷
Most (80%) maintenance workers didn´t.
deutschebahn.com/resource/blob/… Image
#DeutscheBahn study accidentally stumbled upon another interesting point:

Could it be, that a vacciantion against influenza would also help a bit against #COVID19?
(They´ll look more into detail in a second study in October)
deutschebahn.com/de/presse/pres… Image
The strain on #Marseille´s ICUs could be more critical than during the first wave:

During lockdown, hospitals could concentrate on #COVID19 treatment.
Today, France is coming out of holiday season.
ICUs are full with accident victims, planned surgeries...
In the coming 2 weeks, #Marseille´s hospitals plan to open 17 new ICU beds for #COVID19 cases.

(they also say, critical #COVID19 cases doubled within one week and are at 23 right now. Hope they don´t double again...)
With some 10 additional beds, immediately available, #Marseille will have ~25 more #COVID19 ICU beds in 2 weeks.

"The big worry is:
our ICUs are already 95% full with non-COVID patients"

Sudden spike in #COVID19 cases in the Czech Republic.

From tomorrow on, masks will have to be worn indoors. Everywhere in the country.

#Prague is listed as "Risk Zone" by Belgium (and by Germany, since 2 hours ago...) requiring quarantine/test.
A survey in USA found:
"frequent use of public transport: 4 times more likely to have been infected than those who never used it.

Visiting a place of worship: 16-fold increase in risk.

👉Social distancing was associated with a 10-fold decrease in risk."
My mind struggles to grasp those division lines that seem to be relevant in the US.

Not wearing a mask as a privilege?
academic.oup.com/cid/advance-ar… Image
Just a few days before the start of the new semester, 23 students of SciencePo(litiques) elite university in Reims (#France) have reported #COVID19 symptoms.

The semester will start online only. University buildings will now be closed and disinfected.
Following 23 students self-reporting having #COVID19 symptoms, health authorities in Reims, #France now prepare for testing all 1.300 students.

(Their local incidence was already far above "Alert" level last week... that might skyrocket, now)
grand-est.ars.sante.fr/system/files/2… Image
#COVID19 case numbers are surging in #France.
"They might double in 2 weeks", says national health authority.

And all those cases have #contacts who need to be traced and quarantined.
With now over 120.000 contacts per week, that´s similar to a #Lockdown.
To keep up with contact tracing, #France has just announced they will employ 2.000 additional contact tracers.
With growing #COVID19 case numbers, #France would feel a significant impact by quarantine / isolation alone.

To compensate this, the isolation period was shortened.
Instead of 14 days it´s now 7 days (at least).
That´s only for those WITH (mild) symptoms!
"Those who are now coming into intensive care, are the same as in March: aged people" - "This shows we don´t have a ´Maginot defence line´. Even if it starts with young people, the virus will inevitably affect our most vulnerable ones"
This is the history of #COVID19 in #Spain (so far).
They always publish accumulated case numbers before the weekend. So this friday´s record number of 12.000 new cases needs to be taken with a grain of salt...

But it´s obvious that infections aren´t over.
mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/… Image
#COVID19 test positive rates in #Spain are quite high, in some cities extreme:

In Madrid every ~5th test comes out "positive".
In Melilla its ~one in 3-4 tests. Image
A little background:
#Garmisch is a very idyllic part of Bavaria / #Germany.
It is mostly popular with older tourists.

Not the best place to have a party spree.
Especially if you´re #COVID19 positive...

Note: make that 54 infected persons for now.
The #Superspreading event in #Garmisch brought their incidence rate above "alert" level whithin one day.

Immediate restrictions concern closing times, groups in public (max 5 persons), several events cancelled,...
(effect on schools is yet unclear).
The #Superspreading lady managed to infect 23 staff and guests at her "hotel" in #Garmisch too.

(That one is a special location. It is a US "Armed Forces Recreation Center" - so #COVID19 rules might differ).
Due to the infections, it will be closed now
edelweisslodgeandresort.com Image
From recent videos, #COVID19 prevention standards at US Army´s "Edelweiss Lodge" in #Garmisch were reasonable (all the guests wearing facemasks, distancing,...)

So how could one lady infect 23 people, there?
=> Latest news says, she was part of the staff!
Some updates from #Garmisch:
it wasn´t 54 new cases - the incidence is 54, today (~33 new cases). Now 24 infected in hotel.

"the #Superspreader lady had symptoms and came to our test station. She was told to stay in quarantine -
she didn´t"...

br.de/nachrichten/ba… Image
A long way back to normal...
#Melbourne is about to 'enjoy' the first tiny steps.
After being in #Lockdown for over 2 months (harsh "Stage 4" rules for the last 6 weeks), rules are going to ease (a bit) tonight...
The plan for #Melbourne /#Victoria is to have 2 weeks of under 5 new cases, before lockdown restrictions would ease further.
(They have ~40 per day, now).

Currently, Melbourne's #Lockdown is scheduled to last 2 more weeks (at least)...
Having under 5 cases is no guarantee the numbers won't flare up again.
(Remember New Zealand with 102 days of zero cases, then another outbreak).

Melbourne's / Victoria's emergency ruleset has just been extended for 4 more weeks...
The extended harsh restrictions seem to slowly shape a new #Melbourne: Those who can afford it are turning away from the city.
#Melbourne university had run a model on #COVID19 spread.
The output is used for the current "Emerging from Lockdown" policy.

Even with the "5 case limit", cases are expected to rebound.
But "after christmas"...
msd.unimelb.edu.au/__data/assets/… Image
#France thinks they will roll out a rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen #Test, this week. (According to this doctor from Paris).

It is meant for screenings.
The result will come in ~30 minutes.
It has a "reliability" of 90%. (it will not find every infected person).
(Oh, that went unnoticed):

There was a *second* #COVID19-neglecting lady in #Garmisch.
She had a sore throat, is said to be in hospital for treatment, now...

City: "We have no idea why she still went to work in 2 #kindergartens anyway"
merkur.de/lokales/garmis… Image
The first show after 6 months...

In #Vienna, a #Cluster has formed around a #theatre premiere. After 9 days, at least 24 infected (including secondary infections) are known.

They say, they took all precautions like masks for the audience, distancing,...
A student of a school in #Bavaria was found #COVID19 "positive".
Now it turns out she might have been infected by her general practitioner.
He is said to have COVID symptoms, had been tested "positive" and just kept on working with patients...
The first batch of results from the mass testing after the #Garmisch superspread event are in:

Out of 740 tests (on sunday), 3 have been found "positive".
This means nearly all contacts had already been found earlier.
The 3 additional #Garmisch cases are:
1 employee at a cocktail bar (where the superspreader visited)
2 guests of an irish pub (who visited with the superspreader).

All other 25 cases are said to be at US Army´s Edelweiss Lodge - no great spread in public
That´s how things go:
2 weeks ago, the owner of a club in #Austria decided to leave his #club open the whole night, because rules say it´s only forbidden to ENTER after 1 am.

"I think lawmakers tolerate it"
It was known, distancing wouldn´t work at night
Now it turned out, several infected guests had been visiting the "Q-Stall" club in #Austria.
The club is closed now.

(Other clubs, who also say they won´t let people ENTER after 1 am, but let them party on if they were already inside, keep on partying...)
This morning, "Q-Stall" club in #Austria announced, that after testing all their personnel, they found
2 (out of 6) were #COVID19 "positive".

(It´s not clear who infected who)
de-de.facebook.com/qstall.krems/p… Image
Limited travel options:

#Germany has just declared many important european regions as new "#COVID19 Risk Areas".

including Vienna (AT), Budapest (H), a wide area of NL with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag..., more in Croatia, Romania, Switzerland,...

rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
3.000 #students in #Austria will start their initiation week with a #COVID19 rapid test.

Their lectures will take place in a congress centre in Vienna. Only a "negative" test will grant entry.

Tests will be done on site.
Results after 15 minutes.
Oh, #Madrid.

~30% of #Spain´s new #COVID19 infections happen there.

So far, the majority of the infected are in the age group up to 59 years.
(Average age of hospitalized people is 63 years, at the moment).
madrid.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashbo… Image
#Madrid is now planning two things:

- strict #Lockdown of the most affected city districts
- preparations to reopen the huge make-shift #COVID19 hospital at the city´s trade fair (in case a new run on hospitals would happen).
larazon.es/madrid/2020091… Image
Their dedicated #COVID19 units are saturated.
To keep treating regular patients, hospitals of #Marseille are recruiting 200 additional staff.

They already found 100.
They're afraid the rapidly incoming wave of COVID patients might overtake their efforts.
#Switzerland´s Vaud district faces a lack of medical staff, too.
So they came up with "Social Quarantine":
essential personnel need to continue to work, even if they were exposed to SARS-CoV-2.
They will face #quarantine measures in private life only.
The "Work while in #Quarantine" idea isn´t new. It was also put into force by University Hospital of Aachen (Europe´s largest hospital), when they were hit by the very first #COVID19 wave (in March).

(choice: abandoning vs. maybe infecting neonatal unit)
A proposal had been made for "selective #Lockdown" of #Madrid´s districts with especially high #COVID19 numbers.

People there live in cowded appartments,
can´t telecommute
use public transport
they have the critical, low-income jobs,
like nurse, cashier.
According to one doctor at a hospital in Madrid,
"it is already too late to close down only selected districts. We would need to have a #Lockdown for entire #Madrid."
One of Madrid´s hospitals (the Army´s hospital) has already re-installed tents for triage, in case of a rising influx of #COVID19 patients.

But they are lacking personnel.
And, as the text says, there´s no strict separation of COVID and non-COVID patients
A while ago, a "socially very active" group of seniors made a bustrip to the Chech Republic.
When they returned back home to #Germany, 19 out of 30 were #COVID19 "positive".
A few days ago, one of them (84) died.

Army will help with contact tracing, now.
The #COVID19 incubation period can be up to 24 days.
One person now developed symptoms 21 days after he arrived in New Zealand.

Well after ending his standard 14-day "managed isolation", while already living his normal life among his community...

In some areas of #Madrid, about ~1% of population has become infected with #COVID19 in the last 14 days.

Those areas were meant to be "restricted" from today on.
This report says, there´s not much difference, it´d be like an ordinary monday...
One odd thing of #Madrid´s "non-confinement" is:
the "restricted" areas are not marked by district lines, but by administratory areas (that are unknown and invisisble to ordinary people).

So some folks took it in their own (creative) hands...
Munich has had a couple of bad #COVID19 days in a row, with their incidence topping the "alert" level.

Today, they decided to make masks mandatory in (certain) open-air public places (the most popular/crowded places of #Munich).
#Berlin is...

It took them ~2 hours to realize that their published "incidence of 21 percent"😱 (suggesting every 5th Berliner got infected in the last week) might not be accurate...

Berlin isn´t out of the woods, either.
The most popular parts like #Kreuzberg experience a remarkable rise in #COVID19 cases.
This map shows yesterday´s numbers. The updated map will see Kreuzberg cross the "incidence 50 alert level", and a R-value of ~1.5
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
#Belgium was the only country in Europe to *formally prohibit* travel to #COVID19 "Red Zones".

That´s going to change, soon:
from Friday (Sept 25) on, they will only "strongly advise against" such travels.
diplomatie.belgium.be/sites/default/… Image
One birthday #party in south #Germany turned into
20 of 33 guests #COVID19 infected
+5 secondary infections so far

550 contacts in quarantine,
8 schools,
7 sports clubs,
several businesses

(the party was within legal allowance limits)
#France has come up with new #COVID19 rules:

The #isolation period of infected persons is now reduced to 7 days.
("the remaining risk of contamination can be managed by scrupulously wearing masks, hygiene and distancing")

For contacts: #Test after 7 days
Why does #France go against #WHO´s guideline of 14 days #quarantine?

"It´s better to have 7 days, than 14 days that no-one respects at all"

(In regional surveys, France had found that ~40% of cases didn´t care that they should be in quarantine)
Source:gouvernement.fr/info-coronavir… Image
Berlin (#Kreuzberg district) managed to "somehow" dodge the magic "Incidence 50" line.

Note: that is NOT a result of #COVID19 response measures.
For the time being, #Berlin´s senate is still just *discussing* what measures would be feasible...
Berlin is peculiar, as they report #COVID19 incidence numbers on district level (some close to 50), but want to be judged by the entire city´s average (24.4)
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Technically, #Berlin´s "we are one #COVID19 zone" approach doesn´t work.

Official numbers of #RKI are based on Berlin´s district numbers.
If one district goes above "incidence 50", you´d be automatically barred from staying in hotels in some states or banned from some companies. Image
Now, that happened in #Berlin:

#Kreuzberg has passed the #COVID19 "incidence 50" line. 🚨

At the same time, only one indicator is still "yellow" (as R number for entire Berlin has dropped below 1).
Berlin´s own rules would not require them to react, now.
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Germany has announced a load of new (international) #COVID19 Risk Areas", including
- parts of Denmark (around Copenhagen)
- now nearly entire France
- Dublin region in Ireland
- Utrecht Province in NL
- more of Austria
- Czech republic, nearly entirely...
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
France has reduced #COVID19 isolation / #quarantine period to 7 days (with final PCR test), Belgium wants to follow.

Germany´s #RKI just issued a report, saying:
"Reducing quarantine below 10 days would mean a greater risk (even with PCR test as clearing)
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image

#France´s government has just announced that #Marseille would be posed under "Maximum Alert", with all bars and restaurants having to close.

Apparently Marseille´s mayor wasn´t involved.
#France has introduced new "Alert Zones",
corresponding to #COVID19 regional situations:

"Alert": cap on gathering (30 people max)
"Heightened Alert" (10 people max, bars close early...)
"Maximum Alert" (bars, restaurants closed)
There was this 18th-birthday-party, in #Germany, resulting in 550 people quarantined in 8 schools, 7 sports clubs, etc.

The #party only had 33 guests.
Latest number: 30 of these guests were found to be #COVID19 infected.
30 out of 33 (~18 year old) teens.
swr.de/swraktuell/bad… Image
A church in #Germany needed to replace one of its bells, as it was broken after 400 years of use.

The casting of the new bell was finished in July.
Among many other historic symbols, it features a significant symbol of our times...
a SARS-CoV-2 virus.
swr.de/swraktuell/bad… Image
Regarding #UK, a new study seems to find:
only 11 % are quarantining, when they were "close contact" with a #COVID19 case.
just 18 % are self-isolating, when they develop symptoms.

* not recognizing symptoms
* no support 💷/🥪if you stay at home
#Madrid still has very high #COVID19 infection numbers. They had proposed a #Lockdown of some additonal city districts.

The government´s health minister has now turned into override mode and requests a #Lockdown of (nearly) the entire city.
The #COVID19-Vice-Counselor of #Madrid has issued a statement, that demanding a #Lockdown of all city districts with higher incidence than 500 (new cases / 100.000 inhabitants per 14 days) would be "almost as harmful as the virus itself"...

A surprising update from Germany's RKI:
from now on
- Luxembourg (again)
- Tyrol (Austria, again)
- Czech Republic (entire country now)

are regarded as "#COVID19 Risk Areas"
A day after being urged to #Lockdown the entire city, #Madrid´s regional government still holds on to their plan to have restrictions only for a few districts.

Spains national Health Minister has now appealed once more to revise the measures.
While #Madrid says "let´s wait, #COVID19 numbers may get better", #Spain´s government says "by monday, the numbers will be much worse - #Lockdown the entire city now!".

A report suggests national government is contemplating to take over control of Madrid.
Experts in the #Netherlands worry about rising hospital admissions: "the last time we had ICU numbers like this, we went into Lockdown."
3 weeks later the health system nearly crashed.

"In 2 weeks ICUs might be full again.
With no lockdown it´ll be worse"
#Luxembourg has an idea to keep #schools running, even when a teacher would need to be #quarantined:

The teachers receive a special permit, allowing them to continue teaching in class. Only requirement: teacher needs to wear a mask.

(happened 93 times)
Luxembourg´s plan on keeping schools running:

(Stage 1 - only one #COVID19 case in class)
* case stays home
* contacts need to wear masks for 5 days
* class will continue to go to school, but "avoids exchange with other classes"
* testing
* no quarantine
men.public.lu/dam-assets/fr/… Image
#Luxembourg´s plan for schools

(Stage 2 - multiple #COVID19 cases in one class)
* class will be quarantined
* the #teacher may be quarantined, practising remote teaching OR, according to requirements "continues to teach (in classes) while wearing a mask"
men.public.lu/fr/actualites/… Image
(Note: #Berlin´s lab results are usually lower on weekends.
So it could become interesting, as "Berlin Mitte" district has broken the 50 incidence limit today (saturday)...
The speaker of the national / regional #COVID19 coordination group in Madrid has just resigned, after 2 days in office.

"Driven by what he experienced these 2 days"
(frustrated by lack of cooperation between Spain´s government and Madrid region, it seems)
A gospel choir in #Spain (yes, they do exist and they actually sound very good) practiced for a performance, ~2 weeks ago.

The rehearsal was indoors.
Meanwhile, ~30 of 40 #choir members are found to be #COVID19 "positive"...

Beware the #Aerosols!
This is how 30 choir members got infected:

Temperature checks on arrival, hand washing, social distancing between each member and masks on for most of the rehearsal.

But the venue's windows were closed. Air conditioning was switched on to fight the heat.
#Melbourne will take one more step back to "normal" by tomorrow.

But it comes with one measure to avoid resurgence of a rapid #COVID19 spread:
Real masks😷
#Vienna´s mobile #COVID19 test-team call themselves "ClusterBusters".
Their van (the "Cluster Buster Bus") is equipped with a new rapid test device, enabling them to perform 48 tests per hour, with first results after 30 minutes.
It had long been a mystery, how one worker became infected with #COVID19 in a hotel in New Zealand, although he never saw an infected person.

Weeks later it turned out:
it might have been the #elevator !
The worker used it shortly after an infected guest.
A recent study in the Netherlands says:
if someone coughs in an #elevator, the #aerosols might linger in the cabin´s air for ~10-20 minutes !

"The #ventilation inside all studied elevators automatically shut off after 1‐2 minutes in idle position"...
As of today,
the #Netherlands have declared to have reached "Stage 3" ("Ernstig" / serious #COVID19 conditions) in the areas around the large cities:
Den Haag
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl Image
The "Ernstig" /serious #COVID19 condition in NL is defined by:
"-measures aren´t adhered to
- contact tracing isn´t effective any more
- treatment capacity is insufficient
- number of infections is rising rapidly

- a rigorous response is deemed necessary"
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/over-risiconiv… Image
At a glance, #Netherland´s hospitalization doesn´t seem to be nearly as bad as it was during the first wave.
But taking a closer look, hospital admissions due to #COVID19 have tripled in 4 weeks...
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/ziek… ImageImage
Despite much lower hospital admissions than during 1st wave, #Amsterdam already started transfering #COVID19 patients to other cities. They are at capacity limit.

-this time, treatment of "ordinary" cases shall continue
-more personnel is already infected
Algebra with Angela.

This time, she explains why she warned that the current path of rising infections could lead #Germany to 19.200 new #COVID19 cases per day (not ~20.000).

Note: she doesn´t say it WILL happen, she just shows the effect it WOULD have.
bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen… Image
In response to rising #COVID19 numbers, the city of #Berlin has announced that #masks will become mandatory in #Office spaces.
(That´s similar to restaurants: no mask while seated at your table, 😷but mask, whenever you are at risk of bumping into others)
Berlin´s #COVID19 status report today:

District "Mitte" is above incidence "50".
Neukölln and Kreuzberg are close to crossing that crucial (federal) limit.
The average incidence for entire #Berlin has just broken their local limit of "30" as well (so this indicator turned "RED") Image
#Berlin´s indicator for ICU occupation stands at 2.4%, today. (Yesterday: 2.1%)
That sounds low.
But the curve seems to suggest the beginning of exponential growth (maybe).
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Huuuge U-turn in the #Netherlands!

"With immediate effect, we urgently advise everyone to wear #facemasks in public closed spaces."

That was unthinkable a few hours ago,
since dutch #RIVM still said keeping 1.5 m distance would be more effective...
If you go to the website of #Netherland´s disease centre #RIVM, you will still find their official point of view

"There´s no need to wear #masks in your private life"

(Last updated: 5 days ago)
rivm.nl/coronavirus-co… Image
#RIVM´s ruleset for mobile nursing-service still says:

"If your patient is not suspected to have #COVID19, you do not need to wear any PPE".

