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you don’t have to perform to make someone love you and commit to you. #thread
Love extends from who you are. Not what you do.
You don’t get a grade for how well you do what your lover tells you to do (unless that’s something both consented to)
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@SFLCin invites lawyers from across India to apply for our #DigitalDefendersNetwork Training Program.
Last date to apply - 15th September


Here's everything you need to know about the course curriculum: 🧵
#DDN #Digitalrights #SafeInternet Image
The 5-week #DigitalDefendersNetwork training program is designed to impart the legal and technical knowledge necessary to defend digital rights and freedoms.

Module 1 - Digital Security Training

#DDN #Internet #Rights #Digitalrights #SafeInternet #DigitalSecurityTraining Image
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⚠️ Comparación flash de dos etiquetas de propaganda del régimen venezolano (*VenezuelaTerritorioDePaz y *EtiquetaAVenezuela, izquierda) y una etiqueta de protesta impulsada por gremios en el país (*RespetoALosDerechosLaborales, derecha).

¿Cuál es más importante?

Analizamos 🧵/1
La etiqueta de protesta (grupo azul) parece más pequeño que el de la izquierda, pero superó ayer los 50.000 tweets y durante el 6 de abril superó los 6.000 tweets.

El otro clúster está conformado por cuentas que apoyan etiquetas propuestas por el MIPPCI mediante SPAM. /2
NO son etiquetas impulsadas espontáneamente.

Gran mayoría de las cuentas son "Tuiteros de la Patria" generando centenas de tweets diarios, desde varias cuentas, para inflar tendencias.

El grupo verde de cuentas militares generan spam.

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#REMINDER : Whether or not your employer got written or verbal consent (or no consent at all) for you to disclose your CV-19 vaccination status - employer-mandated and/or gov't-mandated CV-19 vaccinations all constitute coercion.

Under PHIPA 18(1)(d) - consent in #Ontario is NOT legal if obtained under coercion.

Due to mandates - it is NOT possible to obtain LEGAL consent in #Ontario.

(Same would apply in other jurisdictions - you will just need to look up your laws.)

Vaccinated or not - consent or not - your employer is NOT allow to collect, USE, or disclose your personal health information (i.e. CV-19 vaccination status) without LEGAL consent. PHIIPA 29(a) & 30(1)

Aka...your employer broke the law...several times.

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Hi! ... 👋

Happy Happy Fryday!
What kind of Snacks are you filling your awesome lives with?
You don't have to be in A GIANT house or on A luxurious boat to be Happy .. Happiness comes from within. Object/materials give/put nothing out. Only YOU can CHOOSE to make A
ROW boat 🚣‍♂️ exactltly what it is, it is all you truly [NEED] ..
Lose you're Paddles? No worries, the winds will shift (WINDS OF CHANGE) just for you to give you that little extra P.U.S.H. into the direction you #SEEK, Right, Tommy Boy? .. ImageImage
Many of you seem to be stuck on the Beach looking for Gold & Treasures, don't worry, that will come .. What was stolen, will be given BACK to ALL OF YOU! #YOU are the ELITES.
Right now, you MUST be about THAT LIFE & get into your Boat & start sailing or Start sailing again. Image
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Während #Kanzlerkandidat
@OlafScholz "Impffreiheiten" fordert;
@ArminLaschet "Allenichtganzdicht" feiert;
@ABaerbock sich immer noch nicht eindeutig zu #ProtectTheKids äußert;
frage ich mich, wer von denen sich noch ernsthaft mit den Zahlen auseinandersetzt?
Interessiert sich irgendeine:r von den 3 dafür, was in der #jüngerenGeneration an #Infektionen durchläuft?
Dass auf den #Intensivstationen stagnierend die Hütte brennt? Dass es in einzelnen Gegenden noch immer immer schlimmer wird?
Dass wir noch immer mitten in Pandemie sind?
In diesem Thread wird es sehr ausführlich gehen um:
*Hospitalisierungen nach Altersgruppen
*ITS nach Regionen
*Infektionsgeschehen nach Altersklassen
*das leidige Thema "Positivrate" nach Altersklassen.
immer wieder sowohl akut als auch längerfristig.
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Bald wander ich echt aus!
Nein, Herr @althusmann,
Ich will #NichtMitDemVirus leben.
Ich will einen #hartenLockdownJetzt
damit ich es noch bis zur Impfung schaffe.
Damit alle (!) Lehrer es noch bis zur Impfung schaffen.…
Nein, Herr @althusmann ich möchte nicht, dass diese Krankheit durch die Kinder rauscht...
Bei denen man zurzeit annehmen muss, dass 15% bleibende Schäden behalten #LongCovidKids (Video gucken!!)
Deswegen will ich einen #hartenLockdownJetzt
Nein, Herr @althusmann es ist noch nicht die Zeit, mit Infektionen zu leben.
Eher #MitInfektionenSterben .
Niedersachsen ist Schlusslicht bei den Erstimpfungen!
Nur jeder 10. hat eine Erstimpfung, nur jeder 25.eine Zweitimpfung - aber jeder 3. ist Vulnerabel!
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Schaut man in den aktuellen RKI-Bericht, könnte man glauben, dass #Wachstum minimal kleiner werden könnte, entspricht aber weiterhin #Verdopplungszeit von 14 Tagen. In jedem Fall zu hoch.
Vielleicht haben wir aber auch wieder ein Fax-Problem?
➡️ 1/n
Warum die Fax-Anspielung?
Die Kliniken meldeten gestern 103 Verstorbene auf den Intensivstationen - die Standesämter aber nur von 49.. ➡️
Apropos Intensivstation. Der Anstieg der Belegung sieht in Summe noch „moderat“ aus - die Anzahl der Neu-Aufnahmen und Neu-Beatmeten steigt aber schon wieder deutlich.
#Pörksen hat heute auch nochmal eindringlich medienwirksam erläutert, dass die jüngeren Patienten ja auch ➡️
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Sid Lukkassen heeft het boek "Gezond Verstand" van #Baudet gelezen. U weet vast nog wel dat #Sid bij de #fvd fractie in het EU parlement werkt, en dat hij soms gewelddadige whatsapp-berichten verstuurt. die berichten noemt Sid "filosofisch" en #Baudet begrijpt Sid
Goed, #SidLukkassen heeft dus Baudet's "gezond Verstand" gelezen. En wat blijkt? Sid begrijpt #Baudet, Sid heeft begrepen wat "het eindspel van Baudet" kan zijn 👉🏼(1) een revolutie OF (2) een staat binnen de staat 🧐 Image
#SidLukkassen leest in het "Gezond Verstand" van #Baudet over "demografische enclaves, ideologische clans". En als "jouw groep [zo'n ideologische clan] groot en vooral sterk genoeg is, dan kun je jezelf grotendeels onttrekken aan het formeel gezag"🧐 aldus de #EU #fvd medewerker Image
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“Black on Black crime,” is a pejorative myth weaponized to pathologize Black responses to interlocking systems of oppression such as residential segregation, persistent poverty, hyper-policing, and poorly funded/resourced public schools.

