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1/10 As someone who struggles with test-taking, I made a framework for tackling some common test-taking hurdles. I had the opportunity to go over this with all our @uclaimchiefs housestaff and decided to make it into a 🧵 #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #FOAMed
2/ Test scores are important because they are what you need to become board-certified. Scores are often conflated with competency - that is quite a fallacy as so many other factors go into competency.
3/ Here is a non-comprehensive set of examples of test-taking hurdles. Let’s go through each of them systematically in a way that resonates with internists - problem listing! FYI, all of these end of overlapping a lot
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Did you know? 🤔

@Apple’s $3t market cap means it would be the 5th largest economy in the world if it were a country - larger than France, Italy, and the UK.🤯

Check out some other crazy numbers behind the world’s largest company👇
The #iPhone product line alone brings Apple over half its revenue. Talk about the importance of a flagship product! 🏆

42% of Apple’s revenue comes from the Americas, with Europe and China making up 85%. Notice how Africa and Oceania aren’t even on here - will we see #expansion in those markets soon?🌍

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Directness & saying what you mean is important. The receiver also needs to be ready to tolerate this. Society & business places tend to prefer the passive aggressive so being direct does invoke blowback.
There is particular social cost to being direct & going against social norms

if your optics/demographics invoke mental models …say of expected discretion, “civility”, or “be kind” or “softness”


if mental model invoked is “angry Black woman/man”…
“Be kind” is red flag: it identifies the passive aggressive shushing/shaming people who are threatened by @candor & perceive directness as aggression. It’s a fixed mindset trait or a negative consequence when empathy/emotions overindexed in ways to block growth & learning.
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Working paper alert 🚨 x3!

I am excited to share 3 working papers that all show positive—and often very large—effects on ed outcomes of Black, Hispanic, and Asian educators of color, including teachers, sch prof staff (e.g., admins, nurses), and instructional coaches.

Paper 1 is an experiment with grade 4/5 tchrs randomly assigned to classes. Tchrs of color impact stu test scores (+0.25SD), self-efficacy (+0.45SD), engagement (+0.3SD), and chronic absences (-4pp). Effects persist 6 years later in high school.
Analyses provide 1st causal evidence that tchr-stu race/ethnicity matching effects are driven in part by dimensions of “culturally responsive teaching”, incl tchrs’ relationships with stu and families, and #growthmindset beliefs that stu intelligence is malleable/not fixed.
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Bliss More (2018) by @LightWatkins. This one's about meditation so should be interesting and pertinent.…
You can try too hard to mediate.

OK. Fair enough. I hope he tells us how to get the balance right.…
Meditation is meant to be easy. You don't have to follow eastern monastic traditions and poses.

Also, like anything, be consistent. It doesn't have to be a long time. 10-20 minutes daily is better than an hour once a week.
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Collaborative Intelligence by Dawn Markova and @AngieMcAr, CEOs of Professional Thinking Partner.

I'm intrigued by the title.…
Life doesn't have to be dog-eat-dog. It can be where people share ideas.

This reminds me of this morning's run where Jim was telling me about how TV developed, and like all things in engineering, there was incremental change, and shared or stolen IP.…
"In a world where value is not just placed on things but also on ideas, collaboration has become the most important skill."

Our education has let us down by training us to be individuals rather than working in teams. Just think about all those exams...
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Crowdloan de #Acala $ACA y otras #crowdloans, ¿Merecen la pena?

-Mi estrategia
-Cómo entrar con +7% de bonus

Hilo 🧵🦊👇 Image
La crowdloan de #acala cierra en exactamente 24 horas y he decidido hacer un hilo sobre los pros y los contras de participar en crowdloans de parachains.
En general, para los que os gusten las cosas sintetizadas, se podría decir que si eres un inversor a largo plazo, esta podría ser una gran oportunidad.
Si eres un trader, es posible que prefieras conservar el control de tus $Dot y vender justo antes de un posible mercado bajista Image
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1/8 Medical education has evolved tremendously, and I am a HUGE fan of having a peripheral brain. An common question trainees ask me is “how do you cultivate references?” A 🧵 on my methodology for organizing information #MedTwitter #MedEd
2/8 Before we start, it is important to categorize the purpose of the info you are gathering:
1⃣ To teach others
2⃣To teach myself
I don’t organize my references this way, but I start here to remind myself that everyone learns best with different modalities!
3/8 Now that we’ve acknowledged that, you must create a list of modalities that you can consistently categorize information into. Here is my organizational system.
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Combined SIG meeting is on failure this morning.

