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The #AACR23 abstracts will be accessible from here (not all sessions populated yet at the time of this tweet)!/10828/
"new drugs on the horizon":

ND03 - Discovery of ARV-766, an androgen receptor degrading PROTAC for the treatment of men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer $ARVN #PROTAC!/10828/p…
ND01 - ABBV-319: A first-in-class Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator (GRM) agonist #ADC for the treatment of B-cell malignancies $ABBV!/10828/p…
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CAR-T en #Lupus
Dra. María Galindo
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
Resetear el sistema inmune
#Reset #immune #system
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
¿Cómo se fabrica un #CART?
#CARTcell #SLE 🧵🩺💊💉🧪🔬
#25TenTopicsBCN #TenTopics
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Really chuffed to share our latest work from Sanjana Lab out in @nature today (…).

We tested >12,000 genes to find positive regulators of T cell proliferation to be used for next-gen #immunotherapies.

A thread...
(2/28) T cell therapies have shown the potential to cure patients from #cancer – but even in B cell cancers, relapses outnumber cures… One of the problems is limited T cell persistence. #celltherapy #CARTcell
(3/28) We wanted to find new genes (including genes never expressed in T cells) that could improve T cell persistence. Now, the question was: should we use #crispr activation or directly deliver target genes on a #lentivirus?
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“A Tedious Explanation of #Cannabis #Oilpens” - PART TWO starts here! You can find PART ONE here:

We are continuing our look into #hybrid #oilpen #systems:
16. Jupiter Research: I can’t quite figure out where @we_are_jupiter ends and @CCELLofficial begins. These two companies are very inter-related. The company founders helped develop the #CCell heating technology. They then brought over #CCell products to the US beginning in 2016.
They also create 510 carts, and offer several pod-based systems. There’s the #Liquid #Que - their first pod system that uses a magnetic snap-in pod with ceramic heating. There’s the #Jupiter #Liquid9 with a unique 9-sided design and pod with a built in “septum”. ImageImage
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Key takeaways from LOTIS-2 study leading to Loncastuximab approval in R/R DLBCL # Tweetorial #lymsm @ccarlostella @paolocaimiMD
Open-label; single arm; Single agent (important for efficacy data)
No exclusion for pri refrac; double hit NOT excluded (1/10)…
LOTIS-2 dosing of 150 µg/kg every 3 weeks (Q3W) for 2 doses followed by 75 µg/kg Q3W deduced from large phase 1 study in @BloodJournal (2/10)
LOTIS 2; N enrolled = 145
ORR = 70 of 145 (48·3% [95% CI 39·9–56·7]);
35 had complete response and 35 had partial response.
Median DOR 10.3 mons
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I am thrilled to share our new paper out in @ScienceMagazine! We show that transient disruption of CAR signaling, or "rest", can reinvigorate exhausted CAR-T cells and boost anti-tumor functionality #CART #immunotherapy #IO

Thread 1/…
This project began with a simple question: if persistent CAR signaling alone can promote exhaustion, what happens if you turn the CAR off? To test this, we first teamed up with Tom Wandless to create a drug-regulatable CAR system (DD-CAR) that enabled tunable CAR expression
Using a DD-CAR targeting GD2, which exhibits antigen-independent tonic CAR signaling, we observed that "hiding" the CAR during ex vivo expansion dramatically improved CAR-T cell activity, underscoring the importance of preventing tonic CAR signaling to preserve function
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Time to catch up on some #Senescence papers, starting with beautiful work by @corina_amor_MD, Judith Freucht & @JosefLeibold. They used #CART #CellTherapy to clear #Senescent cells, and you'll never guess what happened next!…
Just kidding, you guessed it: disease model mice got better. Props to the authors for A) inducing #Senescence in 3 different ways, B) using 2 models of #NASH/liver #Fibrosis, and C) validating their senescence observations in human samples of #Cancer and #Atherosclerosis.
The linchpin of the paper was identifying a specific membrane marker on #Senescent cells, uPAR. They used bulk #Transcriptomics to identify candidates, then narrowed down with #Proteomic data. Go #Omics!
They didn't explore whether uPAR is causative for the #Senescent phenotype.
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let's talk about #CytokineStorm in #COVID19.

1st, there is no standard threshold above which something is called #CytokineStorm.

Mechanistically, the simplest form of #CytokineStorm we can understand is when anti-CD19 #CART cells are infused in tumor-bearing recipients.
in this scenario, we have large numbers of antigen-specific T cells (anti-CD19) and large numbers of antigen-bearing cells (CD19+ tumor cells). When too many T cells engage with too many antigens simultaneously in a short period of time we get #CytokineStorm
Why is that? This is because naturally developing an adaptive immune system (T cells) ordinarily doesn't work that way. 1st, for a given antigen we have very few antigen-specific T cells (~ 50 cells/antigen, unlike anti-CD19 CAR-T cells that are in millions).
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Nuevo | Los hospitales públicos pagan 307.200 euros por cada tratamiento personalizado contra la #leucemia infantil.

Ese el coste real de #Kymriah, de @Novartis, que @sanidadgob se niega a revelar. Por @maberalv🔽

#CART #Transparencia #Salud
@Novartis @sanidadgob @maberalv Este precio real ha sido negociado en secreto con @Novartis. Los acuerdos de confidencialidad son habituales, y @sanidadgob solo dio a conocer el precio máximo que estaba dispuesto a pagar. Hoy sabemos que es un poco más bajo🔽

#CART #Transparencia
@Novartis @sanidadgob @maberalv Para revelarlo, hemos tenido que encontrar tres contratos públicos de diferentes centros médicos que reflejan el mismo precio unitario en los tratamientos que adquieren. También publicamos el precio real de #Yescarta, otra terapia #CART contra el cáncer:
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Challenging Case @IDweek2019

63M B cell lymphoma
ACV, Levo, Fluco Prophy

SIRS —> cytokine release syndrome
Rx tocilizumab —> anakinra

Mental status change —> CART-related encephalopathy
Rx: dexamethasone

Now coma / anisocoria
MRI / path (photo) Image
Presented by Dr Pearlie Chong @UTSWNews at @IDWeek2019 what is the diagnosis of this neurologic complication following CD19-targeted CAR T cell Rx, followed by use of tocilizumab, anakinra and dexamethasone to manage cytokine release and encephalopathy syndrome?
Case diagnosis: cerebral angioinvasive #mucormycosis due to #Rhizopus

CD19-targeted CAR-T #immunotherapy for B cell cancers —> #lymphodepletion

Other immunodeficiencies:
1. conditioning Rx
2. hypogammaglobulinemia
3. IL-6 deficiency (tocilizumab)
4. IL-1 inhibition (anakinra)
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Checkout flow have 5-7 screens starting from Cart to Payment Gateway. Imagine the first screen as a Card. These Cards slide down as we press Next. A new card adds at the top with the next set of info. Next & Back arrow at the top of the new card. That way all the information
will be on one page at all point of time throughout the process. Slide down & Review any info at any point of time just before moving into Payment Gateway.

#Quantitative #Analytics #DigitalMarketing #Digital #CreativeCommon #patent #DesignPatent #Wallmart #Mart #Shopify #Magento
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