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💥Andrew Forrest
💥Belt and Road Initiative
💥Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ImageImageImageImage
July 2017

Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest and his wife Nicola were the first Australians to sign up to the "Giving Pledge," a philanthropic scheme pioneered by Bill and Melinda Gates…
30th June 2020: The 10m Covid-19 testing kits purchased from Andrew Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation have a shelf life of six months, prompting concerns the government’s massive acquisition may cause wastage.

Only Victoria has confirmed to be using them. ImageImage
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. @EpochTimes #VIP2020

Nearly 350,000 #DeadRegistrants remain on voter rolls across 41 states, according to an audit conducted by the @PILFoundation.

. @EpochTimes #VIP2020

The number is a major improvement over the last time an assessment of similar scope was performed in 2012, when a Pew Research report turned up 2 million deceased voters on the rolls.

@EpochTimes #VIP2020 . @realDonaldTrump

In the 2016 and 2018 elections, states credited 14,608 registrants for voting after death, the @PILFoundation report found.

#DeadVoters #BigData @IvanPentchoukov
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The New York Times did this, back in 2016. Though, with Trump supporters and Duck Dynasty (vis-a-vis shows like Modern Family & Empire).…
It's the premise of #BigData. To riff off Aristotle's "give me a child until he is 7, and I will show you the man", in modern times, it's: "Give me your data, and I will show you who I believe you are, and push you in the direction of who I want you to be."
As an example, if you're getting election-related calls, texts, Facebook ads, etc., you're getting them because you're on a list. Data decided which list(s) you should be on.
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YouTube is a very good learning resource for almost anything you want to learn.

Here are some popular channels for beginners to learn about #MachineLearning, #ArtificialIntelligence & #DataScience.

Analytics Mantra.

This channel has lots of tutorials on #DataAnalysis and #ML, including on Python, Programming in R, Data Visualization with Qlikview, Advanced Excel Tutorials, etc.…
Cognitive Class.

This is an IBM initiative that provides learning in #BigData, #DataAnalysis and #ML.

There are playlists on #DeepLearning with Tensorflow, how to build your own chatbot, etc.…
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USA as THE world cyber leader... uFF oO

Special Issue: Cyber Competition

From Reaction to Action: Adopting a Competitive Posture in Cyber Diplomacy

Some extracts, full read recommended 1/x…
The nation that best understands and can most rapidly harvest the benefits of changing knowledge (e.g., quantum #encryption, artificial intelligence #AI, machine learning #ML, high performance computing, #bigdata, #5G) will be best positioned to secure its future. 2/x
countries #5G communications networks. By offering attractive financial terms, authoritarian governments can dominate the #telecommunication's industry in developing countries and control digital tools that increase #censorship, #repression, and #surveillance. 3/x
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Please help us welcome our next curator Darryl Takudzwa Griffiths. @BlaqNinja completed his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at DUT, graduated in 2011. Due to struggling to find suitable employment he went on to study multiple certificates from bodies such as Microsoft.
He has certificates in N+ (Computer Networking), A+ (Computer Technician & Technical Support), Certified Ethical Hacking V7 (CEH v7), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Sadly even with these, he could not secure his desired post so in 2016 he moved to USA.
Darryl was able to secure a job in a corporation that owns casinos as a system analyst & security architect. Within the same year he embarked on a Masters degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In 2017 he resigned from his post and started his own company...
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Have you heard about Industry 4.0? This Saturday, come and learn Data Analytics in our FREE Advanced Excel Tech Skills Masterclass.

Join @MimiAdeyemi Founder of Techavilly in this 3-hour practical session where you will:
- Be introduced to the world of Data Analytics
- Learn practical Advanced excel
- Practice Advanced excel
- Manipulate data in real-time
The session starts at 5 pm, WAT/12 pm Eastern time this Saturday, August 29, 2020, on Zoom.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 701297
PS: No CODING Experience Required!

This is a learning opportunity you don’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you.

