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Apple’s disgraceful Tim Cook. Hillary Vaughn: ‘Hi Mr Cook. Do you support the Chinese people’s right to protest?’ @tim_cook : Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you have any reaction to the factory workers that were beaten and detained for protesting lockdowns?’ Tim Cook: Silence 1/4
Vaughn: ‘Do you regret restricting airdrop access that protestors used to evade surveillance from the Chinese Communist government?’ Tim Cook:Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you think it’s problematic to do business with the Communist Party of China as they trample basic human rights?’ 2/4
Tim Cook: Silence . @Apple and @tim_cook have iPhones assembled in sweatshop like conditions and also work hand-in-hand with the Chinese government to control and repress basic human rights. Watching our faux social justice warrior avoid tough questions shows the world 3/4
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So Elon Musk is suing teeny tiny local news outlets in China, for calling his Shanghai gigafactory sweatshop, a sweatshop. He won $14K. So why hasn’t he sued @FortuneMagazine ? He sues China-based Tesla owners who speak out about Tesla braking issues, too. Is this free speech? 🤔 ImageImage
@FortuneMagazine Elon Musk’s Tesla Shanghai gigafactory workers sleeping on-site and working 12-hour shifts six days a week #ChinaProtests…
@FortuneMagazine ‘I’m going to die in this factory’: Tesla Texas gigafactory construction workers are suing over wage theft and dangerous conditions…
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How #China unleashes surveillance against #ChinaProtests participants: one Chinese lawyer who's been offering legal assistance to protesters shared some concerning examples of China's use of technology to track, target and surveil protesters.
According to her, a few protesters in Guangzhou say the day after they were stopped by police and left their ID numbers with them, there were illegal attempts to log into their Telegram accounts even though their phones were with them when the attempts happened.
This not only happened to one person but several protesters who all joined the protest the day before and were all stopped by police and left their ID numbers with the police, which makes the lawyer thinks this isn't a coincidence.
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Since the beginning of the #chinaprotests, @whyyoutouzhele's account has single-handedly provided the most timely and comprehensive update about the situations across #China. If you read mandarin, here's an exclusive interview with him by @RFA_Chinese:…
"This is actually something that happens by accident. I would often read and receive contributions from domestic netizens, and these contributions were not just about ongoing social events, but many of them were about themselves, or their moods, and so on.
It's not because I'm the one who compiles information, but because people know that I receive contributions, they establish the habit of contributing to me."
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Imagine the very bad things that thieves & criminals can do to you on the streets or in your homes… governments can do much worse.

“GOVERNMENTS” are known for assault, theft, extortion, intimidation, collusion, kidnapping, electrocution, discrimination, trauma and death Image
Look at the Chinese government checking in peoples phones forcibly for their #VaccinePassport verification and also checking to see if they’re supporting the #ChinaProtests 😱
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#China #ChinaProtests #ChinaUprising #ChinaProtest2022 #GreatReset #GlobalGoals #Globalists #FtheWEF #CovidPsyOp

What are we REALLY under threat from?
What are protesters around the world REALLY losing their LIVES for RESISTING?

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Some of our TV coverage of recent #ZeroCovid unrest in #China, with protestors dramatically questioning the country’s governance directly, even challenging China’s leader #XiJinping himself. China’s #Covid crisis continues.
Statement from the European Union
Chamber of Commerce in #China recommending a fresh vaccine push and public awareness campaign in the county regarding vaccinations. #ZeroCovid #Covid
#Hangzhou was the latest flashpoint for anti-#ZeroCovid measures last night. Since then it’s been pretty quiet on that front in #China. There’s a government #Covid press conference in just over an hour but we don’t expect any dramatic announcements.
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The @NYTimes - which called as far back as March 2020 for a "herd immunity" response to #COVID19 and has promoted the fabricated Wuhan Lab conspiracy theory - is enthusiastically reporting demonstrations in China against #ZeroCovid. 1/ #ChinaProtests…
The NYTimes video highlights the slogan, "No P.C.R. test. We want freedom!" Freedom from what? Freedom to transmit disease? Freedom to infect elderly people and kill them? Freedom from social responsibility? Freedom to "have fun" whatever the consequences? 2/
To the extent that these demonstrations are denouncing essential measures necessary to stop #Covid transmission, they are politically reactionary and deserve no support. The videos indicate that the protesters are drawn from the middle class. 3/
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There has been surprise and awe as protestors in China chant “Xi Jinping, stand down” (习近平下台). Yet from our knowledge of power and resistance in authoritarian states, these demands should be expected to emerge sooner or later. 🧵
#ZeroCovidChina #UrumqiFire #ChinaProtests
The late, great Stephen White who taught Post-Communist Politics 101 emphasised that the more personalised an authoritarian system, the more that social discontent will focus on that leader as the sole actor responsible for policy and with power to change course.
The more violent the leader, the more violence expected in state transformation. For example, no analyst wonders why Nicolae Ceaușescu’s end was so violent. It is explained in relation to the intensity of levels of state violence and personalisation of the political system.
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Today's #DogShirtDaily is out, complete with a new advice column.
Some thoughts on #ChinaProtests and the fragility of authoritarianism.
A question from the estimable @eve_gaumond!
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Four pictures of police in different countries to handle protesters. Which ones look "authoritarian" and which ones look "democratic"?