I wish someone would’ve told Chuck this.
Listen to Barkley spew all of this vacuous nonsense. It’s not just his ignoring the systemic oppression that undergirds violence in Black communities, and work being done to combat it. Or that his whole lecture was soaked in respectability politics.

It’s that NOBODY checked him.
#Reminder: Charles Barkley called Black folks involved in the Ferguson Uprising some “scumbags.” He used Ferguson and the death of Mike Brown as an opportunity to justify police racially profiling Black folks. And Barkley agreed with the grand jury in not indicting Darren Wilson. ImageImageImage
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1 #reminder Rotterdam, 2018 👉🏼"... "dit brede onderzoek gaat niet alleen over de rol van de overheid in de koloniale en ook postkoloniale tijd, net zo goed over de haven, het bedrijfsleven en wat de gewone Rotterdammer met dit verleden te maken heeft." #BlackLivesMatter #ookhier Image
2 In Rotterdam woedt sinds 2017 een heftige discussie over omstreden historische figuren die in standbeelden verwerkt of in straatnamen vernoemd zijn. #blacklivesmatter #ookhier
3 Eind 2020 worden twee onderzoeken gepubliceerd naar de koloniale geschiedenis van Rotterdam. Eén zal gaan over alleen het slavernijverleden. #blacklivesmatter #ookhier
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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‼️📢➡️ #Important #Reminder

The Embassy continues to work around the clock to find solutions for British Travellers to go home. With huge thanks to Canadian 🇨🇦 Ambassador @Sylvie_Bedard please find in the thread below the details of a new flight opportunity to 🇬🇧 via Canada.
Air Canada 🇨🇦 will operate a flight from #Quito to #Toronto on Tuesday, March 31 at 10:00. This flight arrives in Toronto at 17:35 in Terminal 1 of the Lester B.
🇬🇧 British citizens who are able to book onwards flights from Toronto to the UK can access this flight.
To book:
➡️ Please access
▶️If a ‘SiteEdition’ appears simply click besides it in order to continue
➡️Reservation code is GAQGK221
▶️Any subsequent travel from Toronto to 🇬🇧 will have to be booked separately.
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Some 13,000 migrants flocked to the Greek-Turkish border following threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to let refugees out to Europe, says International Migration Organization.
Some migrants that are on the border of Greece and Turkey are throwing Molotov cocktails towards Greek riot police ! 😮

Over 76,000 migrants left #Turkey for #Europe, Interior Minister Soylu says… via @DailySabah Image
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*partij ideoloog John Laughland*