This session is brought to you by STEMHub Foundation and @africa_hacks
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Incredibly proud to be part of this amazing @OHDSI collaboration: LEGEND. This is next generation, #bigdata observational research. The pioneers are @suchard_group @nicolepratt_ Ryan You @davidbmadigan Hripcsak.… #openscience @AMIAinformatics Image
@OHDSI @suchard_group @nicolepratt_ @davidbmadigan @AMIAinformatics And check out these principles of the Large-scale Evidence Generation and Evaluation across a Network of Databases (LEGEND) initiative. This is the foundation for the #bigdata, next generation observational research.… Image
@OHDSI @suchard_group @nicolepratt_ @davidbmadigan @AMIAinformatics Transparency, pre-specification, sharing and more… see how a typical study in LEGEND adheres to the principles.… Image
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I have spent the summer reading about how math & Big Data shape our understanding of the world. To my surprise, it has affirmed the importance of the humanities. Behind the shiny facade of #BigData lies a series of social judgments made by human beings.

A thread w/ citations.
The field of statistics is full of subjective judgments, such as p < .05 being the threshold for significance, or the selection of variables (@JSEllenberg). These are, as @mathbabedotorg puts it, “opinions embedded in models.” But we lose site of this in popular discourse. 2/9
The judgments made my mathematicians and data scientists are no more capital-T True than those made by activists, artists, journalists, etc. The difference is that mathematical judgments can be embedded in code — distilled to 1s and 0s — and scaled to infinity. @rushkoff 3/9
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Acabo de leer el Plan #EspanaDigital2025. Me parece tan ingenuo y etéreo para abordar el momento actual que creo que lo único que garantiza es que en 5 años tendremos los mismos problemas (o mayores) con la #tecnología para ser competitivos. Abro hilo.…
El plan se centra en varias lineas estratégicas que serían aplicables hoy pero también en 2000, 2010 o 2015. Insiste en mantras "atemporales" asociados ingenuamente a la digitalización y creación de riqueza digital pero que ignoran el contexto. Están fuera del timing real.
Muchas de ellas se centran en la infraestructura (#5G, derecho a la cobertura con 100Mbps, etc). Todo ello es muy positivo, pero no deja ser un MEDIO, no un FIN. A no ser que seas una #Telco. Es necesario y positivo, pero no nos hace más competitivos, solo mejores consumidores.
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El Gobierno presenta la Agenda #EspañaDigital2025

🌐Su objetivo: impulsar la transición digital del país como palanca esencial para relanzar el crecimiento económico, reducir la desigualdad, aumentar la productividad y aprovechar las oportunidades de las nuevas tecnologías.
Durante 2020/22, #EspañaDigital2025 contempla la movilización de un volumen de inversión pública y privada de en torno a 70.000M€

📌Pública: 20.000M, unos 15.000 corresponderían a nuevos instrumentos de financiación del Plan de Recuperación #NextGenerationEU
📌Privada: 50.000M
La Agenda #EspañaDigital2025 recoge 4⃣7⃣medidas, articuladas en🔟ejes estratégicos con un horizonte de 5 años.

Se pondrán en marcha en línea con la estrategia digital de la UE, con la colaboración público-privada y la participación de todos los agentes económicos y sociales.

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@AWeissmann_ Since we're talking about Stone, and Facebook just shut down one of his social-media networks over there, perhaps it's time to discuss what the @FBI has known about how vulnerable they are since 1/2/20.

Also of interest to @GCHQ, @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU.
cc: @ericgarland
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Let's start with the original 1/2/20 message.

With apologies for the length of the following, and the unpolished prose (it's the second of four sent over four days, and not remotely the longest)...

Here it is...
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Data Mining Online Illegal Influence Networks
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Mucho se habla sobre #China como "Faro" de todo ecosistema #Fintech, pero poco sobre su #Regulación el rol del Gobierno chino.

Esta tendencia a omitir al Regulador en el desarrollo del ecosistema #fintech en #China está escudada en que "son un Estado Socialista"

Abro hilo Image
1/ Vengo leyendo mucho sobre el desarrollo de este ecosistema y, principalmente, cómo el Estado se paró frente a gigantes como #Tencent, #Alibaba o #Baidu.