So: no #mask, when nurses visit their elderly patients, one by one, at their homes...
lci.rivm.nl/PBM-wijkverple… Image
Wooow... after a week of
"You´d better #Lockdown!"😠- "No, we won´t"😒
ping-pong between #Spain´s government and #Madrid region,

Spain´s health minister serves the punch:
Madrid and 9 other cities will be (semi)confined by decree.👊
For the third time in one week,
Germany has updated the list of regions it regards as "#COVID19 Risk Areas".

Belgium (now entire country)
Iceland (entire country)
France (now nearly entirely)
Parts of Ireland, North Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania,...
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
"From today on, there's no more obligation to wear masks outdoors in Belgium"...

(except: in crowded places,
anywhere, where you can't keep your distance, in covered spaces, ... - so they just adopted a more pragmatic solution than earlier "everywhere")
it might be,
#Sweden starts to go the path of another wave,
like all the other countries...

What, #Sweden ?!

There are NOW "new" rules in Sweden, saying that contacts living with an infected person SHOULD also be given a code of conduct.
"That MAY mean that you must not go to work".

(A. Tegnell: "We know that many people are infected at home")
Coming saturday is a holiday in #Germany.
Usually, germans would love to flock into nearby cities across the border in the #Netherlands, for a shopping frenzy.

But this year, dutch cities plead:
"Please don´t!
You´re welcome, but it´d be too much, now!"
venloverwelkomt.nl/de/ Image
Meanwhile, #Strasbourg (France) seems to have no problems with tourists at all.
Their website actively encourages #tourists (not only from Germany) to come for a visit.

Only one warning:
"Watch out! You must wear a face covering, even outside."
visitstrasbourg.fr/en/welcome-in-… Image
Germany´s daily sitrep is out.
It features #Berlin´s "Mitte" district as one of 4 "#COVID19 Risk Areas".

But Berlin insists they should be judged by the entire city´s (lower) average incidence.
So it´s the only Risk Area that takes NO action...
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
From a Berlin-point of view everything´s still quite okay.

Mitte is at incidence 60, Neukölln at 59, Kreuzberg is just below 50...
but their average is just 32 !

(technically) No need to do anything !
(Berlin would need a 2nd indicator to turn red to kick into action!) Image
Many (especially Berliners) wouldn´t believe it,
but first states of #Germany explicitly point out that the city district of #BERLIN MITTE is regarded as separate #COVID19 Risk Area.

That means: 14 days mandatory #Quarantine, if you´d enter these states!
schleswig-holstein.de/DE/Landesregie… Image
Under the impression of surging #COVID19 cases in the #Netherlands, dutch government has "strongly advised" everyone to wear #masks.
But the director of their disease center #RIVM says
"That´s primarily a political decision, ordinary masks don´t help much"
The #Netherlands´ Secretary of Education has a peculiar point of view on #Masks as well:

"There´s no need to advise wearing masks at colleges or at universites - it´s always easy to keep a distance, there..."

#Germany updated its list of International #COVID19 Risk Areas again.

Now nearly all of the Netherlands,
Scotland and parts of England are seen as "presenting an increased risk of infection".

But specifically two tiny towns in #Austria are excluded...
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
Mittelberg and Jungholz, 2 tiny towns of #Austria,
are technically exclaves.
Only acces is via german territory.
As they had zero #COVID19 cases recently,
a petition was started to exempt them from #Germany´s Quarantine list.

The petition succeeded.
"Berlin sees steepest surge in #COVID19 numbers since the beginning of the pandemic"
(#RKI: "It´s young mobile people spreading it")

also, same article:
"Berlin gets rid of quarantine rules for visitors from Risk Areas of other parts of #Germany"
"Staphorst" is trending in the Netherlands - and it´s a very emotional topic...
Loads of people are upset, as it became known that a church in the town of #Staphorst was holding several big indoor services without masks, but with singing, today...
Technically, the church in Staphorst uses some arguments:

-"Authorities cannot answer if singing in church would be (ir)responsible" (that´s actually true regarding dutch authorities)
-"risc of infection is dependent on space, crowd size and ventilation"
hhkstaphorst.nl/uploads/124/ni… Image
It seems, the church in Staphorst has been practising singing without masks already for a while.
(They have an elaborated "COVID-ruleset" around that).
But there was an update, 2 days ago:
(as it is cold weather) Image
Technically, the church in Staphorst is within the (messed up) dutch COVID-rules.
So they held their services today, with no masks behind closed doors.

"I can´t say no-one gets infected. But I´m not afraid..."

Some understood criticism,
some didn´t care.
Oh my...

#Staphorst, ~50 years ago:
An outbreak of #Polio.
39 sick, 5 died.
The sickness had already been eradicated years ago.

But the #church members in this town had refused vaccination.

(and: the dutch vaccine was developped against #RIVM's will)
#Ireland's National Public Health Emergency Team recommends to put the entire nation under a full (Level 5) #Lockdown.

Rising #COVID19 numbers are worrying.
But it is unclear whether government and public are ready for such drastic action...
#Berlin released their latest #COVID19 #heatmap today.
It shows a manifested cluster in the age group of 15-29 years. (~1 in 1.000 of this age group was detected "positive", last week)

And it is slowly creeping up to the "vulnerable ages"...
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
As a reaction of yesterday´s controversial church service in Staphorst, the government of the #Netherlands with representatives of multiple religions worked out an "Advise for Practicing Faith with Caution" today.
Featuring "no singing" and "wearing masks"
rijksoverheid.nl/actueel/nieuws… Image
#Amsterdam had been transferring #COVID19 patients to other regions of the #Netherlands for a while.
Now hospitals in the surrounding regions start to reduce their regular treatments, to cope with the rising influx of COVID patients.

If numbers keep rising like they currently do, around #Paris,
"#COVID19 occupation of intensive care units would rise from 37% to 50% in ~2 weeks"

(Note: 5 in 1000 in the age group 20-30 years were detected "positive" last week)
Like in many countries,
case numbers of #France don´t correlate to intensive care occupation,
the way they used to do in the first wave.

While detected #COVID19 numbers were lower in March, ICU occupation was far worse than today.
An animation,
showing how the first wave of #COVID19 overrun hospital capacities across #France within days, while the current rise happpens relatively "moderately".
So (as expected) #Ireland wasn´t ready for the proposed complete "Stage 5" #Lockdown.
They decided they´d try with "Stage 3" restrictions for a week and see how that works out...
Today, #Berlin´s own #COVID19 indication system switched to "Double Red"
(Reproduction number too high for too long, AND
Incidence too high).
This technically implies Berlin needs to stop the "discussing" stage and
"take action"
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Berlin´s "action" in response to rapidly rising #COVID19 numbers:
-bars etc. will need to close at night (11 pm- 6 am)
-the guest limit for parties will be lowered from 25 to 10

(of course - as it´s #Berlin, nobody thinks this will actually be controlled)
Looks like #Berlin knows about its weak point "controls" - and is ready to really act:

"To avoid laborious controls, we introduced a total closing hour at 11 pm.
And the fines will now START at 5.000 €."

(hoping for a deterring effect)
While the #Netherlands registered a new record of 5.000 new #COVID19 cases in the last 24 hours,
(much higher than during the first wave)
admission to hospitals / intensive care is much lower than earlier this year.
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… ImageImage
Although hospital admissions rise slower than in the 1st wave, hospitals in the #Netherlands need to reduce normal treatment to treat #COVID19 cases.

But this time, NL looks for early pressure-relief.
They already organize optional IC treatment in Germany
Oh dear, tweets from #Poland:
"-since 2 weeks, massive rise in #COVID19 case numbers
-75 "positive" cases died today
-outbreaks at hospitals (personnel affected)
-ambulances wait long times to be accepted at hospitals"
#Poland´s Deputy Prime Minister:

"We have to take into account that in the next 7-10 days we will be dealing with a fairly large number of deaths."

😟 (it was already 75 in 24 hours, today)

#Berlin is near breaking the "incidence 50" limit, that would classify the entire city as #COVID19 Risk Area.
It would require Berliners to provide a "negative" #COVID19 test, if they´d like to stay in hotels in other parts of Germany
(that´s their main sorrow, today) Image
Not far way from #Poland, #COVID19 patients make up a mere 3.3% of #Berlin´s ICU occupation, today.
30.5% of beds are empty for now.

(that´s only in regular hospitals. Not taking into account a large trade-fair COVID-hospital on standby)

berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Yesterday, #Berlin insisted
"We want our #COVID19 numbers to be judged as ONE city, not as seperate districts"...

That wish came true today (not as intended, though):
Today the average incidence for entire Berlin has broken the critical "50" limit.
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
The calm is over.

The hospitals around #Paris have activated their "Plan Blanc" #COVID19 crisis plan, again.

Intensive care occupation had doubled in 2 weeks to 41%, now. They think it may double again, in 2-3 weeks.
#Poland is a country of pragmatic people:
"The ministry also decided to introduce a requirement of a distance of at least 100 metres between individual gatherings, explaining that...
to date different gatherings had been held in the same place."🤣
"Europe surprised by rapid increase of infections in the #Netherlands."

Surprised? No.

(5.831 new #COVID19 cases detected in NL in one day.)
In the #Netherlands, hospital admissions due to #COVID19 have risen by 74% in one week.

They double every 9 days, now. But that rate is rising, too.
(~1.000 in hospitals, ~250 in intensive care)
The country's max. IC capacity is ~800, these days...
After weeks, #Madrid and #Spain´s government are still fighting over #Lockdown.
A court ruled that the government could not limit the fundamental right of freedom of movement without resorting to a state of alarm.
So, a State of Alarm has just been issued.
+~85% week on week growth
It´s not about test results.
It´s new hospital admissions due to #COVID19!

That´s the situation in the #Netherlands, today.
Officially, in the #Netherlands, #Aerosols "play a minor role (if any)" in transmitting SARS-CoV-2 (according to #RIVM´s latest guidelines)...
"You are not a close contact if you haven´t been closer than 1.5m to a postive case".
In #Germany,
doctors call to stop disinfecting surfaces "it´s stupid - the main infection route is via air (#aerosols,...)

(#RKI guidelines sometimes count you as close contact, if you just shared a room with a positive case, no matter which distance).
one of their minor problems today:
to grasp their #COVID19 new case graph, you´ll need to tilt your screen.
(+443 cases, today) Image
Special measures in south german student town of #Tübingen:
You may still have an outdoor party.
If it´s more than 10 folks, local police will briefly join and register contact data.
*no contact taken If you can show the COVID-App on your phone is working*
tuebingen.de/amtliche_bekan… Image
Today was the day, the #Netherlands hoped to see first results of their "strongly advised #COVID19 measures".

They saw a new record number instead:
6.504 new cases detected.

And it´s no longer just in the big cities.
It spreads everywhere...
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
Members of the #Netherlands´ "Outbreak Management Team" begin to call for
- total #lockdown
- accepting that masks DO WORK
- maybe wait 2 more days for a change in #COVID19 trend, but no longer
As the #Netherlands still have quite liberal #COVID19 rules, the church in Staphorst will have another day of controversial services, tomorrow.

This time with less visitors, less singing.
They claim "Infection risk is 0,0%".

(Masks? "No proof they help")
hhkstaphorst.nl Image
A closer look at the Staphorst church and facemasks:

"As there is no scientifc proof of the use of masks, we will leave it up to you, if you´d like to wear them while entering / exiting."

Implying that it is expected that masks will not be worn, once inside the building... Image
Fast acceleration:
One day after breaking the "50 incidence" alert level, #Stuttgart (hometown of Porsche & Mercedes) is declaring it cannot keep up with contact tracing.

They request administrative help by #Germany´s army.
stuttgart.de/service/aktuel… Image
"US Army ruins holidays for children in Germany"

By reporting a large batch of belated #COVID19 infection reports all in one day,
they catapulted #Ramstein area into the "Risk Area" numbers.

Holidays start tomorrow,
no hotel will take guests from there🤷
"Holidays saved !"

German authorities worked through the weekend to stop/undo the effects of a large batch of belated infection reports.
Seems they succeded.
Color code has changed from RED to orange. Residents are now welcome in other states again.
As more german cities become "Risk Areas", a wide front argues that denying accomodation to tourists from those areas would be "unfair".

Note well:
This measure was chosen as a compromise in summer, to avoid having to deny *all travel* out of risk areas!
"Nightingale Hospitals" are the #UK version of trade-fair makeshift #hospitals.
They were introduced during the first #COVID19 wave, but rarely ever saw a patient.

It might be different, soon.
Patient numbers are already higher than during first wave...
#RKI published a guideline on "#COVID19 prevention in #Schools", today,
"-children and adolescents can become infected and can infect others
-but they are less often infected than adults"

Berlin´s heatmap tells a different story... Image
#Berlin´s authorities seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of #COVID19 contact administration.
District "Mitte" has now issued an ordinance, obliging everyone to self-isolate the very moment he receives information he´s a "close contact" by phone.
Authorities in the #Netherlands had already stopped #Contact tracing.

Now they are so overwhelmed that they don't even have enough time to instruct all "positive" cases how/why they must inform their "close contacts" themselves.

Losing control, it seems.
The #Netherlands are shocked:
some by 7.400 new cases
some by new measures, they thought would never come:
A "partial #Lockdown" comes into force tomorrow:
- all bars and restaurants closed
- receiving visits only once a day
- masks in indoor public spaces
rijksoverheid.nl/actueel/nieuws… Image
To give a better overview of their current #COVID19 situation, the #Netherlands have just introduced a new risk level:
"VERY serious" (zeer ernstig)
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl Image
#Belgium has a special town:
Louvain-la-Neuve was exclusively build to house a university and ~10.000 students...

Now, 600 of the resident students have tested #COVID19 "positive"...
The mayor of #Belgium´s student town Lovain-la-Neuve has introduced harsh measures to control the #COVID19 outbreak among:

-a night curfew for everyone (1-6 a.m.)
-WEARING MASKS will be mandatory on HALLOWEEN!
👻No, that one:😷
-(no "Trick or treat"ing!)
olln.be/fr/actualites/… Image
A night time #curfew was just announced for the 9 hardest hit #COVID19 regions of #France.

(many doubt this will help much, as there was a second announcement, capable to ruin it all: everyone will be free to travel to holidays in non-restricted regions)
Right now, twitter is full of joking
"let´s all flee the curfew cities and meet in small towns in the countryside!"

Oh, well,
that´s what initiated the "accomodation ban for residents from COVID Risk Areas" in Germany, earlier.
Let´s see how France fares.
Local health authorities in the #Netherlands say they "lost overview and grip on infections ~3 weeks ago".
"We had the means for good source and contact tracing for up to 2.000 #COVID19 cases per day" - that mark fell on September 21.

(~7.500 cases today)
A minor panic in eastern #France... rumours are that #Germany will declare the french region "Grand-Est" a #COVID19 "Risk Area" (indicators were already showing this for a while).

Traffic jams, as everyone rushes for cigarettes (oh, and toilet paper...)
Interestingly, a court in south #Germany has just declared the regional "accomodation ban" for visitors from german risk areas as disproportionate/void.
🤔But why should neighbours from #France then be banned from (private) visits?
Officially declared now, but effective only from saturday on:
#Germany´s list of #COVID19 "risk areas" is now listing
entire #France (yes, with Grand-Est region, as expected)
much more of Switzerland
and... Sweden is back !
(among many others)
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
(told you so)
German courts ruled
"Hotels haven´t caused any outbreaks, so banning them from giving rooms to people from risk areas is disproportionate"

No, the problem causing outbreaks was people moving out of risk areas...
🤷it´s about TRAVEL BANS now.
Don´t touch it - it´s fragile, you´ll break it...
(now there´s no accomodation ban (still allowing day trips)
=> but you MIGHT get a complete travel ban)
Another court ruling (in #Berlin):
Longer closing times for bars are disproportionate.
"Closing bars at night would not have substantial effect on slowing down the spread of the pandemic"...
Two approaches:
(1) When #Melbourne/VIC had 76 cases per day, and thought they might still be able to confine outbreaks, they put parts of Melbourne into strict #Lockdown, stage 3.

(it didn´t work out
cases didn´t decline until a later level 4 lockdown) Image
Two approaches
(2) Today, #Berlin has registered 676 new #COVID19 cases.
They know, contact tracing has become ineffective.
Most outbreaks are not in clusters, but diffuse. It´s widespread.
Level of restrictions:
"Public events in closed spaces are (only) allowed 1.000 visitors." Image
Berlin´s #COVID19 number today (676 new cases/ ~4 m residents) is roughly the same as the highest number in entire #Victoria (687 new cases / ~6 m residents) ever was

(after 4 weeks of stage3 #Lockdown in Melbourne, a few days after scaling up to stage4)
dhhs.vic.gov.au/victorian-coro… Image
The mayor of a small seaside town in #France is trying to install a nighttime curfew in his #COVID19-free town.

He is afraid, tourists from Paris will use the holidays to flee the restriction loaded metropole and come in masses.
That's ~2.5 months after they initiated a drastic #Lockdown policy (after the first 4 weeks of less drastic measures failed to show results).

Victoria/#Melbourne are still not back to normal life.
(5 km mobility radius, 5 person social bubble...)
"Look at France,
look at England,...they are not coming out of restrictions,
they are heading *into* #Lockdowns
and into what will be a long deadly winter..."

(Victoria Premier's experienced view.
Many think he did things right. But everyone wants an end)
They prefer not do cooperate.

90% of #Berlin´s #COVID19 cases cannot be tracked to a source:
"it´s becoming a problem that those involved in outbreaks just deny giving their contacts´ data".

"we hope the 10 guest-limit for private parties will help"
Drones for rapid delivery of (#COVID19) samples and protective equipment.

Since 3 years in Ruanda,
now in the UK as well.
South german state of Baden-Württemberg has declared "Pandemic Level 3"

This might include a lot of mask wearing (in classes, in crowded public areas,...) and contact reduction.
Other details will be discussed/published tomorrow.

Well, we´ll see.
Due to "highly dynamic developments, where cities became hotspots within hours /days", the "Pandemic Level 3" will affect the ENTIRE STATE of Baden-Württemberg.
Regardless of the current case numbers in a specific area.

(Sounds so simple, it could work!)
"The time has come for me to confess - yes, for the last three weeks, we have been quietly preparing the biggest logistical operation:

The testing of our entire population.
Not just once, but two weekends in a row"

(Prime Minister of #Slovakia)
Discussion is going on, how #Slovakia would convince all inhabitants to take part in the mass blanket testing.

Strong words from the Prime Minister:
"Those who don´t go to the test, should only get basic healthcare afterwards"

(There are opposing views)
The government of #Slovakia has agreed - the mass testing of Slovakia´s entire population will take place.

8.000 army personnel, medics and "every available police officer and firefighter" will help in the roll-out.
Dates: October 30 + November 1, 6 & 8
In total, #Slovakia ordered 13 million tests.
Cost per test is ~ 4 €.
Testing will be free.

It´s a rapid antigen test.
They expect no wonders. They hope to detect "maybe 30% of the really infected population at that moment"
#Italy´s region of Emilia-Romagna is starting a #COVID19 screening campaign, today.

2 million rapid antigen tests (16€ each) will be available to all pupils/#students and their family members.
Testing will take place in pharmacies for free.
Free tests for #students & family members in Emilia-Romagna (#Italy) will be available until 2021 (multiple tests, if desired).

If the rapid antigen test indicates a "positive" finding, a second (PCR) test will be done to verify it´s actually #COVID19.
Amai, België!

This is not new cases.
This is daily hospital admissions for #COVID19 in #Belgium.
covid-19.sciensano.be/sites/default/… Image
"#Lockdown style" restrictions are back in #Germany.

A striking surge in #COVID19 cases (with no known common source) in idyllic #Berchtesgaden is initiating hectic "regulating activity" in Bavaria.

Berchtesgaden (Germany)´s neighbor, Kuchl in #Austria was put under #Lockdown 2 days ago.
Both outbreaks are not thought to be connected (so far).

(Oh, this report features a dutch tourist at a Kuchl roadblock, surprised by ~"all that upheaval"~..)
Germany´s #RKI just issued a new contact tracing guideline:

"Due to insufficient tracing capacity, contact tracing for flight passengers will be discontinued"✈️🛂🚫

Tests for asymptomatic close contacts will not be standard anymore (!)🤷
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
A hidden gem in #RKI´s latest guideline for contact tracing:

"One singing person 🎶emits as many particles per second as 30 talking persons😲"

rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
A group of german virologists published a warning today:

"Due to the explosive dynamics of infections, now sub-critical regions might spiral out of control, too"
"contact tracing and isolation would become impossible"

(it´s already obvious, I guess)
g-f-v.org/node/1358 Image
Meanwhile, #Austria is discussing about a (leaked) proposal to halt testing of close contacts (just quarantine them) in order to produce lower case numbers and be more attractive to tourists...

