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Gillian Philip added #IStandWithJKRowling to her Twitter account in 2020 resulting in HarperCollins & book creators WorkingPartners terminating her contract.

If the judge permits, we'll be reporting from the preliminary hearing in her employment tribunal.…
Gillian Philip’s claim against HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners alleges she was discriminated against because of her age and for holding and expressing gender critical views.

#WORIADS #BookTwitter
Both publisher HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners were aware of her gender critical views. Her support of @jk_rowling generated a Twitter storm and a coordinated attempt to get Gillian Philip fired.

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Was asked to review this but have been putting it off. I am more worried about what it will say about me as a person and scholar than what I have to say about it. But I need a break this morning so here I go.

#soctwitter #BookTwitter #bookreview #bellah Image
Enjoying this biography of Bellah by Matteo Bortolini of the U of Padua. It's very well written for a sociologist, much less one who I assume is not a native English speaker. It is a full biography not just an intellectual biography.
TIL: Bellah's father abandoned his family and committed suicide, leading him to be renamed Robert Neeley. He was a competitive individualist in HS. And he served a year in the Army after he arrived at Harvard. Image
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Just finished 'Between Two Kingdoms' by @suleikajaouad #BookReview #BookTwitter #Disability

Wow. This book has left me in a swirl of intense feelings, so it is a little hard to write a review that truly summarizes the beauty of this book.
Between Two Kingdoms is a non-fiction memoir of Suleika Jaouad, and her experience with cancer, and reconnecting with life after almost losing hers. I am a fairly pragmatic person, but it almost feels like life brought me this book at just the right time.
After months of dealing with severe chronic illnesses, and fighting for my health and wellness, I finally feel like I am turning the corner (knock on wood), and this book found me at just the right time.
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Why should you, an adult, #read #middlegrade?

-We are all of us coming-of-age, all the time.
-Middle grade themes are eternal human themes of awakening to the world.
-Your inner 7-14 yr old self deserves nurture.
-We're all parented by an inner child we strive to understand.
Why should you, an adult, #read #middlegrade? (cont.)

-You are a parent. This world is again your world.
-Walk again in the shoes of your younger self, if you want to learn something.
-Today's #mglit is profound, deep, funny, quirky, epic, and amazing. Something for everyone.
Why should you, an adult, #read #middlegrade?

-You are a teacher, therapist, family member.
-There is a child whose world is part of your world, whom you want to understand.
-You have a big beautiful open heart.
-You care about the future!
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Every year we organise the Annual Book & Bake Sale in Delhi. People donate books and baked goods for it, and we sell them at v low prices (between Rs 20-200). And all proceeds go to a charity or a cause.

This year we got over 4k books, and the collection is FANTASTIC! A thread:
We have recently released books, and some lovely classics.

We have tomes of over 700 pages, and books that can fit in your pocket.
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7 Simple Steps To Build A Daily Reading Habit:
1) Experiment with different book mediums

If you love holding a book in your hands, read print books.

If you like having a hundred books in your pocket, read ebooks.

If you're an auditory learner, listen to audiobooks.

Try all three and see what works best for you.
2) Give yourself permission to read anything

You don't have to read classic or bestselling books.

You're free to read anything and everything.

Follow your genuine interests and curiosity.

As @naval wisely said, "Read what you love until you love to read."
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Hi @Google Blogger Team, this is a sincere longshot but I really hope that someone on your side is reading this. We are an independent & totally FREE Fantasy & SF book review site that’s been operating since 2007. Over the last 15-plus years we have had 3600-plus posts that (1/n)
(2/n) have featured over 1000-plus book reviews, 170-plus author interviews, 100-plus author guest posts, and a lot more book related content. We have reviewed books from traditional publishers (from both sides of the Atlantic), independent publishing & self-published authors.
(3/n) We do this for FREE and never charge any money. We don’t even have any affiliate links on our site & do this purely based on our passions for genre books and helping authors.

I’m mentioning all of this because hopefully it will make things clear as to why we NEED your help
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O deus das avencas: eleições de 2018 e possibilidades de transformação👇🏼 Image
Comecei a leitura ontem desse livro do Daniel Galera, que é composto por 3 novelas. Ontem iniciei e terminei a primeira, que dá nome ao livro. O enredo é interessante e angustiante: um casal se fecha em sua casa em Porto Alegre para esperar a chegada de seu primeiro filho👇🏼
Isso se passa na última semana de outubro de 2018, mais especificamente no final de semana do segundo turno das eleições.

