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I've noticed rabid TRAs employ much the same tactics as anti-choice thugs in the 1980's did. Notably the creep crawling between women's legs at the #LetJulieSwim rally. The assaults, intimidation, the hateful graffiti campaigns are all redolent of yesteryear's campaign against
girls & women asserting bodily sovereignty & boundaries. Like the old anti-choice terrorism, it's mostly male #VAWG, but it was also enabled by misguided women with deep internalized misogyny. Now more than ever, it is supported & held up by handmaidens, but they insist they're
liberal, progressive feminists, centering the marginalized & vulnerable. The same girls & women that would balk at standing beside yesterday's anti-female campaigners now proudly carry their banners & extol their virtues. How have they so thoroughly swallowed the lie? Why are
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In the audience at @nordicmodelnow event #PowerPlay listening to the amazing Heli St Luce explain how #sexwork became a euphemism for exploitation
The youngest girl rescued from the red light trafficking district in Amsterdam in 2020 was two years old
The rise of neoliberalism and unrestrained capitalism has given rise to the expansion of the sex trade and a lack of material analysis in academia props it up.
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The "Example" in CoP APP undermines Forstater Ruling by framing "people who have a philosophical belief in biological gender" (SEX not gender!) as "anti-transgender" and wishing harm on trans people.
Shameful @nickherbertcbe !
This is a perfect mirror image of what happens in real life. Police across UK have to mobilise in large numbers to protect women from being physically attacked by trans activists. Posters urge "burn TERFs", "Decapitate TERFs" and threaten rape!
CoP is guilty of "Four Fingers Pointing Back", propagandising on behalf of trans people, smearing people who believe biological sex exists (99% population). Women are targeted almost exclusively, aided by police institutional misogyny.…
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So. Open and frequent threats of punching (as we've seen now carried out in Auckland against elderly woman), boot-stomping, smashing women's teeth in for talking, multiple threats of rape and sexual assault
and constant abusive sexual references, multiple examples of "Kill terfs" slogans, threats of decapitation, now threats of acid attacks. This is #terrorism in the form of serious #VAWG and threatening femicide.
It is extremely notable that most of this is what violent misogynist and male supremacists have always done to women who speak out or in other ways "don't know their place".
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If anyone claims the Trans Right's (#TRAs) movement is about 'love & acceptance' just show them this thread. It is anything but - it is violent, misogynistic, homophobic, and driven by pure Narcissism. Even most Far-Right groups do not behave like this. #LetWomenSpeakNZ (1/10)
Here's some video footage showing barriers being kicked down (The boundaries of others tends to be an issue for #TRAs and the TQ+ movement).
#LetWomenSpeakNZ #LetWomenSpeakAuckland (2/10)
Here's video footage of an elderly woman being savagely beaten up. Which is par for the course, considering the violent rhetoric of 'Trans rights' activists (pictured). #TRAs #LetWomenSpeakNZ #LetWomenSpeakAuckland (3/10)
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🧵The issue with “bystander” effect

Just lately, it feels as though every initiative violence against women centres its intervention with active bystander training.

Got an issue with racism? Bystander training.

Got an issue with sexual harassment? Bystander training.
Don’t get me wrong - active bystander training has its place. I cover it briefly in my training too.

It usually focuses on arming individuals with the tools to step in + disrupt situations with a range of resources e.g. the “4 Ds” - “direct”, “distract”, “delay” and “delegate”
We also see it being used in professional training to improve cultures where sexism and racism are an issue. Again, the focus is on speaking up when people see harmful behaviour.

