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#Qanon drop 2731 decode👇🏻

Secret meeting hours after 2016 election.

"Why, hours after the election did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?”

Q says McCabe was one of the seven and RR was...

Continued below👇🏻
one of the seven. Identities of the other five coming.

"Why didn't HRC give a concession speech?"

Because HRC was likely the third person at the meeting and was unavailable to personally give a concession speech. If I had to guess, Bill was the fourth, Comey was the...

fifth, there was likely an FBI lawyer present (Baker?), and I think the seventh might have been Sally Yates.

We will know soon.

"What happens if the border remained open and the MSM continued to brainwash?"

Money from the drug cartels continues to fund the Democrat...

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Interesting theory from an anon on 8chan👇🏻

RR flipped early.

McCabe had no idea.

25A ruse was a sting.

McCabe took bait, RR removed access to Russia investigation/Mueller.

Continues below👇🏻

#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #MAGA #KAG2020
(Of course, this wasn’t a test, we always knew McCabe was complicit, but for optics they needed him to visibly conspire to take down Trump.)

RR was confirmed easily, trusted by Dem’s. RR is dirty and Mueller is dirty thus work with Trump to get leniency in the aftermath.

Sessions set the stage. Contested confirmation. Smoke screen. Seemed sleepy so Dem’s thought Mueller and RR were completely autonomous. Brilliant.

Mueller hires his targets onto his staff, knowing full well they’ll be texting and otherwise communicating.

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Feb 14 2019 05:31:17 (EST)
Feb 14 2019 05:41:27 (EST) [0:10:10] DELTA
Feb 14 2019 05:46:55 (EST) [0:05:28] DELTA
Feb 14 2019 05:56:29 (EST) [0:09:34] DELTA
Feb 14 2019 06:02:24 (EST) [0:05:55] DELTA
These pics are for TARGETS only, not for #QAnons #DeepState #Panic #POTUS
Feb 14 2019 05:31:17 (EST)

Sequence register.
Location active.

#QAnon #POTUS #WWG1WGA #DeepState #PatriotsAwaken #SheepNoMore
Feb 14 2019 05:41:27 (EST)

Sequence complete.
Target(s) known.
Track 7B-DS
#QAnon #POTUS #WWG1WGA #DeepState #PatriotsAwaken #SheepNoMore
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🕵💻QArmy Thread💻🕵

🕵This is for every one of the #DigitalSoldiers in this fight!

💻I saw this Chan #post and it got me #motivated. I just want to share the feeling.

(I use #QArmy to describe all #QAnons. #QAnon said we are part of the #Army)👥👥👥👥

[Read Post/#Thread] ⬇
First, I would like to say #ThanQ you for taking on this fight. We are writing history. Without [YOU], there wouldn't be a #fight. And #trust me, #TheWorldIsWatching.

Not only are we taking our #country back, but we are setting an #example for the #world. #Patriots around the
world are #standing up against the #evil that controls this world. This is the most #important time of our lives.

I am so #proud to be in this #fight with you. This is our time! We are the #TruthKeepers.

#ThePlan is playing out perfectly. #Patriots are doing an #awesome #job.⬇
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Thread 2.12.2019!!
God Will Calm The Storm!
Psalm 107:29 He maketh the Storm a calm, so that the Waves thereof are still!

#GodIsGreaterThanTheStorm #TrustTheMastersPlan
#DarkToLight #GodWins @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and General
Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump
The scope of the Hillary Clinton email investigation was so private, the OIG didn't have the security clearances needed to view the emails.

And, the emails couldn't be given to Congress.

