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1) I’m going to get dark. You wanna see me get dark? I’m getting dark.

Ready for it?

Trump doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings or what you want.

He doesn’t care about your howls for justice, for your demands for action. What you want does not matter.
2) No, not ‘trust in the plan.’ Fuck that noise. We are not sheep. Americans have never been sheep. We’ve been oscillating wildly between cats to be herded and herds of dumb puppies, yes. But never sheep.
3) Quite frankly... your trust is not a factor. Not at this point.
4) Trump is quite possibly the most brilliant strategist I’ve seen. I keep going back and gathering as much info as possible, and I keep seeing patterns. Pattern upon pattern.
5) The Batman Gambits I’ve spoken of? That’s childs play. That’s afternoon fun sipping a diet coke throwing darts at a board figuring out who he’s going to fuck with this week.
6) No... Trump is a brilliant strategist. There’s no doubt in my mind. He studied Sun Tzu. And the Book of Five Rings. And The Life Giving Sword. I’m watching the teachings of those books play out. And not just the popular “Know your enemy and know yourself” crap.
7) The baseline assumption is, he doesn’t go into a battle without guaranteeing victory. Trump doesn’t lose. He always goes in having already secured victory.
8) If we assume that, then we extrapolate from there. How did he guarantee his victory in 2016?
9) Trump waited to run until the United States was on the breaking point and we all KNEW we were at the breaking point.
10) “Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground.“
11) “Soldiers when in desperate straits lose the sense of fear. If there is no place of refuge, they will stand firm. If they are in hostile country, they will show a stubborn front. If there is no help for it, they will fight hard.”
12) Sun Tzu isn’t all sunshine and spitballs and spies. He was brutal. Conflict is brutal. The more brutal prince will always win, just ask Machiavelli.
13) Trump teased for decades on whether or not he would run. He talked about it, he teased it. But he never followed through.
14) Reagan was swept into victory by Jimmy Carter’s failings. Trump’s overall plans are several degrees more thorough and far reaching than Reagan’s. He needed a president several times more terrible, more destructive than Carter to sweep into victory behind.
15) I believe every time Trump brought up the spectre of himself running, he watched carefully what the reaction was. He studied how desperate people were.
16) He watched and he waited, and then he got the reaction that he wanted. He saw people throwing up their hands and saying “Fuck it, how much worse can it get?”
17) People ask, why Roger Stone? Why go on Infowars? Why prop up a fringe segment like that? Was that a mistake?
18) No, it wasn’t. Consider the hypothesis I proposed, that Trump was running when people thought all else was lost. Infowars and company were getting people to believe that. That our backs were up against the wall. That globalism was about to annihilate us.
19) I believe his plan to solidify the support of Republican voters was predicated on making them believe they were on desperate ground. That this election was their last chance to save the country.
20) “Thus, without waiting to be marshaled, the soldiers will be constantly on the qui vive; without waiting to be asked, they will do your will; without restrictions, they will be faithful; without giving orders, they can be trusted.“
21) There’s a story I’ve been reading. Red Storm. Quite the interesting tale, really. In it, two armies with amazing genius strategists fought. For 3 battles, each ended in a bloody stalemate.
22) One was finally defeated when the other sacrificed his life by luring one of the enemy commanders into attacking his position so his comrades could capture the opposing strategist.
23) Afterwards, the captured strategist was made to work for the enemies who captured him. He first had to face the comrades of his fallen opponent, who were still reeling from the loss of so many close comrades. They asked him why they should listen to his orders
24) ‘Because I’m not here to be your comrade or your friend. I’m not here for you to like me. I’m here to win. And I’m going to keep winning, every time, because if I lose, I know you all will make me pay for it.’
25) ‘But to win means you’re going to follow my orders. And I’m going to use you. I’m going to use you and exploit you as hard as I can in order to win.’
26) Close to 2 decades ago, 3000 Americans died in a war we were blissfully unaware was being waged.
27) Later, several more Americans died in a consulate to that same war that we had been fooled into thinking was over because a gilded liar told us it was. That his cronies falsely claimed was over a fucking youtube video no one had ever seen.
28) We watched as our economy died a slow death we were told was a jobless recovery while our collective health rotted from addiction, drugs, and disease.
29) And then some blonde asshole rode down an escalator and said, ‘Are you tired of losing? Are you ready to win? Because there’s no escaping this losing streak except through me.’
30) I call Trump the most brilliant strategist I’ve ever seen because he possesses the one trait I’ve never seen in action.

He is willing to both win and to use anyone who follows him in order to win.
31) Ben Shapiro said once, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” The corollary to this is Trump doesn’t care about your feelings either.
32) There is a goal. I don’t know how distant it is, but there is one. Its one where we hit 4-5% gdp growth, our enemies have been cowed into submission and defanged, and we all calm our tits and start treating each other like people again.
33) It will be like we all collectively slept off a bad hangover.
34) But the US isn’t there yet. We are not there yet. And until we’re proven to be able to reach that point, we are going to be used in elections whether we’re happy with things like whether partisan DoJ and FBI personnel have been brought to justice.
35) And, to be quite frank... your compliance isn’t particularly necessary.

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