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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/28/2021…
Smallpox vials found at Montgomery County lab, but ‘there is no basis for being worried’…

#smallpox #laboratories #InfectionRisk
Satellites offer new ways to study ecosystems—and maybe even save them…

#RemoteSensing #SatelliteTechnology #EcosystemsHealth #CorrectiveAction
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Don't miss the live event of the 2nd @AgroBioCongress on why #IndigenousPeoples' #FoodSystems are a game changing solution with @MaximoTorero, @PhrangRoy, @tania_eulalia & H.E. Miguel García Winder 🇲🇽 & more!

🗓️ 16.11.21
⏲️12:30 CET

@AgroBioCongress @MaximoTorero @PhrangRoy @tania_eulalia @FAO considers #IndigenousPeoples as key allies in eliminating hunger & malnutrition. Indigenous Peoples have unique systemic approaches to food systems, which hold important lessons for sustainability. - Dr. @MaximoTorero #EatGrowSave #Biodiversity
@AgroBioCongress @MaximoTorero @PhrangRoy @tania_eulalia @FAO Why are #IndigenousPeoples' #FoodSystems game changing? Because they are based on:
1. A holistic vision
2. Solidarity
3. Knowledge
4. Complex diets
5. Resilience
I encourage all to join the Coalition on Indigenous Peoples Food Systems
- H. E. García Winder, Ambassador of Mexico
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Below is a response I made (to someone else's comment) on the "Charles McVety Report" FB page, under the post I shared on FB a couple of days ago:

[See thread below.]

A completely unique, completely faulty, and all-inclusive "case definition" (aka "inclusion criteria" for data) was invented for CV-19 that no other respiratory virus has ever had.

and… )

"Hospitalizations", "ICU Admissions", "Deaths", etc. are all just subsets of the total number of "cases" (aka "positive" test results) - and as such are subject to the same "case definition".

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/24/2021…
COVID-19 is evolving to become more airborne, says recent study…

#COVID19 #variants #AirborneTransmissibility
winter is coming, and the vaccine narrative is about to shift…

#COVID19 #seasonality #vaccinations #surges #winter #consequences
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8/29 Texas Case & Hosp abbreviated update:


1) Cases again plummet vs last week, peak easily 8/22
2) Hospitalizations drop 178 vs yesterday!
3) 8/31 peak prediction is likely to come in as it sits right now.

8/29 Cases:

* 2.8K reported today vs 11.4K last week. Like I said yesterday 11.4K wasn't happening
* 7DMA WoW rate of decline of 18%
* Comps are almost immaterial now. Cases tomorrow would need to be 22K, the wave high, for 7DMA to beat the 8/22 peak. Nope.

. ImageImageImage
8/29 Hospitalizations

* Down 178 Beds vs yesterday. Last Sun was +155
* Down 371 past 4 days
* 7DMA WoW RoG drops 1.4% to 9.0%
* Hospital intake rises on Mon & Tues so we will watch for size of increases. 8/31 peak right now likely makes
* Rest of story in the morning

. ImageImageImageImage
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A few hours ago, the @OttawaCitizen posted an article entitled, "Face to Face with COVID deniers in the ICU."

Here is the reply I posted:

- It is OK to believe that some people will get really sick...and some with die from COVID-19.

- It is OK to realize that the vast majority of those patients are elderly, have at least 3 comorbidities (affecting heart, lungs, immune system), AND live in a cohorted care setting - such as LTC.

- It is OK to realize that smoking is a HUGE risk factor for respiratory infections - and one that is often forgotten or discounted by patients, the health care system and media.
(Still looking at vaping and CV-19...)

