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Fear & Loathing in Alberta: the Big Fat Lie of Election 2019 THREAD #GentThreads #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #yeg #yyc
First of all, thank you Edmonton, for being the intellectual & moral hub of this entire province. The rest of us, evidently, were all too ready to elect to power a team already revealed as white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists, frauds, criminals & climate deniers /2 #abpoli
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Sure, I want to crunch the numbers and look at strategic errors and analyse tactics but that can all wait for another day. Right now, there are more important things to worry about. If you will indulge me, a post- #abvote thread ... 1/?
During Klein's era, I was a single mom of 2 young boys and a full-time university student. My family relied on the services and programs that were slashed across the board. We were helped by many kind friends (and sometimes strangers) and survived, though badly bruised. 2/
Today, me and my family will be largely unaffected by the cuts Kenney will impose but we will never forget the pain of the past and we will be the friends (and sometimes strangers) who reach out to help those who will be. 3/
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Today all Albertans will have an opportunity to decide who they would like to serve them for the next four years.

This decision should not be taken lightly. The people we elect to serve us will send a clear message to others what our collective priorities are. #abvote #abpoli
For many, the primary issue will be the economy. I can’t fault someone for prioritizing that. There are some communities that have been hit harder than others and addressing that concern may be the most important and immediate issue for them.
I completely understand why someone would focus on the economy because for most of my life, I have put the economy above any other issue.
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1/14 This is the last post I’ll write on the Alberta election before we know the outcome. There will of course be a lot to say after the results come in tomorrow, and we can analyze exit polls and voting demographics in the days and weeks that follow. #ABvote #ABPoli
2/14 I’ll start by saying that I respect Stephen Mandel and David Khan as party leaders. I have friends working and volunteering on the @AlbertaParty, Green Party, and @ABLiberal campaigns, and I know they care as much about this province as I do.
3/14 Still, I voted without hesitation in advance polls for @RachelNotley and @albertaNDP.
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When we intentionally vote for ppl we know are corrupt, what do we say to politicians about what’s allowable?

When we then complain about the inevitable corruption, where will our firm footing be? We are the one who lifted them to office.

Vote how you want, of course.

And of course, if you think I’m targeting a particular party, note that I haven’t.

Your interpretation may tell you all you need to know about your #abvote choices.

I’m happy to support both compassion & a growing economy. It can be both. It needs to be for our communities.
A quick tip from our fine @EndPovertyYEG folks — who have numbers:

It is far cheaper to deal with social issues than to NOT deal with them.

Want a strong economy? Give strength to your neighbour.

These are the sensible values that built our province.

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I’m calling BS on Jason Kenney. This chart shows the REAL cause of our economic pain: the US fracking boom, which has transformed global oil markets. Anyone who ignores this reality is either a grifter or an idiot. (THREAD) #ableg #abpoli #abvote
The explosion in US production — exacerbated by the Saudi’s attempt to drive US shale producers out of business by opening their taps — upset the global supply-demand balance, causing a collapse in prices. Global oil prices have remained lower ever since. #ableg #abpoli
People who say that the Alberta recession is all Notley’s fault ignore the fact that low oil prices ALWAYS lead to lower investment. This is essentially an iron law. This chart shows the correlation between price and investment GLOBALLY since 1980. #ableg #abpoli #abvote
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"Conservatism" causes even smart people to vote stupid. Running government/society is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of running a business. It's how BUSINESS just keeps posting up platform-free tax-cut for the rich nitwits like George Bush, Donald Trump & Jason Kenney #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Think it's a no-brainer that Government should be run like a Business? Here's the end of that forever: who are your shareholders & who are your workers? If the answer is 'the People' for both your analogy has already imploded #ableg #abvote #ableg
What INEVITABLY begins happening for folks that think 'Gov should be run like Business' is they start to see 'the People' as 'the Workers' and their own funders/benefactors as shareholders. Hence a ludicrously wealthy 1% at the expense of all else. The inevitable result is this:
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OK Alberta, come with me for an explainer on how Overtime works in Alberta... and how @jkenney @Alberta_UCP is lying to you when they say their overtime changes won't cost you and your family.

This is important to every single hardworking Albertan. 1/?
#ableg #abvote
Overtime rules in Alberta are pretty basic, for the most part. Overtime is all hours worked in excess of eight hours a day, or 44 hours a week, whichever is greater. (Toolkit, Page 21) #ableg #abvote…
There are some jobs in some industries where exceptions make sense, either for safety or for our economy. Ambulance attendants for example. (Toolkit, Page 27)… #ableg #abvote
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All right, so this is gunna be a bit of a long thread. Because at this point, I'm really kind of pissed off. So bear with me.