O parto demora mais que o esperado, Galera consegue transmitir toda a angústia daquela espera, as dores lancinantes, a sensação de que nunca acabaria👇🏼
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#bookgiveaway alert!!!

I will be giving away 2 physical copies of my book to two lucky winners!

Here’s how it works: Give me a follow, retweet the post, and comment below a piece of Princess Lauren Fan art that you made.
#ActuallyAutistic #BookTwitter #RepresentationMatters
When I randomly select the 2 winners I will announce them in a post and explain how they can receive my book.

But most importantly, Have Fun!!!!!
Princess Lauren’s plot: Princess Lauren, an autistic Princess, goes on a mission to find a mythical, magical locket along with her friend Galvin. But she has to be careful because her evil Cousin, Vallo, is tracking her down.

You can read it for free right now as an ebook!
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Authors! Book bans are surging across the country. This surge is not random. It has in part been driven by organized online forums and even some political campaigns. If your book has been challenged, here’s a thread on what you can do. #bannedbooks #freadom #booktwitter
Consult these two guides from @ncacensorship on defending LGBTQ stories ( and responding to book challenges as an educator (
Speak out! Your voice matters. Check out this powerful essay by Carmen Maria Machado who signed PEN America’s letter to the Leander school district w/ other authors whose works were targeted for removal, demanding the Texas district reinstate their books.
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1 aspect of my body I'm not happy with is my terrible immune system

while I didn't officially become disabled until I was 18,
my quality of life often was effectively chronically ill growing up,

I catch everything, & when I get sick I stay sick for twice as long as others
For my teen years, I literally got pneumonia every year
Being always sick made keeping up with school really difficult, especially with my caring responsibilities

My grades struggled & until college I believed I had no intellectual potential at all
I bring this up to point out a major modern broken aspect of our medical system & the way American society approaches an illness,

Specific identified illnesses & diseases,
names & cures, societal false/true for claims of illness
#chronicpain #DisabilityTwitter #medtwitter
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I first read this book in 2009 after losing 80% of my monies on Penny stocks as a student when the 2008 drawdown happened.

Thought it was too simple !

Now in 2021, I think this is one of the best books to absorb & implement.

A 🧵

Investing means different things to different people - Be it health/ career/external assets with an intent to reap benefits in future.

So then is everyone an Investor ?
When people do different things with even same investment products we give it a different name.
Investing is a PERSONAL Plan .
It's NOT a product . NOT a procedure.

One needs to have a clear picture of one's financials BEFORE making an investment plan.

Investment products comprise of items with distinct characteristics DESIGNED to satisfy a particular need.
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A rogue, thieving U.S. Postal Service employee is in illegal possession of two books from 1899, "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained" by Milton, published in Boston by Henry Alrumvs, stolen from a package entrusted by me to the care of the @USPS.

The @OIGUSPS has an open case. Image
The package was mailed from my home to a valid Southern California address, but returned "undeliverable, no forwarding" and missing the contents. It had been opened, and the inner envelope containing the books ripped open. It was returned by my mail carrier, sans the rare books.
I am offering a modest #reward upon the return of these books, and hope to see a successful apprehension and prosecution of the @USPS employee who committed what appears to be felonious theft by a Postal Employee.

CC: Every Rare #Book Store
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Sharing some takeaways from the book : India's Money Monarchs* , ONLY of the conversation with Sanjoy Bhattacharya.

* Available on Kindle Unlimited now.

@Vivek_Investor and @dmuthuk
I think you & your followers might like this . 🙂

🔸On How to Minimise Risk ?

* Look at long term volatility of Cash Flows ( assuming Financial Statements paint a fair picture )

* Check if business generates Free Cash Flow ( FCF). This ensures company is unlikely to be wiped out at the bottom of the cycle.
🔸Management Integrity matters.

You notice good governance only when it is gone !
Hence unless one has demonstrable proof on a long term basis that people are honest , consider them to be crooks .
Cynical approach but helps save us from losses !
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1. It was the haphazard remark of a photographer, an agnostic I believe, that opened my eyes... it was to the effect

#CatholicEdChat #Jesus #Twitter #Bible #books #BookTwitter Image
2. that if Christianity were true, obviously the Roman Catholic Church, with her authority was right.

It was the testimony of a man who had no ax to grind. A Jewish dentist made the same remark in effect to me shortly afterwards. The man-in-the-street
#Catholicism #Christianity
3. testifies the same with his: ‘If I were religious, I’d be a Roman Catholic.’


