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This interview with former Dutch ambassador to US Henne Schuwer, published in Dutch newspaper @nrc , paints absolutely disastrous picture of WH and way (allied) countries deal with it. Hope they translate it. #thread…
1. To preface it, ambassador comes across as center-right, praising Dutch conservative Prime Minister Rutte repeatedly. Like many in Dutch foreign policy elite, he seems "Atlanticist", (very) pro-NATO and pro-US.
2. Schuwer has recently retired from the diplomatic service and can therefore speak freely. That said, he still seems measured and without any personal gripe. More astonished than disappointed or resnetful.
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This prediction of #AustrianElections shows bigger loss for FPÖ (-10%) and, related, smaller gain for ÖVP (+5.7%) than earlier polls showed. Some quick thoughts. #Thread
1. Far right is not immune to scandals. FPÖ loses more than one-third of its 2017 support. That said, it has lost little compared to European elections of May (usually lower turnout).
2. Kurz is Teflon, like his Dutch idol Mark Rutte. Both brought far right into government, saw government break because of scandal (in Dutch case manufactured), and profited from it.
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A white boy came up to my son at baseball practice and said ,”you look like you’re from Japan. You look like you came straight from Tokyo.” 1/
My son didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. It was our first day, we were surrounded by white ppl in the south. #notsafe 2/
After practice I approached the bou’s dad, who is also the baseball coach. I took him aside. 3/
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Virtues of the Month of Muharram

Amongst its greatest virtues is that the Day of Ashurah is found within it. It is a Day in which the Prophet (SAW) selected for the performance of fasting.

Likewise, Musa (AS) fasted on this day in order to thank Allah for drowning pharaoh and his people. And after the death of Musa (AS), the Jews also used to fast on this day of Ashurah.
When the Messenger (SAW) arrived in Madinah, he found the Jews fasting on this day of Ashurah, so he said to them:

What is this fasting of yours?
They said: ‘’It was the day Allah gave victory to Musa (AS) and his people and humiliated pharaoh and his people.
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Biblical Moses.
What can we learn about Moses as a leader?
#Thread 👇👇👇
1. Exodus 2:11-13
When a leader does something morally wrong, that action can prevent him from having effective leadership. When a leader’s actions do not match what he says, people will not follow his direction or vision.
2. Exodus 3:1-2
God can approach His future leader wherever he is no matter what he is doing.

3. Exodus 3:11
In His sovereignty, God choses who He choses for leadership. Even if that leader does not seem capable of the task, God can still choose that leader.
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173 Indians were executed at Andaman's Cellular Jail & more than 3200 were incarcerated.

But only 3 prisoners in the entire history of Cellular jail wrote mercy petitions to the British : Savarkar brothers & Barin Ghose.

Let's see how history is being rewritten.

@saliltripathi This is Trailokyanath Chakravarty. (99% Indian dont know him today, he was incarcerated for 30.4 years by the British)

He was the leader of Anushilan Samiti and chief accused in the Barisal Conspiracy Case of 1913, and was sentenced by the British and transported to the Andaman
@saliltripathi Trilokya Nath in his Bengali book, Jele Tris Bachar (Thirty Years in Jail), published in 1938, wrote a betrayal story of Savarkar.

Savarkar instigated Trilokya & his friends to go on a hunger strike at Cellular Jail, which they did. But Savarkar himself did not join the strike.
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In order to attract patriots, you had to confess to your disgraceful past and the whole purpose of doing that was to introduce one globalist to President Trump’s supporters so the British could later empower this person in Iran through a coup.

Mr new "Imam of the era", your past can only be forgiven by a judge and implementation of justice.
Admitting does not erase one’s corrupt past.Probably ten years later to deceive a new group of people, you will publish a new book & confess to your new misdeeds & betrayals.
Have you told patriots that you had a meeting with the terrorist IRGC and Farashgard in 2019?!
Have you mentioned anything in your book about your photos in 2019 with the son of the former shah of Iran, the official enemy of Pres. Trump & Israel and close friend of McCain?!
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.@ByDonkeys might this be of interest?

Remember this piece of Leave propaganda from 2016?

Three years on, I thought it was a good time to see how their *claims* panned out, so I've tracked down the photos they used and made memes.

TL;dr — Leave was the real #projectfear!
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain we'll have no Parliament, no democratic voice

2019 Parliament is fighting for its sovereignty vs a dictatorial unelected govt intent on smashing our constitution & installing an Orwellian regime to inflict a no-mandate-#NoDealBrexit on us.
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain, it'll lead to UK break-up.

2019: #Brexit threatens UK union. 60% of Tory Party members wld rather the UK split than cancel Brexit.