¿Acaso podemos ignorar que hoy #China es el ÚNICO país en todo el mundo con empresas que compiten con #Facebook o #Google?
2/ Sin duda esto tuvo un costo en términos de libertades y demás pero, siendo pragmáticos: lograron ser el ÚNICO país que no transfiere diariamente valor a mansalva a los gigantes #tech de occidente.

(es más, podríamos decir que cada vez más la ecuación es a la inversa)
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A lo largo de la semana les contamos sobre la Beca #CosechaAnfibia, la nueva propuesta que lanzamos junto a @revistaanfibia ANFIBIA. Lo que todavía no saben es que lxs 16 becarixs que participen de ella serán elegidos por un jurado. En este hilo les contamos quiénes son 👇 Image
🔺@rossanareguillo es doctora en Ciencias Sociales por la @udg_oficial. Es especialista en estudios de la juventud, la ciudad como espacio social y el miedo como construcción social. [FOTO HORIZONTAL ROSSANA] Image
Con @Signa_Lab (@ITESO) modificó la escena académica de la comunicación: sus análisis de #BigData ponen contra las cuerdas a los poderes mexicanos. Recibió el Premio Nacional de Antropología a la mejor investigación y el Iberoamericano a la investigación municipal y regional.
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Had the pleasure of discussing with leading #tech activists on the use of #BigData in #elections in #Africa & the implications for #democracy. With elections in #Guinea #CôtedIvoire #Niger #Burkina #Ghana, the issue is high on the agenda! Thx @Info_Activism! Key resources below.
Think #BigData is not being harnessed for political influence in #WestAfrica? Read @simonallison's article on the use of data in the 2019 presidential #election in #Senegal and think again!…
For a deep (and chilling) dive into data-driven campaigning, what it means, how it works, the companies behind it and the services they offer (psychometric profiling, robotcalls, geotracking, etc.), read @Info_Activism's excellent report:…
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#IRBScience: Did you know that 7% of #cancer cell lines are misclassified and actually correspond to a different type of cancer?

Check out the latest work by the @GenomeDataLab, published in @ScienceAdvances.
#WomenInSTEM #BigData #MachineLearning
(1/4) Image
Of 614 cell lines, approx. 60% greatly conserve the characteristics of the tumour of origin, another 20% maintain some resemblance. The remaining 18% differ considerably from the tumour that they supposedly represent. #IRBScience
“Identifying cell lines that are very different from the tumour of origin is crucial because they can lead to false positive or false negative results in experiments,” says @FranSupek, head of the @GenomeDataLab at @IRBBarcelona
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Liste ernster Probleme der Gegenwart:

1. #Klimawandel.
1.1. Sibirien taut auf und brennt ab.
1.2. Arktis taut auf.
1.3. Meeresströmungen und Jetstream ändern sich.
1.4. Wetterextreme und Dürre.
1.5. Abtauende Gletscher und höhere Temperaturen.
1.6. Steigende Meeresspiegel.

2. #Artensterben und #Insektensterben
3. Abholzen der Wälder.
4. Überfischung der Meere.
5. Anstieg der Meerestemperaturen.
6. #Umweltverschmutzung.
6.1. Müllteppiche in den Meeren.
6.2. Öl, Metall und Giftmüll.
6.3. Plastikmüll und Mikroplastik.
6.4. Atommüll.

7. #WhiteSupremacy und #Rassismus.
8. Zunehmender #Faschismus.
9. #BigData und Datenschutz.
10. #Pressefreiheit und #Meinungsfreiheit.
11. #FakeNews und lügende Politik.
12. #Staatsverschuldung.
13. #Corona Pandemie.
14. Soziale Ungleichheit

Ergänzt, was ich vergessen habe!

