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This #Tata co. is leveraging the Tata Brand REALLY WELL to transform this shady market 👇

👉 Annual gold demand in India is ~800 tonnes (60 Bn USD) - India is second largest consumer of Gold

👉 Indian families hold an estimated 25,000 tonnes of gold (~2 Trillion$)

👉 Unorganised market with families buying from small jewellers trusted across generations

❌ Dishonest jewellers selling low quality (carat) gold at high rates. Example: They would charge for 22 carats and hand over 18 carat gold

❌ Non transparent refund and return policy
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UN Commission on Status of Women must remove #Islamic regime of #Iran today.
Misogynist regime that killed #MahsaAmini for few strands of hair, arrested 18000 since 16 Sept & has begun executing protestors has no place in body promoting gender equality.

Women of #Iran expect 54-member UN Economic & Social Council to vote to remove #Islamic Republic of #Iran from Commission on Status of Women.

How can #execution capital of world & state that legally discriminates and promotes violence against women be on a women’s rights body?
Expelling #Islamic regime of #Iran from @UN_CSW will be welcome precedent & put women’s rights above ‘rights’ of states to violate women’s rights without consequences & accountability.

How can regime that legally kills & discriminates against #women be on a gender equality body?
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Since the #EthereumMerge has put discussions around consensus right back on the map, it's a good time to learn about blockchain architecture and its core functionalities.

Modular vs. Monolithic blockchains: benefits & drawbacks – A thread 👇🧵
What's a monolithic chain?

In a monolithic blockchain, all key features or responsibilities of a blockchain system are addressed internally.
A monolithic blockchain, in its base consensus layer, undertakes key features such as data availability, settlement, and execution.

Usually, #settlement and #execution are tied together.
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This . is . brutality 🤬🤯

Forensic doctors carrying out postmortem examinations on bodies in mass graves say the have … ⬇️ 1/6

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #WarCrimes #BuchaMassacre #Bucha #RussianWarCrimes #GenocideOfUkrainians #rape #execution…
… found evidence some women were raped before being killed by Russian forces.

“We already have a few cases which suggest that these women had been raped before being shot to death,” said Vladyslav Pirovskyi, a Ukrainian forensic doctor who with a team of coroners has … ⬇️ 2/6
… carried out dozens of autopsies on residents from Bucha, Irpin and Borodianka who died during Russia’s month-long occupation of the area.

“We can’t give more details as my colleagues are still collecting the data and we still have hundreds of bodies to examine” … ⬇️ 3/6
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Automation != Test Execution

Automation is a wide spectrum of possibilities :)

#automation #execution
Testing != Test Cases

Testing is a much wider concept than just creating Test Cases.
No Bugs != Quality

Quality is a multi-dimensional concept.

