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These type of articles will always go viral, because they "confirm" received wisdom, but life is much more complicated, and most radicalization has important online AND offline components. #Thread…
1. Let me start with an important caveat: I am NOT expert on online radicalization or (far right) terrorism. But this article is about far right/white supremacy in general.
2. Obviously, Internet plays a major role in radicalization these days because, well, Internet plays a major role in all our socialization. Most people (part. youths) get almost all info from Internet.
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So, like, y’all wanna hear story?

It’s was just another ordinary November day. I was brand new on midnights, just a few months off FTO. I was still adjusting to being a cop, being on midnights, and figuring out my coworkers. I was fortunate that the midnights were, and still are, the tightest group.
Now, most departments staff the midnight shift the lightest. The general rule of thumb is that midnights are a slower shift than the other two. But typically, if something happens on mids, it’s usually something good.
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Practical Steps to Establish Relationship with who you Admire from afar.

A lot of us have Internet favorites. People we admire from afar. Asking someone to be your mentor isn't the best way to get a mentor.

I have something for you.
These favourites are doing something right. They offer value, they’re authorities in their various fields. You see their work and you aspire to be more than a Twitter or LinkedIn connect

1. Sending a DM them to say you admire their work and would like to be friends won’t cut it
They already have a lot of people telling them the same thing. The ones that have time will say thank you and move on. Their time is money. The worst is the ones that just send a DM with “Hey”. You will most likely never get a reply.
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The windows shook, scaring the absolute bejesus out of me.
My heart just about stopped. The room didn’t have another exit to escape, unless I wanted to climb up the fireplace. I abandoned my tablet and dove over the couch like the blanket would protect me from goblins in my Image
closet and intruders bursting thru my door.
I grabbed the remote and reared to throw.
Bags thudded against the floor. I peeked at the door.
Christ, it was just him.
And he was…stripping.
He peeled his shirt off. His shoes kicked off next.
I swallowed. Pressing hard against the
seam of his jeans was just the sort of trouble I knew he packed.
“You’re home.” I gripped the couch. Suddenly, I was very aware that I stole one of his shirts to sleep in.. and conveniently forgot to wear any pants or panties while I snuggled into a steamy book. “I wasn’t
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Déjà, ce n’est pas un avis, mais une décision. Qui s’impose à tous, même quand on a été élu au suffrage universel.
Ensuite, ce qui a été censuré est avant tout un problème de méthode. Lutter efficacement contre la haine en ligne ne peut se faire qu’en respectant l’état de droit
Oui, la haine en ligne est un vrai fléau.
Mais réguler une liberté publique ne peut se faire à l’emporte-pièce. Affirmer que la loi de 1881 est inadaptée, qu’elle empêcherait le plus souvent la poursuite des auteurs de propos haineux ignore la réalité du contentieux en la matière
Oui, les plateformes ont une responsabilité dans la propagation de la haine en ligne, avec un modèle économique privilégiant audience et donc émotion sur qualité & raison.
Mais cela ne doit pas occulter la responsabilité, immense, des pouvoirs publics dans le sentiment d'impunité
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Bon allons-y. #Thread

