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1/… Sorry for disturbing you buddy! We’ll leave you alone now! 😂

A thread about spiders. 🧵

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#wildlife #spider #nature #Australia  #animals MT @jodirowley

2. When male jumping spiders flirt with females, they risk losing their lives.

This is a mating dance, but she is not interested and he escapes with his life, because often females will eat their lover after sex.


📹: EstradaWildPhotography


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🧵thread continues with more spider videos 🕷
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1. This is a Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis.

One of the over 2,400 Mantis species.

This starts an interesting thread with some great mantis videos.

Stay tuned.

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#insects #nature #wildlife #mantis #NaturePhotography #science #photography #videos

2. Mantises, like many nature related subjects, is something you can read about in The Planet newsletter.

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3/11. If you see an insect with a triangular head, bulging eyes, sitting upright with arms folded like in prayer, it is likely a ‘praying’ mantis.

Here is an example. It is not praying, but eating a bumblebee.

#bees #mantises #insectphotography

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#DidYouKnow: The Western Hemlock #loopermoth is a native species to our region. Increases in their population are part of a natural cycle that happens every 11-15 years. We are in the third year of an outbreak, after which their numbers are expected to naturally decline. (1/5)
You may see more browning and damaged trees on the #NorthShore as #loopermoth larvae eat conifer needles, especially western hemlock. These outbreaks are part of the ecosystem – dead trees fall down and become nutrients on the forest floor, allowing new trees to grow (2/5)
#naturelovers may appreciate that while the current #loopermoth outbreak may be disruptive, it's a vital part of the #ecosystem. Loopers are food for birds, bats, frogs, mice and more. Before breaking down, dead trees become new habitats for owls, woodpeckers and squirrels. (3/5)
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I lost another ferrule off my hiking stick up on the hills today, but it was worth it!
The snow is still really thick and powdery and the sun was bright.


I wondered why Izzy was lagging behind instead of pushing on in front like she normally does.

Then I realised it was the depth of the snow. She was doing the sensible thing and following in my footsteps!


Once the snow got less deep Izzy was back out in front again with a waggy tail.

There’s no doubt about it, Izzy loves going on walks!


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Amongst the many little pleasures of life that are so underrated , #gardening tops my list .

It is astounding as to why I never tried my hand at it prior to 2019 despite being a #nature lover !
Oh! The joy it brings is unfathomable mostly! :))
+ ImageImage
From tending them with love to methodically pruning & feeding them , at times singing to them almost cajoling them to grow quickly to watching them dance ....

Life seems much more beautiful being around my tiny lil garden playing peekaboo my plants !!
+ ImageImage
The sweet scent of that freshly watered soil , the friendly banter I have with them whilst sipping on my morning tea , at times admonishing myself ; sometimes others ' ....
Sometimes just being ....
At times staring at the soil waiting for the shoots to appear !!
+ ImageImage
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Dancing Clouds.. In between Earth and Heaven I The celestial realm.
ರಾಣಿ ಝರಿ l Rani Jhari I

#Chikmagalur #mudigere #nature #clouds #mountain #Karnataka
#fridaymorning 🌞
ರಾಣಿ ಝರಿ, ಬಲ್ಲಾಳರಾಯನ ದುರ್ಗದ ಒಂದು ವಿಹಂಗಮ ನೋಟ.💚

Amazing Rani Jhari View Point Kalasa Range located 3500ft. above sea level near Ballalarayana Durga Fort Balige, Mudigere, Chikmagaluru Karnataka.

Pc: ನಮ್ಮ ಚಿಕ್ಕಮಗಳೂರು #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts
#naturelovers #ಕನ್ನಡ #ಕನ್ನಡತಿ ImageImage
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Breathtaking beauty of the Mighty Jog Falls, one of the longest waterfalls in India I
ಮಲೆನಾಡು I ಜೋಗ I ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
#westerghats #Karnataka #jogfalls
Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost. ಮಲೆನಾಡು I
#westerghats #Karnataka #mansoon
ಕೆಲವೊಂದು ಸಲ ನಾವು ಹೋಗೊ ಜಾಗಕ್ಕಿಂತ... ಹೋಗ್ತಿರೊ ದಾರಿನೇ ಇಷ್ಟ ಆಗತ್ತೆ....💚
Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination - Malshej Ghat I

#monsoon #ride #westernghats #nature #mountain #waterfalls
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Happy Basant Panchami: in India it means ‘Basant’ or Spring is here. India has 6 seasons, each as beautiful as the other ♥️ Let’s celebrate it through our love for Nature as Draupadi and her attendants are in this miniature painting made 500 years ImageImageImageImage
This #miniaturepainting is from ‘Razmnana’ commissioned by Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, able commander, #poet #advisor of #Mughal emperor #Akbar a #dyslexic he made it his mission for translation of many manuscripts into highly illustrated books in his ‘taswirkhana’painting atelier ImageImage
The world’s best #artists #calligraphers were part of these elaborate projects. The ‘Razmnama’ is the Persian translation of the Mahabharata
This painting is from the @PiramalMuseum
Read more on spring:…❤%EF%B8%8F-really/#
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“You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light.” ~ #Rumi

#quotes #wisdom #life #light Image
All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

#Hafiz #Hafez #poetry #sky #clouds #love 💗🌎💗 Image
“All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.” ~ Samuel Butler (1835-1902) British poet

#quote #quoteoftheday #life #wisdom #dogsoftwitter #dog Image
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Dangers of the sea: with impending #Monsoons, fishing communities across #India tie up their boats. All along the #Indian #coastline, #boats of different dimensions and #colours, await the #dark #clouds to wreck havoc on their #home - the #sea ImageImage
The #rainyseason recharges #water & #human bodies, but the #fishingcommunities have no #income.They would have had to save enough to tide them through. They spend this time with their families,repairing boats,fishing nets& specialise in #hunting small #crustacean close to #shore ImageImage
No #freshcatch is served in #restaurants on #coastline but no one’s complaining as we care for our fishing communities&this is rare opportunity for expressing that #Monsoon we stand together,waiting quietly for the storms,the rains - nature’s fury& #beauty
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About climbing my 1st 14er, campaigning for @PeteButtigieg at 14,000ft, finding community with strangers, an electrifying moment, and the biggest surprise of my life!
We arrived at the #MtEvans trailhead around 7:30am, the peak was lost in fast moving clouds. #14er
Mt Evans magnets & shirts don't lie, the GOATS! So awesome.
We had goats greet us at the trailhead, we kept our distance &
ogled them with delight. #14ers
#TeamPete, I brought my @playmobil #minime & a #Pete2020 banner for some inspiring photos exploring #AmericatheBeautiful.
#SummitLake parking lot, with another 2,00-odd ft to ascend to the peak of #MtEvans, a #14er that I can see from my house, SE of Denver!
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95% of plastic polluting the world's oceans comes from just TEN rivers including the Ganges and Niger

My solution is we just open our borders and let them all come here, then things should just fix themselves #ExtinctionRebellion #naturelovers
In Beijing China and Delhi India the polluting smog makes the air dangerous to breathe and barely anything can be seen.

The only blue skies they see are tourist screens. What we need is less children in western countries and big anti-natalism campaigns.
Some people will say bringing modernisation and industry to the third world was always gonna end up this way, due to "innate differences" between groups.

Personally that sounds bigoted to me. There is literally zero differences, we're exactly the same.
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