(turns out: nearly no EU country still tests contacts...)
Berlin heatmap.
This is not contained to "the young" anymore.
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
The #Netherlands seem to turn around.
One week after introducing a bit stricter rules (like closing all bars and restaurants, a bit more mask wearing,...) their #COVID19 numbers are off the skyrocketing-trajectory, going down again.

Could it be that easy?
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
16 days ago, their National Public Health Emergency team recommended #Ireland to go into Level 5 #Lockdown.

Government said "let´s first try if Level 3 works as well".

Apparently they found out it didn´t work.
Ireland will go into full Level 5 now.
#Lockdown for Berchtesgaden went into effect at 2p.m. today.
As a first step, ~2.500 tourists were told to leave.
"As far as we know, there will be no test before they leave".

And quarantine for returnees from german risk areas was scrapped, recently...
The last state in #Germany demanding #COVID19 tests from travellers from inner-german risk areas was just ordered to stop this practice.

(after they already had to stop demanding quarantine)


The head of that state wich had to abandon quarantine and testing for tourists from german risk areas
had to quarantine today,

after one of her staff returned infected from holidays in a (now) german risk area: Berchtesgaden.
The court´s reason for scrapping quarantine & tests for tourists (from inner-german risk areas):

"You don´t demand that from students and business travellers - so it´s not legitimate to demand it from tourists only!"
mv-justiz.de/gerichte-und-s… Image
today, 6.4% of all intensive care beds are currently in use for #COVID19 patients.

4 days ago, that number was 4.8%
(growth of 1/3rd) Image
#Slovakia´s Prime Minister says, the coming #COVID19 test of the entire population will
"pretty much be voluntary".

What does that mean?

"You can either prove you were tested or you´ll be put under quarantine, with no sick-leave payment".
The graph below shows hospital admissions for #COVID19 in Luik/Liège (#Belgium).

In a few hours they will have to treat more patients than in the first wave.

The surge is extraordinary. One newspaper compares it to what happened to Bergamo, back in March
hln.be/binnenland/in-… Image
As hospitals in Luik/Liège reach their limit, several smaller hospitals in eastern #Belgium have prepared to rather transfer new #COVID19 patients to (also nearby) Germany.
This is relevant news from New Zealand.

"3 minutes of contact were enough to transmit #COVID19 infection."
Germany´s #RKI has announced an unexpected shocking record of new #COVID19 cases (~11.000 in a day) AND declared wide new Risk-Areas in Europe...

(Seems like people can´t believe it and everyone wants to check their website...) Image
The mayor of #Bergamo (Italy) adresses the population:

"We talked about it. Now the #2ndWave is here.
It is different. We still have good control in our hospitals.
And that´s why we have to act now."

There will be a curfew and support for citizens.
6 Patients are transferred by #AmbuBus 200 km across the #Netherlands right now.

Rotterdam hospital:
"We´re completely full right now.
We expect a stream of #COVID19 patients later in the day."
By transferring some to Maastricht, they hope they might cope
nos.nl/video/2353310-… Image
NL patient coordinator about hospital admissions:

"The first wave was like a tidal wave.
But this one is a tsunami:
at first, it looks like a small wave. But then the mass of water keeps rushing in. And it will not stop when infections finally slow down."
"The number of #COVID19 patients in intensive care is rising much faster than in normal hospital care.
Half of #Netherlands´ ICU beds are now occupied by #COVID19 patients.

From friday on, transfers to Germany will start."
#Belgium has started to transfer #COVID19 patients from Luik/Liège to Germany, today.
#France is going to announce new curfews this evening.
Seems everyone wants to guess which cities will be named...

#Géodes, the official french server for #COVID19 statistics is featuring a waiting line for access right now: Image
After the new curfew zones of #France have been announced, the waiting line to access the official #COVID19 server has become longer.

People seem confused:
"What? Our curfew is lifted? But recently, numbers were bad here!" (Bordeaux)
(just a note:)

France, Departement "Bas-Rhin":
Covid cases / free ICU beds: ~18%
(now under curfew)

Germany, Berlin Neukölln:
Covid cases / free ICU beds: ~27%
berlin.de/corona/lageber… ImageImage
Belgium, Luik/Liège area.
In 72 hours their tests´ positivity rate has turned from 9% to 30%.
The "tsunami" wave of #COVID19 patients seems to have arrived in west #Netherlands´ Den Haag/ The Hague area:

"We need everyone with healthcare knowlegde to come and help" - even in normal care.
"Transferring patients to other regions would help us a lot"
As hospitals all over the #Netherlands seem to have reached their (current) capacity limit for #COVID19 patients, transfer flights to Germany have started.

Today, 2 patients from the Northwest region.
Tomorrow 2 from Southwest,
then 2 from Mid-NL...
Stretched out resources in #Belgium.
The mayor of Luik/Liège has asked the army for help.
They won´t deploy a field hospital (they haven´t any left anyway), but try to re-equip a recently disused hospital building.
#Slovakia´s Mass-testing campaign has started in areas worst hit by #COVID19.
61.905 rapid tests were performed in 4 counties.
2.225 were found to be "positive & infectious".
(~3.6% of the population there is "currently capable to infect others")
Due to low accuracy of rapid tests, #Slovakia´s Prime Minister posted a warning that (statistically) ~4.450 test participants may have received a "negative" result,
but were actually #COVID19 infected and might become infectious later on.
"Stay cautious!"
facebook.com/igor.matovic.7… Image
There´s high "motivation" to take part in #Slovakia´s "voluntary" mass testing:

▫️Only those who can provide a "negative" test result are allowed to leave home.
▫️(Who cannot leave home, cannot work and will therefore get no payments...)
According to #Slovakia´s Defence Minister (in charge of the test campaign), the rate of "people with currently high viral load" differs among locations:
one town has detected 5.15% "infectious citizens",
another 2.31%, so far.
facebook.com/JaroNadPublic/… Image
#Austria´s hospital occupation with #COVID19 patients is now higher than during the first wave.

(according to their dashboard, there are still
7.558 normal care
637 intensive care
places available)
covid19-dashboard.ages.at/dashboard_Hosp… Image
A one line tweet,
indicating that things might go very bad in parts of #Belgium:

"The hospital center at #Mouscron is going to phase 2B"

they will operate at 140% capacity
100% beds for #COVID19 patients
40% for normal care

This field hospital in #Prague has 500 beds for #COVID19 survivors.
Those who were successfully treated at emergency hospitals, will come here.

Still, there are 10 intensive care places with ventilation units.
For those who suddenly relapse.
The hospital in #Brno (~200 km east of Prague) just scaled up their #COVID19 treatment to 200 beds.
They already have 100 patients.

Construction of a field hospital with additional 300 places will start on monday.
#Spain has resorted to declare another nation-wide "State of Alert".
Allowing regions to impose curfews, etc.

It will be reviewed after 2 weeks,
but it is expected to be in force for 6 months.
("That´s the time we might need to bend this #2ndWave")
Bergamo´s Mayor shares one thing he learnt:

"Anti-contagion measures must be calibrated on future numbers, not on today's ones.
To work they must appear DISPROPORTIONATE compared to today.
If they seem proportionate it is because they are insufficient."
#Victoria way was successful.
Be aware: the measures to achieve this were deemed "disproportionate" by quite a few.
It's not an easy way. Making sure everyone comes along might be the hardest task...
One very unpopular moment in #Victoria's #COVID19 fight was when they had to announce Stage3 #Lockdown didn't work and they'd have to start Stage4 measures.

The #Netherlands are hesitant:
they're warning that they might warn about "draconic measures" soon
Doctor and President of Region Grand-Est (#France) has urged his staff to prepare for a new #Lockdown.

Not to plan measures (they know, they already had a lockdown),
but to listen, find ways and help people to get through it, this time.

The last time Victoria had zero cases was 9 June, 139 days ago.
(a test campaign just confirmed it)
These results give us confidence — confidence that even if we do identify positive cases in any further tests — we are firmly on top of this virus."
dhhs.vic.gov.au/updates/corona… Image
#Melbourne will move out of lockdown...
Under the Third Step, and from 11:59pm on Tuesday, Melbourne will move from "stay home" to "stay safe", with no more restrictions on the reasons to leave home🍻

The 25-kilometre limit though, will remain in place.⛔️
🇦🇺"We want to reach COVID Normal by Christmas and right now, we're on track to do that."
(#Victoria, back to Zero new #COVID19 cases, today)

Just so that you know, if you´re planning for holidays or family parties in Europe:
🇪🇺It´s a long way to go🙁
ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-… Image
#Berlin heatmap:

Age group 20-24 year olds shows an incidence of 269
(new #COVID19 cases per 100.000 members of that group, in the last 7 days).

(which is roughly the same value which sent Rottal-Inn district in #Bavaria into "#Lockdown", today...)
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
"We couldn´t wait any longer"

The hospital of Verviers built a provisional #COVID19 ward, capable to accomodate 34 mild cases.
Okay, office colleagues,

one week from ridiculing those who wear a mask
to scolding those who don´t wear masks
that´s quite a change.

I wonder what might have triggered that.
All pre-planned healthcare activity in #Czechia is ordered to be stopped.
Everything has to be concentrated on #COVID19 patients, now.
Just like during the first wave, #France has started dozens of medical transfers, from (near) saturated hospitals to other regions.

But this time, in the #2ndWave, it´s difficult:
#COVID19 is everywhere, simultaneously.
Not many "safe havens" to go to...
From a hospital in Grand-Est (#France):

~"2 days ago, 1 in 6 new patients was #COVID19 related.
Yesterday it was 1/4.
Tonight it was every third,
3 in pre-respiratory arrest.
None had comorbidities or was above 65."

And today´s chart of ICU admisssions.
It´s not official (it will be announced tomorrow),
but everyone knows:
#France will have to go into national Re-#Confinement.

Quote from a government-meeting:
"The curfews failed. The only thing that worked was the #Lockdown, earlier"
#Switzerland, today:
"if we happen to manage to expand our ICU capacity from 1.071 to 1.400 beds,
they would be full in 10 days from now."
bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/kr… Image
#Belgium, today:

689 hospital admisssions for #COVID19
(new record.
last peak was on March 28th: 629 admisssions)

"it really doesn´t look good..."
"I guess we might see the peak soon.
But we can only tell, when numbers really have started to decline"
(Chief modeller of #RIVM)
#Netherlands are seeing stable numbers for a little while now.
(~10.000 new cases per day)
#RIVM guess: it will stay that way or get better.

(Officially, they calculate no effect from kids being back to school after a holiday period, since 3 days now...)
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
#Netherlands´ government statement:
"If we´d take additional measures now, it would not have an impact on the coming peak anyway".

So their plan is to just extend current measures "until December"...

(🤔wouldn´t that also keep current infection rates?)
#Belgium´s worst hit communities are all in the greater Liege/Luik region.

Note that 14-day statistical incidence of "6.000(!) new cases/100.000 people" in Butgenbach.

(Actually 342 of 5.629 inhabitants got recently infected, there)
datastudio.google.com/embed/u/0/repo… Image
With hospitals in/around Liege in #Belgium under pressure from #COVID19 patient influx (and infected personnel), neighboring Aaachen district in #Germany has taken over 10 patients in their hospitals.

"It´s mutual aid. We can´t wait for formal agreements"
Town council of hard hit Butgenbach (#Belgium) has already been discussing the drastic #COVID19 numbers and pointed out several fairs to be the reason.

(😖looking at their community photo blog, that might be true - but also plenty of other occasions)
brf.be/regional/14218… Image
The #Netherlands chose a risky gamble:
IF the reproduction factor goes down to ~0.9, "the peak will come so soon, that no #Lockdown will be necessary."

How would you know if it works?
You´d have to look out for marginal changes
and react swiftly...
tweedekamer.nl/kamerleden-en-… Image
Unfortunately, the #Netherlands don´t even have a chance to guess their approximate case numbers today:

"Due to technical problems #RIVM didn´t receive all positive test results..."

All they know is:
the real number is higher than 8.123
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
When questionned by a commission "Why didn't you stop Netherlanders from going on holidays in risk areas abroad?", the head of #RIVM answered:
"There's currently few places worse-off than NL.
So they'd rather bring the virus to elsewhere than importing it"
And then there's #Switzerland, changing their travel restrictions today, saying:
"As we're currently one of the worst-off places, we'll only restrict entry from places that are (much) more worse-off than we."
Leaving only a handful of countries restricted
"November 6, #Belgium's hospital system will implode"

(based on current trends.)

It's a shocking headline.
But if people change their behaviour because of that, it would help
(sadly, the effect would only be noticeable after that date...)
All of #Belgium´s hospitals have issued an appeal:

"A hard #Lockdown !
It´s not one option, it is the only option,
if there is any time left,
to limit the collapse of our health system"...

Their plea is supported by many experts.
#Belgium´s Health Minister visited a #COVID19 Intensive Care Unit in Liège, yesterday:
It´s "all hands on deck" in #Belgium,
with students, volunteers, re-trained specialists, army,...
everyone is trying to keep healthcare going, despite huge stress from #COVID19 influx.
Doctors use some free minutes to demand "Stop infections, #Lockdown!"
The spread of infection is increasing at a rapid pace across #Sweden.
(See below.
Note: yesterday´s 3.254 new cases not shown yet)

The increase in the number of infected people is also beginning to show in the number of #COVID19 patients in hospitals (starting in the big cities) Image
In #Sweden:
no indoor staying (shops, museums, etc)
no meetings, no concerts, no sports
no contact with other people (except your household)
no use of public transport (locally)

These rules would make for a lockdown.
Difference: they are "strong advice".

Belgium´s rise in #COVID19 numbers *seems* to go flat...

It is not,
it just became invisible.

Since October 21, #Belgium has stopped testing those who show no symptoms.
datastudio.google.com/embed/u/0/repo… Image
The "Vatican City State" is now regarded as #COVID19 risk area by Germany´s authorities.

"The complete country".
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
9 days ago, a researcher made a projection how hospitals in #Belgium would get overcrowded, if the rate of #COVID19 growth wouldn´t go down.

Today he checked his forecast again:
"Unfortunately, we are still on roughly the same path against the wall"
One month ago, #Germany´s Chancellor made a projection how "by December" there would be 19.200 #COVID19 cases per day, if the infection rate wouldn´t go down.
She was accused of "fearmongering".

Actually, it wouldn´t take that long.
It might happen today.
bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen… Image
Another projection, in #Switzerland today:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
unfortunately this means, that the capacities of our hospitals will be surpassed."

(Even if this week´s measures would show effect).
"We already scrapped all elective treatments in our hospitals (you´ll have to wait for tumor surgery, now). Apparently that didn´t change much in the projected course.
Max capacity will be reached within ~2 weeks. (Red dotted line)"
ncs-tf.ch/de/policy-brie… Image
Belgium will have its #Lockdown. It will start monday morning.
"Knuffelcontact"🥰. Everyone in #Belgium is allowed to have ONE.

If you´re single, you may invite a second person to your home. But beware - never at the same time as your original #knuffelcontact !

(Belgium has wise #Lockdown rules...) Image
#Germany is preparing.
Apparently states are bundled into five groups, who will organize mutual distribution of critical #COVID19 patients.
This is aiming to prevent local saturation of hospitals by even distribution.

It is called "Cloverleaf-Plan"
The military in #Belgium has now opened their provisional hospital in Liège.
It will take over non-#COVID19 patients to relieve regular hospitals.

But most of their personnel are reservists who work in healthcare. Not many are available, these days...
#Slovakia´s plan to test the entire country seems to be quite a challenge.
Queues of cars formed at testing sites near Bratislava.
"Waiting time is 25 hours, if you´re last in line".

(The traffic jams hindered personnel to get to other test sites as well)
First results of the massive testing in #Slovakia are in:
´Until noon, 858.518 people have been tested.
7.494 of them tested #COVID19 "positive".
That´s roughly one percent´.

The plan is to test 3 millions this weekend.
(They´re using rapid antigen tests)
Oh no.
Massive queues all over #Belgium.
People want to shop before the #Lockdown starts.
Especially #Sinterklaas presents (Santa Claus brings his presents early December, in Belgium - everyone is afraid he would only find closed shops then...)🥺
One virologist calculated "you´d certainly stand in line with infected persons"🤧
and #Belgium´s Crisis Center argued "shops will still be able to deliver to you or have things ready for pick-up..."
but queues in front of shops were tremendous, today.
#Netherlands´ RIVM is chilling:
"We have all sorts of indicators that show that it has flattened. And if it doesn't decrease, hospitalizations just remain the same.

In this respect, we can enjoy a relaxed weekend and see how it turns out on Monday."
nos.nl/artikel/235457… Image
Brussels´s airport was surprised by a stampede of travellers, today.

Belgium goes into #Lockdown.
One lockdown measure: prolonged holidays for the kids.

Families took the chance and booked last minute flights to sunny spots (Greece, Italy, Canaries...)🙄
#Slovakia´s mass testing results are in:
2.581.113 citizens have been tested, so far.
Results vary regionally:
some have found 0.31% of people were acutely "infectious", others found 1.84%.
(The rapid test indicates high viral load, therefore "infectious")
The mayor of Karlova Ves (#Slovakia) seems very happy that mass testing found "only" 40 of 15.800 tested citizens are capable of spreading #COVID19 infections, right now.

She wants to open cafés, patisseries,...
"If it´s a victory, we should celebrate"
facebook.com/dana.cahojova/… Image
#COVID19 patients in #Switzerland´s Geneva University Hospitals,
2 weeks ago:
~80 patients

~480 patients
~´dramatic situation´

Now preparing for:
-transfer of patients
-activation of triage protocol
-support from army & civil protection
hug.ch/coronavirus-ma… Image
#Switzerland´s canton of Geneva has declared a
State of Emergency.

It includes #Lockdown-elements (closing/limiting certain activities), in an attempt to slow down #COVID19 infection rates.
The #Netherlands implemented some "soft" measures (closing bars & restaurants, wearing masks, contact limitations) on October 14.
After a peak ~3 days ago at ~63,
#COVID19 incidence is down to 47.7 today.

Could it be those "mild" restrictions were enough?
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
The #Netherlands´ Coordinator for #COVID19 Patient Distribution states:
"The beginning is here, but the increase hasn't stopped yet."
"It has to flatten quickly and the decline has to be strong, otherwise we´ll be in trouble with postponed regular care"
Here´s last weeks RIVM scenario for the current #COVID19 wave in the #Netherlands.
With current "mild" measures the number of ICU patients would still be ~500 on December 1.
With sharper measures, that number would be ~375.

Worth it?
They´ll see tomorrow.
tweedekamer.nl/sites/default/… Image
#Switzerland´s canton of Neuchâtel will stop testing everyone with #COVID19 symptoms.

"There´s no use in testing them - we know 50% (!) of them are positive anyway. It would just be a waist of resources"...
Any symptoms➡️directly into quarantine (no test)
rts.ch/info/suisse/11… Image
A doctor in Fribourg (CH) asked to share his video.
He calmly asks the public for help.
"~Please, do your best to not get infected. Please avoid any accident risk as well."

They have ambulances coming every 15 minutes.

"We🇨🇭are about to fail this task"😔
#COVID19 Hospital occupation in Fribourg (#Switzerland)
from "everything´s fine, it is under control" (~10)
to "we have lost it" (175)
in 3 weeks.

No warning.
Just a sudden, steady surge.
fr.ch/sites/default/… Image
#COVID19 Test positive rate in Fribourg (Switzerland)
from "no worries, it´s just 6%" (week 40)
to "every second test is now positive!" (week 44/45, reportedly, not pictured yet)

No warning.
The test regime in place couldn´t serve as an early indicator.
fr.ch/de/gesundheit/… Image
"shield the old,
so that the young can party on"

It failed in #Berlin.

Age group 90+ with incidence of 304.8
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
Germany´s #RKI has just issued substantial changes to their testing policy:

"It´s not our goal to detect all cases"

Testing will be limited to important cases, accepting there will actually be #COVID19 infected persons who will not qualify for testing !
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
Reason for #RKI´s new test regime:

Flu/cold season is starting !
Loads of people with "flulike symptoms" would just crash Germany´s testing capacities...

So, ONE way to qualify for a test is having severe symptoms / high likelyhood (by context) it´s actually #COVID19. Image
The OTHER way to qualify for a test under #RKI´s new guideline:

Having even mild symptoms AND being likely to be / become part of a new #Cluster !
(or belonging to the group of ´vulnerable persons´ or healthcare personnel)
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
If you´re just a poor soul, suffering from a (maybe) seasonal cold, #RKI´s new guideline has a special treat(ment) for you:

NO test
BUT 5 day isolation at home
(at least until 48h after your last mild symptoms have gone ...) Image
Berlin !

