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I take this opportunity to share some thoughts on whether harmony between Muslims & Hindus is even possible.

History pre-independence:

1.Mughals invaded India not for establishing amity with Hindus but to loot, plunder, pillage, rape & kill Hindus mercilessly.


2.The Mughal rule over centuries was witness to ruthless suppression of Hinduism. They tolerated pockets of Hindu rule only because they couldn't vanquish all the Hindu kingdoms.
3.During the British rule seemingly amicable co-existence with Hindus, in pockets...


...was not by choice but was out of necessity.
4. At the end of the British rule, Partition based on religion, was indeed an unequivocal statement by the Muslims that they did not want to co-exist with Hindus.
5. It is clearly documented that while Hindus....

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Timeline of Tablighi Jamaat event at Nizamuddin Markaz…

1/n Tablighi Jamaat, far from bng an innocuous socio-cultural org, as liberal media would like you to blv, is a radical Islamist hydra with multiple heads, has its tentacles spread worldwide, with corroborated connections to violence, vandalism, terrorists #ExposeEqualityLabs
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Now lynching of Muslims in the name of Corona has started.

This is nothing but an inevitable result of irresponsible, islamophobic and communal journalism by Indian Media House.

Video (1/3)

#CoronaJihad #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusindia
Video (2/3)
Video (3/3)
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तब्लीघी जमात के मौलाना साद पर कसा शिकंजा...

दिल्ली पुलिस के बाद अब जांच एजेंसियों के राडार पर भी आया निज़ामुद्दीन मामले में तब्लीगी जमात का प्रमुख मौलाना साद। मौलाना साद से जुड़े तमाम इनपुट्स को खंगालने में जुटी इनकम टैक्स सहित कुछ और जांच एजेंसी
#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
इनकम टैक्स के सूत्रों के मुताबिक यूपी पुलिस प्रशासन को मिली जानकारी के मुताबिक शामली में है मौलाना साद का बेहद आलीशान फार्म हाउस सहित कई बड़ी और महंगी प्रोपेर्टी। कई आलीशान और मंहगी कारों का भी शौकीन है मौलाना साद।

#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
निज़ामुद्दीन स्थित मरकज़ में मैनेजिंग कमिटी में मौलाना साद के तीन बेटों की है बेहद महत्वपूर्ण पकड़। करोड़ों रूपये की आमदनी और खर्चे से जुड़ी जानकारियों को भी विस्तार से खंगालने में जुटी है जांच एजेंसी। कभी भी मौलाना साद की बढ़ सकती हैं मुश्किलें।

#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
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Decades ago when healthcare workers used to go to door to door to immunize people against #Smallpox people used to run away, attack healthcare workers, deny getting immunised
When immunisation started for children parents were scared&had lot of questions
Same repeated now! 1/n
People are scared, they lack information they are not educated
When people lack information and education they will be scared or suffering 4m phobia
When people have insecurities they will be dependent on faith/babas r false prestige r some community/leader to boost their ego 2/n
Attack on healthcare workers is certainly condemnable and no excuses should be given to the culprits. But it's important to understand why they might have behaved like that.
Muslims are stereotyped, stigmatized now #CoronaOutbreak also used against them
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#coronaupdatesindia short #, Thread
Reasons are being manufactured for any future in #India - collapse of #economy or #Covid19 spread:
1) It's #CoronaJihad, #Hindi news #channels have it. I'm getting same from #malayalam forwards too. No marks for guessing who's working on this
2) Supreme Court has passed some orders on how news should be carried (official version etc). Now, @PIBFactCheck has been added. Knowing what @PIB_India has been doing since time immemorial, it does not need an Einstein to figure out what this means for #media in #India
3) Advanced nations have not been able to tackle: @narendramodi himself spoke about this in #Lockdown announcement telecast. Easily refutable. Countries, whose leaders were in denial, got screwed. Others didn't. Look at how admirable Korea handled it even with lack of information
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When a zeegad is happening can JNU fall behind? So there
Same MO another state #CoronaJihad