Would a few people voting UCP maybe like to look again in that mirror that Premier Prentice offered us in 2015? No. Really. #ableg #abvote
You know what actually bugs me about this UCP worship going on? Its not that I have a team and that team could lose. That's a simplistic assessment of my opinion. Disavow yourself of that idea and keep reading, because I'll break it down. #ableg #abvote
I was a conservative after I left home. I went against a fairly pro NDP family that even had ties to the CCF. My great great grandfather was the CCF MP for Maple Creek from 1945-1949. We bled green/gold and then orange after 1961. #ableg #abvote
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THREAD: Today, Kenney wants to talk about foreign money influencing Albertan politics. Since the right is now all in on this, let's talk about some of their foreign cash. #ableg #canpoli
Let's explore just one angle, so I don't turn full Vivian Krause. Jason Kenney's BFF and author of the UCP platform: Mark Milke. Below is a screenshot of his Fraser Institute bio. Found here:…
What jumps out at me is the Fraser Institute, Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, American Enterprise Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation (Some of you might already see where I'm going with this)
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1) Where do people get the idea that Jason Kenney and the UCP are the strongest ballot choice in terms of Alberta’s economic future? A thread. #abpoli #vote2019
2) World price of oil has swung up / down from US$28 to more than $110/barrel in recent yrs, yet Kenney pins oil-producing AB economic struggles squarely on Notley. That’s an easy claim to make, & convenient that he need not prove how he or his Party would have done any better.
3) @jkenney has promised to kill the carbon tax, reduce corporate taxes, and still somehow balance the budget by saving money through efficiencies. And printing money, I suppose. #abvote #abpoli
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1/ Last night my daughter and 4 classmates were doing their homework via video chat. The assignment was to research a candidate from the list of party leaders, and how their platforms fit with how they see their World shaping ahead of them. #ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
2/ The group was given @jkenney, and @Dave_Khan to choose from, and based on initial research, they chose @jkenney due to availability of information.

They found a website called and asked me if it was all true.

#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
3/ I instructed them to do the assignment an research the points on the website to determine if they were true. I helped with general search terms for Google when they got stuck, and only that. Making their own determination was crucial. #ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
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Calgary is the whole ballgame. If it turns out Calgary isn't as automatically conservative as everybody thinks it is & the demographics have changed for good then it's a whole new political paradigm for Alberta going forward #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Alternatively, if "something something PIPELINES" can make enough Calgarians ignore the open racism, misogyny, hate & homophobia of the manifestly despicable Jason Kenney & his UCP then we've learned something many of us didn't really want to learn #abpoli #ableg #abvote
The last time Calgary voted provincially we voted NDP. Then Alberta elected a progressive mayor in Edmonton & reelected a progressive mayor in Calgary. We find out if the 'staunchly conservative' label still fits this town/province next Tuesday night #abpoli #ableg #abvote
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Hey @karriflatla, tweet @ me & ask me why I'm protesting with #queerkidsyql today.

Seriously, though. Please ask me. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB
This is a good place to start the conversation. It's a thorough (but easy-to-read) comparison of existing legislation and the legislation that your Party wants to introduce.


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB… by @Jantafrench
This is about more than just the headline-grabbing notion of "outing gay kids," although that's certainly a major concern.

It's also about students knowing they will be supported by their schools to establish GSAs ...


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB
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Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie
'Based on his performance since the scandal broke in early February, even setting aside the merits of the SNC-Lavalin issue, @justintrudeau deserves to lose in the fall.…#cdnpoli
Andrew Scheer @AndrewScheer
This is crazy. The Office of the Ethics Commissioner is supposed to investigate conflicts of interest, not take part in them. This calls into question the entire office and the legitimacy of its investigations.
Imam Mohamad Tawhidi @Imamofpeace
Trudeau, in my opinion, may be the biggest liar on planet earth today. He defended terrorist Omar Khadr more than his own lawyer did. Now, he’s saying that he knew nothing👇
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THREAD: If you're a conservative who is uncomfortable with Jason Kenney, I have a message for you. You're not alone. If you're worried about the economy, we know there's more work to to be done. But let's look at what's been achieved so far. #ableg #abvote
We absolutely need to diversify the economy and get off this roller coaster--Rachel Notley is doing just that. Take a look here. Cavendish made the largest investment in the region that will create more than 100 new jobs. #ableg #abvote…
In @ParklandCounty, the new Champion Petfoods facility will create 340 construction jobs and another 200 jobs at the plant itself. This is diversification. #ableg #abvote…
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#NDP candidate is advertising this.
Vouching for people they don't know even if they DO NOT have ID?