ICU occupation with #COVID19 patients jumped from 13.7% sunday
to 17.1% monday.🚨

Entire #Berlin´s incidence is indicated as 178.1,
locally 324.9 (Neukölln)
berlin.de/corona/lageber… Image
"It´s going well,
but not good enough..."

The #Netherlands have decided:
since earlier restrictions just flattened the #COVID19 curve,
but didn´t bend it downwards fast enough,
a 2 week sharpened period will now be implemented.
Most of #Netherland´s sharpened measures will come into force tomorrow and might expire after 2 weeks (if indicators go down).

But one rule changed substantially:

(instead of "reduce travel")

valid until ~January 2021 (🏂🚫!)
rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/pub… Image
As the #Netherlands see large regional differences in #COVID19 case numbers, additional "wave breaking" measures are being discussed:
Regions with high incidence *might* see:
- night curfew
- school closings
- shop restrictions

(not decided yet)
As everyone likes to colour out maps, tonight:
south-west #France has just turned red.
north-east is at 43.4%, so will be red, soon.

Note: One of the dark red areas in central France is operating at 120% capacity.
Some good news:
#COVID19 incidence seems to havd peaked all over #France.

And test positivity has flattened off at ~20%.
(so the peak in incidence is not an effect of less testing...)
Germany´s most dominant #COVID19 hotspot is currently #Augsburg (Bavaria).

Their 7-day incidence is right now flattening at ~350

(but they found out that´s not their biggest problem...)
augsburg.de/umwelt-soziale… Image
#Augsburg Health Authority:
"Many have no clue they are infected.
We guess we know only 1 out of 4-8 actual infections."

Their guesstimate:
1-2 percent of Augsburg´s population is acutely infected.

"High risk of infection in the city.
Please stay home."
augsburg.de/presse-kommuni… Image
There´s only a handful of nightflight capable rescue/medictransfer helicopters in #Germany.
A bunch of them is busy around the clock since last night.

It seems "Operation Cloverleaf" has been activated.
(even distribution of #COVID19 patients, to avoid local saturation) Image
Very likely those rescue helicopters were doing "Cloverleaf" #COVID19 saturation-relief transfers.

One started from Mannheim (large city with vast amount of hospitals, but only 10% free ICU beds left).
The other from Miltenberg (0% free ICU beds).
experience.arcgis.com/experience/3a1… Image
#Switzerland is trying to distribute #COVID19 patients from saturated areas to other regions as well.
It's not running smoothly yet. (Northern cantons hesitate to cancel planned surgery - there were tense moments in CH's Federal Council conference, today.)
The situation in #Denmark´s North Jutland.
Locally, maybe globally,

in one word:
A concise description of the situation in #Denmark´s North Jutland region:
The reason for sealing off North Jutland is:
June 2020: Local mink farms were found to be infected with #COVID19, minks were culled.
Mink industry intervened, culling stopped and less drastic measures (personnel protection) introduced instead...
Denmark´s measures to contain #COVID19 infections to mink farms weren´t effective.
By October the virus had infected personnel, spread to several more farms and had also found its way into a nursing home...

Denmark´s Disease Institute warned of mutations.
"#Denmark's health minister said AROUND HALF of 783 infected Danes in Northern Denmark, home to a large number of #mink farms, had been infected with a virus strain stemming from the farms."

(it was clearly getting out of control...)
At an emergency press conference, #Denmark´s Prime Minister announced urgent measures to "immediatley reduce transmission of the mutated #mink virus to humans".

Even to affected towns it wasn´t clear what that meant...
(auto translated version below): Image
restrictions for #Denmark´s North Jutland were announced.

It´s a complete #Lockdown.
(well, nordic style: with schools open and appeals like "please judge for yourself if crossing the municipal boundary is really urgent now"...
bronderslev.dk/Service/Nyhede… Image
#COVID19 infected #mink had been detected earlier, in the #Netherlands (April 2020).
By May 2020, a first mink-human transmission was thought to have taken place there.

(Slides from a recent #RIVM presentation):
tweedekamer.nl/sites/default/… Image
At a recent hearing, Netherlands´#RIVM was asked about a #COVID19 mutation in minks, that had already infected 2 thirds of employees at 16 mink farms in NL...
(jump to 1h:43min:30sec mark)
debatgemist.tweedekamer.nl/debatten/updat… Image
According to #RIVM, the #mink-virus mutation in the #Netherlands had only spread to "a few workers" at the farms and their families.
But "no residents nearby".

(In RIVM´s view the outbreak in #Denmark was "infinitely worse due to delayed action") ImageImage
#Denmark´s worries now, due to the #mink-virus mutations:
"We could be known as the country that ruined the last half a year of vaccine work"

And Danes could be "denied entry to all the countries of the world"
And certainly,
"all the countries of the world" now have their eyes on #Denmark...
Switzerland´s National COVID19 Science Task Force:
> There´s no clear evidence of a trend reversal.
> The limits of the health system could be reached
> with substantial economic damage.

The number of infections needs to be reduced as quickly as possible.
#Oslo will go into "Social Shutdown":

"Norway is now at the start of the second wave of #COVID19. We have a last chance to stop the pandemic with very strict measures..."

NO indoor social activity allowed,
except meeting in private homes.
oslo.kommune.no/english/corona… Image
That´s why #Denmark (and the world) is on high alert about the #COVID19 mutation in #mink:

"We have indications that this unique mutation might have a reduced response to (current) anti-bodies"
(still needs more testing)

➡️bad for "herd immunity"/vaccine
"Due to technical issues, the numbers reported may not represent the true results"

(Wait! Chill out, will you ?!
That´s for #COVID19 tests in #France...!)
There´s a backlog of ~300.000 results.
The largest employers´ organisation in the #Netherlands has an idea:

"The Tested Society"

In aiming to "unlock" the Netherlands it would use 2 million #COVID19 tests per week (for a start...)

Their plan would have 3 phases.
"The Tested Society" (NL)
Phase 1 - Blow it out

Erase #COVID19 (by 85%) from a hotspot region (~1 million people)
Without lockdown,
by testing the entire population 2-3 times in 10 days.

"Positives" will be isolated.

Would take 7.000 testers
Costs 30-50 million € (per region) Image
"Tested Society" (NL)
Phase 2 - Back to Summer 2020

Restaurants and all workplaces open again, 1.5m distance
Tests for all symptoms & Contact tracing
You may be allowed to go working while in #Quarantine, a daily test would be required for that.

2 m tests/ week
20-40m €/ week Image
"Tested Society" (NL)
Phase 3 - "Almost Normal"

Everything reopens
No distancing anymore

You just need your daily test result to enter anything...

Wastewater surveillance for #COVID19 markers would show new outbreaks.
Outbreak: everyone will be tested again
50-100 m€/week Image
#Switzerland´s National #COVID19 Science Task Force is also fond of testing:

"It´s a relatively cheap measure - a test for every Swiss adult per month would cost 1 billion CHF"
"2.000 contact tracers would only cost 0.5% of a partial lockdown´s cost"
And there´s still #Slovakia:
The second mass testing is on today.
Not the whole country, this time.

Those areas who had less than 0.7% #COVID19 "positive" results in the first tests last week, don´t need to test their population again.
First results of today´s second mass testing in #Slovakia say:
This morning, the first 553.377 antigen tests confirmed a positive result for a total of 3,677 citizens.

("only" 0.66 percent of the total number tested were positive, so far)
A brief look at the situation in #Switzerland:
Yesterday (friday) #Geneva´s University Hospital had "4 free beds left in intensive care".

(They became free as their occupants died)
Since ~3 days ago Geneva´s University Hospital has been able to transfer some patients to other parts of #Switzerland
and some to other cliniques in the region.

Otherwise, they´d have to deal with 582 #COVID19 patients today.
(They called for help at 474)
hug.ch/coronavirus-ma… Image
#Slovakia´s Prime Minister is fond of testing:
"#COVID19 Antigen-Testing could lead to a freer life".
"If Bratislava wants to reopen cinemas, theaters, etc, they could test their population repeatedly over a 2-3 week period"
South Tyrol (#Italy) has rapidly rising #COVID19 numbers.
They already limited their tests to those who show symptoms.

Meanwhile, their rate of positive tests is 73%😲
An example how sewage surveillance can be used to detect new outbreaks in a near-#COVID19-free society.

(but then, as action, Australia's #NSW still only wants to test those with symptoms...😐
isn't that kind of throwing the advantage away?)
It does not magically "go away" - not even in #Japan.

Hokkaido sees a record number of 200 new #COVID19 cases today.

It has not arrived in hospitals, yet.
But it is spreading rapidly. People are still in "reopened" mood and it´s not easy to switch back.
#Japan´s #COVID19 advisory council warns of "potentially rapid spreading of infections across the country" and urges for immediate action...

(but proposed actions are rather ´mild´, like "building a relationship of trust with the local community"...)
At least,
#Japan´s governmernt is contemplating to exempt Hokkaido from the national "GO TO Travel" campaign.
It was designed to encourage everyone in Japan to travel a lot through the country, to revive domestic economy.

🛄#COVID19 would like that.🤧
There´s good news for the #Netherlands !

(according to their #COVID19 Patient Distribution Coordinator´s smile-o-meter...)
nu.nl/284255/video/l… Image
"In less than a week, (#Netherlands´) hospital occupation fell by 300, that´s fantastic."

"Do you think the stricter #Lockdown´s duration needs to be extended?"

"No. No - just this week,
we can end it after 14 days, like it was planned..."

nos.nl/artikel/235588… Image
"But last week you were somewhat worried..."

"Yes, when we were standing here a week ago, case numbers just kept rising - by 80, 100 cases per day. At a time when we had expected to see if our measures worked... and we didn´t see it"
nu.nl/284255/video/l… Image
So it was just decided that Hokkaido will still "profit" from #Japan's tourism promotion campaign.

"The current spread of infections is not due to Go To Travel and we don't want it to be removed."

Maybe not the current spread.
But the coming spread.
😳 Winter tourism is an important part of Hokkaido's economy.
Season starts soon.
And people will come. From all over #Japan (and maybe some countries on Japan's #COVID19 travel allowance list).
Switzerland´s Canton of #Geneva is now doing ~3.000 #COVID19 tests per day.

And every second one tuns out to be "positive".
ge.ch/document/20094… Image
Åh !?
#Sweden's latest reported #COVID19 case number says:
3.419 new cases (this monday)

while one week ago,
monday's case count was
1.570 new cases

What is going on there?! 😦 Image
Something's substantially changing in #Sweden.
Even their #COVID19 press conference was held online for the first time, today:

"We see a clear change of trend - infections are surging and it's mostly the younger population (20-59 years)"
In ICU too.
Japan´s #COVID19 situation, this morning:

Osaka: "looks like we´re in the 3rd wave"
Tokyo: "obviously, a new phase is beginning"

Disease institute: ~"clusters are everywhere, not only where they used to be"
For Tokyo, it may not be a "#3rdWave".
Obviously, they never really exited the second wave.

But today´s spike is the highest since August.
(It includes some results of people who finally decided to organize a privately paid test themselves...)
For Osaka, the second wave never really went away.
It kept on boiling on low flame...
until case numbers began slowly rising 3 weeks ago.

it culminated in the highest case number, #Osaka has ever seen.
256 new #COVID19 cases.
covid19-osaka.info/en/ Image
Some might guess there *might* be a reason for Japan´s #COVID19 case numbers incline in the last 3 weeks...

"Until recently, screenings have been held at 50% capacity, but theaters can now fill every seat"

And so they did -recordbreakingly- October 16th.
Osaka prefecture is a bit shocked by today´s record #COVID19 case number.

They urged people to adopt new measures to stop the spread. The measures:

"Please do not talk while enjoying your meal"😲🔇
(and wear a mask at other times)😷

That´s basically it.
Regions become anxious in #Sweden:
"The Region of Dalarna is in a very serious situation.
With a rapid spread of infection, the region can no longer wait for a decision from the Swedish Public Health Agency – which will never come..."
(regional councilor)
experience.arcgis.com/experience/a6d… Image
"(Health Agency´s announcements) feel like a lottery. We have to put in the resources now, not when things are getting *really* bad. We are prepared and need a decision – now.

⏱️If we don't get a decision tomorrow, we'll make a decision ourselves."
Dalarna isn´t the only region in #Sweden to urge for action:
"We´re discussing with Health Agency, but have chosen to speed up the introduction, because we see that it is needed. The spread of infection has increased in #Blekinge, even among the elderly."
regionblekinge.se/om-webbplatsen… Image
It´s not a revolution in #Sweden.
It´s just that regions feel central Health Agency FHM takes too long to recognize the grade of severness in their region.

And therefore they declare the usual "advisory" measures from #FHM´s template by themselves.
Sweden´s #Dalarna region has finally got what they pressed for.
Together with 3 other regions, they received official "stronger advise" from #Sweden´s Health authority FHM, today.

(Yes, it still remains voluntary to follow the advice)
regiondalarna.se/press/nyheter-… Image
Do #Sweden´s "voluntary" measures work?

Health Authority #FHM says so.

(#Uppsala introduced "stronger advice" 3 weeks ago. And maybe the growth slowed down, now.
Too early to see, official numbers pictured below are from last week...)
the number of #Japan´s new #COVID19 cases was later revised up to 1.660
With local records in Osaka, Hokkaido,...
It´s obvious.
This is not under control.
#Tokyo´s governor repeated her calls for people to
wash their hands,
wear masks,
avoid closed, crowded and close-contact settings
and carry out frequent ventilation of rooms.
And to not forget to disinfect door knobs & tables.

🙄that´s all.
All the while,
Sapporo / #Hokkaido held a ritual "Health & Safety" prayer to prepare for the opening of the tourist attracting ski-season, next week...
They plan to disinfect ropeway gondolas after each roundtrip.
At the same time, #Hokkaido´s Medical Association warns:

"If this situation goes on for another week, our medical system here will collapse".

Austria´s semi-#Lockdown didn´t work.
Here´s their new plan:

A full Lockdown for 3 weeks, with schools and almost all shops closed. A curfew as well.
"We have to act immediately..."

So they will start it on Tuesday (in ~3 days).🙄
...and as Austria´s full #Lockdown will only start in 3 days,
everyone wants to go shopping now.
(And hey - why not? Shoes are half-price today...)
"OF COURSE children and adolescents can get infected AND infect others, too. All claims they couldn´t have been proven wrong.

Our 10-14 year olds have an incidence of 250."

(#Austria´s Chancellor)
that press conference is getting interesting, now...
Austria vs. Switzerland

both countries have ~same population size
(AT 8.8 million, CH 8.6 million).
They are neighbours.

Switzerland has local semi-#Lockdowns. They seem to work.
Austria´s semi-lockdown slowed the surge, but couldn´t turn it around.
ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/co… Image
Somehow, new case numbers in the #Netherlands keep hovering at a daily incidence of ~35 (still quite high).

Despite "stricter #Lockdown rules" that came into force on November 3.

On November 19, NL will go back to less strict "partly lockdown" rules... Image
...the "partly #Lockdown" rules in the Netherlands came into force on October 12.
Case numbers kept rising for *3 weeks* after that.

Maybe we´d need to calculate in how long it takes for people to *really* change their behaviour...?
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
Brussel´s military hospital is specialized in treating severe burns.
Today, they are expecting a patient from #Romania.
A young doctor, who had tried to save patients from a #COVID19 ward in Piatra Neamt.

The ward had rapidly burst into flames, yesterday.
agerpres.ro/eveniment/2020… Image
Doctors in #Romania warn about the possible causes of the ICU fire in Piatra Neamt:

too many #COVID19 patients in wards
high demand on O2 supply, electricity
installations can´t cope
devices aren´t calibrated for that

"it´s a time bomb"
"Almost all of #Sweden's regions have reached or are close to reaching their current maximum capacity for corona tests..."

They are thinking about sending people ´who have almost certainly´ #COVID19 (due to symptoms/ context) to isolation without tests.
#Stockholm has already rationed #COVID19 tests.
"Due to high demand from nursing homes, they have testing priority now.

If you have symptoms, just stay at home.
You can try to get one of a few open test slots per day. If you get no test, still stay home!"
sll.se/verksamhet/hal… Image
"A long time without any cases and then this outbreak"...
It took ~a week for South #Australia to realize one worker of a quarantine hotel had brought the virus out of his workplace.

This is the spread they have found, so far:
abc.net.au/news/2020-11-1… Image
A member of the Cluster Countermeasure Group, sent by #Japan´s government to Sapporo:

"the number of clusters has exceeded the response capacity since the middle of last month."😳

They are concentrating on "high impact" clusters like nursing homes, now.
#COVID19 Clusters in #Japan have surged to (at least) 130 per week.

Major cluster environments:
28 clusters in restaurants,
27 in welfare facilities (nursing homes),
22 in companies and government offices,
17 in medical institutions,
16 in schools
Japan´s stimulus programme "GoTo Eat" had stimulated more than visits to gastronomy.
(Restaurants are ranked No.1 locations for #COVID19 clusters in #Japan).

At least, those vouchers may soon be valid only for groups of 4 guests or less...

The time of friendly "advice" is over in #Sweden.😲

"The increasing spread of coronavirus and the increasing strain on the health care situation in Sweden have led the government
to move from recommendations🙏🥺
to explicit bans."✋😠
Actually, #Sweden´s governmet still cannot really prohibit swedish citizens from going anywhere.

But they can limit the number of people in one place...!

(That in turn might close down a lot of venues, due to lack of guests - it´s kind of drastic.)
Sweden´s largest cinema chain is already planning to close.
"It's unclear, #FHM (Sweden´s disease center) didn't tell us about it, but they don't seem to be fully coordinated.
As we and our lawyer have understood this, the 8 person limit applies to us."
(Technically this is still some "advice" from #Sweden´s PM.
Let´s say it´s a bit emphasized.)

"Do your duty. Don't go to the gym, don't go to libraries, don't have parties.
Cancel all this.
Don't make up excuses that would make your activity sound okay."
South #Australia finds out about the scale of their outbreak:
One traveller brought it to a quarantine hotel on ~November 2
One worker brought it out of the hotel to their family ~a week ago

21 cases outside of quarantine hotels have been detected by now.
In case you´d think "21 cases in a week, that´s not a big deal..."

Here´s the list of (some) places those persons had visited.
Already 4.000 people are quarantined as close contacts.
And that list is getting longer....
sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connec… Image
There are several testing stations around #Adelaide.
They managed to perform 6.000 tests yesterday.
All current cases are said to have no or mild symptoms.
So the advice to only "monitor for symptoms" is something that is criticized in South #Australia.

And: masks are only "advised" on public transport.
(while bus lines on list of contact spots)
Hospital coordinator at press conference:

"This morning 09:30 a.m., there were 34 ´certified´ (high quality) ICU beds left available in whole #Switzerland.

At 12:30, they were all filled up.

At the moment, we have 240 non-certified beds left."
A good sign, maybe?

The number of #COVID19 patients in #Geneva is suddenly dropping.
But 606 is still too high. (When they had 474, they had called for assistance).

The number in ICU & intermediate care is 80 today,
it was 56 about 2 weeks ago.
hug.ch/coronavirus-ma… Image
I triple-checked.
Yes, it´s the official twitter account of the Federal Police in eastern #France´s departement Vosges.

or a reminder to have an attestation with you, when leaving house during the confinement.

I checked that, too:
it´s really the official twitter channel of the dutch government, with a press announcement, that the "urgent advice" to wear facemasks in public rooms will become mandatory, soon

(no one in that room was wearing a mask...)
Tokyo has just reported
493 new #COVID19 cases in one day.

That´s the highest count ever.
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
"RED ALERT - Infections are spreading in the city!"

😱 Oh no - what can we do !?!!

"The officials appear to be undecided about whether to ask restaurants and bars to shorten their business hours."

😳 Oh.
"South #Australia will pause, and PEOPLE WILL NEED TO REMAIN AT HOME FOR THE NEXT 6 days.

Please remain calm and we will provide further detail as soon as we can."

South Australia is introducing a full 'Circuit Breaker' #Lockdown, a few hours from now.
covid-19.sa.gov.au/response Image
If you'd like to drive people into panic mode, try announcing a short term #Lockdown together with information like "We're not yet sure what is about to close. You will need to wait for further information".

It never failed, so far...
#Japan has added the highest spike ever to its #COVID19 curve.

