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This thread has very revealing data showing that mRNA-vaccinations create majority of the covid cases. Largest covid waves come always after the booster rounds. Not before. AFTER.

Source: covid.ourworldindata.org/data/owid-covi…
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Isn't it weird coincidence that the EU suffered the most largest covid wave right after the boosting started?

Ofcourse this can be coincidence but with
what possibility the very same thing happened also in every EU memeber country? Keep reading...

#EU #COVID Image
🧵3/51 - Norway.

#Norway #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Facts Image
🧵5/51 - Belgium.

#Belgium #COVID19 Image
🧵7/51 - Germany.

#Germany #FunFacts #VaccineSideEffects Image
🧵9/51 - Denmark.

#Denmark #Danmark #COVID19 #WeAreSorry Image
🧵10/51 - Czechia.

#Czechia #ČeskáRebublica #COVID19 Image
🧵11/51 - Greece.

#Greece #Booster #COVID19 Image
🧵12/51 - Poland.

#Poland #Booster #FunFacts #COVID19 Image
🧵14/51 - Spain.

#Spain #Booster #CovidVaccine #Omicron Image
🧵17/51 - Netherlands.

#Netherlands #Pfizer #Booster #COVID19 Image
🧵18/51 - Luxembourg.

#Luxembourg #FactsAndStats #mRNA #Moderna Image
🧵19/51 - Lithuania.

#Lithuania #CovidVaccine #greenpass Image
🧵20/51 - Hungary.

#Hungary #Booster #COVID19 #maskmandate Image
🧵21/51 - Latvia.

#Latvia #COVID19 #boosterdoseofcorona Image
🧵22/51 - Bulgaria.

#Bulgaria #Booster #ZeroCovid #Coronavirus Image
🧵23/51 - Slovenia.

#Slovenia #CovidVaccine Image
🧵24/51 - Austria.

#Austria #Österreich #Booster #Omicron Image
🧵25/51 - Estonia.

#Estonia #COVID19 #VaccineSideEffects Image

What about all the high income countries?

Same stuff. Keep reading... Image
🧵27/51 - Canada.

#Canada #Trudeau #Booster #Omicron #Sync Image
🧵29/51 - Switzerland.

#Switzerland #CovidBooster #Omicron ImageImage
🧵30/51 - Japan.

#Japan #Booster #Omicron #Sync Image
🧵31/51 - Iceland.

#Iceland #Booster #Omicron Image
🧵32/51 - Israel.

#Israel #Booster #COVID19 #Tothemoon Image
🧵33/51 - Curacao.

#Curacao #CovidVaccine #FunFacts #Coincide Image
🧵34/51 - Gibraltar.

#Gibraltar #boosterdose Image
🧵35/51 - Saudi Arabia.

#SaudiArabia #COVID19 #Coincide #Causation Image
🧵36/51 - United States.

#UnitedStates #USA #Booster #COVID19 Image
🧵37/51 - United Kingdom.

#UnitedKingdom #boosterdose #VaccinesWork Image

And guess what? If we look at the whole world at once the very SAME THING happened. Covid was getting a lot better BEFORE boosters,
but went worse than ever right AFTER the boosters started...in perfect sync. It's nuts.

Keep reading..

#Nuts Image
🧵39/51 - Turkey.

#Turkey #COVID19 #vaccinedamage Image
🧵40/51 - Argentina.

#Argentina #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Facts Image
🧵41/51 - Malaysia.

#Malaysia #COVID19 #CovidVaccine ImageImage
🧵42/51 - Jamaica.

#Jamaica #COVID19 #FactsMatter #Omicron Image

What's common with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam & Thailand? Besides they are located next to each others, they ALL avoided covid very well UNTIL they started to vaccinate their citizens.

Cambodia started first and first came also their covid wave. Causation or not? ImageImageImageImage
🧵44/51 - Vietnam.

#Vietnam #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Tothemoon Image
🧵45/51 - Thailand.

#Thailand #COVID19 #VaccineSideEffects Image

We still remember how Omicron was first discovered in Botswana 11 Nov 2021. Soon it was clear that it's more contagious than earlier versions of SARS-CoV2.

It was very contagious but somehow was not in the "unprotected" Botswana. Only in the jabbed countries.