And here is the very problem.
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Imagine thinking you are in ANY way a "human rights defender" Max. You behaved like violent woman-haters and incels all over the world do. As usual. That isn't human rights.
Max thinks all the below are examples of "defending human rights". Somebody needs to read the International Declaration of Human Rights, and also his history books, and see what side he actually is playing for. Vile, lying, hateful, bigoted & pro #VAWG.
You ignorant people are behaving like terrorist cultists. You are hateful, mindless and violent. You are also liars. Imagine thinking any of that is "human rights". You are in a violent woman-hating cult.
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Imagine being someone whose "activism" is to enable total lies ALL over the Australian & NZ media about the political affiliations of a woman who's spoken out & is encouraging other women to speak about their OWN legal rights being dismantled, to the point that the hatred
against her is so frenzied she gets scissors held to her throat in public and another 70 year old woman gets punched in the face by a violent man. You should all be done for incitement. You still haven't told us what it is you imagine she and the other women are saying
and what is "right wing" about it, let alone "fascist". Imagine being one of the many self righteous politicians or journalists or self identifying "leftie activist singers" who has been smugly cheering this shit on.
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When Sarah Everard was killed, we learnt Couzens had exposed himself, twice, days before he murdered her.
I was recently involved in a case where a man dropped his swim shorts while I swam towards him.
Despite CCTV, he said he didn't mean to "cause offence". Case dropped!
I was offended.
Because of the MANY failings that I have seen around this offence & other offences, & because of what happened to Sarah, I'm doing my bit to raise awareness for the #VAWG movement to help protect children &women from predators.
I've come to the conclusion that the only way critical change will happen to our laws - regarding sexual offenders - is if one of our ‘notable’ leaders becomes affected by #CSA or #VAWG
We can’t wait until the next Sarah Everard for the next big conversation to happen on this.
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I'm into being a #ModernSuffragette. Women have the vote but are still disenfranchised, so it makes some semblance of sense. ♀️ are not consulted on matters that directly affect us pertaining to separate sex spaces or affirmative action, not even an afterthought. Our language is
taken from us and we are told to accept being referred to as our biological functions. We are told to cede our spaces, opportunities & language to males- some who suffer from dysphoria, some who are autogynephilic. They can't seek their own language or protections, they must have
ours, or we are responsible for their suffering. 1st rule of misogyny- women are responsible for male violence, either against us or other males. If we wielded such influence, surely we'd be able to stop #VAWG? We don't. We are told as same-sex attracted women to examine our
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1. Trying to understand why "DECAPITATE TERFS" with a portrayal of a guillotine at a demo today in Glasgow did not cause a huge stir with those attending. Why no stewards removed this person from the steps at the Donald Dewar statue, which act like a focal point for any demos. /2
2. And I realised that all along TRAs using TERF was always designed to 'other' and dehumanise women, women who've done nothing wrong except ask for their voices to be heard when new or reformed legislation is proposed. /3
3. I reject the slur TERF - used here to dehumanise. I reject a politics and movement that dehumanises anyone. Dehumanises to the point where in the middle of the day in Glasgow you can hold up a sign inciting brutal violence against women. /4
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WE are really concerned about the project @ManduReid & @WEP_UK are now involved in.

Right2Equality do not have a grasp of #VAWG sector principles nor #maleviolence.
Moreover none of the key names have the requisite experience to be campaigning on law not its consequences in this area.
Proudman has little history in this field beyond those curling self promotion on tiktok.

Here she is on day time TV bragging about how she advises male abusers to use ‘parental alienation’ to gain access to their ex & children.

At best a contrarian.

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@ManduReid's leadership has will sadly become knownfor dismissing expertise & the majority view of Party members on self ID.

The Party's assembly was clear in its support of single-sex spaces, yet #wep #groundhogday brings back the same tired motion that was rejected previously
@ManduReid This week Reem Alsalem, the UN #VAWG rapporteur wrote to Hollyrood to intervene on similar self ID policies (#GRRBill).

It is unacceptable to WEP party members that her voice, alongside ours, should be dismissed.
@WEP_UK #IDEVAW2022 #16DaysofActivism

The Party bought a self ID motion that was rejected until the membership was consulted (thank you Sophie Walker).

The Party stalled for years, and when a version of a consultation was conducted it rejected self ID.

