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Today we are going to play a game. The game is called "Which is more valuable". This is not a parody. This was published as an interactive game on BBC in 2015. It's demonstrating how markets can (& will) value the natural world.

Let's play.

If you said "acre of oyster reef" - you were right.

Next question...

Which is more valuable?
If you answered the beaver, you are correct!

"The beaver is more valuable!"
Next question.


Which is more valuable? Wild river eels or farmed sturgeon?
If you said wild river eels, you were wrong.

Farmed eels are more valuable. This looks like the wrong answer to the question above. But you get the point. Industrial farmed anything is always more valuable than wild.

Let's keep learning how our masters will save the world ...
Let's throw these links in. After you watch these docs, I doubt you will ever eat fish from a supermarket again....

WATCH: Salmon Confidential [Marine Harvest & #WWF, British Columbia]

WATCH: Salmonopoly [Marine Harvest & #WWF, Chile]

Let's keep playing.

#4 What's more valuable? Switzerland or trees?
If you said trees, you were right.

Switzerland cannot easily be traded on the stock exchange ...

What is more valuable? A wild salmon or a US district judge?
If you said wild salmon, you were wrong.

The judge is more valuable. (Vital for protecting the ruling class and keeping the system that serves the them intact...)

#SavingThePlanet #NewDealForNature

Which is more valuable?

Oil or the Grand Canyon?

#FinancializationOfNature #Privatization #NewDealForNature #NaturalCapital
If you said Grand Canyon, you are wrong.

For those still struggling with this, I recommend a Future Stewards programme/retreat - a collaboration between Leaders Quest, Mission 2020 and We Mean Business.


#TheyMeanBusiness #NewDealForNature
Let's keep playing.


What is more valuable? Cinema or a Bald Eagle?

If you said cinema, now you are learning!

This is the #NewDealForNature

Welcome to hell.
Let's add in some commentary from those at the helm of the financialization of nature.

Remember John Elkington, Volans, from the XR Business launch signatories not that long ago?


h/t @empathiser, @CompromisedNGOs collective

"Who will be the Bill Gates of Ecosystem Services?"

They don't give us the answer to that question. And I don't know.

@GretaThunberg - do you know?


#NewDealForNature #Privatization #NatureForSale #MarchingForCapital
Here is a favourite.

I read that Bill McFibben has a photo of Barrack Obomber on his bathroom (?) wall. I wonder if he has this one too ...

#WWF #TNC #NewDealForNature #FinancializationofNature #MarchingForCapital
We will get back to the game in a moment. Now for some messages from of our corporate overlords & the sycophants that serve them ...

#UnitedNations #GlobalGoals #NewDealForNature
Clubs will be needed for some ...

#NewEconomy #Rebrand #Capitalism

And he means sticks. Not the kind of club George Carlin told us about ...

Here is some writing I did on the coming financialization of nature a few years ago.

Building Acquiescence for the Commodification of the Commons Under the Banner of a “New Economy”


#CelebrityFetish as pathology. Celebrity is used first and foremost to serve capital. That is why they pollute your mind with it.

But let's keep playing.

What is more valuable - Beyonce Knowles or a Gray Whale? ...
Sorry, if you guessed the Gray Whale was more valuable, you were wrong.

"Beyonce Knowles is more valuable!"

(This is how the ruling psychopaths are going to "save the planet" ...)

Speaking of the financialization of nature, let's add this question to the game.

Who is the founder of "Earth Economics"?

You have 5 minutes to get your answers in ....

#PaymentsForEcosystemServices #NewDealForNature
I'm sorry, your time is up.

The correct answer is:

Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA.

Leonard is the co-founder of Earth Economic$.


The name of the game is #SavingCapitalism - because "capitalism is in danger of falling apart" (Al Gore) - and all the billionaires know it.

There is no such thing as "sustainable capitalism".

Image Gus Speth. More on Speth:

The #NewDealForNature is aligned with the UN's "sustainable development goals" - rebranded not that long ago to the "Global Goals".

The Global Goals - in reality:
Everyone that comprises the NPIC is working toward the financialization of nature, global in scale. Make a list of your favourite NGO or "activist" opposing the #NewDealForNature. It will be the shortest list you ever wrote. There is no dissent. There are no protests against it.
The good news: There are a handful who have been speaking out against it. They risk their careers, they are subjected to ridicule, isolation and backlash. Radicals and revolutionaries can relate. One such person is economist/ecologist Clive Spash.
His contributions have been extraordinary. He is perhaps the most important voice you have never heard in regard to biodiversity & neoliberalism.

In this short debate w/ Tony Juniper, you will fully understand what the #NewDealofNature is all about ...

But let's finish the game...

Which is more valuable? Christiano Ronaldo or a Bald Eagle?

I hope you have been learning children. And I hope you all know the correct answer ...

#NewDealForNature #NaturalCapital
If you answered the Bald Eagle, shame on you.

"Christiana Ronaldo is more valuable!"


#NewDealForNature for #WallStreet
The game is over.

It's now time to see how you did.
If you answered 5 correctly, "You're an 'Earth ally' - You appreciate what Nature is really worth."

"Are your friends Earth skeptics or Earth lovers?" Challenge them on social media!

Changing together, a collective insanity can become our normality.

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