J’ai donc récemment découvert que l'Olympique de Valence, club de football de Régional 1, fait actuellement l'objet d'une tentative de reprise inquiétante par un groupe de personnes venues de l'extérieur.
#OVGate 1/22
Ce thread parle de football, d’argent et de comment le business peut mettre à mal un club local.
#OVGate 2/22
Selon un article du Dauphiné Libéré daté du 7 juin 2020 (…), la première personne qui a contacté le club se nomme Hakim Chettab. Il travaille donc avec Gilbert Ravanello, mis en avant dans l'article.
#OVGate 3/22
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When the Obote clique seized power on Dec 12,1980,a no of patriotic 4ces started considering the qn of armed struggle 2remove the dictatorship.
2lines of thought emerged on the strategy that shd be adopted:
Some advocated a coup d’etat others advocated a protracted people’s war
They,later formed the Popular Resistance Fighters [and went on] to form the National Resistance Movement and Army,rejected the strategy of a coup.The main point against staging a coup was the presence of Tanzanian troops in Uganda which could always be reinforced from TZ . 2/20
By trying to capture the radio station and take power in one day, they would have been making a gift of theseselves to the Tanzanians, since they had already decided to become backers of Obotes’s dictatorship. 3/20
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Brownie ultra moelleux de la mort qui tue pour les jumelles et 2 copines chacune. C’est une surprise. Chut !
Je vous ai pas fait la recette pas-à-pas, faut pas déconner. Mais je peux vous donner la recette. Il est cuit là, même pas craquelé. 😉
Pour 10 parts.
1- a blanchir au fouet 2 œufs et 200grs de sucre. Du roux c’est chouette ou moitié roux moitié blanc sinon que du blanc. Pas très grave. Il faut que ça mousse. Allez y au batteur même si vous en avez un. Ajoutez y 1/2 cuillère à café d’extrait de vanille.
2- au bain marie faites fondre 90grs de chocolat et 45grs de beurre.
3-à part, mélanger 75grs de farine avec 1/2 cuillère à café de levure chimique soit 1/2 sachet.
On y est :
Mélanger à la spatule ou maryse dans les œufs et sucre blanchis le chocolat/beurre fondu.
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Storytime. So, back in March, I was tired as shit of America. I was dealing with a lot of niggery on multiple fronts, and then coronavirus started becoming a real thing too. When I made the executive decision that I wasn't going into the office anymore, I decided to head to Naij.
I booked a flight for a few days later, got my life together, and roll bounced to Lagos.
I got here 3 days before they closed the borders up. International airport closed a couple days later. Looked like I was here for the long haul.
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Very sad today that academics at our wonderful universities are having to work out whether to back @NTEUNational and VC proposals to take significant pay cuts to sandbag jobs. 1/?
I’m also extremely angry. The reason staff are having to make these choices is because the federal government changed the rules THREE TIMES to keep unis out of #JobKeeper (never forget that peeps 🤓) 2/?
I’ve read the proposal and I’ve been thinking it over all day. I’ve also watched people (from in the sector and outside) having slings at colleagues and our union here all day. That is really (additionally) pissing me off (sorry, rarely swear on twitter, less so irl) 3/?
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Pourquoi je ne prescris pas de #chloroquine dans le #coronavirus ?
Un #thread que j'espère pédagogique
(attention, ça va être long !)
Depuis l’apparition de l’épidémie de coronavirus et avec la publication des études du Pr #Raoult, on assiste à une dispute entre ceux qui défendent la prescription de Chloroquine en urgence et ceux qui restent circonspects sur son utilisation.
Le Professeur Raoult a publié des études prouvant (selon lui) l’efficacité et l’innocuité de l’ #Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) associée à l’ #azithromycine (AZM). Il y a eu de nombreuses critiques de la méthodologie scientifique qui invalident ses conclusions.
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OK. goes another #JoeRants because I can't keep it to myself. I used to think of myself as a fiscal conservative but I'm not really that. I've since shifted to "fiscal responsibilitarian." I know it's not a word, but I'm rolling with it for now. Anyways... #ABleg
We live in a province (#Alberta) where we have been the benefactors of good oil prices & good revenues for a long, long time. We SHOULD have been using those revenues to save for a rainy day. They should never have entered the convo in paying off operating expenses. Why? #ABleg
Because it buffered us from the real cost of doing business. We just assumed it was going to last forever & so we threw money at everything. Houses are more expensive here. Health care's more expensive. Press secretaries are more expensive. We were living the high life. #ABleg
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Une garniture qui accompagne les plats de fêtes et dans sa version ici super simple à faire pour une cuisine du quotidien avec un minimum de préparation. Je vous présente le gratin Dauphinois. Thread.
Dans l’ordre, on beurre le plat, on explose l’ail avec la paume de la main et comme le beurre on l’a frotte sur tout le plat, puis on le hache finement.
(Patates vous mêmes, elles arrivent !😏)
Le principe est un peu comme une quiche. Donc on prend de la crème liquide, on peut ajouter du lait à passer, de la crème double et du lait etc. Essentiellement du lait on peut essayer. Sel, poivre, muscade, 1 œuf.
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This proves my research about what’s on the horizon and it’s not pretty...👇🏼🎬

And They Gave Their Power Unto The Beast

#Biblical #TheEnd #TheGreatAwakening #RealityCheck #FactsMatter #WeAreTheNewsNow
The False Prophet... 👇🏼

Pope Francis Submits to The Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom Is Here 🐍👀

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THREAD: The Australian government’s announcement of a huge program to support wage payments by employers through the coming COVID-19 recession is important, and will significantly moderate the employment and income consequences of the pandemic...2
The government has reversed its initial opposition to the concept. This is a tribute to the effective lobbying and organising of many stakeholders, in particular the efforts of the ACTU @unionsaustralia ...3
Unlike other countries which will subsidise wages on a proportional basis (eg. 80% in the UK), this scheme features an unusual flat-rate payment structure. Businesses will receive the same flat amount ($1500/fortnight) for each supported worker...4
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Bon, vous savez quoi, on va parler de Raoult, encore. Oui, moi aussi j'en ai marre, et ça me désole, mais là j'ai juste pas le choix, franchement. #Thread

Le monsieur vient de sortir une tribune sur Le Monde. (…)
Alors hier déjà, j'ai découvert le discours de Raoult sur l'histoire des sciences, via cette vidéo ().

Et j'avais été suffisamment choqué pour commencer une base de thread, mais avec la tribune je fais d'une pierre deux coups.
Je suppose que je peux au moins remercier Raoult de m'avoir fait découvrir Paul Feyerabend, un philosophe et historien des sciences dont j'ignorais tout jusque là.