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Influenza #seasonality in the Netherlands. ImageImage
Brazil #seasonality

Please note: peak season is jan-may (now). ImageImage
India #seasonality

Please note: peak season is jan-may (now) Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/12/2021…
The Weekly Quill – The Hope Diamond in the Rough…

#history #diamonds #mining
You Might Have Earned It, But Don’t Forget That Your Wealth Came from Society…

#wealth #SocialInstitutions #value #InformationProcessing #profit #power #responsibility
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(1/22) Our new paper @NatureEnergyJnl ( proposes a solution to break the deadlock in negotiations between #Ethiopia 🇪🇹, #Sudan 🇸🇩 & #Egypt 🇪🇬 on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) on the #BlueNile – with help of #solar and #wind power. Thread👇 Image
(2/22) The #BlueNile (Abay) is highly seasonal, with extreme differences in flow between dry and wet months. #GERD’s reservoir is so large it can store the full annual flow & deliver #hydropower at a stable rate throughout the year - suppressing the river flow #seasonality. Image
(3/22) Delivering hydropower w/o seasonality makes loads of sense from Ethiopian perspective, but overhauls natural timing of water reaching #Sudan & #Egypt. Behind many disagreements on #GERD lies downstream countries’ fear of s/o upstream having control over #BlueNile flow… Image
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=> Vandaag wilde ik uitzoomen en breder kijken dan corona en met een brede blik naar de situatie kijken
=> Aangezien de C19 pandemie nu ruim een jaar oud is, kunnen we cijfers en data steeds beter vergelijken met de jaren voor C19

(kan saai worden, excuus)
We beginnen met een overzicht over 2019:

=> Waaraan overleden mensen in 2019? (CBS)….
U ziet:
=> In 2019 overleden gemiddeld per dag 573 mensen.
=> Kanker was in 2019 doodsoorzaak nummer 1: Iedere dag overleden gemiddeld 123 mensen eraan. Hart en vaatziekten: 102.
=> De gemiddelde leeftijd van een overlijden was 78,5 jaar (CBS)

Gisteren overleden aan C19: 13.
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14/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
There is much scope in combining Earth observations with Down-to-Earth observations of tracked #shorebirds. We developed a very satisfactory LAND USE INTENSITY metric based on @Sentinel1a explaining godwit distributions.… @ESA_EO @esa
15/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
We were able to show the value of both this new LAND USE INTENSITY metric as well as distribution of tagged godwits during hot dry summer of 2018, when much of what is now evergreen pasture turned brown. #climatechange #Dairy @RuthHowison @DairyCampus
16/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
Distribution of tagged black-tailed #godwits in early summer was better predictor of #drought damage than land use intensity. Interpretation: #grutto's select intact #soils with capillary connections with #groundwater. #meadowbirds #sentinels @WaderStudy
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Gastroenteritis #Seasonality

Smear infections. No droplets, no aerosols.
Noro autumn/early winter, Rota sping/early summer.

Can we explain this by "being indoor" or the weather? Or is our body following a seasonal pattern of immunological activity?

Remeber any Rota-lockdowns? Image
Let me add Campylobacter (bacterial) Gastroenteritis. Peaks in late summer each year. So steady, you could use it as a calendar.

Most human infections occur in distinct cycles. Image
And, dear epidemiologists - can you please explain how these patterns are explained by your beloved SIR models? Why are you still using these, knowing that they *never ever* made a correct prediction?

#epitwitter #teamdrosten @nataliexdean @BallouxFrancois
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Pneumococcus is a normal inhabitant of the human upper respiratory tract. It can cause severe Illness - pneumonia.

But it breaks the barrier in a strict seasonal pattern. Another fascinating piece in the puzzle of #seasonality.

"get a pathogen -> become ill" is too simple. Image
Another two:

A Rubella
B Rotavirus

Source:… Image
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Let's talk seasonality and #covid19 #nCoV2019 #coronavirus.

There is an element of seasonal roulette with emerging viral diseases.

I have previously said #OnHere that China had a stroke of bad luck to have emergence in December, just as the flu season was getting underway.
The reason I mentioned before was that flu competes for space in hospitals, and causes Dx problems.

But there is another reason: flu and *all* respiratory viruses spread more in the wintertime.

Even measles — a rash, but which has respiratory transmission — is winter-dominant.
By emerging at the start of the N Hemisphere winter, the coronavirus #covid19 #nCoV2019 has all the advantages (to it) of the winter season. Not just confusion with flu, but the enhanced transmission that the winter brings to respiratory viruses.
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