See how the resources are being wasted on these pests
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Once Mussolini said, "We've created our myth. This myth is a faith, a passion. It isn't necessary for it be a reality. Our myth is the nation & the greatness of the nation! And to this myth, which we want to translate into a total reality, we subordinate everything.
Following the Mussolini's philosophy Media created myth abt #COVID19Pandemic, earlier media called it #ChineseVirus which caused discrimination agnst NE-Indian, they're not allowd to enter in grocery stores, forced to vacate their rented house & were called #CoronaVirus.
Adhering "Our myth is the greatness of nation", Indian Media ran propaganda against #TabligeeiJamaat and repeatedly held them responsible for spreading pandemic and termed it #CoronaJihad.
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Italy, UK, Spain, France took part in poignant clapping tributes. They went to their doorsteps & windows outpouring gratitude. Healthcare workers were applauded worldwide.
As millions of people were in voluntary isolation or lockdown, the clapping was a sign of raised spirits/1
On the other hand, Brazil erupted to the sound of banging pots and pans and shouts of "Bolsonaro out!" with housebound protesters expressing their anger toward the President. This was their way of un-bottling their pent-up frustration./2
In India, after indulging in all important events of kemcho Trump, Delhi riots, MP Govt toppling, (I might have missed out a few) Modi gave a 29 minute speech on #coronaviruspandemic urging people to express gratitude thru #ThaliBajao. Gratitude to whom??? Noone asked/3
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Chronology samajhiye.
From the time #COVID19 broke out, one wondered how would the world's sickest, most violent and regressive minds not use a highly contagious pandemic to wage #CoronaJihad on kafirs.
* Soon, videos like this one started emerging.
* Then came a spate of TikTok videos urging co-religionists to throw away #coronavirus masks, rely on skullcaps.
* The vids seemed smoothly coordinated, came by dozens. We laughed them off as #COVIDIOTS.
* There were also videos urging to defy Modi's call for social distancing.
* Bihar police find Uighur Muslims and other foreigners hiding there. Arrests made.
* Delhi govt bans mass assembly, India on alert at airports etc, but Tablighi Jamaat, a conversion org, holds #Nizammudin with 100s of foreigners.
* Infy guy urges open spitting to spread #COVID.
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#जमात में जो india से बाहर के थे क्या एयरपोर्ट पर उन की जांच हुई थी?
अगर हुई थी तो रोका क्यू नही गया?

जब जमात की तरफ से जब पहले ही SHO ko लेटर दया गया था तो करवाई क्यू नही हुई? क्या लोगों के मरने का इंतजार हो रहा था?
Lockdown की वज़ह से लोग फंसे हुए हैं, सरकार की तरफ़ से भी बार बार कहा जा रहा है, जहां हैं, वहीं रहें, तो अगर #जमात वाले #निज़ामुद्दीन_मरकज़ में ही रह गए तो हल्ला क्यूं?

वेशनो देवी मंदिर में लोग "फंसे" होते हैं मगर #जमात वाले "छू पे" होते हैं, लफ्जो का ये फर्क क्यूं?
एक ही दिन में सिर्फ गुजरात से 50 हज़ार मज़दूर निकले, मीडिया चुप रही
मजदूरों पर केमिकल डाला गया, मीडिया तमाशा देखती रही
मज़दूर भुके प्यासे रास्ते में मर रहे थे, मीडिया स्टूडियो में अंत्राक्छी खेलती रही

मगर जैसे ही #निज़ामुद्दीन_मरकज़ का मामला सामने आया, मीडिया जग गई
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@pawanpgupta @dhruv_rathee @PMOIndia @nytimes @ndtv Just confirmed. It has been stayed till next orders. @ndtv and stooge @Dhrv_Rathee propaganda wont cover it.
@pawanpgupta @dhruv_rathee @PMOIndia @nytimes @ndtv Not that other communities don't have idiots like this but one has way too many that makes it difficult to handle them. So much so that even America washed hand in afghanistan, that to for the second time.

What all vedios
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