"In the 2nd wave, the targets were clear", but now #Clusters appear everywhere, even in rural areas...
It's becoming difficult to take action.
"Scenes of utter panic and chaos"
in South #Australia

(ahum.... that´s what the commentator in the video says, but...)

They show people queueing up nicely, everywhere!
That must be the most orderly form of "out of control" I´ve ever seen...🧍‍♀️🧍🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️🧍🧍‍♂️🚶‍♀️
So we know now, South #Australia folks are pretty chill.
I´d guess if they urge
you (AND EVERYONE with you)
to IMMEDIATELY self-quarantine
& seek testing (but WARN THE TEST CREW in advance)

something might be brewing...
It turned out, one (infected) security guard from a quarantine hotel in South #Australia was also working part time as a pizza baker.
Meanwhile it is believed that he might have infected the pizza delivery guy,
who distributed pizza (and maybe infections)
couriermail.com.au/news/national/… Image
South #Australia observed some peculiar properties of their #Outbreak´s virus strain:

"It has a very, very short incubation period,
that means when somebody gets exposed, it is taking 24 hours or even less for that person to become infectious to others."
About South #Australia´s #COVID19 strain:
It replicates very fast and it spreads asymptomatically.

"Go in early and go in hard, that´s the way to go.

WHO has got to look hard at its policy (discouraging #Lockdowns) because, quite frankly, they´re wrong."
There are a steady 35 active cases in South #Australia

"We are putting a DOUBLE RING FENCE around all of those people..."

Quarantining all their close contacts, and then those contacts' close contacts means:
3.200 people are currently in quarantine.
#Victoria has suddenly found "fragments of SARS-CoV-2 virus" in sewage water in 2 towns.

They could be from people of Victoria.
But (as those towns lie along major transit routes) it *could be* they stem from people who brought it from South #Australia...
South #Korea:
#COVID19 numbers have doubled in ~1 week.
And outbreaks are manifesting all over the country, now...
One #Cluster example from South #Korea:
One in a family of 3 tested "positive" 5 days ago.

The infection is now being found in the family's
Acquaintances' families
Acquaintances' coworkers
New case numbers in #Tokyo:
"the most ever reported"
again, today.
Experts say that infection is now spreading rapidly.

The pandemic alert is raised to its highest level, but it's unclear what effect that will have on daily life.

Japan´s Prime Minister had a simple message for residents:
be safe.
and have quiet dining.
Record #COVID19 case numbers all over #Japan.

no reduced opening times,
and government's stimulus programmes for travelling the country and eating out remain largely unchanged.

It's being regarded as a problem to be solved by individual behaviour.
Yes, #Japan had already shown, their large collective effort can prevent the entire country from collapsing.

Back in 2011, an indicator showed remaining power capacity in realtime.
People adapted their consumption.

😕Don't try this with hospital beds!
enterpriseirregulars.com/40343/tepco-us… Image
Everything is connected...

In #France,
the energy grid supplier warns to "watch out":
#COVID19 has postponed maintenance in many nuclear power plants.

They will run out of fuel/need maintenace in February 2021.
They hope there'll be no "abnormal weather"
"A cold wave with a couple of days of 2° to 7°C below normal could cause 'difficulties' in providing #France with electricity"

(because #COVID19 has hampered maintenace of nuclear power plants)
They have just issued an indicator, so that everyone in #France can adapt their personal energy consumption to keep the #energy grid from crashing...

(#COVID19 has wider effects)
South #Australia will end its extraordinary statewide full #Lockdown soon.
Actually 3 days early.

The reason is
Wait for it...
South #Australia´s restriction changes come after contact tracers uncovered one case linked to the Woodville Pizza Bar deliberately misled investigations.

(It was believed he might have cought #COVID19 from a take-out pizza box, via a ´new super-strain´)
Yet, there have been real #COVID19 transmissions.
And the contact tracing still needs to go on.

But it´s not about a ´new, highly contagious super-strain´ anymore. So it is deemed unneccessary to keep entire South #Australia in #Lockdown for much longer.
Seems South #Australia folks do only have a limited amount of chill...
(at least that´s what authorities seem to imply by placing a police guard in front of that pizza shop that is said to have started the statewide total #Lockdown)
#Finnland has been fighting hard,
and as of last week they were presented as THE role model for controlling #COVID19.

Now they have rapidly surging case numbers.
They just announced the Capital region has now entered the "Corona-Spreading" stage.
"The coronavirus epidemic in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area has increased alarmingly in the last few days."
#Helsinki, Finland:
"#COVID19 infections have of late spread via close social contact in homes, private parties and events, workplaces and leisure activities."
hel.fi/helsinki/koron… Image
#Finland, 3 days ago:

"We are still in a very different situation from the rest of Europe...
Of course, the risks are still the same, and we should not be lulled into thinking this is a permanent condition. Europe shows how the epidemic can accelerate."
Also 3 days ago,
a researcher from Helsinki pointed out that #Finland´s #COVID19 defence was missing one essential point:

Aerosols !

(Finland´s position is still:
"the virus is primarily spread by droplets")
thl.fi/en/web/infecti… Image
Meanwhile, Japan´s #COVID19 expert panel states:

"We´ve seen earlier, that when an infection spreads this far, people's behavioral changes alone will not be enough.

That's why we proposed strong measures, including a review of the Go To Campaign..."
"It is now very clear that the virus is airborne"
"Masks will be a contribution -not the only thing-
Increase of ventilation AND masks will together have an effect on limiting the spread of the virus".
#Tokyo reports a record number of new #COVID19 cases. Again.

Those numbers came in early, today.
And numbers of the following days might be far lower.

It´s a long holiday weekend - no one stays in the cities...
Monday´s a public holiday,
the government´s "GoTo Travel" stimulus pays for part of the travel costs.

So everyone is leaving the big cities of #Japan.
To flee from the #pandemic and restrictions.
Most are going to meet their multigenerational families.
The sale of new sponsored tickets may be halted.
But everyone is already gone...
That came unexpected:
#Tokyo´s "positive" test results are down.

But not as much as expected.
Despite tenthousands having fled the city, for a long weekend,
they count 391 new cases today.
Last sunday´s number was ´only´ 255...
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
Usually, sunday´s numbers are a bit low in Osaka.
But today they set a new all-time record:

490 new #COVID19 cases.
(Yesterday was 415
last week´s sunday was ´only´ 266)

It is 3 weeks, now.
3 weeks of "#Lockdown light" in #Germany.

Bars and restaurants closed,
cinemas and theatres too.
Some (merely symbolic) ´contact restrictions´...

"At least the growth is broken - we should call it a success!"
ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-da… Image
Daily leisure activities are restricted by #Germany´s "#Lockdown light".

Yet infections have only been slowed down to levelling out at a high plateau.

Where do folks still get infected?
#RKI gives a hint in yesterday´s sitrep:
➡️"school and workplace"⬅️
rki.de/DE/Content/Inf… Image
Never before has a swedish Prime Minister adressed his people twice on live TV.

Never before has the right of gathering for Swedes been restricted like now.

"All the things that you would like to do, but are not necessary:
Stop, Cancel, Postpone!"
"What we are doing now affects what Christmas celebrations will look like,

Who will still be with us this Christmas.

It may sound harsh. It may sound brutal.
But that's just how harsh and brutal reality is."

(from Sweden´s PM adress to the Nation:)
An interesting #Cluster in South Korea (Yongin City):

#Covid19 infections started in a "Kids´Café",
spread to the kids´ families,
from there into a nursing home
and made it into a "preschool"...

(cross-generational spread,
within just a few days.)
Following the "Kids´ Café" #COVID19 outbreak, South Korea´s City of #Yongin is now closing 865 childrens´ facilities.
Affecting 30.000 children
and 7.700 staff

"For the safety of the children"

(if I read this right):
That "Kids´ Café" #Cluster in #Yongin (South Korea) spreads further:

(Note: those preschool ´students´ are usually 3-5 years old.)
That´s extraordinary for #Germany:
the quiet, rural district of #Hildburghausen is reporting a 7-day incidence of nearly 500, today.

"~There´s no confinement to infections at all - all age groups, all localities are concerned"
landkreis-hildburghausen.de/media/custom/2… Image
One weird thing:
the town #Suhl, just to the north of #Hildburghausen (482.6), has an incidence of 29.9

That´s almost as "clean" as it can get in #Germany, these days!

(That will mean a challenge to install working restrictions in just one district...)
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
What caused the extraordinary surge of #COVID19 in #Hildburghausen?
"There had been two private events, where a lot of people got infected. They had been authorized by authorities...
Meanwhile the spread is extensive, from small kids to old age."
mdr.de/thueringen/sue… Image
The partly-#Lockdown´s magic is gone...

Case numbers stopped their decline in the #Netherlands.
And so does hospital admission (ICU occupation with #COVID19 patients is even slightly rising, today).
nos.nl/artikel/235790… Image
Mobile phone data shows, what people in #Japan did during the long public holiday weekend...

They were fleeing/avoiding the high infections of Tokyo and Hokkaido,
while rushing to the less struck country side.
(this shows movement, not infections - yet.)
www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ne… Image
A first move.
Upon their own request, #COVID19 hotspot cities of Osaka and Sapporo will soon be exempt from #Japan´s travel stimulus.

Government´s travel vouchers will not apply to travel to these cities. (Certain) cancellation fees will be covered.
Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
South #Australia found out
the recent #COVID19 outbreak was not only brought out from one of their quarantine hotels - there were even infections (personnel->quaratinees?) happening inside the facility...
South #Australia is now working on major changes in their #quarantine system:
~no hotel for "positive" travellers, but at pllice-guarded medical facilities
~mandatory testing *before* boarding a flight to Australia
#Tokyo sees a "drastic rise in severe #COVID19 cases".

Today: 54 in "severe" hospital treatment.
Until 2 days ago it was constantly hovering around ~40.

Now we know what colour was reserved for #COVID19 incidences above 500:

it´s fancy PINK!
(for #Hildburghausen, 526.9
First time ever a district in #Germany has reached that level...)
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
In response to record #COVID19 numbers,
#Hildburghausen has issued a general decree.

Main point is: schools have to close.
(otherwise it´s the most liberal "lockdown extra light" I´ve seen so far in Germany...).
landkreis-hildburghausen.de/media/custom/2… Image
Tonight, a crowd of people rallied against #Hildburghausen´s measures.
#Germany´s twitter goes crazy because ´no one was wearing masks´😱
(well, the district´s decree doesn´t even mandate them in this context...🤷)

I´ll leave it with this chinese comment:

583 (553 locally acquired) new #COVID19 cases in South Korea.
That's ~200 more than yesterday.

(in fact:
the highest number since...
South Korea's highest number
since early March.

Back then, the high numbers were due to outbreaks in typical settings (night-life, churches,...)

"We are now in a situation where virus outbreaks can happen at any place we live in"


(and it´s spreading to neighbouring "Suhl",
which has lost its "yellow" ranking - their incidence jumped from ~35 to 65 today.)
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
Another index, a different colour:
#Hildburghausen is red now.

That means:
all beds in intensive care are full.

(it´s a small clinic with just 8 ICU beds.
"Only" 2 are occupied by #COVID19 patients. Both on ventilators.)
experience.arcgis.com/experience/3a1… Image
Yes, #Hildburghausen is a small district, so every single #COVID19 case will cause a large jump in their incidence.

(And then: every single death will leave a real gap in such a community. Apparently 2 died yesterday.
Other sources say: 3 more today...)
landkreis-hildburghausen.de/media/custom/2… Image
Oh no.
Don't trust your car's air condition !!!
Certain circumstances (tunnels, heat, cold) will let it *automatically* switch to recirculate mode!

My trial in August:
-1 person
-air con on, "fresh air" mode

-> from 500 to 1.400 ppm CO2 in 20 minutes!
I see comments like "What a shame, we (Germany) do send aid to remote places of the world - but we don't install a field hospital in #Hildburghausen to relief the crowded hospital from #COVID19 cases."

The most remote places just manage #COVID19:
"Everyone is urged to leave the city center"

#Rotterdam´s mayor decided to shut all shops,
due to "extreme crowding" in the city.

It´s "#BlackFriday".
#BlackFriday while #COVID19 cases in NL are staying constantly high.
A balancing act between interests.

(with priorities, obviously...)
When tourism service ´MustSeeRotterdam´ tweets

"It´s really too crowded here, folks ! Go home please !"

You know it´s serious.
🔊"...for your own health: go home ! Shops will close now!"

#BlackFriday #Rotterdam
#Netherlands´ disease center #RIVM:

"Second wave may not be over until March"
- fewer working from home
- less sense of urgency
- "last weekend, shopping streets were quite crowded"
(that interview took place before pictures of #BlackFriday came in).
Q: Why were infection numbers decreasing much faster in the beginning?
#RIVM "might be the effect of school holidays"

Slovakia has reduced its numbers via testing...
RIVM "yes, but they also closed schools"

Why don´t we close schools?
RIVM "~We as a society chose not to do so."
NL´s #RIVM: "the infections in 20-24 year olds have decreased (bars are closed).
Now the main infections are in 15-20 olds. That could be the older high school students....

And another important group is 50-60 year olds. They clearly get infected at work (besides at home)."
"#School settings may make up for ~8.5% of infections (with known origin(!)).
That doesn´t say it happens *in* schools, it may be *around* schools.

School setting infections are (only) half of infection numbers from workplaces or at home".
nos.nl/artikel/235840… Image
Belgium has managed to step down from "1st in #COVID19 incidence of Europe" to place 21.
But no big ease in sight:
If you´re single, you will still only be allowed to have ONE #kuffelcontact💞at home!
You may invite a second person. But with distancing!
Q:"But, but, all our neighbours are allowed to have parties for Christmas!!!"😫

Belgium´s Health Minister answers...,

(it feels narrow-minded, fun-killing, simply annoying,
but you know:
he´s right.)
His answer in short: "Yep. Our neighbours aren´t wise"
#Hildburghausen hits the panic-button.
From tomorrow on, everything is cancelled / banned:
Town council meetings
Political party essamblies
Religious assemblies
Markets and fairs

Rallies and funeral ceremonies need authorization

(masks are mandatory)
landkreis-hildburghausen.de/media/custom/2… Image
Even the age groups
0 to 4 years
5 to 9 years
had a week-incidence around ~300 ?!

It´s obvious, why they closed schools and kindergartens, then.
(data of #Hildburghausen, ~1 week ago)
corona-data.eu/thueringen/lk-… Image
#Austria is about to provide rapid testing to their entire population.
#Vienna starts early:
from December 04 to 13,
they will have 3 large testing venues.
With 286 parallel test lines.

"That should be good for 14.000 rapid tests per hour."

Q: "Why does #Vienna's test campaign start earlier than the rest of #Austria?"

A: "We'd like to have everyone enjoying Christmas. Even, if they had a positive #COVID19 test, their (10 day) quarantine would be over by then".
Three months with no #COVID19 case
in the entire country (#Vietnam)

1 man changed that.
After 2 negative tests, he "met with friends and family when he should have been self-isolating."

Test #3 was "positive".
200 contacts...
The quarantine break in #Vietnam has already lead to spreading #COVID19:
Case 1347 is an English teacher.
He already infected a student and his nephew.

Case count is now at 1351.
(For the entire country,
for the entire pandemic,
including imported cases!)
After several outbreaks/clusters, South Korea has a record number of people in quarantine.

Prime Minister: "the latest virus wave is difficult to control by government measures alone, as transmissions were reportedly occurring virtually in all places."
490,000 students +120.000 staff will take part in South Korea's College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) on Thursday.

Among them:
21 coronavirus patients and
144 people in quarantine.

Those who tested "positive" will take the exam in special hospitals.🎓
Don't feel fit for your college entry exam?
Thinking about taking a sick leave instead?
Forget it (in South Korea)!

There are 172 dedicated hospital beds ready for #COVID19 exam student patients.

(Their future life depends on that one exam...)
Thinking about that guy,
calling Berlin's #COVID19 hotline to ask which places were the most risky ones for catching the virus.

Turned out he was a student, trying to get infected in order to be excused from exams.

From Berlin's Health Authority podcast:
"Red Alert for the entire KPOP industry":
Members of 2 #KPOP bands have been found to be infected with #COVID19.

Many potential contacts are already being tested.
TV shows and concerts are cancelled across South Korea...
Following reactions of (presumably) young KPOP fans from around the world, there´s no way to say "young people don´t care about #COVID19".

Discussions evolve around asymptomatic spread,
and there´s a petition to stop all concerts to prevent further spread
now taken seriously:

"In indoor settings with poor / unknown ventilation,
better wear a mask when welcoming visitors.

(new modification of #WHO guidance):
who.int/publications/i… Image
Maybe it´s a backlog and
#Hildburghausen didn´t really see 8 people die in 1 day😯

But out of a total 19 who died there in relation to #COVID19 during the entire pandemic, 18 seem to have died in the last ~30 days...
(says their official daily report):
landkreis-hildburghausen.de/Aktuelles-Covi… ImageImage
In ~a month, #France has brought new #COVID19 infections down from
~50.000 a day to
~10.000 a day

Their goal is to reach 5.000 per day,
on December 15th.

(That would mean a crazy low 7 day incidence of ~50!)
It looks like they´re on their way to make it!
10 days ago, #Seoul had imposed social distancing measures (Level 2.5)

"If we enter into Level 3 of social distancing, all economic activities will effectively grind to a halt,"

"Level 3 is the last card we will use in a desperately dangerous situation"
It's not just #Seoul.
"Bigger wave of pandemic in progress"...
It's developping all over South Korea.

"the current level of measures is ineffective"
South Korea´s life deciding CSAT school exams fell in a "lucky" period of lower case numbers.
They would not have been possible with Level 3 restrictions.

They went like a smooth clockwork.
Even for those in #COVID19 hospital isolation wards...
For the first time, #Seoul has decided to turn off night life after 9 p.m.

"We have tried hard to come up with measures that would allow the economy to rotate as much as possible.

But now, our priority is to protect the safety and lives of our citizens."
Osaka (Japan) turns on the red warning lights.

"I would like to officially announce a state of emergency for medical facilities," #Osaka´s Governour told reporters.

(Hospital / ICU beds for #COVID19 patients are over 50% occupied.)
japantoday.com/category/natio… Image
In many of Germany´s cities, #COVID19 case numbers still won´t come down.
There seem to be no defined #Clusters.
The spread is very diffuse in the community.

One new measure is:
Nighttime curfews in high-incidence places.

#Mannheim will start tonight:
Tricky details in #Mannheim´s curfew ordonance:
Q: "Will shops have to close after 9 p.m.?"🥺

A: "No worries. They´re free to stay open if they wish. It´s just that no-one will be allowed to go out for shopping."😏
mannheim.de/de/information… Image
Some areas in Austria have started mass testing for #COVID19 (rapid antigen-tests).
For #Vorarlberg, the results are published in realtime:

Today, 52.342 tests have been performed
of which 191 turned out to be currently infectious.
(all asymptomatic!)
vorarlbergtestet.lwz-vorarlberg.at/grafana/d/uEEQ… Image
🕵️Europol Warning👮

They think

🔸counterfeit, fake vaccines
🔸illegally refilling of empty vials
🔸hijacking and theft of vaccine transports

may be upcoming topics, now.
europol.europa.eu/newsroom/news/… Image
#Hildburghausen´s results from voluntary mass tests for teachers and students are in.

Out of 2.418 (rapid antigen) tests
15 were found to be currently infectious.

Note: tests took place over 1 week after schools had closed (so infection sources unclear).
Me, to a french colleague:
"Hey, quite impressive that #France brought down their incidence from ~500 down to ~100 in about 4 weeks!"

He, enraged:
"Bah, what you see is only half the truth - it´s due to reduced testing as well"...

😳 oh.
meteo-covid.com/test-covid19-s… Image
What ever they did, in the #Netherlands...
it causes the #COVID19 case numbers to surge back up again.

😕And this comes at a very bad time, right now...
nos.nl/artikel/235938… Image
Today is #Pakjesavond in the #Netherlands.
Families gather and Sinterklaas manages to deposit some presents, without anyone noticing how.

He has little helpers that take people with them in their sack, when they didn´t behave well.
This year,
that might actually come true...
What could be the reason for those re-surging numbers in the #Netherlands?

a.) that infamous #BlackFriday shopping chaos, one week ago
b.) the fact that since December 1st, #COVID19 tests are finally also accessible for contacts with no symptoms.
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
last minute present shopping?

#Amsterdam tried to keep shopping masses at bay with a one-way system, today.
After one hour they gave up:

"We´re FULL.
Give up your shopping plan,
or go somewhere else !
Come another day,
come alone"
Dutch Railways (NS) is quite charming today...
"If you think it´s too full, just get off our bus!"

