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On Sept 20 2016, an extraordinary meeting occurred between Peter Strzok, Glenn Fine and “Baker.”
By now, everyone is aware of FBI agent Peter Strzok and his many faces.
Glenn Fine is the Inspector General of the Dept of Defense. Previously, he was the Inspector General of the Justice Dept under both George W Bush and Obama before retiring in Feb 2011.
He returned to the government in June 2015, when Obama appointed him Principal Deputy Inspector General of the DOD. In Jan 2016, he was named Acting IG for the DOD.
I called the meeting extraordinary because it seems unusual for a FBI agent to be meeting with the DOD IG.

What reason would they have to meet?
For one, we know that the FBI had a source who was under contract with the DOD -- Stefan Halper.

Specifically, Halper was employed by the Office of Net Assessment.
Nick Weil, who had done some great research ONA, believes “Baker” is James H Baker, the head of the agency.

(I can not, however, rule out that “Baker” is possibly James A Baker, formerly the FBI’s General Counsel. He appears all over Strzok/Page texts. Presumably, he knows Fine as they were both high-ranking attorneys in the DOJ for many years.)
The Office of Net Assessment, ONA, was created in 1972 by Richard Nixon. The agency functions as a think tank that assesses American military readiness against opponents 20 to 30 years in the future.
The original head of the ONA was Andrew Marshall. Marshall was a protege of Herman Kahn of the RAND Corporation. Kahn was a military strategist who many believe was the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.
Among Kahn’s accomplishments is co-founding the Hudson Institute in 1961.

Marshall was head of ONA for 42 years. He retired in 2015 at the age of 93.
OBama appointed James H Baker to head the agency in May 2015.
At some point in August or early Sept 2016, Halper met with Sam Clovis, co-chairman of the Trump campaign.

At the beginning of Sept 2016, Halper contacted George Papadopolous and offered him $3,000 and a trip to London to discuss energy policy in the eastern Mediterranean.
The three could have been meeting to discuss Halper’s role as an informant and/or his contract.

Sept 27, 2017 -- 7 days after the Strzok/Fine/Baker meeting -- the DOD paid Halper $282,295. He received a second large payment in July of 2017.
But there was something else of significance happening in the Office of Net Assessment during that time period.
In Sept 2016, an ONA strategist, Adam Lovinger, sent an email to the head of the agency, Baker, complaining about the outside contracting process. “Some of our contracts distribute to others their work for personal and professional self-promotion.”
One consulting firm, Long Term Strategy Group, was paid $11 million for work Lovinger deemed substandard. LTSG is headed by a close personal friend of Hillary Clinton, Jacqueline Newmyer Deal.

On Sept 14, 2016 Lovinger carried a document on an airplane with the marking ‘Classification Pending.’ Baker would later accuse Lovinger of mishandling classified materials, one of four allegations.

In early October 2016 Halper wired Papa-D $3,000 for his paper.
Sometime in October, Lovinger accused Baker of hiring Halper to “conduct foreign relations.”

“The first inkling of retaliation against Lovinger came Jan. 12, 2017, when, Baker suddenly issued a series of charges against him. This was the same day that the National Security Council officially invited Lovinger to leave ONA to join the NSC as a senior director.”
Among the allegations against Lovinger were alleged improprieties in seeking a security clearance for Michael Pillsbury. Pillsbury is an Asian expert with the Hudson Institute who has written papers in the past for the ONA.
It appears that strategists affiliated with the Hudson Institute had fallen out of favor under James Baker. The new director’s view on military readiness reflected those of the man who appointed him, Barack Obama. Baker sought a less confrontational stance toward China & Iran.
Since 2010, Lovinger writes that ONA “refused repeatedly to conduct any net assessments to inform the long-term strategic competition with Islamist terrorist networks, The Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea, Russia or even China.”

Lovinger’s hard-line views are aligned with those of Gen Mike Flynn. Flynn selected Lovinger to be a part of the new administration’s National Security Council.
By far the most bizarre allegation against Lovinger is that he took an “unauthorized” trip to Israel.