#QAnon #HRCEmails @realDonaldTrump Thanks @Patriot_126
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this tweet of the rally last night is NOT showing up on @realDonaldTrump timeline!..@jack has gone beyond shadowbanning @POTUS..i was only able to see this as a retweet..[they] are now beyond desperate cause [they] know The Storm IS coming #TrustPOTUS #TrustThePlan #MAGA #QAnon
i took screenshots to prove it.. it should appear somewhere in these tweets below based on the time it was posted.. it’s literally not visible at all.. unreal.. i have no doubt.. @jack is going to be getting an “invite” to Gitmo!
confirmation from @Neon_Revolt!.. my understanding of shadowbanning is that it prevents tweets from appearing in your feed.. this is on another level.. it’s not appearing on @realDonaldTrump own page.. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT DONE BEFORE… #QAnon
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In response to my collage memes
I often get asked
"ya, but what does it mean?"
Allow me try to explain
I like to use symbolism
Attempting to draw in viewers
Compiling a variety of
representing mish-mosh of current events
Look at this meme
What do you see?
Research #FujiWater
Are you aware
of the immense BIG BROTHER 💩 in China?
The social scoring
that effects every aspect of their lives?
THEY are wearing these masks
to avoid being identified
This collage (to me)
represents the SJWs
pushing an insane leftist agenda
into every aspect of our lives
Nothing will be the same
if we do not push back
trans & UGLY women
Be allowed 2B included as
Victoria secret models
This is not okay with *me
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1. GOLD shall destroy FED”!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2. GOLD shall destroy FED”!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
Q drop 2681 Decode!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon #QDecode2681 @realDonaldTrump @gholland04 Congratulations!!
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Thread 2.10.2019!!
Lam. 2:19 Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out your heart like water before the face of The Lord: lift up your hands toward Him for the life of your young children!

#TrustHisPlan #QAnon
President Trump’s Tweets 2.10.2019!
1. 7:41:34 EST [12.50] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 741 & 1250!!
President Trump’s Tweets 2.10.2019!
2. 9:53:58 EST [2.12] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray Adding Q Drops 953 & 212!!
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Remember LETTER from PELOSI asking TRUMP to write the #SOTU Speech? Well Watch her shuffle through the WRITTEN SPEECH as it is Different from What @realDonaldTrump Talks. HOOK, LINE & SINKER…
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[They] have never been so exposed...

• Whitaker hearings illustrate Democrat’s hatred, arrogance, and panic

• AOC mad ramblings illustrates Democrats true designs for Socialism to destroy America

Continued below👇🏻

#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan #MAGA
• Roger Stone’s arrest illustrates the gestapo tactics used by the Deep State against the rest of "us"

• FBI collision with CNN for Roger Stone’s arrest illustrates that MSM are infiltrated and controlled by intelligence agencies

Continued below👇🏻
• Jeff Bezo’s illustrates what it's like to be spied on ironically when his companies spy on everyone

• Nancy Pelosi refusal to negotiate on the wall illustrates that Democrats are compromised by the human traffickers, gangs and drug cartels

Continues below👇🏻
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1.) News Feb 8 PM ~ President Trump Invokes America’s WAR CRY
of Freedom as Democrat Party Unmasks Itself…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2.) News Feb 8 PM ~ Election 2016: Long Term VISION OF GLOBALIST Materializes as Resistance Grows…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3.) News Feb 8 PM ~ Joe Biden to Justice Roberts in 2005: You Will Rule on Chip Implants and Brain Scans “MARK MY WORDS”…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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Everyone looks beautiful, especially the women in white. Despite our differences, everyone has a look of cautious peace on their faces. #faith #patience #itBEGINSnow #NOFEAR #BOOM #WWG1WGA #theGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #QAnon @POTUS #theStorm #ByePhoenicia #Covfefe #LoveWins
@POTUS Our @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP is the epitome of Grace. She is someone We admire very much. Thank you, Melania, for all that you have done for our Nation and the World. We look forward to the good times ahead as you and your Family continue to lead Our Nation back to unified greatness
@POTUS @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP I love @SpeakerPelosi's necklace. I recall she wore it a few weeks ago. Lovely. She also looks good tonight, more steady than in recent days. I hope she finds courage to #SayBraveThings that promote unity instead of division. For the good of ALL of Us. The truth will set all free
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Q Drops - Decode Thread!!
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
Decode - Q Drop 2674!!

Dems send Tax Payer Funds to various Entities!

These Entities Donate back to the Dem Party (aka, Money Laundering)!

Funds used to influence election!