The countries are China, France, Germany and the USA.

#ChinaProtests #COVID #lockdown #Beijing #XiJinping
Below is a photo of American police deployed to put down protests in the city of Ferguson (2014).

Machine guns, armored vehicles... US is a veritable police state.

But hypocrites all over the USA will get fired up about China at the drop of a hat.
European values when the "garden" had protests about COVID lockdown...

Guns, batons, shields, horses, dogs...
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1/4 So will #ChinaProtests force Xi JinPing to step down❓ NO‼️ Let me explain 👇
~China is not a democracy. Protests are happening, and it’s being covered. #PerceptionManagment at it’s best‼️ Wow! I don’t remember the last time Chinese govt let anyone COVER such protests. 😃
2/4 Does any one remember the videos which were coming out of China in Nov- Dec 2019, when the world was just 2 months away from COVID PANDEMIC❓ Western media completely ignored them. On Social media such videos got audience, who could not make sense of it.
3/4 China has been going through cycles of PROTESTS. They come in waves and then subside. Will the current protests have any impact❓ Little❗️These videos help Chinese Govt show to the world that they let DO NOT quell dissent aggressively. This is perception management‼️😃
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As images of #ChinaProtests spread to the rest of world through Twitter, where they are outside the official reach of Beijing censors, one Q is:

How susceptible is Elon Musk to CCP pressure?
As @Breakingviews noted in April

Tesla produces half of its automobiles in #Shanghai, where it enjoys tax breaks, and depends on local suppliers for critical components. The domestic market generates 25% of sales…
“I don't think there is another American more dependent upon the largess of the Communist Party than Elon Musk,” @MarkWarner said in October…
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Pro-authoritarians should remember that every dictator has ended up bringing death or suffering to their people. The problem is nobody can stop them when they make the inevitable big mistake. 清华 students know this from China's own history of the GLF and Cultural Revolution
Frustration has been building. In 2020 Chinese were proud for making vax as fast as the West, but then PRC didn't require vax for elderly, or approve RNA vax (foreign or domestic), or make variant vax.

Whether incompetence or malice, people know something's wrong #ChinaProtests
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If you are starting to follow the #ChinaProtests & #ChinaUprising - the people have erupted because of Xinjiang & other cities having death tolls due to the incumbency of their govt, inhumane treatments & remarks of the govt LIVE on air after these deaths.

Corruption is evil af.
MANY Chinese people are fking fed up with Xi Jinping's Zero Covid policy which has led to rampant violence across China.
Thugs & jailed criminals have been employed to fight both IRL & online. Censorship is REALLY huge there.

Wechat is (never was) a secure platform. Open secret
if you live in China or have any Chinese friends. You can pay $$$ to check ANYONE'S msgs.

Many citizens who wants a #ChinaRevolution has now flooded to Twitter over the past few days. They CANNOT write on Weibo due to extreme censorship & legit cars with jammers driving around.
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Anti-#ZeroCovid protests are spreading in #China in different parts of the country, following deaths in a fire blamed on lockdown policies.…
This anti-#ZeroCovid protest is said to have happened today at Tsinghua University in #Beijing. For young people in #China, a large chunk of this crucial part of their lives has been dominated by the #Covid crisis and all its restrictions.
You’ll notice anti-#ZeroCovid protestors holding blank sheets of paper in #China. This is not only a statement about dissent being silenced here, it’s also an up yours to the authorities, as if to say ‘Are you going to arrest me for holding a sign saying nothing?”.
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