I entered upon an intensive study of the point. I read the history of the doctrine,

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The Courage To Be Disliked is an extremely logic oriented look at happiness and life.

Snippets of it may sound patronising at times but it leaves you with more questions than answers - It forces you to think!🙂

Some takeaways via a 🧵..

The world in itself is simple. Life in itself is simple.

It is WE who make it complicated.

How ?
By Comparison.

We all live in a subjective world that we OURSELVES have given meaning to from OUR perspective.

So how can then they be the same for all ? 🙂
Ever observed how the world seems beautiful at times , sometimes mean & selfish , at times helpful ?

So does the world actually keep changing or does our subjective world change due to the change in our projections ? 🤔

Something worth reflecting upon !
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@PriyamvadaGopal Hello Professor, thanks for your kind words about my forthcoming book, much appreciated! ☺️👍📔 #history #BeninBronzes #repatriation #reparations @HurstPublishers #books 🌳🍁🍂…
If anyone would like to know more, please sign up with @HurstPublishers for their New Book Alerts… ⬇️🤓📚 #books #history #BookTwitter
All pre-orders make a *massive* difference to independent authors, so please consider using @hivestores to place an advance order… 🙂⬇️ #books #history #BookTwitter 🌳📚🍂🍁
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Some books within minutes , force you to ditch the e-version of kindle & buy the hard copy instead !🙂

The Joys of Compounding is one such 💎
Content ( Curation + Creation ) at its finest !

Compressed JUST A FEW takeaways in this 🧵

Invest in yourself. Read.
Self educate. Think in isolation !

Everything in life can teach you when you possess the right mindset.
Read across a wide spectrum,for the scenes change but the behaviours & outcomes don't.

How to go about #READING & #THINKING effectively.

First Principles Thinking requires us to delve deeper & question everything until one is left with the fundamental truth in essence.

Deconstruct to effectively
Reconstruct ! ( Both in times of Greed & Gloom )

How to apply it to the field of #ValueInvesting
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▌│█║ℓ𝘢𝘥𝘰 𝘰𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦: 𝘭𝘶𝘢 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘦 ║▌║▌ ImageImageImageImage
as imagens não pertencem a mim, apenas a edição do prólogo ♲︎
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📚 120+ Books Recommendations for Entrepreneurs shared on @aisclubhouse room.

#BookTwitter #Books #bookworm #BYNR

🧶 Thread
1. Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, & World-Class Performers by @tferriss

2. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth & Happiness by @EricJorgenson

3. Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by @peterthiel
4. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by @NikeUnleash

5. Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness by @BenjaminPHardy

6. Rework by @jasonfried @dhh
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'Vampire Test'
Something interesting that I came across while reading the book 'Show your work' by @austinkleon

A little context-

Picasso used to completely drain out a person of all his energies when he met them.
One would have a great time hanging all day with Picasso but would be completely exhausted by the end of the day, not able to do anything.

And well for Picasso, he used to feed on the energy that he sucked and paint all night!
And yet, people were hanging out with Picasso because after all, he was the great Picasso!

But Constantin Brâncuși, the famous Romanian-born Sculptorist refused to have anything to do with Picasso.

Hailing from Romania, Constantin knew a Vampire when he saw one.
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Just for the record since certain people never miss a chance to defend their big name author buddy. I never claimed Nick Mamatas was an abuser or a predator. I said he was an asshole with a history of harassing people online which he is and does. #BookTwitter
I had no idea who he was before that whole thing, just that he was a big leftist SFF writer who appeared in the community tab all the time. Everything I've heard about him since only solidifies that he's not someone whose opinion I should have ever cared about. #BookTwitter
If other people in the SFF community still want to act like he's anything other than an asshole with a problematic history that still somehow got a book deal they can be my guests. They're still out there fawning over Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear anyways. #BookTwitter
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" Zen and the Art of Happiness "

It's a simple book but it makes you think .

Few of my takeaways ( with random 2 min doodles).
What is Zen ?

#Zen is a Japanese word that is derived from the Sanskrit word Dhyana meaning "Meditation" .
Zen is a journey of exploration & a way of living that , in and of itself doesn't belong to any one religion or tradition as such.

Zen doesn't teach. It merely
points, enabling us to wake up & become aware.

Ever noticed how zen stories rarely have predefined morals? 🤓

The zen of doing anything is doing it with a concentration of mind , a calmness & simplicity of mind, that brings the experience of enlightenment and, through that experience , happiness.

It could be something as mundane as sweeping or peeling potatoes !

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