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@charlyaqua @ABaerbock @Die_Gruenen #vdL ist nur ein Beispiel.

Sie hat tatsächlich 7 Kinder gemanaged oder auch managen lassen!

Die Tränendrüse, auf die #AnneSpiegel drückt reicht nicht mehr.

Was haben andere MÜTTER in Deutschland während der Pandemie gemacht?

SPIEGEL wird zur Belastung für 🚦 & #Die_GRUENEN
@charlyaqua @ABaerbock @Die_Gruenen Es kommt jetzt nur noch drauf an, wann und inwieweit die Medien auf #AnneSpiegel einsteigen!

Je später desto besser, desto MEHR werden #Die_Gruenen beschädigt.


Alle #Frauen in und FÜR Spitzenpositionen!

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Critical reason why this #EUCO is so tense is that some member-states, like NL, don't trust the Commission to be a fair, effective, a-political enforcer of any agreed reforms.

If the Commission's monitoring & enforcement capacity was undisputed, this wdnt be happening.

On paper, Comm is the independent enforcer of M-S agreements.

Italy and the Netherlands will 'never' allow each other to have a veto over each other's finances.

But a strong Commission? Perhaps.

That is why it is surprising, and worrying, no-one is talking abt Commission's role to break the deadlock at #EUCO.

So, where is #VDL persuading the Dutch that the Commission can, will and should enforce reforms?

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Last week was busy in European politics. Here's what happened:
- 🇫🇷 got a new PM, until then an unknown "technicien": @JeanCASTEX. He should give #Macron a new push in the next 2 years before 2022 pres. elections. The rest of the new Cabinet will be announced today. /1
- Results of 🇫🇷 municipal elections show push for Green @EELV & left-wing groupings. Several big cities are now in new hands, such as Marseille, Strasbourg, Lyon. @LarEm lost - importance of alliances once again confirmed in France's fragmented party landscape. /2
- Meanwhile in Brussels: Germany took over the 🇪🇺 Council Presidency for 6 months, amidst a global pandemic. Tldr: Big expectations, little time. If they fail, we'll look at a rather gloomy future for the EU. /3
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So… some personal news.

After almost four and a half happy years running the European Commission’s Directorate-General for #taxation and #customs, I’ll be moving on to new pastures on 1 May.

Before I go, here are some reflections on the past few years. THREAD (a long one!)
Honestly, it’s been a blast. I’ve had the privilege of leading a truly great team of people in @EU_Taxud. Great expertise, highly committed professionals, and a real family atmosphere, too. A million thanks, #teamTAXUD /2
We have worked very hard on getting the #content right - delivering real progress on both #tax and #customs policy. And on delivering great #digital solutions, too. /3
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What to expect for Europe in 2020? As the EU enters a new policy cycle, here’s to a few predictions that I’ve shared with @euronews #THREAD 1/9
The new EU political leadership overpromised by generating outsized expectations that might reveal too difficult to manage:

1. Defend EU interests vs US & China 2. Take the lead on climate change 3. Tackle rebellious EU illiberal democracies 4. Tame big tech 5. Overcome Brexit
1. The #Suleimani assassination is already putting to test the self-proclaimed first EU ‘geopolitical’ Commission, which has lost in few hours the major EU foreign policy legacy of @JunckerEU @FedericaMog : the nuclear deal #JCPOA | the EU will be bystander of #iran situation
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First Franco-German Ministerial Council since #AachenTreaty taking place today in Toulouse with #Merkel & #Macron. 🇩🇪🇫🇷 will discuss #Brexit, arms exports & industrial policy before the EU Summit tomorrow. Difficult times for 🇫🇷🇩🇪 relations. /1 (Thread)
Originally the “motor” of integration, 🇩🇪🇫🇷 have had several points of disagreement in the past years. #Macron decided to take action at 🇪🇺 level by himself without waiting for slow 🇩🇪 partner. But the rejection of #Goulard shows the limits of Macron’s (lone) power. /2
🇩🇪🇫🇷 issues are multiple: Both countries have very different visions on core issues such as #budget, #climate & #defence. For instance 🇩🇪 stopped arms export to SA after #Khashoggi , 🇫🇷 didn’t. 🇫🇷 wants to spend more on #MFF, 🇩🇪 part of the “Frugal Five”. /3
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Whilst I do not share many views with La France Insoumise, this article by @ManonAubryFr in @EURACTIV touches upon an important point: Lacking rules for conflicts of interest in the EU. /1 (Thread)…
@GoulardSylvie was not a particularly corrupt candidate, as some portrayed her - most Comissioners have "side business" before (and even when) holding their positions, MEPs often have extra jobs & revolving doors are definitely an issue (Remember Barroso & Goldman Sachs). /2
There is not only a lack of ceiling for add. incomes, which the Green MEP @daniel_freund proposed to establish - one must also improve transparency and accountability mecanisms & avoid politicisation of such issues (as with Goulard's case), which leads to an unfair process. /3
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*THREAD* Some thoughts on democracy & participation in the EU, looking at the responsibilities of Vĕra Jourová (VP "Values & Transparency") & Dubravka Suica (VP "Democracy & Demography") #vdLTeam /1
Suica ends up with a relatively vague and small portfolio. She won't be responsible for "Democracy" despite having this in her job title. Spitzenkandidaten reform and transnational lists end up in Jourová's portfolio, Suica will be responsible for the Conference organisation. /2
Some thoughts on the analysis of populism found in the letter to Suica: Democratic structures are not responsible for populism for #vdL, but demographic change is. For me, this is not the best analysis to start with. /3 Image
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Io non sono un fine politologo, ma mi piace provare a mettere in fila ciò che dice chi la politica la comprende o la fa (o entrambe le cose).

Provo quindi a rispondere alle F.A.Q. degli amici del #PSD (Partito Salvini Dovrebbe), i quali si dividono in diverse correnti: (1)
Tempisbagliatisti troppoprestisti:

"Salveenee ha aperto la crisi troppo presto, bisognava arrivare alla manovra."

Il papocchio col PD era già in essere almeno da due mesi. Il governo sarebbe caduto nel pieno della manovra, l'accordo si sarebbe fatto "per responsabilità". (2)
Tempisbagliatisti troppotardisti:

"Salveenee ha aperto la crisi troppo tardi, bisognava farlo dopo le Europee/elezioni #VdL"

A questo ha risposto @AlbertoBagnai nel suo ultimo QED (…). ... (3)
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#LaStrateggia" della Lega di cui vaneggiano Borghi e Donato non è mai esistita. L'intera Lega si è adeguata al volere di Rinaldi-Giorgetti e #ScenariEconomici…
Dopo una conversazione surreale, Scenari mi dedica un articolo
La conversazione twitter comincia con un tweet di Gustinicchi, che, però non mi cita. Come per la "strategia" su #VdL deve essere vizio il dire le cose senza che gli altri lo sappiano.
Interessante notare, però, che le persone che io ho citato NON sono di Scenari. Son passanti?
Il Tweet di Gustinicchi mi è stato indicato e, con cortesia, rispondo che se vuole posso mettere la rettifica: Becchi, Palma e da Landriano non appartengono a Scenari Economici, ma la risposta è quella in pic.
L'intera discussione è qui:
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