#Omicron Image

Haiti fully vaccinated only 1.39% of it's population. Predictably Covid have stayed very low.

At 7th of July 2021, president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated and 2 weeks later vaccinations started, but slowly. If it's up to the new president, I hope he can stay alive. ImageImageImage

Congratulations for all the unvaccinated. You stayed strong while the billions of people were fooled.

We live in a upside down world where people are convinced that they get health with poison.

Thank you for reading. If this didn't open your eyes, then you are privileged to die in your comfortable bubble.
🧵51+1/51 - Israel.

Vaccine vs Covid correlation is visible every dose and effect is CUMULATIVE. Israel is best reference as they went doses straight and reported them timely (exept at the start).

Seasonality believers; how did they predict all these waves beforehand? Image

1/2 Australia - Unreported 4. doses


2/2 Australia - Unreported 4. doses

4.2 million of unreported 4.doses have been driving the cases up after the 3.dose round ended.

That's how the correlation goes invisible. Is it intentional? Finland did the same. Update coming later. Image

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Nov 9, 2022


It's so hot potato that experts choose to remain baffled and the governments to stay totally silent about it.

But we deserve to know what is driving the excess deaths simultaneously all around the world.

This thread can give you the clue.

Hey, Mr @elonmusk please, don't let your staff to censor this thread as people deserve to see this. It's not disinformation and it took a big effort to put it together.

This long thread presents numerous charts comparing COVID-19 vaccine administering versus excess mortality around the globe. Dataource is OurWorldInData.

Excess deaths are not just trending. They are spiking and the correlation with vaccinations is staggering.
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Aug 2, 2022
Mitä yhteistä on Kambodzalla, Laosilla, Vietnamilla ja Thaimaalla?
Sen lisäksi että sijaitsevat aivan toistensa läheisyydessä, niin kenelläkään ei ollut koronaa koko pandemian aikana ENNEN kuin koronarokotukset startattiin. Ja SITTEN sitä tulikin kaikille.

1/4 Cambodia
2/4 Laos
3/4 Vietnam
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Jan 14, 2022
This is a second thread about the data showing rising covid-19 infections along with the vaccinations. Disturbing content continues.

Link to the first thread 👇
Ask your self, if vaccines gives protection why the hell more vaccines equals more covid cases? Why? This is not just random. This is a straight correlation! This data should be upside down! How fucking stupid one must be to claim something else. Sample size 2.717 billion people. Image
And if some idiot even tries to claim that yes but at least it gives a protection for severe case then c'mon, if you have 200x cases you can make many kind of calculations how relative severe cases are actually down. Fuck you. These injections CREATE more disease. Period.
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Jan 9, 2022
This thread has alarming info about rising covid-19 infections along with the mRna-vaccinations. If these vaccines do not create more disease, this correlation should be nonexistent. But it is not. It does exist and it is evident.

Please, share.

Source: ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinat…
Our modern day religion, has in it's core a belief that the nature has made an terrible error. Now the whole planet prays that the all mighty big pharma fights for us to save us from dying.

The truth is, they made the poison to look like a cure.


21 days.
Australia beat the hell out of it's citizens, but still was unable to stop the covid from spreading. Nice correlation with the speed of jabs injected to the people. Cases follow jabs. Now cases are pointing to the sky after the booster round started. Seems to be very effective. ImageImageImage
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Dec 30, 2021
Uusien tartuntojen kasvuvauhti on nyt taittunut. Mutta kas kummaa, niin on taittunut myös rokotusvauhti. Miten ihmeessä ne nyt taas onnistuvat korreloimaan keskenään noin? Ai niin, ne hyvin ajoitetut rajoitustoimet tietenkin.
Tautitilanne helpottamassa myös Saksassa. Täydellinen korrelaatio sattunut sinnekin rokotustahdin kanssa. Sattumaa varmaan tämäkin. Tämä on ehkä niin kuin se optinen illuusio, jossa pyörii se tanssija, jonka suunta riippuu katsojan aivojen tilasta. U know?
Onkohan Romania ottanut opiksi ja ymmärtää nyt olla nopeuttamatta rokotustahtia pitääkseen tartunnat alhaalla?
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