I failed to log in on time! 🤣
#combisig21 talking about failure in research projects... but what is failure? How can you fail in research? Isn't research about improving our knowledge? Isn't a negative study actually a good thing but that we frame it in the wrong way?
"I roll with things pretty well" - I'm with you @DrDanSchumacher
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Hospital F/U, 11:40AM

It a little bit sound like the Charlie Brown-cartoon-grown-up voice. All wobbled up and hard for somebody to understand. I keep looking at her and she looking at me. I'm smiling so she won't think I'm confused.

But I am.

*names and details changed
Big, weird words for no reason keep throwing me off. She seem like she in a hurry, too. At some point, I just said bump it. I'll just see if that lady at the pharmacy can help me.

Keep smiling. Smiling while she looking over all my pill bottles.
Her: "This one's renal protective. Plus there's the added benefit of ventricular remodeling with your heart failure."

Heart failure?

She set that bottle down after she said that part. And it felt like a door slamming on me. Right in my face.

Me: "Uh huh."
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1/ How does Warren Buffett calculate his growth rates when valuing businesses?

Here's the answer (in a nutshell): Be conservative!

Full answer from WB below👇

How do you come up with a growth rate? 📈

#valueinvesting #StockMarket #GrowthMindset
2/ WB: "When the [long-term] growth rate is higher than the discount rate, then [mathematically] the value is infinity.

This is the St. Petersburg Paradox, written about by Durand 30 years ago.

Some managements think this [that the value of their company is infinite]."
3/ "It gets very dangerous to assume high growth rates to infinity – that’s where people get into a lot of trouble."

The idea of projecting extremely high growth rates for a long period of time has cost investors an awful lot of money."
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7 traits of the ideal #GrowthBuddy :

1-Growth mindset
7-No conflict of interest

Let me elaborate on this THREAD 👇👇👇👇👇
1/ Most important trait to find in your #GrowthBuddy?

The #GrowthMindset!

When you have a growth mindset, you don't think your failures define you (fixed mindset), they are just a temporary thing.

Which makes it possible to talk about your struggles in a very whole hearted way
2/ Check if you have affinities with your potential #GrowthBuddy

Ideally, your partner will share some common interests with you.

Sometimes, it is not possible to find it out right away.

You would need to have a candid conversation first to see if the magic happens.
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Next 10 books I intend to read...

Subjects include : #GrowthMindset, #Introversion, #ActiveListening, #Networking, #Coaching, #Change, #SelfEsteem

Let's start ... 👇👇👇
1/ Quiet by Susan Cain (@susancain)

The acclaimed book about introversion

It's been sitting on my bookshelf for 5 years at least.

And I'm finally reading it!
@susancain 2/ Mindset by Carol Dweck

This is the book that popularized the #GrowthMindset concept

I used it to create the concept of the #GrowthBuddy
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The hiring process has long been identified for school administrators as their single most critical job duty..

..but, en masse, hiring in education remains woefully antiquated.

Here’s a potential fix..

#iledchat #edchat
1️⃣ Rid the hiring process *completely* of the overwhelmingly fixed mindset-rooted Q&A that plagues it.

There is **zero** research base to associate a teacher “thinking on their toes” in giving “the right” answers to questions on the fly, and their efficacy in the classroom.
2️⃣ Replace the anti-#growthmindset Q&A with a lesson the candidate delivers in front of a hiring panel.

The content/skills to be developed during the lesson should be given to the candidate at least 48 hours in advance of the screening date.

In other words, kill the “gotcha”..
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#InternReflections, Day 7

This final reflection isn’t really a story. It really just centers on gratitude.


Was internship tough? Yes. Was I scared a lot? You better believe it.

But damn, I loved that year. So, so much.

Let me explain why: Image
I didn’t know if then, but that year was where I cultivated a #growthmindset.

It was humbling.
It was inspiring.
It was empowering.

And—dare I say it? It was fun.

It was. Image
The learning curve was exponential. The new relationships and expectations were overwhelming at times but, in hindsight, they were the best part.