Our blog:…
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I was yesterday at the @Europarl_BE to represent @ENoMW in front of the group #LEFT and share our analysis of the directive proposal on violence against #women and girls by the @EuropeanCommiss
There is currently no specific legal instrument that comprehensively addresses violence against women at #EU level. The most comprehensive international framework is the @coe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Girls (Istanbul Convention)
The new proposal for a directive aims to provide for standards for prevention, protection and access to justice, & criminalisation of specific forms of violence against women. It is aimed to be an #EU instrument, with binding obligations on Member States.
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Really interesting 168-strong survey, though a shame that only 2 surrogate mothers responded, so with an unintentional focus on those who benefit from #surrogacy it collects key data with balance provided. Our analysis follows. Epic 🧵 1.
2. Same sex respondents (9), 5 admit to using ‘legal loopholes’ to access #commercialsurrogacy in #Ukraine – laws there only permit infertile heterosexual couples to apply for #surrogacy
3. Reason for choosing #surrogacy: #adoption was restricted or not available (this refers to other countries, UK does not discriminate legally against same-sex couples) but #surrogacy can be either expensive or cheap.
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.#BeKind is drenched in the blood of all the women who weren't. It is as much of a threat as punching the wall beside someone's head, an indicator of what might happen. It never just means, "be kind". It means do as I say, don't make me angry, it's your fault you make me do this.
The usually unsaid, but sometimes vocalised, "or else" - be if from your mum telling you, "just you wait until your father comes home", or from the doctor telling you that if you can't relax then OF COURSE it will hurt more, you silly girl - is always, always there.
It is always there, and it is always a demand for compliance, capitulation and subservience. And every woman knows it. Those in a position of privilege, who can pretend that #VAWG isn't real, that it doesn't affect them, that #BeKind is simply a t-shirt slogan -
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Whew! This is Sarah taking over the tweets from our wonderful A. She has done a grand job launching #RespectMySex and speaking to @WEP_UK candidates. Unfortunately, this has also filled our mentions with some grim content... (1/7)
I just want to say thank you to all our feminist sisters slogging it out here in Twitter, it's not always an easy place to be. Nobody wants to be dealing with porn-soaked replies about sex toys whilst making the kids' lunch... (2/7)
Many of us are #VAWG survivors, of course, and being political and opinionated whilst being female is often enough reason to be targeted by rank misogyny. Sometimes even from other women... (3/7)
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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

We need to talk about the culture of sexual harassment and assault in surgery.

And we have advice for *all of you*. Read on.
#VAWG #ILookLikeASurgeon #EarNoseAndNope
If you don't think there's a problem, see this from @RCSnews by @orthopodreg and @beckybeckyfish. "The debate about whether there is a culture of sexual harrassment, discrimination and sexual assault should end. Instead, harder conversations need to begin"…
And it's not old news. The @RCSnews report led by @HelenaKennedyQC highlighted 'jokes' about rape and sexual assault as a problem in surgery. It noted only 1/4 of respondents reported the harassment/abuse they experienced.…
#VAWG #ILookLikeASurgeon
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We recently co-hosted a meeting with @portsmouthuni to launch a series on feminism in 21st C. We were disappointed that the Dean did not permit filming. We have therefore published texts of all speeches so you can read what they said #WPUKPortsmouth… 1/5
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「私も#NoThankYou と言う
「女は単なるアイデンティティではない。私たちは特定の性を持つ人間だ。*女*の人間だ。私たちが自分自身について話すのを妨げたり、私たちがまるで生殖機能や器官に還元されているかのように言うために言葉の意味そのものを変えようとするのは #PeakMisogyny 」


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I say #NoThankYou too:
To conflating "gender" with sex to the extent it moves the concept of gender away from the social mechanism which keeps women subordinated in society.
Women aren't a mere identity. We are specific sexed humans: *female* humans.
#PeakMisogyny to attempt to change the very meanings of words in order prevent us from talking about ourselves or refer to us as if we were reduced to our reproductive functions or organs.
Women have the right to meet on our own and organise exclusively in our shared interests for whatever reason. Stop trying to stop us. It's not stopped us.
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1] Essential blog Post from @ShonaghDillon of @AuroraNewDawn

An analysis of evidence submitted to the #GRA consultation by #VAWG services

A must read for @ManduReid @TabithaMortonWE & all women who have survived #MVAWG

A shame to see @WEP_UK missing…
'Out of 837 submissions there are only six (that I can find and I did trawl through all of them but could well have missed one), from organisations that work within the male violence against women movement'

Here is the Caucus submission…
3] Women's Aid UK ❤️STOOD UP FOR WOMEN ❤️

Women-only spaces provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that is vital to survivors’ recovery and empowerment after experiencing domestic and sexual violence and other forms of violence against women and Girls

@womensaid Image
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1/. At a time when many countries are starting to try & find ways of combating violence against women, #Turkey has just pulled out of #IstanbulConvention

This is the Convention on violence against women

Ironic that it is named after the city in #Turkey.…
2/. #Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention is deeply worrying, coming at time when #COVID19 measures/lockdowns have led to a spike in reports of violence

Many women & girls trapped at home with their abusers or unable to easily access safety #VAWG #istanbulsoezlesmesi
3/ Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention will have disastrous consequences for millions of women & girls & to organizations providing vital support to survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence

#Turkey should reconsider this awful decision…
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we don't get to a world where women are safe and free through total reliance on surveillance and criminal punishment, or by ignoring that the State harms women too - some more than others.
CN: rape

the public inquiry into the behaviour of these officers is ongoing…
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