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Resolvi um novo bug crítico no @nodejs core com apenas UMA LINHA de código🤯 (e 30 linhas de testes 🥳)


#javascript #opensource #nodejs #js #streams #nodejsstreams #javascriptstreams Image
Ontem saiu o Node.js v18.15 com uma pancada de coisas legais e esse bug eu havia corrigido no 19 e finalmente ele veio para a versão LTS

Pra mim, essa é a prova de que quantidade de código não tem nada a ver com produção ou impacto

Qual era o problema?

As Node.js Streams são parte do Node.js desde o início e muita coisa interna do Node.js as usa para controlar eventos e processar dados sob demanda

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1/9 Exciting work from Simona Nitti and colleagues... good news for #space #weather forecasting/predictions and correlated #disaster #preparedness, #bioterrorism, #pandemic preparedness, #power #outages, #cybersecurity, etc.…

2/9 "#Coronal #holes (#CHs) are the source of #high-#speed #streams (#HSSs) in the #solar #wind, whose interaction with the slow solar wind creates #corotating #interaction #regions (#CIRs) in the #heliosphere."
3/9 "Whenever the CIRs hit the #Earth, they can cause #geomagnetic #storms. We develop a method to predict the strength of CIR/HSS-driven geomagnetic storms directly from #solar #observations using the CH areas and associated #magnetic #field #polarity."
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How to consume any Database as a Stream for heavy data processing using JavaScript 🤯🔥


#javascript #nodejs #streams #sql #nosql #tutorial #dataprocessing #database #business #data #strategy #pipeline @nodejs
The secret for processing anything using JavaScript is to handle data on demand.

Imagine data you wanna migrate data from a SQL database to a NoSQL DB. You would need to apply some business rules, clean up fields, filter data and then output them to the final output.

You might know that you can block the Node.js (and the data source you're consuming) if you handle too much data at once in memory

The best practice then is to limit results, send individual data to a stream pipeline, and then ask for more data until you've consumed it all.

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wowwww look at those new functions meant to help us consume @Nodejs Streams as JSON, text, blob, and much more! 😱🎉

🧵 /1
The Node.js project is on fire! Every day we see new functions, new shortcuts, and design improvements.

The Node.js project has been receiving a lot of new utility functions and this new set will help us save time when working with Node.js Streams

Now Node.js itself will consume the whole data stream for you and then try parsing to the chosen format

Thanks to @jasnell for implementing it! 🤩

In the image below, I'm reading data from a file, but it'd also work for Web APIs, Net Sockets, Strings, Buffers, and much more

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@SmartDeFi is now @Streams_xyz!

Streams is the Easiest and Most Secure Way to Earn Passive Income.

Join the Waitlist for Early Access and a Chance to Win Up to $50,000 in Prizes 💰

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#Streams #SmartDeFi #Investing #Ethereum…
Introducing @Streams_xyz: The Easiest and Most Secure Way to Earn Passive Income 💰

🏦 Disappointed in Your Bank?
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#Streams #Ethereum #Investing #Crypto #Fintech
Streams ( is an easy to use mobile app, secured by #Ethereum, that protects traditional investors from inflation while they earn passive income from their digital assets.

@Streams_xyz #Streams #SmartDeFi #Ethereum #Crypto
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This study also found a correlation between watching #GamblingTwitter online and self-reported problem gambling, but cause and effect remain unclear.… Live gambling #Streams inspire some important ethical and regulatory discussions. The media outcry over these streams often points to the risk of exposing youth to gambling. Age-gating, or age verification,… on Twitch or elsewhere is minimal. A streamer can indicate that the stream is intended for mature audiences, but this does not restrict any viewer from clicking “Start Watching.”
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0/40+ #IOTA ♻️ is the basis for a new type of IT infrastructure for global communication and automation, which manifests itself in 40+ incredible projects, collaborations & company adoptions.
Stay tuned for a regular update.
1a/40+ #ALFRIED is one of the largest German, publicly funded digital transport infrastructure projects. With a funding of 11 M €. ALFRIED will use #IOTA ♻️ as its core technology.
#IoT #SmartCity #SmartMobility
1b/40+ ETO GRUPPE is developing sensors for the transport infrastructure in a funding project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the ALFRIED project together with #IOTA.
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(1/15) The #Coordicide project at #IOTA is naturally an important milestone that will need to be delivered. But too often other progress on IOTA is overlooked. There are soo many pieces that together form the vision of IOTA. Let's have a look what my colleagues are working on!
(2/15) The #IOTA Engineering department has 9 different projects: #Bee, #Hornet, #Chronicle, #Firefly, #Client Libraries, #SmartContracts, #Identity, #Streams and #Stronghold. It also maintains our websites, the coordinator and nodes.
(3/15) In those projects, #Bee, #Hornet and #Chronicle directly build out the first layer of #IOTA. Implementing new features to the first layer for updates like #Chrysalis and #Coordicide.
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Got up at 3:50 am for our #STREAMS2021 roundtable and then had MAJOR technical problems and couldn’t present my statement. So I’m going to tweet it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #envhum
I describe myself as an environmental historian, editor, and digital communications strategist.