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S Schnorr @schnorrax & A Crittenden @an_crittenden presented an impressive approach to the ethics of science & field work that embodies our motto #HometoTheorythatMatters. Thread below summarizes messages important for anyone working with vulnerable populations! #KLIColloquium
The push across scientific disciplines to collect biological samples outside of #WEIRD societies (western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic) has led to an increase in research teams collecting bio-specimen data from an ever-expanding global participant pool. /1
Many of the most sampled populations are from low income countries in the #GlobalSouth – many are Indigenous and marginalized. It is the responsibility of the scientist(s) to acknowledge this and communicate the benefits of their work (or lack thereof) to the community. /2
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Data sangat melimpah. Salah satunya rekam dijital di media daring & medsos. #Evello mengumpulkan beragam data itu dlm suatu sistem #BigData dg teknologi crawling, indexing & analitik. Pd 9-16 Juni 2020, berita & percakapan ttg pendidikan,kesehatan &ekonomi mjd perhatian warganet
Terkait perbincangan ttg isu pendidikan di twitter banyak akun terlibat dg jumlah reaksi yg beragam. Dari sisi akun bisa dilihat kedalam isu, bisa dicek akun2 dlm tabel terutama dg porsi reaksi yg besar. Akan diperoleh bgmn isu pendidikan itu bertutur di lini masa.
Ini saya kasih clue akun paling banyak menuai reaksi ttg pendidikan: @collegemenfess -->bisa dibaca apa cuitan yg terus diamplifier oleh banyak akun lainnya. Silahkan berselancar untuk akun yg ada di tabel sebelumnya. Menarik khan?
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في حديثي اليوم (ال #ثريد ) سأكمل عن #BigData البيانات الضخمة من ناحية (برمجية)
وسأركز على هادوب Hadoop و سبارك Spark
للحاجة الماسة لتعلم مثل هذه الأدوات الهامة
في حديثي السابق تكلمت عن البرمجة باستخدام MapReduce
وهي أساس لعملاق البيانات Hadoop
وسأتحدث اليوم عن Spark
برمجيآ.. وهو الأكثر استخدامآ نظرآ للسرعة العالية High Performance
تقريبآ 100 مرة مقارنة ب Hadoop (MapReduce)
كما هو مرفق
ماهو Spark
*عبارة عن بيئة مصممة لتحليل ومعالجة البيانات الضخمة بشكل سريع جدآ
يكتب بلغات مثل Python , Java, Scala
يمكن أن يعمل Patch
بمعنى بيانات مخرنة
او Streaming
بمعنى تحليل مباشر لبيانات جارية
*يمكن استخدامه كبيئة فرديه Stand Alone
أو Cluster Mode
بالنظم الموزعه وهو الأشهر
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Much debate on #SciComm. Little formal guidance exists. Those on academic committees that oversee ethics & professionalism are unfamiliar with social media. And now we are in a crisis and #pandemic of many levels. #publichealth very different from industry (1st vs rest).
In #publichealth one, the 1st points are be first & be right

There is an inherent tension between these two

With disrupted public health coordination, like cutting off from WHO, changing guidance from CDC (masks only for clinicians, no everyone wear them) how to be accurate?
In comparison, industry guidance #SoMe guidance. Industry has a lot more experience with this and uses it for marketing, market share, customer outreach, customer brand recognition, brand management. The focus is prestige, optics, reputation - there are monetizable traits.
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Now @TheLancet retracts Mehra article on HCQ… question will be… what can we learn from the failure of peer review. And how can we improve #bigdata science. And what exactly happened here?… Image
@TheLancet Oh, I made an error, three of the authors retracted their article. They could not audit their article’s data. they "can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources." This is all so puzzling. What really happened here. What did they do before they submitted?
@TheLancet Would @TheLancet have retracted the article if the authors did not. How did authors, confident enough to submit, decide that they no longer had faith in the data. The story of the work will be instructive to all. Let’s see what generalizable lessons there are.
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#ViolencesPolicieres & #BigData
[THREAD] traduit du thread de @samswey
Voici ce que nous savons sur les #ViolencesPolicières, en se basant sur les données collectées ces dernières années.
Lien originel :
Malgré la réticence du gouvernement américain à suivre la violence policière, nous avons maintenant des données complètes sur les meurtres commis par la #police via WaPo, &
Bien que nous ne disposions pas de suffisamment de données sur la violence non mortelle, nous pouvons apprendre beaucoup, des données dont nous disposons...
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