#QAnon #PlannedParenthood #YourTaxPayerDollars #Infanticide #SellBodyParts @realDonaldTrump @gholland04
Decode - Q Drop 2675!!

Operations are a “GO”!

Red Castle is Building the Wall!

HRC (Raw Video) Coming!

No one connected can survive!

@realDonaldTrump @gholland04
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Thread 2.3.2019!!
Darkness to Light!! Light will Overcome Darkness! God is on our side! God Wins!!

#TogetherWeWin #GodIsForUs #PromisesMadePromisesKept
Potential digging avenue for “Darkness to Light”, child sex abuse advocacy group!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon #DarknessToLight @realDonaldTrump
HRC and AOC continue Northam blackface distraction from infanticide endorsement!! Anon notable!!
#QAnon #Northam #Blackface #Infanticide #PartyOfDeath #AbortionIsMurder @realDonaldTrump
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Is [PP]landed the #Keystone ?
Did #Q & #POTUS open the door of all doors? The public must get ready for the truth #ChildSacrifice #ChildTrafficking

ThankQ @JoanofAmerica @stormypatriot21 @ks374365 👈🏻 this team is amazing. #Qarmy #DarkToLight #WWG1WGA…

The mother of [PP]landed began in 1916 and with a lot of controversy.
None more than her ties to the #KKK
If you're 1 who felt she was admirable like @HillaryClinton once said then your mistaken.…
Just read a few quotes she made👆🏼
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#POTUS first visit to his Florida estate since a partial shutdown of the federal government disrupted his winter travel routine and dented his polling numbers.
Trump in Palm Beach: The president arrives for first Mar-a-Lago visit of 2019
The first tweet from President Trump from first visit to Mar-a-Lago 2019.
1:10 (EST)
#QPost 110
CIA counter-ops.
Will all fall down.
The President is sending us a message about the corrupt 3 letter agencies.
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How could Obamas father been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Kenya Formed Dec 12 1963.
So Where was Obama really born? Indonesia.
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@realDonaldTrump After 18 days of Darkness, #QPosts today, Friday 02/01, 2019.
Many things had happened between those 18 days but, the most horrifying of all is the murder of American babies. Baby sacrifice to Moloch.
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe…
@realDonaldTrump 2674
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d73aee No.4989820 📁
Feb 1 2019 13:22:24 (EST)
Last post before going dark?
Re: [PP]?
What events followed that post?
Anons understand.
#QAnon #realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MAGA
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe
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10 USMC 284 which authorizes @realDonaldTrump to Deploy US Military to the Southern Border to Build Fences. Operation Red Castle Green Castle..
and ya all thought Q not real?
Operation Red Castle Green Castle
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
I repeat Nothing
Patriots Are In Control
Grab popcorn
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Of Q has taught us Anything it is Several Meanings to what has happened or what is yet to come Reference to Scrooge Ghosts of Past Present and Future
New Thread short
@realDonaldTrump totally opposite.
But opposites attract from Paul Abdul
Play Game Triple H #WWE
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Last President's Tweet for 01.31.2019!!
11:26 PM · Jan 31, 2019
01:09:45 EST (Delta)
1 hours 09 minutes 45 seconds
Adding #QPosts 1126 & 109
This Witch Hunt must end!

Last President's Tweet for 01.31.2019!!
11:26 PM · Jan 31, 2019
01:09:45 EST (Delta)
The White House needs to be clean! This is what #POTUS is doing while, we are spreading the true. #trusttheplan
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What if “the plan” is for Democrat’s to force the release of FISA documents, rather than President Trump?

What if the MAIN goal is not arrests, but rather, The Great Awakening?

In this thread I’ll lay out some thoughts of how “the plan” may go down.

#Qanon #TrustThePlan #MAGA
The left will not believe anything Trump does or says. They have been conditioned to not hear anything Trump has to say without filters.

Mueller may not be a white hat, not one of us knows for sure his true position, but I think it is pretty clear that he is being controlled.
Think back to #Qanon drop 14:
“What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?”

The simple answer to this is that a sitting President can direct the Marine Corps.
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