Any sensible govt wld now stop this destructive project & help citizens get a grip on reality. Not this govt!
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My thread on the interim decision of the Swiss Federal Tribunal in the @caster800m case.

Full decision in French at…

It highlights key features of the #LexSportiva & the ‘complicity’ of Swiss law in sheltering it from review.

#Sportslaw #CAS
1. The #SFT reminds us that its control of #CAS awards is narrow. Hence, it orders interim measures only if it is ‘very likely’ that an appellant will prevail.

This is because Swiss law is traditionally favourable to international arbitration.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
2. This is extremely problematic because #CAS arbitration unlike international arbitration is in general not based in consent (see ECtHR in #Pechstein) and should not enjoy the same quasi-immunity from state control.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
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We blame a lot of things!

We run from ourselves
Thinking our problems are far
Behind us,
We smoke, sink in booze,
Swim in depression
Then blame some situations
We blame a lot,
Except ourselves
Even if we agree to be wrong
We explain very long,
We blame it on conditions,
Blaming on drugs,
We blame the system,
Blaming the politicians,
Blame our leaders, but not ourselves!
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So I finally watched that famous video of Trump saying USA will never be a socialist country. The only one not clapping is Bernie Sanders.
It's important to know that Trump is LYING about Venezuela in variety of ways, which I will explain below.
Trump basically states that Venezuela was the richest country in the world which was destroyed by socialist policies.
If we look at Venezuela from the POV of its oil reserves, Venezuela indeed was ( and still is) one of the richest countries in the world.
But that wealth from the ground has to be translated into the well being of citizens, or the metric is useless.
Venezeula has been founded as a Spanish colony in the 16th century. In 1811 it gained independence from Spain.
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My favorite (political) country held elections again and the results are both defeat and victory for Alexis Tsipras, outgoing PM. Some quick thoughts. #Thread #greekelections2019
1. There was never any doubt mainstream right New Democracy (ND) was going to win elections, and parliamentary majority was also long expected (biggest party gets bonus of 50 seats!).
2. ND will have solid majority and, at least, starts in fairly positive circumstances... economy bad but not terrible, Macadonia issue "solved", business and politics have to have reliable ND back (although both warmed up significantly towards Tsipras in past years).
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Allez, aujourd'hui on va faire quelque chose d'original, on va parler de quelque chose que je connais. 😄

Je vais vous expliquer la seule raison que j'ai d'en vouloir à Jamy. Oui oui, LE Jamy.
Je vais vous expliquer comment vole un avion. Et j'espère vous surprendre. ^^
Commençons par une mise en contexte.
Je suis actuellement doctorant en aéroacoustique, diplômé de l'Ensma en spécialité aérodynamique. J'aime la science, j'aime particulièrement la physique et j'aime encore plus la mécanique des fluides. :P
Cet amour de la science a été largement nourri dans mon enfance/adolescence par l'émission C'est Pas Sorcier, que vous connaissez forcément. J'aimais bien.

Quand on a 44 VHS enregistrées d'une émission (à raison de 4-5 heures par VHS), c'est qu'on l'aime bien. 😍
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Etant donné que le gouvernement à l'air d'hésiter un peu sur le déremboursement de l'homéopathie, petit détail de mon expérience personnel avec cette "médecine".

#homéopathie #monhomeomonchoix #MonHariboMonChoix
Je tombe rarement malade, et quand c'est le cas, ça passe en 2/3 jours (je vais donc très peu chez le médecin, surtout que j'encaisse très bien). Mais j'ai une faiblesse.
Ceci :
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Allez, j'ai envie de faire un petit #thread sur les grands nombres, ça fait longtemps, une figure de style et un paradoxe.

Quelle est la différence entre le plus grand nombre que vous allez jamais rencontrer et le plus grand que vous pouvez imaginer? 😋
Commençons doucement.
1, 10, 100, 1000... Pas trop besoin d'en parler, on les voit partout.
Bon, on sent bien que manger 100 pains au chocolat c'est pas une super idée.
Et compter jusqu'à 1000, ça prend un peu de temps, une dizaine de minutes... Mais ça se fait.
10'000, 100'000, 1'000'000...
Un million d'€, c'est environ 71 ans de travail au Smic. Un million de mm, c'est un kilomètre.
C'est encore un nombre qui a du sens dans notre vie, mais on sent bien que c'est une quantité gigantesque à notre échelle.
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Franco and Real Madrid, chronology of a lie.
From 1931 to 1936 (Second Spanish Republic) Real Madrid wins two out five league titles, one of them undefeated. Barça doesn’t win any during that time.
Madrid wins as well two Copas de la República, beating Barça in the final in one of them. The blaugranas, the team that won the most Copas del Generalísimo during the dictatorship, doesn’t win any during the second republic.
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I woke up today with a watsapp chat from an unknown number

‘How are you ‘....was the only thing I saw when I opened the chat.
A quick click on the profile picture showed the face of the man who raped me when I was 17.

