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1. How to force @senatemajldr to ignore @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & hold a vote on #TurkeySanctions & #ArmenianGenocide?

@SpeakerPelosi can easily override a Trump veto.

18 @SenateGOP are running in 2020 and supporting a Kurdish & Christian #genocide is a losing strategy.
2. Here's the @SenateGOP seats in play in 2020 with my handicapping done before they joined a Kurdish & #ChristianGenocide. Also 3 open seats: TN KS & WY.


@SenatorCollins ME
@joniernst IA
@SenCoryGardner CO
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China mentions #Kashmir

#Turkey and #Malaysia mentions #Kashmir

#Bangladesh mentions the 1971 genocide

But PM Modi didn't utter a word on





#Kurdistan or

declare to recognize #ArmenianGenocide

#India's idealism is frustrating
How can India argue for its place at #UNSC when we remain silent on major issues?

इतने ही तटस्थ हो नाव लेकर गंगा में काहे जाते हो

बैठो घाट पर और चिलम पियो

Yes, Kasmir is an issue

Make it an issue

Talk about #HinduGenocide in Pakistan

Talk about #Balochsitan #OrdinanceXX
PM Modi is the leader of India

His words matter

His anger will be discussed

His warning will be heeded to

Scrapping #Article370 is huge step in India but in global geopolitics, it is just a much-delayed step

Drop the hesitation...
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In May 1911, the #Ottoman parliament debated the issue of Zionism in Palestine. One of the MPs, the Armenian deputy for Erzurum, Ohannes Varteks Efendi, made a speech calling for tolerance & forcefully arguing against sectarian violence. Heckled by other MPs as he spoke, he said:
‘When we say things here [about the Jews], the ill-educated people out there, coming across a Jew, will say, “The Jews are traitors!” They used to say this about the Armenians.’

The people will learn by example from your words, he warned- a warning all too relevant today.
Varteks Efendi held memories of the 1890s massacres of Armenians, arguing that if there were violence in Palestine or elsewhere, Armenians too would be victims. But a fellow MP insisted that they were not capable of such barbarism, that such violence was part of a despotic past
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A thread on #ArmenianGenocide Memorial Day, and what it means to be descended from genocide survivors. Many, many people could write a thread like this, but this one is mine.
My great-grandfather and great-grandmother each lost practically their entire families in the genocide. They were children.

This is me with them, circa 1984.
Paravon, my great-grandfather, witnessed his entire family murdered while he hid in a tree. For the rest of his life, he suffered what we’d now call PTSD. He’s remembered both for being incredibly loving, and for being taciturn and having a sharp temper.
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Meet, @mathilde_frot👇😡👉“Reporter” Who Wrote This Disgusting, Slanderous & Deceitful Hit-Piece Against Me, To Use As A Smear Tool Against Chris Williamson…👈ARTICLE

@UKLabour @DerbyChrisW @JeremyCorbyn
Lying @mathilde_frot,didn't add the tweet link for context in her article.
I was replying to an equally outrageous #Islamophobic post accusing Prophet Mohammed of being a Pedophile,as EXAMPLE to show how BOTH are wrong!

@UKLabour @DerbyChrisW @JeremyCorbyn
Shameless @mathilde_frot, lying to her readers,
just above my reply👇😡you'll see @AmyMek hateful post:
"#AyatollahKhomeini Molesting A Little Girl, Just like his #Pedophile Prophet"


@UKLabour @DerbyChrisW @JeremyCorbyn
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Yezidi survivor:when my 10 yrs sister was mass raped by Muslim Sunnis from Telafer & Mosul my father couldn’t tolerate(bear)it when he was hearing his daughter next to him being raped & he died.Sunnis in Telafer & Mosul have raped many Yezidi children #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah
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