Really? - the guidelines for NL public transport were never changed back to some sort of distancing again?
(since July 1st. NL daily incidence was 0.4, then...)
🤷@Sustainable2050 ImageImage
This kid is a huge #Hayabusa2 Asteroid Explorer fan.
She went to see the capsule separation sequence at a public viewing.

She made herself a costume.
With solar panels.
That serve as social distancing guards as well.

(I see a future Nobel prize awaardee)
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
#Switzerland's ski ressorts are open again.

And it matches expectations.

The lift operator's comment:
"I can see nothing illegal here. The 1.5m distancing rule is not in force, yet..."
#Switzerland has decided rules for ski ressorts on December 4th.

But they will only come into force on December 9th.
Like: 1.5m distance &
"Closed cable car cabins may only be used to 2/3 capacity"
Until then, it's up to people's common sense
bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/kr… Image
An alarm, that emerges all over #Japan, now:
medical personnel cannot cope anymore.

Osaka´s governour already asked other prefectures for help. They are stretched out, too.
So the military will try and see what they can do...
#Japan´s military will now (finally) see what they can do in Asahikawa as well.

2 hospitals asked for urgent support 2 weeks ago.
The city´s mayor found it "too difficult to decide" back then...

Each hospital has ~200 infections now (including staff)
A small island in #Japan´s north is experiencing a massive #COVID19 outbreak.
In a few days, 2% of their population (´only´ ~50 people) were found to be "positive".
They are transported to cities in Hokkaido, where they strain the regional health system...
Hokkaido can cope with the influx of infected islanders from Okushiri island, so far.

"but if additional local clusters would fill beds up..."
("...I think that could maybe cause panic" - he really said that)😳
www3.nhk.or.jp/sapporo-news/2… Image
The major city of Nagoya (West-Japan) has 297 #COVID19 beds.
But currently they can only operate 180 beds, due to shortage of medical personnel.

They already have 182 COVID-patients, so they started to transfer some to the smaller cities in the region.
Yes, measures do have economic impact

"Unfortunately, the current #COVID19 situation in Europe makes it unlikely that we would be able to create the necessary conditions to ensure the health and safety of our staff, participants and the broader community"
Of course,
you´ll have to read the whole text thoroughly.
But then you stumble upon

"With little evidence that schools contribute to higher rates of transmission"

that´s implying #schools suffer ´just the same transmission rate as anywhere´
"Case numbers in the #Netherlands are rising again.
Soon hospital admissions will rise, too..."

~"we thought we´d be able to have less strict rules by Christmas - we may need to abandon that idea, now..."
nos.nl/artikel/235967… Image
So the surge in incidence numbers (23.3↗️41) in the #Netherlands is not just caused by recently testing asymptomatic contacts (since December 1st)?

Test positivity was 11.1%, last tuesday.

There´ll be a new positivity index today.
Let´s wait and see...
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
Germany´s national science academy #Leopoldina argues for a full #Lockdown (4 weeks, slow start next week).

Besides many scientific arguments, this one´s striking:
"in the last 7 days, Germany has seen more #COVID19 deaths than traffic fatalities in 2019"
leopoldina.org/uploads/tx_leo… Image
That escalated quickly:
#Saxony is the first state of Germany to announce a full scale #Lockdown.
They won´t have a "slow starting phase". From monday on
-non essential shops
are expected to be shut down until next year (January 10)
staatsregierung.sachsen.de/aus-dem-kabine… Image
More states of #Germany already signal readiness for #Lockdown.
But it seems they opt for the "slow start" after Christmas, especially to avoid "X-mas Panic Shopping"
(which would be far worse than #BlackFriday, I imagine...)
By the way:
#Netherlands´ disease center #RIVM just stated, that the current surge in NL´s #COVID19 incidence could be linked to:

a.) the #BlackFriday shopping craze (nov 27th) AND
b.) the new regime of testing asymptomatic contacts (since Dec 1st)
test positivity rate in the #Netherlands has indeed risen.
From 11.1 (last week) to 11.6% today.

That´s not much.
But definitely the wrong direction if you´d hoped to ease some COVID rules🙄
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
It had been discussed for a long time in #Germany´s state of Baden-Württemberg - and it´s still very controversial:

Those who notoriously escape from #quarantine may soon be commited to special (guarded) quarantine institutions.
(like in AUS, NZ, TW,...)
You know,
Germany (so far): with a #Quarantine order you´re ought to stay in your home (in fact authorities are far too overwhelmed to control)

Taiwan: leave your quarantine room for 8 seconds and you´re screwed:
Appalling observation in #Switzerland:
-#COVID19 situation starts to deteriorate again
-case numbers start surging again
-intensive care is used to capacity
-medical personnel is exhausted

They held an extraordinary assembly, today...
"It's the first time, #Switzerland experiences a situation like this."
#COVID19 numbers are stagnating at high level. They are not decreasing, but are likely to go up again.

Swiss government is now proposing a (very mild) countrywide #Lockdown...
Switzerland's first steps:
-nearly everything will close daily, at 7 p.m.
-no public events

Sounds soft.
But: if numbers continue to rise next week (very likely), restaurants and shops might be closed entirely.
From tomorrow on, #Italy will apply new entry rules.
Transport carriers will be obligued to:

measure temperature of passengers
equip passengers with masks
verify COVID test certificates
operate at 50% capacity
refuse transport of non-compliant passengers
esteri.it/mae/resource/d… Image
While train operators from Austria and France comply with #Italy´s new entry rules, #Switzerland´s rail provider #SBB simply said:

No way.

Major european train lines will be cut at the border.
Train traffic to Italy is halted indefinitely.🤷
#Sweden's Stockholm Region just held a press conference.

It is said, the entire region's intensive care was nearly full.
"Today, there are 5 or 7 places left"...
#Sweden #COVID19
Stockholm Region:
"That´s basically all intensive care places we have..."

They have 89.
They were full. Image
Stockholm´s Health Director in a calm voice:
~"The health system still works because we do our outmost.

But this cannot go on.

This is enough now.
(Nu får det vara nog)

After work, coffee parties, crowds for Christmas shopping,...
That´s not worth it!"
In fact,
#Stockholm region has ~160 ICU beds.
~89 were filled with #COVID19 patients.

There are no additional beds.
The "normal cases" ICUs are also full.
(with operations, postponed from the first waves, etc.)
💈A heads-up to my hairdresser's other clients:

I took my #Aranet4 CO2 monitor with me for a haircut.

Maestro was shocked to see his thought-out aeration plan failed.
We spent an hour experimenting with windows.

He's happy now.

(Your next visit might be chilly,
💨❄⛄ Image
I´m worried about this tiny spot on the map.
Somehow, the virus has managed to enter the city of #Suhl.

Their incidence was 29.9, two weeks ago.
Today it´s 318.

Suhl is the most overaged city in entire Germany.
experience.arcgis.com/experience/478… Image
You know:
the average age of the population in the city of #Suhl is:
~50.3 years (!)

We´re afraid of any #COVID19 outbreaks, there.
tlug-jena.de/uw_raum/umwelt… Image
Most of #Suhl´s #COVID19 cases seem to be in a nursing home, so far.

But what´s most worrisome:
a week ago, the city stopped keeping track of the number of contacts...
(it´s just "over 300", since then)

suhltrifft.de/content/blogca… Image
There was the idea to wait with #Lockdown until everyone has organized all their "necessary" X-mas shopping (after Christmas).
But Baden-Württemberg comes with a surprise move of "thinking about" locking down after this weekend.

😱🎁Panic this Saturday🙄
Surprise I:
Daytime movement restrictions will already be in force by TOMORROW.👍

Surprise II:
you can still practically do anything.
(including panic-shopping, if you´ve lost faith in announcements)🤪

(ONLY exception: "lingering around in the city")🤷
baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/all… Image
Surprise III:
Strict night curfew starts TONIGHT 24:00 (??)

"Hey folks,
I know, you just wanted to start your weekend.
But our hundreds of employees need to have their work-certificate/laissez-passer in hands TODAY!
Mind staying a few hours longer?

Stay strong💕
KlimaZen" Image
we still don´t have any official regulatory text.
No, we don´t even know, if we need to show a work-certificate
we do have crazy work hours (including weekend & nighttime)
we always try to do things right.

@RegierungBW drives us crazy.

Yes, it´s obvious.
Baden-Württemberg needs to act immediately.

Out of 2.900 ICU places,
2.363 (81%) are occupied today.

Last week, case numbers were ~3.000 per day.
Now we have 4.000 a day (+33%)
In ~3 weeks, ICU will rise by 33%, too.
That´s 107%, then.
gesundheitsamt-bw.de/lga/DE/Fachinf… Image
'If you meet with 5 persons, you need to stay indoors, in a private room.

If you thought it would make more sense to meet outside in public (you know, #Aerosol stuff),
forget it.
That's prohibited.'

That's #Maultaschen logic...
traditional meal in Baden-Württemberg.
Minced meat, wrapped in pasta, so that it is hidden and you can pretend to eat vegetarian....
It has cultural heritage status.

Also depicts: "If you do stupid stuff, we don't care if we can't see it".
Another formerly leading country
losing against #COVID19.

South Korea´s new cases jumped to 950 today. A new all-time record.
The day before it was 689.
(that´s +38% in one day)

Disturbing to see, where they got infected...
Much of South Korea was under "the second highest alert", but
"Despite the heightened social distancing, the volume of movement has not been reduced enough".

(Yesterday´s major clusters:
- restaurant
- church
- school
- office)

Yes, they are still open.
One example how South Korea lost it:

November 28th:
A restaurant in Seoul had a "performance" on stage.
Mask use was "insufficient". First case found.

14 days later,
that #Cluster has spread to
230 people. ImageImage
If a teenager tells you they can do things on their own,
without Interference from adults...
they're probably right so.

(Including their capability to spread the pandemic)
#Highschool #COVID19 #Cluster
Status report, from Baden-Württemberg (movement restrictions in force since this morning):
👍trams/ streetcars virtually empty
😣grannies and pops (unnecessarily) queuing for toiletpaper, as they believe all shops will close monday (wich had never been said, it´s what they think)
Frankfurt´s mayor just appologized:
"It wasn´t our intent to invite people to act recklessly"...

They promoted X-Mas shopping in the city´s centre by offering sponsored tram tickets today🚃🎫
"It was planned months ago. Now, I think it´s inappropriate"
The first night curfew approaches...
🕗😨 and time is flying!
Just over 2 hours left, until everyone in Baden-Württemberg needs to be at home!

Currently people start making emergency calls to police, to ask for advice😱📞...
1.5 hours left...🕗😰 #curfew

2 discounters,
just around the corner from each other.

(in case you´re in a hurry, that nifty feature of google maps would come in handy!)
google.com/maps/place/ALD… ImageImage
Silent night.
You can hear a falling leaf, when it hits the ground.
The nice side of curfew.😌
South Korea sees another record.
First time the country has more than 1.000 #COVID19 cases (1.030) in a day.

But they're still reluctant to switch to their highest alert (Level 3 should come into force if cases surge above 800)...
For now, South Korea's "3 week containment campaign"' is only about testing.
From monday they're rolling out free antigen-rapid tests, at 150 new test stations.

(they already calculate case numbers to virtually explode, due to increased testing)...
Rumours are:
#Germany might start a 3.5 week containment campaign on Wednesday.

It might close shops down, except supermarkets.

(⚠Monday, Tuesday will be murderous. People will go crazy for X-mas presents.
My advice: 🔖design a nice voucher instead!)
The Highschool #Cluster in South Korea isn´t spreding exclusively among the teenagers anymore.

Infections in the students´ families have been found, now.
facebook.com/covid19korea/p… ImageImage
The restaurant #Cluster in South Korea
(started 15 days ago with singing and "insufficient mask use")
has now reached into a care center...

Seems a singer-infected restaurant guest infected a family member, who works at the care center.
(275 cases now)
facebook.com/covid19korea/p… ImageImage
#Germany will have it´s #Lockdown.
Start: December 16
End: January 10 (as of now)

Schools, kindergartens will close
Mandatory rapid (antigen) tests for personnel in nursing homes
Yes, most shops will close. But many stay open: food, drinks, Xmas-trees,...
bundesregierung.de/resource/blob/… Image
Actually, the list of shops to stay open in #Germany´s #Lockdown is quite long.
But beware: it COULD be possible your supermarket will not be allowed to sell "non-food" items (like toys, etc.)!
Just saying.
(this might lead to absurd scenes, like it did in France...) Image
During the hard #Lockdown phase in #France, supermarkets had to cordon off "non-alimentary" goods.

The reason wasn´t that those goods were ´dangerous´.
It was an thought of as an act of "fairness" to those toy/ book/ etc. shops who had to close entirely.
South #Germany´s city of #Tübingen has used regular antigen tests for nursing home personnel since ~September. (Will come nationwide, now)

They claim this has prevented infections of elderly (while neighboring towns saw deadly nursing home outbreaks).
#Tübingen is focused on the "elderly risk group".

This went as far as saying:
"~We want schools to stay open.
This means kids will inevitably get infected.
But as far as we know, they will cope with it"

(this philosophy shows in today´s case numbers🙄)
tuebingen.de/28331.html#/28… Image
Jeetje !😯

Daily #COVID19 case numbers are back to ~10.000, in the #Netherlands !

They had a daily incidence of 23.2 (Dec 1st).
It´s at 57, today (it doubled ~10 days!).

(ICU occupation doesn´t fall any more, but sees slight rise as well).
coronadashboard.rijksoverheid.nl/landelijk/posi… Image
It seems the #Netherlands are deeply worried and contemplate stricter measures (especially closing shops).

That´s not so much because of the resurging NL case numbers.

The big worry is:
Germany´s #Lockdown might drive masses to NL for X-mas shopping...
Shopping areas in the #Netherlands have been crowded again, today.

So #Rotterdam applied several measures:
- one way pedestrian traffic
- temporarily no stepping off from trams in the city´s centre
A congestion-app for pedestrians !!!
app.spotrotterdam.nl Image
In Japan (the land of capsule hotels), an office space provider registred a surging demand for remote working places.

So they brought out capsule offices.

-recirculating aircons
-a communal space to have a drink with your colleagues

www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ne… Image
You know a crisis is bad,
when you don´t even receive bad numbers anymore...

(Medical staff in Hokkaido is too busy with treating patients to enter data,
even data-input reinforcement sent from other regions is put on other duties)
In less than 48 hours "non-essential" shops all over Germany will close for ~1 month #Lockdown.

Politicians now appeal to shop-owners to keep shops open around the clock "until the last minute",
so people can shop Xmas presents without chaos...
Due to surging numbers (and fear of massive influx of german shoppers) the #Netherlands will also close all "non-essential" shops.

Start: tonight (midnight)!

(That's turning tables - now dutch shoppers will (potentially) rush to german shops, tomorrow)
#Belgium´s leading virologist calls on shoppers from the Netherlands "don´t come to us!"

This belgian website enjoys adding some "tit for tat" - they didn´t forget how Belgians weren´t welcome in some dutch cities, when shops in Belgium had been closed...
#Germany´s Ministry of Health:

Hey, seniors - you thought there´d be no reason to join the shopping chaos before #Lockdown?

Think again!
We will start GIVING AWAY FREE FFP2 masks !!!!

Starting TOMORROW at your local pharmacy.
Come and join !
bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/service/gesetz… Image
y´all need cheap clothes and cordless power drills...
🙄 Image
Santa Claus visited a nursing home in #Belgium.
He was a #Superspreader.

~60 elderly residents
~14 staff
have been found infected, so far.

He was wearing a mask.
But you know, he has a massive beard,
causing the mask to leak... (suspected outbreak cause)
Germany's "most important" hospital, Berlin's Charité,
is evaluating a larger transfer of non-COVID patients.
They would be transferred to other clinics, as far as 400 km away, to allow Charité to be dedicated to more #COVID19 patients.
This looks drastic:
The extreme east areas of #Germany suffer #COVID19 incidences above ~600.

One district´s ICU capacity (combined of 6 hospitals) is 179 beds.
150 of them are occupied by COVID ICU-patients.
experience.arcgis.com/experience/3a1… Image
One of the points that are said to have caused the immediate #Lockdown of the #Netherlands:

The test results were worrying.

Positivity rate had risen within a week.
And asymptomatic contacts had ~the same positivity as those with symptoms !
rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/rap… Image
Another worrying fact, leading to NL #Lockdown:

People didn´t seem to care anymore.
The green line shows "shopping movements".
By the end of November this had surged to ~2 times the movements of March.
(To the very end you can see the #BlackFriday peak) Image
Looks confusing.
But follow the green line.

It shows ICU admissions would surge to higher levels than in the 2nd wave
within ~2 weeks, if nothing would change.

Thus: immediate #Lockdown in the #Netherlands was decided. Image
#Switzerland's advisory #COVID19 Science Task Force calls for
swift measures

"There's no time to try out measures of unknown efficacy"

They're calling for a national
#Lockdown. Now.
New #COVID19 cases climb to record high in South Korea.
Fatalities follow suit...

(test positivity rate is at 2.27%, but rising)
South Korea's number of serious/critically ill #COVID19 cases jumped up ~10% (to 226) in a day...
South Korea's still tries to focus on:
✔securing more hospital beds
✔finding asymptomatic "hidden spreaders,"
❌instead of adopting Level 3 restrictions,
since tougher restrictions would cause economic damage.

(there's no X-mas/new year break, there!)
Remember "Dry Ice" is frozen CO2🤔
Those transport boxes are not gastight (for a reason).

You may want to have a CO2-meter at hand and proper ventilation (as you all do anyway✅)

And maybe not transport/store them in the back of your car... 🙄🌬️☠️
You know,
that "death by Dry Ice, transported in your car" story ain´t kidding.

It happened 7 years ago, to a well known cook in Germany...
(Yes, those containers were even less sealed.
So his ride ended after only 200 m...)
#COVID19 #Vaccine
#Japan had proclaimed a
"3 week battle to lower #COVID19 numbers".

This "battle" period has ended today.

The summary:
"It didn´t get much worse, so it must have helped..."
In fact, #Japan has finished its "3 week battle against #COVID19 numbers" with new record numbers.

Not only in #Tokyo, but also in Kanagawa, Aichi, Kyoto...
"the spread of infections continues to be unstoppable"
Worrying rumours from one hospital in #Germany´s extreme eastern district of Görlitz (Saxony)

It´s not sure what´s going on.
Are they "performing triage" on patients?
are they just "calling for help"?
are they just "overworked"?
are they "fearmongering"?
We don´t really know, what´s going on in #Germany´s Görlitz district (Saxony).
We don´t even really know what´s going on in the entire state of #Saxony.

They couldn´t manage to send updates to the national #COVID19 database...
(2 days ago - still influencing statistics, today) Image
Still, data crowdsourced by @risklayer (directly from local authorities) shows the situation in Saxony.

"Black" indicates a local 7-day incidence above 500 (up to ~680, right now).
risklayer-explorer.com/event/100/deta… Image
Not a rumour. It´s an official note.
(Mayor of Zittau, Görlitz district):

"We need urgent support to evacuate patients to other places.
Regional capacities are exhausted."

Incidence: just above 700, this noon.
Testing capacity overrun.
Surmortality: 25%
zittau.de/de/node/288959 Image
What Zittau´s mayor calls for is
activation of "Operation #Cloverleaf".

Germany´s central ICU coordinator #DIVI just confirmed:
Other regions can provide free beds
Interregional transfers of patients would be coordinated

"No need for triage right now."
divi.de/presse/pressem… Image
The #COVID19 situation in South Korea is
"prompting health authorities to seriously consider adopting the toughest virus curbs."
Just like it did yesterday.
(the current level of measures had been issued 9 days ago.
Maybe they hope effect will set in soon)
22 #COVID19 Fatalities in South Korea, today.

13 yesterday (was a record).

8 was the average of last two weeks.
Oh, sh*t !

SARS-CoV-2 traces in a city's wastewater are used as an early warning system for upcoming waves of #COVID19 infections.

In Gothenburg (#Sweden's 2nd largest city), those markers "exploded".
They have increased 100-fold in one week!

A week ago, Sahlgrenska hospital in #Gothenburg already asked everyone to avoid injuring themselves.

They suggested:
"-don't use your car
--don't go hiking in the mountains"

(They already experienced an increase in patients and more staff getting sick.)

The city of Hanau (#Germany) had installed a temporary freezer in their cemetery, back in April (during 1st #COVID19 wave).

2 days ago, all morgues in the city were at capacity limit.
The freezer is now used for the first time
(housing 2,
23 places left)
Still high case numbers, but
still no tougher measures in South Korea.