I was in Lagos
In my cousins house
I came for holiday
I could vividly remember, few weeks after realizing I failed my second JAMB examination.

She called and told me to come over to her place .
According to her , her husband will help me with something doing till it’s time to write another Jamb .
On arriving , I noticed
Strange face .

A face I have never seen before

He was definitely not family so a quick introduction was done immediately and we all became good .
Days goes into weeks and weeks into months and I was still not working . I was always at home with the strange face man .
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I will rather die single than marrying a lady with single knowledge most particularly Western education.

Those slay Queen if I'm to advise and some of the social media activists here run away from them, most of them lack moral upbringing and home training, the case of murderous, homicides are increasing everyday women murdering husbands for little issues.....
that they can resolve without introducing the third party.

Some men are neglecting their duties and playing animalistic behaviours of following millions of women in the street and their women did everything to stop that illegitimate partnership,
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Histoire de vous faire pleurer, je vais vous raconter mon expérience du système de santé suisse ce matin.
Au réveil j'avais une sensation bizarre. J'y voyais mal de l'œil gauche. Mas de douleur, pas de gêne mais une vision trouble. J'essaie de mettre mes lunettes (petite myopie) mais ce n'est pas mieux. J'arrive à peine à lire ma montre.
Je jette un œil (si j'ose dire) tant bien que mal sur Internet et je tombe sur des sites de Neurologie. Atteinte du nerf optique ? Problème vasculaire ? Je commence à m'inquiéter gentiment.
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#IDP Dernier chapitre (déjà !)
La vérité d'une audience, par Patrick Véron, président de la cour d'assises des Alpes Maritimes, ancien président du tribunal pour enfant de Marseille.
#IDP Il a participé en 1992 à un documentaire bouleversant, "les enfants du juge Véron". A voir absolument.
#IDP Un très bon documentaire sur le quotidien d'un cabinet de juge des enfants. Ca secoue, attention.
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Dans le 'vion 'vion! #ScandinavRin Photo du réacteur pris depuis l'avion
Bien arrivée en Norvège, il fait tout moche (ça sent plus les musées que la baignade), mais j'ai trouvé où prendre le train pour rejoindre Oslo, so yeah me. #ScandinavRin
Les petit•e•s norvégien•ne•s de huit ans sont en état de choc (non) #ScandinavRin
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Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Aujourd'hui mardi, je souhaite vous présenter l'historiographie du handicap dans les périodes prémodernes. Comment les historiens ont commencé à s'intéresser à ce sujet, et qu'en est-il aujourd'hui ?

Mais d'abord, c'est quoi l'historiographie ?
L’historiographie est l’histoire de l’histoire. Plus concrètement, cette discipline demande à mener le travail d’historien SUR le travail d’historien, c’est-à-dire à prendre du recul, de la distance, pour se regarder soi-même (et les autres bien sûr) en train d’agir.
C’est réfléchir sur sa documentation, sa démarche, sa méthode et faire preuve de réflexivité. L’historiographie est essentielle pour les historiens, car elle questionne la discipline historique et les changements que les différentes écoles et historiens ont entraîné.
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% "people are worse off than 20 yrs ago" vs. % vote "illiberal parties" #Thread

🇬🇷 87 v 57
🇮🇹 72 v 54
🇪🇸 62 v 30
🇫🇷 56 v 29
🇬🇧 53 v 3
🇩🇪 46 v 22
🇭🇺 44 v 69
🇳🇱 31 v 28
🇸🇪 19 v 26
🇵🇱 17 v 51
1. Making this tweet once again brought home how difficult it is to use traditional political (science) terminology, like "mainstream" or "anti-system".
2. I use "illiberal" as shorthand for "anti-liberal democracy", i.e. against system of majority rule and minority rights. It includes extremists (anti-democrats) of left and right and, mainly, populists of left and right.
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With pre-final results in, most earlier predictions stand:

1. Huge victory for PSOE
2. Massive loss for PP
3. Big loss Podemos
4. Small win for Cs
5. Big win Vox
6. Significant fragmentation
7. No right-wing coalition
8. Nationalists are kingmakers

#ShortThread #28A 🇪🇸
1. Spain bucks (West) European trend of Left losing big and Right winning big. This is even more remarkable given that Left took over government midway.
2. Spain confirms (West) European trend with increased electoral fragmentation, leading to difficult coalition formation with many parties.

(Although this has precedent in Spain, fragmentation has increased)
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