Alors évidemment je n'ai pas lu tout Feyerabend depuis hier, et si je dis des bêtises faites-le remarquer.
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Thread pommes de terre sautées ça vous dit ? Pour commencer je vais essayer de vous apprendre la bonne position des mains pour couper les légumes. La base.
Petite entame sur le légume pour qu’il soit stable en le coupant. On positionne les doigts comme si on y plantait les ongles, le bout des doigts en retrait des phalanges, le pouce à l’abri bloqué par le bout des doigts. Le couteau doit suivre les phalanges.
C LA position pour tout découper concernant les légumes. À pâtir de là on peut ciseler, émincer, des cubes, juliennes etc. Comme tt apprentissage c’est un peu long mais en ayant toujours le réflexe de ce positionnement et en prenant de l’assurance vous ferez comme les pros après.
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By Modupe Ogunyemi
"I’m not an economist but I like kudi, so I pay close attention to economic trends. And as someone who has consistently urged young Nigerians to relocate in recent years, I feel compelled to give this small advice right now. Please grab a seat ☺
I moved to England in the wake of the 2007/ 08 economic recession. It was brutal. My #SurreyFam Tobe Obi can tell you how we hustled for every and any job. We applied for cleaning jobs sef and were rejected for lack of experience. Imagine, cleaning job o!
So yeah, I know firsthand what it’s like moving to a new country in an economic downturn. Those of you who are planning to move to Canada or the US this year, pay attention!
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I know that the collective goal of our LGBTQ community in Nigeria is to live free from homophobia as much as we can. I support that wholeheartedly. What I don’t support is minimizing the struggles of lesbian, bisexual and queer women in order to reach that goal. #thread
Everyone who knows me knows that this is something I’m so firefly passionate about and have dedicated my life’s work to elevating our(LBQ women) voices, our stories, our realities, our successes, our struggles, our fears, our love, our passion...all of us.
A few months ago, a lesbian narrated her Kito experience, where she fell victim to some men who raped, extorted, and almost killed her had she not run away. It was a very traumatizing experience and there was a lot of reaction to her story. The so-called page even got suspended.
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Time for me to ask a really awkward question (and likely one that will get me roasted here) but here it goes: is it possible that #Alberta is taken for granted in federal politics because we are almost always a guaranteed conservative vote? Let me explain. #cdnpoli
I said it during the last federal election: the CPC could run a cactus here & it would likely get voted in. Conservative candidates didn't have to campaign here because they didn't have to earn anything. Trudeau barely visited because it was ROI-negative to come here. #cdnpoli
The other parties are essentially an afterthought here (sorry but it is true). The Conservative blue vote is so engrained here that it is working against us. Even when we had "our party" in power, they didn't have to work for Alberta. They had nothing to prove because "we won."
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A story about me and the Boy Scouts of America...

I grew up in a scouting family. My parents were Troop Leaders, my brother is an Eagle Scout. I spent every weekend of my childhood at Boy Scouts events. I did everything they did. I got no badges. I didn't get to wear a uniform.
I still loved the scouts because I got to camp, and build shit, and race cars, and spend time with my family in nature. I didn't see how excluded I was because I was always there (but never officially) Like a weird boy scouts ghost. When I graduated undergrad I applied for and
was offered a job with the Boy Scouts in Springfield, MA. It was an amazing job offer for a fresh graduate. $30K, health benefits, they would pay for my Masters Degree in social work, and I would be doing RAD shit. When I went to sign my contract to accept there was a second
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Allez, #Thread.

Comme ça fait déjà 6 mois, je pensais revenir sur la tribune #NoFakeScience et ce qu'il en reste, ce qui me plaît, ce qui me plaît moins, à tête reposée. Je vais faire de mon mieux pour ne pas trop raconter de bêtises.
Pour commencer, pour les trois du fond qui sont perdus, je parle de ça : https://nofake .science/tribune. Je faisais partie des premiers signataires de cette tribune en juillet dernier, et j'en suis toujours fier.
Fier parce que je n'ai jamais changé d'avis sur le plus important (à mes yeux) : le message porté par cette tribune est noble.
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Nigeria has been through a few things.
Thursday the 16th of June, 2011, was a slow news day for me. It was a few days after the ex Inspector General of police, Hafiz Ringim had said the days of Boko Haram were numbered. Little did I know that things would change very quickly.
I was in a commercial Toyota Hiace Bus on my way to the Federal Secretariat in Abuja, when I heard what sounded like a distant explosion. I was curious to know what made the sound. When I got off the bus a few seconds later, I saw a thick plume of smoke in the distance.
I began to walk in the direction of the smoke. I realized it was coming from Louis Edet House; the Headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force . When I got to the gate, there was chaos.
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This is a very good thread, but let me make the case for micromibility as the future of certain cities. (I include biking, however, whether e-bike or not).
It's not a moral case for fighting global warming, or a personal case for moral superiority. It's just a practical case: in cities that are reorienting around their historical downtowns, and growing, there is not space for enough cars to move everyone.
Nor is there an infrastructure comparable to the NYC subway. Nor can such a thing be built, for various reasons. (Yeah, call me defeatist, but I think I'm right).
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