"We need to gather sufficient public consensus, as #Level3 (limiting assemblies to 10, closing schools & shops) would be meaningless without the public's participation"

Another state of #Germany has requested activation of "Operation #Cloverleaf".
Today, 51 patients from Brandenburg (mild #COVID19 cases) will be transferred to Berlin.

Brandenburg urgently needs space for more patients.
In Berlin, directorate of Charité clinic has communicated their sorrow the "#Cloverleaf" concept might soon stop working, as hospitals all over Germany will start to fill up.

They prepare to release as many patients as possible right now, to make room...
rbb24.de/politik/thema/… Image
In the wake of surging patient numbers, Baden-Württemberg in southwest #Germany has started to distribute #COVID19 ICU patients evenly across the state.

Today, 4 ICU patients from Heidelberg were transferred to Stuttgart and Ulm,
by Intensive-Care-Bus🚍
Due to foggy conditions, ICU transfers could not be done by helicopter.
So Red Cross Ulm dispatched their new Intensive-Care-Bus (said to be "world´s largest ICU on wheels").

Capacity: 4 fully supplied IC patients on ventilators + medical personnel.
Strong words for new measures in #Sweden:
"If shopping centres, stores and fitness gyms ignored the (new) maximum limit on people allowed in, then they would be closed down."

And, for the first time, facemasks are recommended(!) in public transport.
While #Sweden´s government announced new harsh measures to try and get #COVID19 numbers under control,
FHM (Sweden´s Health Authority) announced something else:

"Due to the holidays, we will only report numbers on 7 days in the coming 3 weeks. And they won´t make much sense"🙄😡 Image
So after 3 weeks opening up again, #Austria will go back into #Lockdown for 3 weeks...

This will start on Dec 24 (but only after re-opening ski resorts and enjoying Xmas parties with relieved restrictions...🤷)

A lot of confusing stuff, for now...🤔
"Six patients have died of #COVID19 while waiting for a place at a hospital"

vs. ongoing business as usual:

"Near 5-fold increase of infections at religious facilities"
"Ski resort caused chain infection"
"Offices hit particularly hard"
🤷 (South Korea)
Sweden´s leading epidemiologist argues:

"There´s still no scientific proof that masks would help - but with the current high spread of infections and heavy burden on healthcare,
we have to try everything we can"

"New variant 'really worrying'🤔
Government advisers "consider the new strain can spread more quickly".

A (new) fourth tier of coronavirus restrictions is expected to be introduced in London and south-east England...
"Up to 70% more transmissible..."
(raw results on the new virus variant in South/East England)
As the new variant still seems to be regionally confined (to London & south-east England), the aim is to keep it there as long as possible...

Essentially, that means: if you´re there, you´re expected to stay there:
The announcement of harsh measures to confine the outbreak of a new #COVID19 strain to south-east #England might also cause a reaction from #France.

The Eurotunnel is linking England´s outbreak area directly to Calais (and the rest of Europe)...
Problems at Eurotunnel were already huge, these days
(Not because of #COVID19, yet...)
Another convenient way to travel from #London to

🚄The EuroStar highspeed train.
It will keep operating, as they say,
even with London being "Tier4", due to find of the new variant strain of #COVID19.
As the #EuroStar website says:
France &
Belgium do not require passengers from the UK to quarantine
(for now.
Belgium was planning to change that anyway, soon...)
As for the Netherlands' quarantine:
they have a vast list of exemptions from quarantine.

(and: everyone in quarantine may "briefly go shopping")...

The #Netherlands just announced that they already had found one case with the new strain of #COVID19 (in early December).

And: from 06 a.m. this (sunday) morning, all passenger-flights from #UK will be refused.
Only flights are halted, so far.
NL government is ..."considering additional measures regarding other modes of transport.
Over the next few days, with other EU states, NL will explore the scope for further limiting the risk of the new strain of the virus being brought over from the UK."
the government of the #Netherlands states that the new strain of #COVID19

"is also harder to detect"

both, in dutch and english announcements.

(*IF* that would mean, tests couldn´t show it, that would be worrisome - but maybe it´s something else.)
government.nl/latest/news/20… Image
The House of Representatives in the #Netherlands was just informed by the Ministry of Health.

Looks like it is complicated to say *which strain* SARS-CoV-2 would be in a sample.
(But that doesn´t mean it´s difficult to detect that some strain is there)
rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/kam… Image
🤣"Of course. It’s the police’s responsibility..."
"New virus strain already in every part of Wales"

makes the idea of using police to stop individuals from packing their car and leaving London sound somewhat ´disproportionate´...
The flight bans look like a swift solution...
(but remember: NL has already confirmed they had one case of the new #COVID19 strain in their country ~2-3 weeks ago).
And there´s also ferries, the Eurotunnel,...

(Might be we´re too late, again).
Passenger traffic (flights, Eurostar trains) from UK will be banned to enter #Belgium from tonight (midnight).
Quarantine for those who arrive today.

The ban is only for 24 hours, so far.
(Also: talks with France to control roads from Calais to Belgium)
vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2020… Image
The article from Belgium also states, the new SARS-CoV-2 strain had also been discovered ealier:

in Belgium
in Denmark
in Australia
(only a few cases,
not that massive spread as it is found in England, right now)
vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2020… Image
#Italy now:
"As a government we have the duty to protect Italians. For this reason, after having notified the English government, we are about to sign the order to suspend flights with Great Britain."
#ECDC has just published a first Threat Assessment of the new #SARSCoV2 strain.

🔎"Ongoing circulation of this variant outside of the UK cannot be excluded"

(because other countries don´t do genetic analyzing as much as UK, we might just not know it...)
UK´s raw version of the new #SARSCoV2 strain´s Threat Assessment:

"R increased between 0.39 and 0.93"😧
(so ~0.4 was *optimistic*)

"can be challenging to sequence" (aha!), so spread may be underestimated.

"Antigenic escape"...
"Antigenic escape"
So that´s why ECDC has this chapter in their Threat Assessment.

They want to keep an eye on
-treatment failures with antibodies
-vaccine failure

which would indicate that old strain immunity doesn´t help against the new!
ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/… Image
They´re not going on holidays.
Look at the amount of luggage.
It is an exodus.
#Germany´s ban on flights from #UK
comes into force tonight (midnight).
Soon, there will be restrictions to ALL forms of travel from UK (and South Africa).

(maybe tests and quarantine? Not sure yet.
It will be decided tomorrow...)
Link to Germany´s UK flight ban (full document, in german)
on this site:
#France announces a TOTAL travel ban for passengers coming from the #UK.
Starting tonight at midnight.
They emphasize that this is a TEMPORARY measure.
(for 48h, so far)
NOTE: All the other travel bans UK->EU are temporary, too.
That 48 hours of total travel ban will be used to elaborate a coordinated response of all EU members.

(Travel UK->EU might be possible again,
conditions apply...)
looks like a negative PCR test might be necessary to enter #France from the #UK.

(NOTE: there´s some hint that this might only apply to french nationals.🤔
Sounds weird, but they suggested this earlier for french ski-tourists, returning from CH, too)
IPCR: "integrated political crisis response"
All affected EU member states, relevant institutions will start their meeting on the "New Virus Strain in the UK & travel (and Brexit?)" tomorrow, 11 a.m.
#Italy has detected its first carrier of the new virus strain.
A passenger who arrived from the #UK, a few days ago.
He came by plane, landed in Rome´s Fiumicino airport.

He´s in quarantine at the moment.
Italy is now rolling out mandatory tests for everyone who has been to UK in the last 14 days...
Tonight, #France has published a clarifying announcement:

▫️Travel from #UK is expected to resume December 22.

▫️Then, a negative PCR test will have to be provided upon DEPARTURE

There´s some "privilege" for french nationals
(what ever that means...)
uk.ambafrance.org/All-travel-fro… Image
"Privilege" in #Germany, Berlin-style
(when the last flights from UK arrived, the passengers were ´triaged´...
Some were ´qualified´ to leave without a test, go home by train and have their test arranged later...🙄)
#Germany, again: No privilege at Hannover airport

All passengers of #UK flight isolated in terminal building.
Emergency services hastily prepared a mass PCR testing station.
Everyone needs to stay, until test results are in (that´ll take hours)...
The Netherlands with strictly no privilege

ALL passenger transport from UK is banned until January 1st.
Stranded dutch nationals are advised to look for accomodation in UK - there will be no way home.
(Except for lorry drivers. Goods traffic not affected)
rijksoverheid.nl/actueel/nieuws… Image
British Transport Minister´s warning tonight:
Do not travel to Kent in hope to get to France...
"Operation Stack":
All lorries are ordered to park on the motorway.
The cargo traffic on the UK side is piled up to a length of 25 miles, at the moment.
(that´s ~40 km of trucks)
The new strain of #SARSCoV2 has made its way from #UK to #Australia, now.
Authorities stress out, that the current outbreak in Sydney is NOT related to this new strain.
Everyone in #NSW is now being asked to wear a mask.
And get tested & isolate, if even the slightest symptoms of possible #COVID19 occur...
#Germany´s state of North Rhine-Westphalia (#NRW) issued a ´Test & Quarantine´ ordonance for travellers from UK and South Africa, tonight.

It applies to those who arrived in the past 10 days.
(AND: it can be seen as a draft of HOW TRAVEL CAN RESUME SOON).
land.nrw/de/pressemitte… Image
The new #UK / #ZA travel ordonance in Germany´s #NRW sounds practical:
1.) PCR Test presented or done at arrival
2.) quarantine at home (10 days)
3.) a 2nd PCR test after 5 days (if it says "negative", you´re cleared and free)

😏there´s a story to that...
mags.nrw/sites/default/… Image
Those "new" ´Test & Quarantine´ rules in #NRW had been in force before,
until - exactly 1 month ago - one eager traveller complained and caused courts to dump the whole system.😡

Since then, the paperwork still existed, but enforcement was suspended.

(Screenshot of 2020-11-20:) Image
Remember those #UK - #Germany flight passengers who were held isolated in the terminal building at Hannover airport until their test results came in?

Test results are here:
One is #COVID19 "positive"...
hannover.de/Leben-in-der-R… Image
#Switzerland has a very simple "test"
for travellers from UK and South Africa:
A look at your passport!🛂

Swiss passport: you´re welcome to quarantine at home🇨🇭

Foreign passport: entry denied.🤷

(🤔no fancy PCR testing or such stuff...)
The #Netherlands decided to resume helicopter transfers of some #COVID19 patients to #Germany.

It´s been ~2 months, since the last such transfer.

Now, intensive care occupancy is slowly running high in NL. Staff is getting more and more exhausted...
Updated numbers of infected passengers:

Of those on last flights #UK-#Germany,
this night
at least 12 were now found #COVID19 "positive"

Hamburg: 7 passengers
Frankfurt: 4
Hannover 1
(so far...
Unclear if any are infected with the new variant of Virus)
It took a while, but now #Sweden also bans entry from the #UK.
And while they´re at it, they also ban entry from #Denmark, for a month.

Reason: malls in Denmark are closed and shoppers would flock to Sweden instead (and bring the new virus variant, maybe)
other regions of #UK start quarantining guests/travellers who managed to get out of #Tier4 areas/Wales (where the new Virus strain is believed to spread heavily)...
Director of Public Health:
“The new strain of Covid, which is increasingly rapidly in Tier 4 areas, is extremely worrying.
It is incredibly infectious and if you come in to contact with someone with this strain you are far more likely to catch it than the original strain."
🙄 Image
Herefordshire is one of a few regions in #UK with quite low #COVID19 rates.
That means: pubs are open.

Police had to turn away hundreds of non-local visitors (from up to 200 miles away), this weekend
Update on the spread of the new #SARSCoV2 variant:

Besides UK, infections have been found in:

(according to a #WHO announcement this afternoon)
The new #SARSCoV2 variant was found in
"Single cases in Australia, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands

Denmark had found ~10 cases"
No progress in resuming travel & transport through the Eurotunnel.

#France insists on test for every truck driver.

#UK says tests would be impossible and unnecessary,
as lorry drivers would practically be isolated in their cabins, with low infection risk
Truck driver's reality, travelling through Eurotunnel:

All drivers must leave the trucks and take seat in a "club car" (fire safety reasons)
Drivers are transported by bus from/to their trucks

That lasts ~2 hours

Testing might be a good idea, I suppose.
That was the first time, mass tests on asymptomatic public were performed in UK.
They used rapid (antigen) tests, roughly meaning only those who were currently able to infect others had a "positive" result.

They found this would apply to ~2% of the tested
IF investigations would show the new variant is more adapted to children, this
▫️"could alter the role children, and schools, play in spreading the virus."
▫️"might explain a significant proportion... of the transmission increase seen"
Still no move.
France still insists, all truck drivers must have a #COVD19 test.

Some movement:
the trucks are now being moved from the motorway to a dedicated parking lot.

In fact it´s Manston Airport.
The tarmac is used for parking up to 4.000 trucks.
The reqeuest for #COVID19 tests is not only for truck drivers.
Even french nationals who wish to return to #France from #UK would need to present a negative PCR test.
(French Minister for EU affairs made that clear, yesterday):
Fun fact:
▶️there is already a drive-through #COVID19 PCR testing site at Manston Airport (stacking site for all the stranded trucks)...

It was installed in July and has been in daily operation, since then.
(Obviously it´s meant for cars, not trucks...)
It seems some progress is being made...
"Lateral flow tests" being rapid (antigen) tests.

Not perfect,
and still nothing but rumours.
#UK #France #COVID19
So here´s the EU move:
(Rapid antigen) tests for truck drivers are okay, as long as that doesn´t lead to disruptions of transport.

🤔With some effort, this should be doable...
(Tests while waiting for onboarding, etc)
ec.europa.eu/commission/pre… Image
and bold😠 Image
so Germany´s state of #Saxony is regarded as a high-risk area.
Even by #Switzerland´s standards!
bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/kr… Image
Meanwhile at #UK Manston Airport,
the huge parking lot where thousands of trucks wait for #EU borders to reopen.

(If you think it´s a quiet evening there, you forgot to
Now, the #UK Road Haulage Association shows they care:

They don´t like #COVID19 tests for several reasons.

One being:
"😢A driver with a positive test, where will he go?
He will be unable to quarantine with his family in #Europe..."

🙄Lovely thought
rha.uk.net/news/press-rel… Image
On the other hand...

an update from Dortmund, #Germany.

´Test results for passengers of last flights from #London to Dortmund are in.
6 of them were #COVID19 "positive".´

Oh, yes - they will be allowed to quarantine with / infect their families...😩
I can totally imagine,
telling one of these truck drivers
"Er, sorry chap - your #COVID19 test is positive... you need to stay 10 days in your cabin"
is not deemed a smart thing by most of them.
News from France:

"Travel #UK - #France will resume tomorrow.
A #COVID19 test (PCR or rapid test) will be required."

Applicable to:
▫️French and European nationals
▫️British and third-country nationals who are permanent residents
(no details, yet)
French Transport Minister:
planes, ships and Eurostar train are going back into service #UK - #France tomorrow morning.
Those with "legitimate reasons" will be allowed to travel, too.
(Of course: with a negative #COVID19 test.)
The #UK NHS #COVID19 testing team has arrived in Dover.
They will need some healthy sleep.
There´s a lot to do, tomorrow...
Special mention:
The Sikhs in Kent have been up to help since this morning!
Preparing and providing ~800 hot meals. Choice of pasta or curry/rice.😋
As well as other volunteers, salvation army, fire service did their best...
Today, 2 cases of infection with the new #SARSCoV2 strain have been reported from the #Netherlands.

They are both in Amsterdam region, but don´t seem to be connected.
One has been to #UK.
The other wasn´t .
In the late evening,
rules for resumption of passenger traffic #UK - #France were published.

Not everyone is allowed to travel,
but everyone who is allowed, must present a negative #COVID19 test.

#France will accept some rapid (antigen) tests / (Lateral Flow Tests).

"In the absence of PCR tests, antigen tests sensitive to the VUI-2020-12-01 test will be authorized; see the list of these below."
While passengers would need to provide their own negative #COVID19 test results (therefore could start earlier),
The tests for the stuck lorry drivers will be provided by authorities (therefore travel resumed at 7 a.m.)
#UK Port of Dover says to have restarted operations for both, passengers & freight shortly before midnight.

(provided anyone could present a negative #COVID19 test)...

doverport.co.uk/about/news/por… Image
On the move, though:
the new #SARSCoV2 variant is said to have been detected in further #UK regions...
Yesterday, #Belgium announced that ~3 weeks ago, they had found four #COVID19 cases, infected with the new "UK" variant.

It´s a family of 4.
They didn´t get infected via UK,
but one family member had been to Zeeland (#Netherlands), where he was infected".
Interestingly, #Belgium´s test positivity rate keeps declining.
Even after the first cases of new "UK" #SARSCoV2 variant had been detected (early december).

Seems, just the presence of this new strain doesn´t say much...
hln.be/binnenland/ove… Image
The latest guess is ~10.000 trucks (drivers) need to be tested.
(~2% would be #COVID19 "positive", if we´d take latest mass testing of population in #Kent as a guideline).

Not to mention those in the minivans, discovering a co-passenger was "positive"...
Dover ferry service DFDS confirmed it had the capacity to carry 4,000 freight vehicles by Christmas Day...
(there are ~10.000 waiting right now)
The military will help with the tests...
The military is said to go and test the drivers stuck on the motorway M20.
For those at Manston airport, tests are said to finally begin... soon.
That´s chaotic (I)
Port of Dover is sending everyone to Manston Airport (which is ful), to get tested there.
This has provoked a bit of disconcent among drivers already waiting at the Port of Dover...
That´s chaotic (II)
So if some drivers had followed the appeal to leave their spot at Port of Dover to head for Manston Airport and queue up for a test...

that discontent might have grown, now.
The test centre at Port of Dover is not there, yet.
It´s a plan.

If it is installed ...
"it will be many hours, into days, just to get rid of what we see just around the Dover area".
Every mooring at the Port of Dover has a ferry waiting to bring cargo & passengers to France.
They have been waiting since this morning.

No truck (driver) with a #COVID19 test has made it here...
skylinewebcams.com/de/webcam/unit… Image
ANOTHER new (South Africa) variant has reached UK.
"This virus is yet more transmissible and appears to have mutated further than the new virus.

Anyone who has been in South Africa in the past fortnight and close contacts must quarantine immediately!"
bbc.com/news/live/worl… Image
The South Africa variant has (so far) only been found in 2 cases in the UK.
That´s not the one causing the surge, for the moment.
Nice move!
Some bits of official information on #COVID19 testing for border crossings #UK to #France are now available in foreign languages!
(They don´t have all the information like where you can get the test,
but it´s a start...)
I think it´s getting really screwed up now...

(Ferries from #France cannot unload at #Dover,
as the entire port, city, region is blocked.

So they have to wait at sea or return to France, with passengers and cargo)
🛳️🔄 Image
Strong commitment, detailed facts research, a bit of authentic compassion...
telling the story, not boosting a headline.
I´d say they have a very good journalist, there.
There are now 3 ferries at once heading out from Calais to Dover...

Thinking about how there were convoys of ships crossing the Channel 80 years ago, 76 years ago...
it comes to my mind how blessed we still are.
(via vesselfinder.com) Image
That´s a ~20km long stretch of motorway, used as additional parking lot.
Actually, it´s that roadside that was left open, while trucks were stacked on the "coast bound" lanes.

It´s completely blocked, now.
This isn´t "Operation Stack/Brock" anymore.
"The ´UK´ #SARSCoV2 variant appears to be unstoppable" in the #Netherlands.

So far, it was only found in 2 cases. Both had no contact with each other, and had not been to UK.
The infections came up 10 days apart, suggesting there might be other carriers.
Dover #COVID19 testing
arrived from France...
If ferries sail tomorrow, it will be because of crews and port staff who volunteer to do so.
Normally, ports would be closed for Christmas.

(see planned timetable below,
it´s outdated, for sure)
A polish truck driver passing the test zone in the Port of Dover.

(Don´t get the ironical sign wrong - they are all really p***ed.
"This #COVID19 thing is not a big deal. All this is just about politics" is heard in interviews. And they all blame France.)
Yes, there was a study (pre-) published yesterday.
"Schools may need to close to control new #SARSCoV2 variant"
is not what it actually concludes...
The study on measures against the new ´UK´ #SARSCoV2 strain suggests it would need:
🔹#Tier4 rules England-wide
🔹Schools closed until February
and 🔹*2 million persons vaccinated per week*⚠️

to keep numbers below peak scenarios of earlier waves.
cmmid.github.io/topics/covid19… Image
#Poland´s tweet suggests they will send Polish medical personnel to #UK, to provide #COVID19 tests exclusively for Polish truck drivers.