Why would he need authorization to travel to a country allied with the US?
According to Mike Cernovich it was because Baker accused Lovinger of being an “Israeli spy.”
No matter what you may think of Cernovich, there’s no question that when Steve Bannon worked in the White House, Cernovich had excellent sources. I believe the allegation was made, at least informally.
On May 4 2017, Lovinger’s Top Secret security clearance was suspended by the DOD, which forced him to lose his position on the NSC.
Back to Baker’s first accusation on Jan 12, 2017, something else of significance happened that day -- Carter Page’s FISA warrant was renewed.

It was actually renewed a week earlier than necessary.
Many people have associated the early renewal with the publication of the Steele dossier, on Jan 10, by Buzzfeed. But the FISC requires a week notice on applications, so the application was probably submitted on or before Jan 5.
It appears the reapplication process was rushed to provide a margin of error before the transition to the new administration.

During Peter Strzok’s testimony before Congress, he explains what he meant by his “Insurance Policy” text:
“We need to responsibly and aggressively investigate these actions, because you know what, if candidate Trump is elected, there might be people we need to be investigating that might be nominated for important security positions. Everybody in America would want to know that."
People. Plural. He’s talking about Mike Flynn. I believe he’s talking about Lovinger as well. Probably others.

He was not talking about Paul Manafort or Carter Page. They resigned from the Trump campaign back in Aug/Sept 2016.
The days after the election and prior to Trump’s inauguration were pivotal. The actions of the Obama administration during this period were calculating and devious.
In Dec 2016, a UN resolution was proposed, condemning all Israeli settlements after the 1967 Six Day War. The resolution was originally proposed by Egypt
It is difficult to believe that Egypt would have proposed the resolution without the implicit support of the Obama administration.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu appealed directly to President-elect Trump for assistance. Egypt dropped the resolution, probably for fear of angering the incoming administration.
Obama knew that Trump did not support the resolution. The appropriate response would have been to delay any action on resolution until after the transition.
The merits of the resolution are not the point here. It’s simple courtesy. Respect for the change of power in our constitutional republic. Obama had 8 years to pass such a the resolution, but he waits until his last month in office.
He chose a position the he knew would box-in the new President.

The resolution was revived by Malaysia, NZ, Senegal and Venezuela
On Dec 22 2016, on orders from the White House (reportedly from Jared Kushner), Mike Flynn contacted the Russian ambassador and asked him for help in blocking or delaying the resolution.
Flynn’s actions were perfectly legal. In hindsight, perhaps not the wisest decision since there was no possibility that Russia would have been swayed to block the resolution (which further disapproves the collusion narrative).
The resolution passed, unanimously, with the US abstaining. Of course, the Obama administration PRIVATELY approved of the resolution.
In another example of Obama administration petulance, sanctions were imposed on Russia for interference in US elections on Dec 29. The purpose was to embarrass Trump and hinder his foreign policy objectives.
Flynn once again contacted the Russian ambassador. He requested Russia to moderate its response to the sanctions.

It was this conversation that lead to charges against Mike Flynn. His call to the ambassador was legal.

He plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI.
Strzok interviewed Flynn on Jan 24, 2017. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates met with Don McGahn, soon to be White House Counsel, on Jan 27, and told him that Flynn was “compromised.”

On Jan 27, the FBI interviewed George Papadopoulos for the first time.
Why all of a sudden the urgency to interview PapaD when he was first known to the FBI many months earlier?

Why wasn’t Carter Page interviewed?
Based on our what we know now, it appears the sum of Trump/Russian collusion were the conversations between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, and neither conversation had anything to do with the election.
Both conversations were responses to the deliberate attempts of the Obama administration to undermine the foreign policy objectives of the incoming administration.
Christopher Steele was concerned that the FBI was not investigating Russian interference in the presidential election. Maybe he was right. Where’s the evidence that a substantial investigation was going on PRIOR to the election?
It’s only after the election that we see a sense of urgency from the FBI about foreign influence. And Russia is not the only country under investigation.
In the first few months of the Trump administration 8 members of the NSC who are considered staunchly pro-Israel were purged: Flynn, Lovinger, Bannon, K. T. McFarland, Cohen-Watnick, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins and Tera Dahl.
I also believe Jared Kushner to have been a target of the FBI.