Laughland was jarenlang verbonden aan "Geopolitica", dichtbij Alexandr Doegin en Claudio Mutti:
"John Laughland wordt bovendien betaald door onbekende geldschieters uit Rusland. Laughland is directeur bij l'Institut de la Démocratie et de la Coopération in Parijs, een denktank die zijn financiële bronnen geheim houdt."
En nogmaals blijkt #fvd is radicaal-rechts, want liever hebben zij niet dat er sancties komen tegen hen die zich schuldig hebben gemaakt aan de schending van mensenrechten. Waarbij #fvd het woord mensenrechten tussen aanhalingstekens zet ...
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Overcoming Trials in Marriages (Lecture) - @DrIsaPantami
"The best way to protect yourself during temptation & to be successful during trials is to ensure that we enrich ourselves with Taqwallah; Be obedient to Almighty Allah in whatever we do.
We should try to study the Quran, sunnah of the rosul (SAW), do what we are called to do and we do our best to comply. The best provision for you to protect yourself from all evil is for you to have taqwa. That is why we need to develop, integrate and safeguard our taqwa;
which is the most important thing. Taqwalah is your own shield. That is why Allah's instruction to all of us is to have taqwa. The Quran also called our attention to this. 'The most important instruction that Allah has ever sent to mankind and jin is for you to have taqwa'.
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Ex President OLUSEGUN Obasanjo Appointed Chairman of World Ex-Presidents: Mathew Olusegun Okikiola Obasanjo Appointed as the new chairman council of world ex-presidents.
Baba Iyabo/OBJ records as the first African to be appointed at the 32nd annual plenary meeting of world ex-presidents in Newport, United Kingdom recently.
He takes over from Franz Vranitzky who was a former chancellor of Austria from 1986-1996 before he later became chairman of world ex-presidents chairman on 1st July 2010 and served till June 2015.
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Unbekannte zündeten letzte Nacht einen Brandsatz in einem Schubwagen vor den Eingang unseres Gebäudes in der Invalidenstr. 57 in #Moabit an.

Wer hat zw. 3 u. 4. Uhr einen solchen Wagen in der Nähe gesehen oder etwas beobachtet?

#Staatsschutz-☎️: (030) 4664-952113 /-952101
^tsm Image
Heute bei #XYungelöst:
Die @GBA_b_BGH hat die Ermittlungen zu diesem Fall u.a. wg. Mitgliedschaft in einer terroristischen Vereinigung & versuchten gemeinschaftlichen Mordes übernommen.
Unser #Staatsschutz sucht Zeugen.
☎️(030) 4664-952101
Aufgrund von Programmänderungen konnte der Fall gestern nicht bei #XYungelöst gezeigt werden. Die Ausstrahlung erfolgt in der nächsten Folge am 15. April.
Hinweise bitte weiterhin an:
☎️ 030 4664 952101
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Meanwhile, JOINT MILITARY EXERCISES with our allies in South Korea were "too expensive."

They act as a deterrent to North Korea, China and Russia, and are essential to ensure preparedness with our allies should Kim Jong Un launch an attack.

They would cost $14M...
#REMINDER: The Trump Administration's position on the suspension of joint military exercises with South Korea was CONDITIONAL.

The annual August exercises were suspended...AS LONG AS North Korea acted in "GOOD FAITH" in working towards denuclearization.…
#FLAG: U.S. Officials, from the Military Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon to the Secretary of State, have ACKNOWLEDGED...

North Korea is ACCELERATING their nuclear program, continuing missiles production, and hiding assets from the U.S..

Good faith?
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A friendly #reminder. Once the #Primaries are done, and you have who's ever leftover (#firstchoice or not)

From there, Pick the #candidate who is most likely to treat #humans as #humanbeings.

I like #Polis. I like #Kennedy.
I can only have 1.
but they both see me as a human.
There's no extra choice to this.
The GOP governor candidates have made their stances that some humans are better than others.

so.... yeah.
That's how I pick. After I'm done hoping for the best, I will work with the rest.
I just find it's really hard to work with a candidate's "promises to protect blah" when they could care less about the people who inhabit the area.
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Read the story of the of 8-month-old Layla Ghandour, who died after breathing Israeli tear gas when her grandmother was holding her in the #GreatReturnMarch protest camp, 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence. By @declanwalsh
And if you want to see how does it look like when the new Israeli tear gas drones attack the #GreatReturnMarch protest camps, where families stay 100s of meters away from the #GazaFence, here is an example
@IDFSpokesperson admitted: #GreatReturnMarch is Palestinian PR success. But soldiers killed 100 protesters & nothing changed in Gaza.
Israel says Hamas doesn't want war.
Yesterday there were no protests
but more shots were fired at Israel than since the protests begun.
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Today is the 7th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch & the last 1 before #Nakba70 day. Last week was the 1st time Friday's protests w no deaths.
According to @ochaopt, 50 people died since March 30, 40 of them during the protests.
Not a single Israeli was hurt & not 1 rocket launched
Here is my #thread from yesterday about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & the state of the "only democracy in the Middle East"
And here is my #thread about what happened last Friday
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#ICYMI: Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights last night. In response, Israeli military set out on an extensive retaliatory attack against Iranian targets, the largest Israeli attack in Syria since 1974
No casualties reported on the Israeli side. Several targets connected to the #IRGC & Hezbollah attacked by Israel. Syrian media claims dozens of Israeli missiles were intercepted. There are reports of casualties in Syria.
More bomb shelters opened in northern Israel
The rocket barrage from Syria was directed at Israeli army outposts on the Golan Heights, like the intelligence assessment that the Iranian response will be limited so it won't lead to war. It is the 1st time Israel blames Iran directly for an attack on its territory
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