Let´s see how this will work out... Image
First "official" results of one day #COVID19 testing for truck drivers are in.

(Together with commentary from #UK´s Secretary of Transport, that ~it all would not be worth the hassle~.)

3 / 2367 tested "positive"...
So, what´s the use of rapid tests?

A first case of infection with "#UK´s" #SARSCoV2 variant was found in #Germany, today.
A passenger, who came on one of the last flights from London (sunday, Dec 20).
She recieved a rapid test at the airport: positive...
Due to the "positive" rapid test result, that UK-flight passenger was sent to quarantine,
*picked up by relatives, then a ~2 hour ride to the relatives´ home, where she isolated herself*

Not much more interaction, so "only" 3 contacts, now.
#B117 #Germany
In Poland, a Christmas dinner table will always have an extra plate.🎄🍽️
It is a symbol of hope.
In the darkest times of Poland, families prepared this extra plate in case a member of the family came back from captivity…
More military from the UK,
to test the truck drivers...
This evening, several planes stated from #Poland.
They will land at London Gatwick, #UK.

One plane carries 16 #COVID19 test teams.
Their mission: testing Polish truck drivers (and those of other ´Visegrad´-countries).
"Capacity: 5.000 tests per day"
Another plane from #Poland brings (even more) rapid antigen tests to #UK,
to be used for testing Polish (and V4) truck drivers.
And Polish military is also preparing to be deployed at testing sites in #UK, as well as catering for Polish truck drivers stuck at the border in Kent.
#Japan´s #COVID19 numbers are still rising.
Today, Tokyo saw a new record of 888 new cases.

One of them is a returnee from #UK...

And one transmission happened, while 2 men sat in a car, just for one lunchbreak....
2 UK residents who were tested #COVID19 "positive" in #Switzerland, have now been found to carry the #B117 variant strain.

One is in isolation.
The other one... well, local authorities are "trying to contact them".

Medical Teams from #Poland have already started testing stranded truck drivers in #Dover.
It is expected that Polish military forces will arrive this morning for additional support.

Polish Consulate clarified they will test drivers of all nationalities.
ALL international travellers to the #Netherlands will need to provide a negative #COVID19 test result.

-rapid tests not accepted!
-a 10 day quarantine is also mandated

-does not apply to local cross-border travel
-and not for freight transport personnel
government.nl/latest/news/20… Image
Changing of the guards...

A new crew of firefighters from #France is now on their way to #Dover to take over #COVID19 testing from their colleagues who went there yesterday.
Apparently, there´s one major difference between french tests and UK-style testing.

Firefighters from #France strictly follow the manufacturer´s guideline.
They take swab samples from the "posterior nasopharynx".
That´s halfway through one´s head...🗣️🔚📏
Rapid tests from #UK crews will strictly be "self administered" (done by the testees themselves, under supervision).
They will not insert the swab deeply (might be risky with layman´s hands😤), but brush the cheeks and the nostrils in front of the nose...
The #UK way of applying rapid (antigen) tests is therefore deviating from manufacturers´ instructions.

"They do not need to be followed",

says a Standard Operation Procedure of UK´s NHS.
england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/wp… Image
#UK´s medical product authority had issued an
"authorisation for exceptional use"
of these rapid (antigen) / #LFT kits as a
"Self-Test device, to be used by members of the public"
on December 23.
gov.uk/government/new… Image
The medical crews from #Poland also seem to follow the manufacturers´ instructions for rapid (antigen) test kits.

Would be interesting to see if there will be any differences in UK vs. PL/F test result-quota🤔
Japan confirmed, 5 flight passengers who arrived last weekend and tested "positive" do carry infections with the new "UK" variant #B117

They came from UK and had landed in Osaka and Tokyo.
Since their positive test upon arrival, they´d been in quarantine.
4 other cases in Japan, more worrying:
3 flight passengers from UK. They all tested "negative" upon arrival and went home.
As they later developped symptoms, it was discovered the infection had already spread to a family member.
Not yet clear if it´s #B117
New ´official´ numbers from the truck drivers´ tests in UK.
(positivity rate "just" doubled in a day. it was ~0,12%, yesterday)...🤔

(Couldn´t they also be given another self-test kit,
to let them check again, when they arrive at home?
It´s ~5€ !)
The "UK" variant #B117 has now been detected in #Ireland.
"Further testing in the coming days and weeks will establish the extent to which it is present here."

Ireland currently has the fastest growing incidence rate in the EU.
Authorities in the #Netherlands already suspected there´d be more than just the 2 cases of the "UK" variant #B117 they had found around Amsterdam.

They were right.
Another case was just found in Rotterdam region...
A Frenchman, residing in #London
arrived in #France Dec19
went to hospital in Tours Dec21 and got tested (unclear reasons). Result "positive".
Sequencing now showed: #B117

He´s isolated (at home)

Several more suspect cases are currently being sequenced
france24.news/en/2020/12/the… Image
South Korea,
still a typical #COVID19 transmission chain, these days:

Automobile factory employees
restaurant employees
restaurant clients

26 cases confirmed, so far.
South Korea sees record #COVID19 case numbers around 1.000 since 2 weeks.

They are still hesitating to implement tougher measures, as they would have economic consequences.

(meanwhile: massive clusters in nursing homes, hospitals, detention center,...)
An airline pilot in #Japan has just been confirmed to carry the "UK" virus variant #B117.
He had been to #UK.

At home in Japan, his wife has also been found #COVID19 "positive".
Sequencing is done to see if she is also infected with the new variant.
It looks as if the #B117 infected pilot in Tokyo is one of the cases who were asymptomatic (and thus untested) upon arrival in Japan.
He arrived on Dec16, went home.
Tested positive Dec22,
Another family member (not been to UK) was found positive on Dec24
a little Update:
"UK" variant in JP
It has been confirmed that the #B117 infection of an airline pilot had been transmitted to one of his family members, back home in #Japan.

(after his return from UK, his infection went unnoticed for ~6 days, Dec16 - 22)
The case history
(Ministry of Health, #Japan):

Pilot returned home to Tokyo from #UK, December16🟢
Felt mild symptoms Dec21🔵

Family member felt symptoms Dec23🟡

Both in hospital (for managed isolation) since Dec24
Confirmation: both carry #B117, Dec26
mhlw.go.jp/stf/newpage_15… Image
UK: #Manston airport truck holding area now cleared. Quite some trucks still stacked on the motorway #M20, waiting to cross the border to France with a #COVID19 rapid test...
(although there are still red markers on the map, indicating there´d be heavy traffic. Everyone´s gone).
trafficcameras.uk/map/ Image
#UK #France #Border #Truckdrivers
And the "officially commented by traffic secretary" test results are in:
15.526 tests
36 positive

(rapid antigen test,
positive results still need to be verified by PCR apparently)
As countries over the world start discovering imported "UK" variant infections, #Japan closes its borders🛑

From monday on,
all foreigners are banned from entering the country.

Nationals and residents may return with a negative test result & quarantine.
#Sweden has also found one person infected with #B117.

A traveller from #UK went to see his family in Sweden.
He arrived Dec20 and began to feel symptoms.
He performed a #COVID19 self-test: "Positive".

The family was tested, too - all negative, so far...
All authorities say the risk that #B117 would spread from the first case in #Sweden was VERY low.
"He behaved exemplary, even before he felt symptoms".

(He came from UK in a big car.
All the time wearing masks and vizors.
And the windows down...🚙🌬️🥶)
Sorry, could anyone correct me if I´m wrong...?

The story that #Sweden´s first #B117 case came by car with windows down, from #UK, was found here🔎:
svt.se/nyheter/lokalt… Image
#Spain announces 4 cases of infections with the "UK" Variant #B117 in Madrid.

One is a flight passenger who arrived from UK on Dec20.

(and then it gets a bit confusing...)
One young man arrived by plane from UK in Madrid, mid last week.
His rapid antigen test upon arrival was "positive".

Apparently he was sent to isolate at home🤷

...now, cases 2,3&4 are his family in Madrid.
They showed symptoms this week.
#B117 in #Spain
#Madrid´s Vice Counselor for Health (and pandemic planning) tweeted about the 4 cases of #B117
something like:

"~It´s not that bad. Don´t panic~"
😎 Image
#Switzerland´s authorities are in holiday mode.
So there´s no official statement yet, just an article:

now, there are 3 cases of #B117 in CH.
All are visitors from UK.

Contacts are checked.
"In this special case even contacts of contacts are traced..."
Oh, #Canada!
"The confirmed (#B117) cases identified are from a couple from Durham Region with
NO known travel history, exposure or high-risk contacts.
Durham Region is east of Toronto."
When #B117 is not a big deal - Australia-style:

"Since March, all international travelers arriving in #Australia have been required to undergo government mandated 14 day #Quarantine"
When #B117 is no big deal - #Sweden-style:

"Unaware" of the entry ban, one flight from London still landed in Stockholm

No authorities made contact with the 29 passengers.
"Self-Test & Self-isolation responsibility lies with the travellers themselves"
#Sweden´s approach to #COVID19 is very much 🥳

After his forces were "totally surprised" by flight passengers arriving from UK,
Sweden´s Head of National Border Police tweeted this...
(although I´d agree that the word "Mutantvirus" is silly, too)
#Sweden´s Head of Border Police is much more🕵️‍♂️in saying:
"Swedish citizens always have the right to enter the country."
(They still can do it by car...)
Quarantine is at home, not at the border.
And the standard protocol asks them to covid-test themselves.
A serious approach on #B117:

When last flights from UK arrived a week ago, Italy´s #Campania region tested all passengers...

7 out of 245 passengers turned out to be #COVID19 "positive".
They then started *testing all UK arrivals* since 14 days before...
...samples of those who tested "positive" in the large ´UK arrival backwards screening´ were then sent to #TIGEM institute for sequencing.

Results are out now...
6 of them carried the #B117 variant.
#TIGEM didn´t sequence only UK travllers, but also other positive cases in the region.

They created a "map" of the different occuring virus variants in #Campania *at that moment*

Out of 115 positive #COVID19 cases,
six (5.2%) carried the #B117 variant.
corrieredelmezzogiorno.corriere.it/napoli/cronaca… Image
(Note: break of quarantine costs 10.000 CHF🇨🇭)

"200 Brits disappear overnight"
after #Switzerland had ordered them to quarantine at their hotels.

"Some reported they´d be in #France, now..."

This will get nasty, soon...🤦
(if all of this is true)
A text message from #Switzerland´s authorities had informed #UK travellers of their obligation to quarantine for 10 days at their hotel.

Identity and contact data of all (also all escaped) travellers is known to swiss authorities...
Local🇨🇭authorities tried to arrange flights back home for #UK Tourists,
but when it turned out the passengers needed to prove completed quarantine, the guests declined.

Some CH locals now mistake resident Brits for tourists and start harassing them...
Regional president of Valais:

"I suppose they´ll be in London now, in quarantine"
"You can´t control every single one"

´Of 420 #UK guests who should quarantine in Verbier / Bagnes, only ~a dozen is still there´...
Regional president of Valais (#Switzerland), in an interview:

"I can´t tell you the numbers. Certainly, some have vanished ...
Federal authorities didn´t hand us over relevant data in time, so we didn´t know who had to quarantine"
Meanwhile, in #London:
🚑Ambulance crews waiting ~6 hours to hand over patients to hospitals.

"The demand is occurring because of the rapid spread of the new variant, predicted to spread further across the rest of the capital in the coming days and weeks"
#Canada´s ´mysterious´ first 2 cases of infection with the #B117 variant
seem to have been infected by a traveller from #UK.
The secret of the missing Brits...
"Some have returned by own means,
some have taken a return-flight organised by #UK for their nationals..."
Says president of #Switzerland´s Valais.

(in bad Skype quality, but with subtitles it´s comprehensible)
rts.ch/play/tv/redire… Image
#Switzerland detected
3 "UK" variant #B117 carriers, in:
Zurich, Grisons, Liechtenstein

2 "South Africa" variant #501V2 carriers.
One is in Schwyz.
The other one is currently in .... #France (?!!!)
bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home/da… Image
The "UK" variant #B117 was detected in a family who had returned to South Korea from UK on Dec22 (3 family members).

There are investigations if an earlier #COVID19 case (also returnee from UK, spreading to his family in S Korea) also carried this variant
From #Lockdown to #Gridlock.

#Italy has issued a national ~2 week lockdown period during year´s end holidays.
There are only 3 days with open shops (starting today)...

and then it snowed !
google.de/maps/@45.53025… Image
What happens, if a person received an #overdose of Biontech/Pfizer´s COVID #vaccine?🤔

That just happened in #Germany:

8 nurses accidentally received 5 times the prescribed dose (entire bottle in 1 shot!)🙄
-flu-like symptoms
-observation in hospital🤒
The "UK" variant #B117 is here and there and everywhere...

The #Netherlands have found 11 carriers, so far.

Only *one* isolated case in Nijmegen had been to #UK, recently. He has no connection to the other cases...
For 5 of #Netherland´s #B117 infections, a connection could be found:

They are linked to a very unusual, LARGE outbreak at an ELEMENTARY #School (in Rotterdam)
40 infected teachers AND #STUDENTS, there - since end of November.
Mass sequencing has started.
Netherland´s #RIVM already did a first screening of 250 earlier #COVID19 cases in Rotterdam region.

They found
´more than 95% of those cases were NOT the "UK" variant´ #B117...

They´ll continue screening with more samples...
rivm.nl/nieuws/verspre… Image
The "UK" variant #B117 has also been detected in #Germany, again.

An elderly man had died from it, end November.
His wife was also infected.
They had not been to UK.

But their daughter had returned from UK mid-November.
#Denmark is ramping up its search for the "UK" variant #B117 in their country...
(Link to document: ssi.dk/aktuelt/nyhede…)
Based on their mass sample sequencing,
#Denmark states:
- #B117 was found in all regions
- mid November: around Copenhagen
- Since December: North Jutland🤔🐿️
- Signs of community spread, but still at low level

(Auto-translated version:) Image
Tokyo has so far had ~57.000 #COVID19 cases.
~1 % of them are under treatment for #LongCovid.

of which
97% feel exhausted
86% depression
73% breathing problems
52% hair loss
27% taste disorders

114 of them can´t get out of bed for at least half of week.
www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/2020… Image
The case of vanishing Brits from #Verbier shows a chaotic picture of #Switzerland:
Local spokesman
"Regional & federal authorities gave them authorisation to leave"
"After all, it´s the federals´ business to manage quarantine"

(🇨🇭Federal authorities deny)
rts.ch/play/tv/19h30/… Image
On December 22 (a day after the mandatory quarantine for all who arrived from #UK since Dec14 came into force)
#Switzerland´s TV did an interview with Brits in #Verbier:

"We have to stay inside. So we´re actually going to go home tomorrow"...
facebook.com/srfnews/videos… Image
#UK´s secretary of transport has published new "official" test results and comment for truck drivers, trying to cross the border to #France:
21.849 Tests, "just" 66 of them tested positive (0,3%)

(Note: that´s with rapid antigen tests!)
#UK´s truck driver tests (0,3% positive)
(unfairly) compared to (voluntary) rapid antigen mass testing in #Austria

(0,1%-0,5% positive
~3 weeks ago,
when Austria´s test positivity with PCR tests was ~14%)
de.statista.com/statistik/date… Image
#Switzerland´s National #COVID19 Science Task Force presents a model, how case numbers would behave, if new Virus variants (#B117, #501v2) would kick in.
(Despite current measures...)
#Switzerland (if virus variants would spread)
Case number development with
measures, currently good for R=0.9 (orange)
measures, currently good for R=0.8 (blue)
real R is currently ~0.9 but not reliable (holiday effects)

Dotted line: enhanced Tracing/Testing/Isolation/Quarantine Image
"On Dec21, when a text message from Swisscom went out to travellers and news started to break of the new rules, 🔹#Switzerland´s authorities gave #Brits the option to return home rather than quarantine🔹"

Exactly what Ischgl (AT) did earlier...
wheretoskiandsnowboard.com/blogs/what-rea… Image
"Infections started slowly - but when it suddenly started to spread at great speed, we decided to close the #School completely"

"Until then, we hadn´t seen any large #Cluster in elementary schools"

It´s #B117. But still no link to #UK, so far.
Another case of infection with #B117 in #Germany.

A man from North Rine-Westphalia got infected (and recovered) at the beginning of December.
His infection has no links to #UK.

"He was infected by a colleague from #CzechRepublic ..."
presse-service.de/data.aspx/stat… Image
"On December 22 at 6:35 am, a Chilean passenger arrived on a flight from Madrid and was PCR-tested at the airport. She had spent a week in #London visiting relatives.
Dec23, her test result returned positive..." #B117
(Also took a connecting flight)
Oh, that #B117 infected flight passenger in #Chile...
she got tested at Santiago airport, when arriving from Europe.
And departed on another flight before her (positive) test result arrived.
#Rotterdam Health Authority:
(Elementary school & #B117)

"It´s remarkable that so many young children at this school have been infected"

"Until now, we thought children would not take part in spreading #COVID19.
But this might have us change our view..."
nos.nl/artikel/236246… Image
"I was surprised at how quickly everyone became infected. Really everyone who had been around my child tested positive,' says one parent."
(Elementary #School, #B117, #Netherlands)

meanwhile, one teacher passed away.
"It's spreading rapidly from the places where it's started, in the east of London and in Kent.
And, alas, it's starting to seed across the country."

#B117 #UK
#Singapore has no luck with people bringing #B117 from #UK and slipping it into the country,
despite sophisticated test & quarantine...
how are our one-time rapid antigen tested,
quarantine-free truck drivers from #UK doing, today?

Ah! "Just" 0,33% have been found to be acutely infectious, so far.
That´s 96 exported outbreaks stopped.
The #UK / #France border management has been compared to "developping nations´ standards".

That was certainly unjustified...
▫️Cleaning and
▫️New drivers
at the border!
seems to be very strict,
to prevent #COVID19 from spreading.
“Rwanda has introduced tough and unrealistic measures to the Industry which will disrupt the entire supply chain and undermine the efficiency, seamlessness and cost-effectiveness of cargo transportation in the Region”
So they settled for... testing.
"Elementary #School students are spreading infections with this #UK variant (#B117).
That´s not normal. It is something to be worried about..."
Says #Netherlands´ Health Minister.
(More test results from a recent school #Cluster came in, today)

Whithin a week
🔸test positivity went from 5% to 18%
🔸 nearly no delay between surge in cases and hospital admissions (doubled)
🔸R =1.6~1.8

"~This is different from the waves before!~"


"Spreading at a rate faster than even the most pessimistic modelling"

Also in China´s archived first "new disease" statement

"The disease is preventable and controllable.

▫️Keep indoor settings ventilated,
▫️Avoid closed public places and crowded places with poor air circulation,
▫️Wear masks when going out"
#China one year later:
The patient tested "negative" on Dec12
2 days before flying UK->China

"She described running in a park without mask and taking off her mask to eat and drink while waiting to board the plane, which may be when she was infected"
chinadaily.com.cn/a/202012/30/WS… Image
In #Japan,
it would be that time of year, when most companies close.
To let everyone have one of the rare periods to spend with their elderly family in the countryside...

Not this year.
(None of the usual traffic jams and crowded trains.
It´s "Stay Home")
The 🇯🇵 #NHK article has info like:
"The infected are in age groups of 10 to 100+ years."
"If this continues, it would lead to an ´infection explosion´..."

But this 🇬🇧version has the voice of the narrator that suggests:
Something is clearly wrong, here.
Explaining #Ireland´s surging #COVID19 cases (beyond #B117):

"The average number of contacts per case has risen from 2.5 in November to an average in recent days of 6.3"

"The number of cases are so high that we are experiencing delays in reporting them".
#COVID19 #Uncontained
"Testing and tracing is an exercise in containment.
We are no longer in a containment phase."

All close contacts no longer being tested, in #Ireland.
(But restricted movement applies)
"Royal London Hospital says they´re operating in disaster medicine mode. They can no longer provide high-standard critical care"

There were rumours the EXCEL nightingale had been scrapped and there´d be no staff to operate it - so, don´t expext too much.
"The new #Strain and failure of tiers have lead to an unexpected increase in numbers. We are going to have to open more beds"

1 nurse: 3 patients. The ratio has been changed.

"While this is far from ideal, it´s the way things are"
"Every #hospital in North East #London is struggling, some with insufficient oxygen supplies, all with insufficient nursing numbers.

"#Kent is in a similar, if not worse, position."