One thing I’m super glad about is that I heeded some great advice I heard during my intern orientation. . . . ImageImage
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Some Thoughts From Being in
Process of Raising Two Girls with @lovefitmama
(and everything applies to coaching).
#InternationalWomensDay #iwd2021 #girldad

1. Remove "Be Careful" from our Vocabulary
Give them confidence to explore freely and to challenge their limits.
2. And I Am Smart Too
Anytime someone tells them they are cute, welcome the compliment but also add to the conversation "and I am smart too." We want them to feel and know their value beyond superficial things...substance that has been developed through effort.
3. Honor Them
Hold space. Honor what they want to do, to try, to experience. Create an environment where they can experience things rather than simply being told things. Honor their creativity and learning, rather than dictate what I think and want for them.
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I am a regular listener of @Royal_College #KeyLimePodcast. I love the quick reviews of high impact, current #MedEd literature. This recent episode stirred up a lot of thoughts, enough for me to listen 3 times, and thought I would share in a thread. 1/…
On this episode, @LaraVarpio @drjfrank @sherbino and @LindaSMedEd review a 2020 conceptual paper by @APSawatskyMD et al: Coaching versus competency to facilitate professional identity formation.…
The authors use a case scenario to demonstrate the tension between a learner who embodies a #growthmindset by demonstrating #vulnerability, which in turn negatively influences her career development.
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1/ Have you ever finished a feedback session as a teacher (or learner) and thought, “Wow, that went really badly?”

I know I have.
As a teacher AND a learner.

This week the #MedEdTwagTeam is providing you w/ a framework to analyze feedback.

To prevent that from happening again!
2/ This week’s @MedEdTwagTeam #MedEd tweetorial focuses on defining the characteristics of effective feedback.

This is Week #3 in our 10-week #feedback tweetorial series.
3/ Here are 6 characteristics of effective #feedback that I want to highlight:

1⃣Setting (psychological & physical)
4⃣Mixture of reinforcing & modifying
5⃣Learner engagement
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Community pledge growth hack by @Commsor

Growth Hacking Thread Day 33👇

#GrowthHacking #GrowthMindset #GrowthHacker #MarketingTwitter #Growth #marketing #startups #product
1/ ok so first thing first just like my previous thread on "Leverage personal brand for growth" where the genuine love of the cause needs to be there in the same for this I totally feel that Commsor have a genuine love for community & it's not just a hack
2/ No intentions here to downplay/disregard anyone or company I'm sharing this to give a perspective from the growth side. so they along with community club shared the community-led pledge with everyone you can check here
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1/ ok so I have already shared a thread on clubhouse earlier but one thing got me really interested recently and now I'm like why I didn't saw and understood the first time better late than never
2/ so clubhouse has different app icons whenever they release a major update, they feature one of there creators from the community with there image as the app icon, crazy right, totally, you can check there tweet here if you don't believe me
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Visual representations for milestones (Gamification) @JoinAccountably

Growth Hacking Thread Day 31👇

#GrowthHacking #GrowthMindset #GrowthHacker #MarketingTwitter #Growth #marketing #startups #product
1/ so I was browsing Twitter and came across an amazing tweet by @mj_makes check here
they have a visual representation of tree growing as users complete their milestones
2/ This stuck in my mind because a few days back I was going through one of the Ted Talk which talks about designing for 5 senses you can check the video here
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A theme I have seen w/ some of my high-level college & pro clients lately is the difficulty they are having letting go of #mistakes. Perhaps it's due to time off from the pandemic & increased pressure they are feeling? Regardless, here are some thoughts on overcoming it. [THREAD]
It's natural to dwell on a mistake. Doing this for too long, though, can lead to more mistakes. Suddenly, instead of 1 error, you now have made 3. This can lead to frustration, anger, and decreased confidence. It also takes our focus out of the present & into the past or future.
Naturally, a place where a sport psychologist will start, then, is to bring the focus back into the present. After all, we can't change the past or control the future. Some common ways to do this are by focusing on breathing or using focal points.
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10 Growth Hacks to pull a Network Effect like Clubhouse

Growth Hacking Thread Day 16👇

#GrowthHacking #GrowthMindset #GrowthHacker #MarketingTwitter #Growth #marketing #startups #product #Clubhouse #clubhouseinvite #ClubHouseApp #clubhouseinvites
1/ So I was going through my Twitter feed and saw this and thought the biggest leverage for social platforms are the network effects so why not write a hack on this today
2/ Network effect gets kicked after achieving a critical point and this varies according to product or service, these effects are much needed to succeed if you have a marketplace or social platform where more users mean more value
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Learning myths: Is intelligence fixed?

Thread 👇
Many believe that intelligence is inherently fixed and that studying is unlikely to make a dramatic difference

However, there is research to suggest that academic ability is greatly enhanced when students adopt a #growthmindset (1/9)
Coined by Carol Dweck, the term refers to the belief that intelligence is malleable, and that ability is dramatically increased through hard work and practice

Those who adopt such a mindset see mistakes as opportunities to improve, rather than failures (2/9)
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