I’m confident these two texts (one from Page, one from Strzok), on May 9 2017, are about Kushner.
The Washington Post would report later that month that, indeed, Kushner was a target of the FBI.

Kushner would sit for at least 2 interviews with Mueller’s investigators. It took until May 2018 for him to receive his permanent White House security clearance.
On Sept 28 the DOD IG initiated a “Whistleblower Reprisal Investigation” into James Baker’s actions against Lovinger.

Keep in in mind that Glenn Fine, DOD IG, became the acting director on Jan 10, 2017, two day before the first accusations Baker leveled against Lovinger.
Once again, Obama deliberately boxed-in Trump. If POTUS fires Fine, then he would be accused of politicizing the IG position.
In a similar scenario, Bill Clinton appointed Fine IG of DOJ during a presidential transition. Rush Limbaugh had the following to say about Fine:
Was Fine put in place to cover-up cover intel actions in the ONA?

Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit on Lovinger’s behalf requesting emails and other documents from Pentagon officials who handled his security case.
Lovinger wasn’t the only person to blow a whistle on the Obama administration. Eliot Cohen-Watnick, former senior director for Intel at the NSC, was the White House source who briefed Devin Nunes on classified material related to spying.
I pulled these two two graphics from a website run by a “former RINO” who is now a Democrat. She talks about a possible a “Israel Cartel” in the White House.

It’s one of my theories that the FBI blames Israelis for tipping off PapaD about Halper, AT THE VERY LEAST.

Lee Smith reports that the Australians claims it was the Israelis who put PapaD in front of Downer.
Clearly the FBI was investigating PapaD for his Israeli connections. Not his Russians connections. Papa D met one Russian in person, “Putin’s niece.”
Meanwhile, he met many Israelis, traveling to Israel several times. Check out Brian Whitaker’s excellent timeline.

PapaD even traveled to Israelaccepted $10,000. Mueller threatened to charge him as an Israeli agent.
I’m fascinated by the Israeli angle because it portends the shifting of political alignment. As the former RINO-turned-Democrat lady I referenced above demonstrates, the American left is moving closer to the European left in its anti-Israel sentiment.
Are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict really that different than Obama’s? Obama is simply a more skilled politician, who is better able to mask his real views as his UN resolution maneuvering proved.
To bring this thread to a close (finally!), I return the turf war in the Office of Net Assessment. Stef Halper, in one of his book, divides the world of foreign police in two camps: Team Brookings Institution and Team Hudson Institute.

I have to say if I’ve learned anything over the Trump presidency, it’s the truth of Halper’s observation. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive. Even Trump, a hardened realist if there ever was one, underestimated this reality.
Trump didn’t take enough care in selected his foreign policy team, which lead to PapaD roaming all over the world. Trump suffered through all kinds of turmoil during the first year of his presidency due to intrigue within his foreign policy/national security team.
o he brought in John Bolton, card carry member of Team Hudson Institute. There was a lot of groaning on the nationalist right. But who doesn’t think the administration is running much smoother now?

Bolton knew who all the players were. He knew who to purge.
Given the choice between Team Hudson and Team Brookings, I’ll take Hudson over open-borders, globalist, Soros funded, color-revolution-instigating, neo-liberal Team Brookings.
If you think you can do better than Trump has done, good luck. Hopefully any future outsider candidate, including someone like Rand Paul, can learn from Trump’s mistakes.

Maybe someone with vision can develop a third way.
ADDENDUM: I'm ot a Thomas Wictor groupie. I acknowledge he is a master Twitter stylist and a fun read; however, I’m not a big fan of bold assertions backed by little sourcing.
BUT….he posted a thread several days ago that in some ways lines up with the above, both written independent of each other.

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