Of course, Bugs threaten Quality but there are a lot of factors that affect the overall quality.
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Government officials kills a pet dog for “quarantine” in China. On November 12, in Xinzhou district in Jiangxi, government ordered quarantine for those who live in that district. The next morning, government officials come break into the house, saying #dog #china
Dogs need to be executed in order to prevent spreading the virus, those officials start hitting the dog and killed it. The dog owner had uploaded to the video on Weibo, but later soon she received a phone call from an unknowm man, saying she needs to delete the video.
Even though she took virus tests three times and every time the result was negative, but since this video was becoming viral in China, they changed the result to be positive, claiming it was necessary to kill the dog.
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1/ Yes, #Academic reasoning of value proposition. I have over 11+ years as an academic & professor. Most academics are good at analyzing & assessing things, as to building #DisruptiveTechnology The hungriest & most talented #entrepreneurs who designed from 1st Principles $eGLD ⚡️
2/ They have sold public that somehow you can have #Academics analyze something that has NEVER been done before. The very premise of value proposition is faulty at its core. $eGLD & $ADA You don’t know what you don’t know in #DisruptiveTechnology that is what makes it disruptive
3/ Many people don’t even understand what the #DisruptiveTechnological cycle looks like, behaves like or that this is what they are investing in. #CriticalThinking has all been lost among some. The level of comfort & deception is powerful. $ADA will do well but any one believing
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1/Before I ever settled on @ElrondNetwork $EGLD I studied the entire space of smart contract Blockchains. Read all white papers multiple times. Trying to understand the trade offs. This was long after I read 100’s of hours on the #ETHOS of Blockchains, the trilemma, & DAO’s $SOL
2/ Organizational structure, leveraging my extensive background in self studied human psychology & behavioral economics along with my more traditional academic background & teaching banking. I knew that because it was a paradigm shift & until I could understand most
3/ projects & technologies, strategies both successful & unsuccessful more importantly recognizing that today’s success was not representative of long term success or survival due to the technological cycle #CrossingTheChasm ie #BinanceSmartChain $BSC Who was building for the now
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(1\31) Why @ElrondNetwork is positioned to be the backbone for #DeFi 2.0 & will lift all tides? 🌊 Many have claimed they would do this, problems or limitations with all proposed or current implemented solutions. Let me explain further.. $EGLD $CEL $ETH $MATIC $AVAX $BSC $SOL
(2\31) It has always been evident the limitations of $ETH in its original form. It can’t scale, so when volume (i.e. traffic) substantially increases it becomes unusable for small users due to high fee’s promoting inequitable
(3\31) opportunity, which is against the #ETHOS of #DeFi & #BlockChain limiting Inclusiveness. $ETH also screeched to a halt due to technological limitations, making it unusable at times (i.e. Crypto Kitties). Both of these center around scalability. Introduce a commit
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1| #Ceasefire rages on as the #OnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ continues street #executions, and corpse abduction of #indigenous people under its military regime 👇 #NotTheOnion🍍… #Israel #ceaseapartheid
2| Israel's army shot and killed Shadi Salim (41), at #Beita junction, making him the 311th indigenous #Palestinian, to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, and the 51st Palestinian to be killed from the #WestBank.
3| Israel's last #execution was carried out just 6 days ago, when soldiers invaded the town of #NabiSaleh, and shot 16 year-old Mohammad Tamimi in the back.
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3 questions I was asked at a recent @collisionHQ event:

1. How much revenue do I need before a #VC will commit to invest?
2. How do I demonstrate traction sufficient to get an investor to commit?
3. How can I help the investor understand that this is a “really big opportunity?”
SPOILER: There's no exact formula for this. But these questions did remind me of how @Techstars Chief Investment Officer, Jason @Seats, explains to #startups and #entrepreneurs how to get an investor to say yes. (2/7)
Jason talks about the investor needing to “believe in the inevitability of your success.” They have to picture that this is going to work, with or without them. To get there, they’ll need to have the following mindset about your startup. (3/7)
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#Iran #Dehghan #Execution

According to the Iranian judiciary's website, Iranian authorities on Saturday hanged Javid Dehghan Khalad, a by Iranian courts "convicted terrorist", for murder, kidnapping and links to the Sunni militant group Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice).
In the restive southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, Dehghan was killed early in the morning, the local state media Mizan Online news agency reported.

Jaish al-Adl is a Pakistan-based militant group Jaish al-Adl has been involved in a number of deadly attacks on the Shiite country's soldiers and installations in the past few years,
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8:06 - 8:12
9:12 - 9:16

What are these? Time email sent - time reply received. Same founder. Showing speed. Urgency. Bias for action. @_surgeahead hadn’t made the investment yet, but this was already a very good sign.
2/5 Reminded me of my first week at @AWS. I was spending a week in Silicon Valley with my colleague doing many meetings every day. After each meeting, he was frantically typing on this phone. “What are you doing so urgently?” I asked. His answer? “TNT"
3/5 He explained: “TNT. Today Not Tomorrow. Everything I can do instantly, I will. Make an intro. Update CRM. Fix an issue. Kick-off a project. I can all do it TNT”. And he did. Every day. After each and every meeting.
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✔️Trump & #Barr are on a #KillingSpree. The official cause of death for executions is homicide.

If there are no more stays, they'll have killed 13 in 7 months compared to 3 in the 222 months since McVeigh's execution in June 2001. | thread
Dept of Justice website: "There is no proof that the #DeathPenalty deters criminals."

Death in prison by no parole (not execution) saves +/-$1 million per case. The capital punishment error rate is 1 in 10: 1 exoneration for every 9 executions.…
Chart source: Wikipedia, List of people executed by the US federal government

#Execution schedule 2020-21 & #DeathPenalty information:…
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Stock note : HG Infra

Cmp – 198
Market Cap – 1,300 cr
Sector- #RoadConstruction & #EPC

(Blog note is slightly old)

Company Overview - #HGInfra Image
Impressive #Orderbook growth with Discipline in #Execution Image
Segmental #Diversification Image
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