I received my BA in history from Bethany College (WV) and my MA in history from the University of Rochester. #STREAMS2021 #envhum
I moved to Canada for my doctoral program. I earned my PhD in History from @usaskhist in 2019. My dissertation was a comparative history of provincial parks in Canada and state parks in the United States from 1890-1890. #STREAMS2021 #envhum
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Project #Alvarium in a nutshell:
Disrupt the #edge security model!

The edge remains a hostile environment for computing.
So, protecting #data in use thru a #data confidence fabric and #ConfidenceComputing is the objective of this @linuxfoundation project.

@IOTA @DellTech
How does #Alvarium work?

It implements a kind of #trust #sidecars for #data streams with trust metadata and confidence scores thus creating the data confidence fabric.

@IOTA @DellTech
Where does @IOTA and the #Tangle come into play in #Alvarium?

The #TrustSidecars (e.g., attached to #IoT devices) directly store the trust metadata in the #Tangle. Metadata consumers simply subscribe to updates on the Tangle.

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#Mars2020 atterrit le 18, mais pour l'occasion l'équipe #PogScience se mobilise pour une semaine de #chroniquesmartiennes autour de #Mars, des streams en tout genre :

#twitch #vulgarisation #sciences Image
🏁La période est riche en actualité coté #Mars.
🛰️Aujourd'hui c'est la Sonde @HopeMarsMission qui se met en orbite un peu après 16h00


#ArabsToMars Hope Mars Probe
@HopeMarsMission 🇨🇳Après la mise en orbite de #Hope, aujourd'hui la sonde martienne du jour est chinoise. #Tianwen1 (@CNSA_en ) se mettra aussi en orbite.
🤖Elle abrite un #lander et un #rover , qui se poseront courant Mai.
📺Nous aurons peut-être droit une émission de par #CCTV4 vers 11h30 Tianwen-1 lander & rover
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In just two weeks I have experienced contacts with the Department of Housing, Job Service Providers, the hotline for same with Dept of Education, Skills & Wmployment and Centrelink. All have taken hours of my time in calls & appointments with them that bring zero hope. #auspol
For each one of these contacts, I am required to give my Centrelink Reference Number - I feel I no longer have a name, I am simply to be referred to as 123456789A nine numbers and one letter. After which all manner of other identifying details become relevant and required.
I am working in a underemployed capacity, and literally am only eligible for a whopping just under twenty dollars of the set rate of JobSeeker (sans Covid19 supplement) and has been on this payment for years - what help is provided? What assistance? Why is now different?
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Hmm. Need a bit more detail here on "#ArtificialIntelligence".

Using ML to "read" natural language responses is one thing; is the *ranking* being done by ML, or by applying existing NHS #RiskStratification #algorithms, with clinician review?

(Don't forget, even after all the... Image
...hoo-hah around @DeepMind's illegal deal with @RoyalFreeNHS, @Google's own lawyers were forced to concede that what they were doing wasn't all that ground-breaking, but boiled down to delivering the standard NHS #AKIalgorithm via an app (#Streams).
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Stoked to announce @ZooKeys_Journal published our @BatumiRaptors data paper! It explains how our #citizenscience project monitors the autumn #migration of >1.000.000 #raptors in the Eastern Black Sea Flyway, and how to use our #openaccess data @GBIF/@NLBIF! - 1/n

Many #raptors migrate primarily by thermal #soaring. To do so they travel by day and avoid high mtns and open sea. This leads to spectacular raptor aggregations in overland #flyways. One of the world´s largest raptor flyways occurs along the eastern Black Sea coast in SW Georgia.
The Eastern Black Sea Flyway has its narrowest point just north of #Batumi, where the coast and Lesser Caucasus form a clear "bottleneck". The mtns are not extremely high but present a significant barrier for #raptors on #migration due to low and dense cloud cover. @BatumiRaptors
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