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Daoism and Ancient Egypt:

"Early European writings on Daoism such as Athanasius Kircher’s China Illustrata (1667), characterized it as “full of abominable falsehoods” and as originating in a form of idolatry transferred from ancient Egypt."…
Chinese bronzes linked to Egypt and Africa:…

1. "Sun noticed that a particular set of artifacts, the Yin-Shang bronzes, shared a greater similarity in their chemical composition with metals from Egypt than Chinese ones."
2. "Among the earliest Chinese bronzes known to archeologists, the Ying-Shang wares are the only ones of their kind to contain lead isotopes akin to samples from areas in South Africa and Zimbabwe."
3. "Sun proposes two explanations: Either the bronze-ware was cast near Egypt, then brought to China (likely by sea); or people emigrated from Africa to China carrying the bronze and tin ores. (The latter is supported by the findings of this study on ancestral migration.)"
More about the likely African origin of the 1400 BC Yin-Shang bronzes or their metals, in Nature:

"African bronzes are the only bronzes outside China so far reported that have lead isotopes similar to those of the Yin-Shang bronzes."…
Indology was just another eurocentric discipline like Africanism, Egyptology and Classicism.

"The census was used to simplify - categorise and define - what was barely understood by the colonisers using a convenient ideology and ... absurd methodology."…
"In the Arabian Peninsula, EEF farmers mixed with ancestral Sub-Saharan Africans related to modern Nigerian, Gambian, and Botswanan populations. In Armenia and Georgia, EEF farmers mixed with South Asian (Indian Subcontinent) populations."…
For visualization purposes:

WHG - Baka Pygmies, minus the blue eyes, close enough
EFF - Sardinian, whose DNA is most like the Early European Farmers
DNA Tribes shows an ancient connection between the Khoi-San-Aka and Tibetans.

See: Figure 2…

Jabril ibn Bukhtishu, 8th-9th century Persian physician from the Bukhtishu family of Assyrian Nestorian physicians from the Academy of Gundishapur, in Iran.…
@robertmschoch interview by @joerogan

- Egyptologists and their patronizing attitude to their own subject. (54:50)
- The face of the sphynx is Black African (01:15:24)
- On egyptologists being resistant to scientific information and data. (01:17:30)

Prof. Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Insitute, on admixture analysis of ancient populations.

The Amarna Dynasty of Egyptian Pharaohs was Black African.

Ramses III is E1b1a…

Ramses III STR most like African Great Lakes, Southern Africa today.…

Tutankhamon, Tiye, Amenhotep III, KV55 (poss. Akhenaton).…
Km in Egyptian means Black - just in case any eurocentric ever tries to challenge you on this basic fact.

"The Egyptian hieroglyph for "black" in Gardiner's sign list is numbered I6. Its phonetic value is km."…
@kemetexpert on the frequent use of a study of late Egyptian to the end of the Roman Empire mummies to 'prove' that there has been no genetic change from Ancient Egypt to the present population:…
The Amarna Dynasty of Egyptian Pharaohs was Black African.

Ramses III is E1b1a…

Ramses III STR most like African Great Lakes, Southern Africa today.…

Tutankhamon, Tiye, Amenhotep III, KV55 (poss. Akhenaton).…
Problem with the Nature study: they shovel New Kingdom, 3rd Intermediate and Late (Assyrian, Persian) into 'pre-Ptolemaic' (pre-Greek).

(NATURE) "Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes suggest an increase of Sub-Saharan African ancestry in post-Roman periods…
Plus, why compare them to Ethiopia, when they could compare them to Nubia and the Sudan?
"Especially from the first millennium BCE onwards, Egypt saw a growing number of foreigners living and working within its borders and was subjected to an almost continuous sequence of foreign domination by Libyans, Assyrians, Kushites, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks..."
Ashkenazi Jewish dna in graphs:

- Haplogroups mtDNA K1a1b1, U8, K1a9, K2a2a1 HV1b2, N1b2, and Y-DNA J1c could all be Italian/European.
- "most Ashkenazi maternal lineages trace their ancestry to prehistoric Europe."…
Relatedness among Asian Negrito populations, Melanesians and more.

- Blue component: Andamanese match most closely to Papuans, more so than to other Negrito populations of Asia

- Remarkably Cambodians look very similar to Aeta, Batak, Manobo, etc.…
#ADOS and #Reparations, from the @FinalCallRadio @nationofislam_…

ADOS Its origins, troublesome ties and fears it's dividing Black folk in the fight for reparations
@FinalCallRadio @nationofislam_ Negrito Admixture Analysis:

- Andamanse admixture with no one, ever... that's what being 1st & 12,000 years of isolation will do - nothing except deep ocean blue.

- Andamanese are most like the Papuans, who however are admixed with other populations.…
@FinalCallRadio @nationofislam_ DNA Admixture Analysis for Europe: Western Hunter Gatherer, Eastern Hunter Gatherer, Anatolian, Iranian, Ancient North Eurasians and Russian Steppe components.…
@FinalCallRadio @nationofislam_ Madagascar and African admixture analysis:…
@FinalCallRadio @nationofislam_ Caucasus Hunter Gatherers:

'We knew that the Yamnaya had this big genetic component that we couldn't place, and we can now see it was this ancient lineage hiding in the Caucasus during the last Ice Age.'……
Caucasus Hunter Gatherers, continued:…
1. "Haplogroup L0d is the most divergent ("ancient") haplogroup of global mitochondrial DNA haplogroups. It is found at highest frequencies in the Khoisan groups of Southern Africa.[5][6][4][7]"
2. "L0d is also commonly found in the Coloured population of South Africa and frequencies range from 60% [8] to 71%.[7] This illustrates the massive maternal contribution of Khoisan people to the Coloured population of South Africa."…
The very ancient and modern African female mtDNA haplogroup L (dark blue) in the Americas.……
Legend to the map above:…

The earliers modern human migrations within Africa and out of Africa.
Pre-human (Homo Sapiens) history:

It all happened in Africa - so obviously when people left Africa, they were adapted to the African environment, even millions of years, right up to Homo Sapiens about 240,000 years ago. They left Africa with the African phenotype.
Tutankhamon's family ancestry…

Great-great-grandson of Amenhotep II and Tiaa.
Great-grandson of Tuthmose IV, Mutemwiya, Yuya and Tjuyu.
Grandson of Amenhotep III and Tiye.
Son of Akhenaten and The Younger Lady (siblings)

More on why sapiens didn't interbreed with neanderthal man.

Also, instead of 3 distinct races, all genetic diversity on the planet is a subset of the far greater diversity in Africa.
@42tribez On the fake bust that has represented the image of Julius Caesar in the popular mind for centuries:

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