#abvote⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ #ableg⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
Bill C-76, known as the Elections Modernization Act, received Royal Assent December 13, 2018, which covers Federal Elections.


Vouching for ppl without ID
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It's frustrating how much the popular opinion on Kenney shifted after the Mark Smith scandal.

And how so much praise is going towards white pundits (Adler, Gerson) who are saying the same things that those from the community have been saying since day one.

The shift is nice to see. I noticed the former press secretary to Harper agreeing that there is a problem. In addition, many conservative pundits are not acknowledging that Kenney caters to bigots.

I mean Adler has straight up said that him and Kenney are friends.
I hope that somebody writes an in depth essay that looks into *why* that was the tipping point.

Why wasn't the tipping point in September when Cindi Ross, a UCP candidate, said that mosques in her community were like 'jailing bank robbers in the vault.' The UCP defended her.
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Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview: Yet ANOTHER UCP Candidate Linked To Extremists? 1/8 #AbLeg #abpoli #abvote #cdnpoli
Mr. Egan is one of 44 followers of the Instagram account set up by Ryan Dean of the Clann. 2/8
These are the kinds of posts that might be coming up on Mr. Egan's feed. 3/8
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THREAD (1/10) During last night’s debate, NDP leader Rachel Notley again denied any responsibility for the failure of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway, and claimed the Federal Court of Appeal is why the pipeline didn’t go ahead.

This is all false. Here are the facts #ableg #abvote
(2/10) Rachel Notley opposed the Northern Gateway pipeline. She specifically told the Calgary Herald’s editorial board in April 2015 that she wouldn’t fight for it, saying "I don't think there's any point to it." This was well before the FCA decision:…
(3/10) Justin Trudeau had already committed to scrapping the project. In 2014, on the day the former federal Conservative government approved the project, he announced that he’d stop the 525,000 barrel per day pipeline:
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After looking at the platforms, additional information and the leaders debate this is what I am let with. ALL parties will be running a deficit. Oil revenue paid for a lot of things which allowed us to have low taxes 1/ 18
#abvote #abpoli #shpk #yeg #yyc #strathco
Oil prices crash, we have been through this often. And every time it happens it is the same. Jobs are lost, people's lives go off the rails and the Alberta economy crashes. This time is no different than the last time or the time before. We have some hard choices to make 2/18
Just looking at the top 2 parties. At the end of the next 4 year term #UCP will have us at 86 bill in debt and #abndp will have us at 95 bill in debt. This is a difference of 9 bill over a 4 year term or 2.25 bill per year. So what does each plan get us? 3/18
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I'm not, I called it, she's never had to defend the title before tonight. Her full colors were shown tonight or rather exposed. Last election cycle all she had was divisiveness, identity politics and the biggie "I'm a victim of Jim Prentice" math is hard. 1/ #ChooseYouralberta
This election cycle she had to run on her actual record and for the most part has spent the majority of her time in Calgary drumming up the minorities, education and GSA file. She comes on social media and tries to attack @jkenney as "keep it in the ground". 2/ #Abvote #Abpoli
MSM runs video of her campaign speeches and all the videos show is her either attacking @jkenney again on being anti oil and how she has championed the pipeline/O & G file. Albertans are not stupid, we still have no jobs. 3/ #ableg
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Alright. Let's dissect one element of the Charles Adler interview with UCP Leader Jason Kenney tonight, in which he discusses replacing Alberta's School Act with the Education Act, which would undo extra GSA+ privacy protections in Bill 24. #ableg #abvote #abed
(Not sure what I'm on about? See this story for background:… ) #abed #ableg #abvote
In tonight's Adler interview, Kenney says of the Education Act, as modified by Bill 10 of 2015: "That law is the strongest legal protection for GSAs of any province in Canada. Your province, British Columbia, has no such law. There’s only Manitoba and Ontario.” #abed #abvote
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I’m a very private person, and I like to think I have a pretty thick skin, but this campaign is really starting to get to me. #ableg #abvote
As a gay Albertan, I have always believed that people here value equality and decency.

But if you support @jkenney after his colossal moral failure this week...
#ableg #abvote
...after he stubbornly refused to condemn the retrograde, hateful views that pervade his team, and after he proposed a plan that puts vulnerable children in harms way to appease religious extremists that back his party...

May I ask why? #ableg #abvote
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